Parler executive speaks out following Google app store ban, threats from Apple

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Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff discusses a potential ban for Parler following President Trump's Twitter ban on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'. #FoxNews #Tucker
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Bob Geatz
Bob Geatz Dag geleden
This is the biggest antitrust case I've ever seen talk about trying to squeeze out your competition
nic t
nic t Dag geleden
The oligarch are the PRC of the USA tow the line or else
Marilyn Stack
Marilyn Stack Dag geleden
I am a wife, mother, grandmother, veteran and small business owner. I have been suspended from Twitter indefinitely for my freedom of speech against Pathetic Pelosi. I have never seen anything like what is going on now. I unfortunately have AOL since their beginning and am tied to them for many reasons. I cannot even state my non violent views without being censored on AOL. Because my freedom of speech HAS been violated and will probably continue to be, I have no option but to appear here on UTube and request all who agree to ban Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Paypal and others from your lives. I have cancelled all my accounts with known left wing businesses. Will I be black balled? Probably.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Dag geleden
We need to stop relying on these platforms!
Sandra Jackson
Sandra Jackson Dag geleden
I hate Twitter so much.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 dagen geleden
Parler had Amazon servers.. they knew full well what was going to happen.
Surviver 3 dagen geleden
Tucker Carlson sounds just as dumb as he looks
Tech Geek
Tech Geek 3 dagen geleden
When everyone is forced to identify them selves as to who they are on Twitter and Facebook, then these big sites days are numbered because if we know who says what, who they are and where they live Twitter and Facebook will lose customers and billions of dollars. All big tech is doing is kicking this can down the road, and they are doing all they can to stop this happening, thing is Twitter, Facebook this is going to happen to you, and BIden might be forced to implement this. And a side note of history, many revolutions in the past did not use Facebook or Twitter but had the same results, so in other words killing free speech does not resolve issues, only when people can fairly and freely debate, then it does, and when I say fairly I want to know exactly who I am speaking too.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Dag geleden
8 chan.
hathound tt
hathound tt 4 dagen geleden
Parler complains about the freedom of speech etc. Yet their website is being hosted by Russian platform. Parler should be sent to Guantanamo bay prison for treason and crimes against US citizens.
oracle MPH
oracle MPH 3 dagen geleden
Better Russia than Amazon who keeps its liberal friend Twitter online despite breaking the same guidelines.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 dagen geleden
I'm cancelling Twitter,FB and IG forever this week I gave them the power now I'm taking it away!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 dagen geleden
citizens should swop Biden for Putin .Then you will have aFree Speech.
De los Angeles From the angels
De los Angeles From the angels 4 dagen geleden
I am about to quit all social media
Adriana Boga
Adriana Boga 5 dagen geleden
Why do they call this Parlor. It is parler; it is the french word for speak. 😜🙄😜😂
Isaac Makawa
Isaac Makawa 3 dagen geleden
I guess they created the app, they get to choose how they pronounce it 🤷‍♂️
Dubya DoubleYou
Dubya DoubleYou 5 dagen geleden
private companies can apply their own user restrictions. That's capitalism, stop whining Tucker.
Tortured Soul
Tortured Soul 5 dagen geleden
On facebook they have been posting a koolaid picture in response to any republicans posting anything. it suggests that we should commit suicide. Facebook response is that it does not go against face book community standards to suggest a person commit suicide. 1/21/2021
Jay 5 dagen geleden
So Big Tech gets Section 230 protections but none of their competitors do?
Jay 4 dagen geleden
@qopoy dnon Good! I quit Facebook in 2010.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 dagen geleden
I'm cancelling Twitter,FB and IG forever this week I gave them the power now I'm taking it away!
James Hughes
James Hughes 5 dagen geleden
"The Court explicitly rejects any suggestion" by Parler that Amazon is obligated "to host the kind of abusive, violent and false content at issue in this case, particularly in light of the recent riots at the U.S. Capitol."
Digitalandscape 5 dagen geleden
Some people are very happy about this, specially for the gig economy. All this big gigantic gig apps Corporation can steal from the drivers and no one is allowed to say anything about it.
ERIC MUHLBACH 5 dagen geleden
dark dark evil for terror ; fools and lies
ERIC MUHLBACH 5 dagen geleden
domestic terror ; fools for people ;
Sagittarius A*
Sagittarius A* 5 dagen geleden
Everyone go on the dark web
ninjasonmylawn25 5 dagen geleden
These are private corporations and have the right to kick anyone off of their property (including servers) at any time and for any reason they choose. The first amendment protects our right of free speech from the government, not from private companies and individuals. Unless you have an iphone you can easily get this app via other sources. The real story here should be that if you own an iphone, Apple completely controls what you're allowed to do with your phone. That iphone in your pocket that you paid 900 dollars for is completely controlled by Apple and you may only use it the way Apple tells you to.
9Biloela99 6 dagen geleden
Get onto 8 chan now. President Trump has just landed in DC on a military chopper, he is taking back power. There is a battalion marching into DC. It is all being streamed live on 8 chan.
Whymynyppleshard 6 dagen geleden
its amazing that being bi-partisan is being right wing. commie left cunts
Dubya DoubleYou
Dubya DoubleYou 5 dagen geleden
Don't you realize the irony in your self defeating statement?
robert walker
robert walker 6 dagen geleden
Free Speech in the USA has ended with Google, Facebook and apple killing off Parlor. USA citizens must now bow to all things Left Wing. It seems very strange that Russia allows Free Speech and USA ends it. USA now has a leader that is unfit for office drenched in crimes along with his son Even his own church disowns him. I think American citizens should swop Biden for Putin .Then you will have aFree Speech.
Charles Svingholm
Charles Svingholm 7 dagen geleden
Fox News is more dangerous than Opioids! That is called mind washing. Please broke away from is cult !
Barney Ray
Barney Ray 7 dagen geleden
So I guess it's okay for Twitter and Facebook to let antifa, who are fascists by nature, talk and plan on their platforms! This is very political and they are showing their hand!!
Mirio Togata
Mirio Togata 7 dagen geleden
They will get a huge backlash from hackers if some wants to play that stupid games...
oracle MPH
oracle MPH 3 dagen geleden
@soinhu foitu ...where do you host it though? The only cloud hosts I know of are Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure). A bit of a monopoly that big tech is in charge of.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 6 dagen geleden
Should someone start a GoFundMe page so Parler can get it's own hardware/ server up and running?
MAJIKDIVA 7 dagen geleden
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 6 dagen geleden
its amazing that being bi-partisan is being right wing. commie left cunts
gunshine leo
gunshine leo 7 dagen geleden
Y'all sound sad🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
square radical
square radical 7 dagen geleden
Does "free" speech now mean "false" speech or "hate" speech or "far right" speech. Urban Dictionary doesn't have these usages yet. Perhaps we need a new website called Alternative Dictionary.
Bela Blasco
Bela Blasco 7 dagen geleden
Right wing hatemongers still have plenty of venues to spread their poison, they aren't being "censored" just because social media companies don't want to aid and abet them.
Phan Yen Trinh
Phan Yen Trinh 7 dagen geleden
The spiteful tanker neurologically talk because clarinet apparently pine alongside a abrasive humor. devilish, vengeful replace
K Rama
K Rama 7 dagen geleden
Palor just want unhinged people to spew falsehoods freely on someone else platform?
K Rama
K Rama 7 dagen geleden
Parlor can join fox on its platform?
K Rama
K Rama 7 dagen geleden
Parlor is just a app. Not on its own platforn?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 dagen geleden
Nice job guys?
K Rama
K Rama 7 dagen geleden
Why foes parlor does not want to follow the rules on the platform it occupies?
K Rama
K Rama 7 dagen geleden
@soinhu foitu use your voice well. In a responsible way. Plant crops not weeds. Sow deeds and good seeds.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 dagen geleden
Tucker thanks for a voice!
K Rama
K Rama 7 dagen geleden
Inciting violence is also free speech!
Huri Think before
Huri Think before 7 dagen geleden
Hate speach ain't free speach.
Formatique arschloch
Formatique arschloch 7 dagen geleden
Parler uses Russian servers, so good luck Trump supporters who call themselves patriots🤭
oracle MPH
oracle MPH 3 dagen geleden
...maybe because USA based servers have a certain bias towards what they allow. hmmmmm
Tim Prescott
Tim Prescott 7 dagen geleden
Hmmmm. Last interview I watched with Carlson and Peikoff, he ADVOCATED shutting down “social” media sites....I’m confused.🙄
april dec
april dec 7 dagen geleden
Shut down google
thegrlanimefreak 7 dagen geleden
Parler was not at fault for what happened at the Capitol. They do not censor speech. Those that used it as a way to plan the riot could have used at ANY social media and something tells me it was on purpose.
thegrlanimefreak 5 dagen geleden
@meshowz aq also there have been so many things planned on other social media. But parler, who is small, and only just starting out gets the ban
thegrlanimefreak 5 dagen geleden
@meshowz aq parler doesnt have that. They advertise they do not censor free speech
meshowz aq
meshowz aq 5 dagen geleden
Don’t think so, you could get reported a band from FB, Twitter , YT and most social media. The auto check are in most of these apps, try to say anything bad on LGPT or homosexual and most likely you comments will got auto deleted. And more you do that the higher the chance you will get a permanent ban.
MrOramato 7 dagen geleden
Red Button TV1
Red Button TV1 7 dagen geleden
He is so right! and this video is so true! it really is fox news that should greatly be held responsible by the law for inciting violence and using their manipulative powers to manufacture consent based on political propaganda and opinions and not facts, a driving force that lead to all this. fox news, the abusers... of freedom... of speech. fox news, profit driven conflakes spreading hate news, running the country since the day one of the australian takeover. the o.g. of fake news fox tukker why do you look like a fly just took a dump between your eyes?
Tony Reyes
Tony Reyes 8 dagen geleden
Trump lied to Americans about a stolen election 🗳 Crooked republi-cans working in the White House Trump send ritos to the capital them thugs Trump lost 100 💯 times Biden 2020 🇺🇸
Beautiful Wife & Patrick & Puppies Price
Beautiful Wife & Patrick & Puppies Price 8 dagen geleden
Anthony Garrett
Anthony Garrett 8 dagen geleden
Congress turned the screws on big tech ( threat of breaking them up like ma Bell ) and they listened.
rlpsychology 8 dagen geleden
We've seen nothing yet.
NO HATE 8 dagen geleden
How can you not see this coming.???.this is going to be done sooner or later with religion and any other platform the company desires..sooner or later
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 8 dagen geleden
Tucker thanks for a voice!
ô¿ô 8 dagen geleden
Parler should recommend their users drop Apple and go with Android. Oh wait... How about Blackberry??
J W 8 dagen geleden
Does Parler have a legal defense donation site? I cannot find it! I want to donate!
songOmatic 8 dagen geleden
Businesses have the right to manage themselves, right? Right? i am so sad.
Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez 8 dagen geleden
JESUS' plan of salvation starts with ACTS 2:38. repentance, baptism in JESUS' name, receiving the HOLY GHOST with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. why wait?
Geoffrey D
Geoffrey D 8 dagen geleden
I will never buy Apple again.
Iwatcher games
Iwatcher games 8 dagen geleden
Couldnt they find others servers?
J Villain
J Villain 8 dagen geleden
Hey Tucker. I just wanted to say thank you for being honest with the american people. If it wasn't for you I would of never found out my 4 year old son was one of those antifas. I think you be happy to hear I've had him locked in the basement without food or water for 3 months. I think he learned his lesson after a week when the crying stopped but we can never be too sure when it comes to those antifas so I left him down there just to be safe. It is starting to stink though. But we know thats just the stench of communism.
lydacious 8 dagen geleden
Brie 8 dagen geleden
If the app claims to have free speech and got banned ppl were probably threatening people 💀
oracle MPH
oracle MPH 3 dagen geleden
@Brie The issue is other social media platforms, like Twitter, get a pass while a company like Parler is shut down because of how the user-base leans. That's an issue in many of our minds. That's why I was looking forward to some of the democratic candidates for 2020 like Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. They stressed the importance of breaking up big tech because they have a monopoly on cloud hosting and many other things.
Brie 8 dagen geleden
@Jonessa Smith you still haven’t answered my question but it’s fun watching you get angry so quickly over an app
Jonessa Smith
Jonessa Smith 8 dagen geleden
@Brie Yes they can, its called a trust lmfaoo. It was completely fabricated. No evidence has been presented showing violence being promoted on parler you fucktard.
Brie 8 dagen geleden
@Jonessa Smith well then why did it get banned, Jonessa? Google can’t just ban apps for no reason
Jonessa Smith
Jonessa Smith 8 dagen geleden
No that's against their tos, dingleberry. Youre saying an app should be banned for stuff it doesn't allow. Braindead
Raymond Woods
Raymond Woods 8 dagen geleden
What About The Videos That Rappers Put Out Like Trippie Redd That's Destroying Our Youth Minds. Why Don't Google and NLposts Ban Them ? Satan Is Really Running Our Government and Corporate Entity.
Lady You Go
Lady You Go 8 dagen geleden
NOOO LEAVE PARLER off air NOW immediately and if FOX are supprying them they host that are should be censored our Capital was attacked our forefathers died for our Freedom not to turn on the USA
Jared Myers
Jared Myers 8 dagen geleden
Say what?
gloriakmm 8 dagen geleden
Free speech cannot be censored by private companies. The term ‘Freedom of speech’ relates to the speech of individuals potentially being censored by the state. Tucker Carlson went to university. Google is free. I’m sure he knows this, or could easily look it up. Will Fox be fact checking him or will this comment just get deleted?
Raymond XL
Raymond XL 9 dagen geleden
The silent majority, in US and abroad have had enough of this leftwing bullcrap. They want to push us? We will push back with tenfold the force and WE ARE THE MAJORITY!
David Ivey
David Ivey 9 dagen geleden
Tucker used to have Amy Peikoff on his show when he wanted to debate a libertarian, but he stopped having her on after she cleaned his clock on a couple episodes.
Sherry Blanton
Sherry Blanton 9 dagen geleden
This is a symptom of the times we're in. The Last Days...the Tribulation. Brace yourselves and Pray!
G Howard
G Howard 9 dagen geleden
How can we access the internet without being censored by Apple an Google?,
G Howard
G Howard 8 dagen geleden
@Brie I didn’t break Parler rules. I offended the left by expressing my point of view.
Brie 8 dagen geleden
They have the right to censor you if you say something against their rules, if you want to say something they don’t like but don’t want to be censored say it with your voice not online
Dylan Ramson
Dylan Ramson 9 dagen geleden
Parlor is Anti American!
Donald Dunn
Donald Dunn 9 dagen geleden
Obi-Wan: I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror then were suddenly silenced... I feel something terrible has happened
Joe Leek
Joe Leek 9 dagen geleden
This channel has become part of the mainstream media I used to watch and I used to actually like Tucker my my my how things have changed
elena dunn
elena dunn 9 dagen geleden
Archipelago GOOGLELAG !!!!!
Patrick Ruberto
Patrick Ruberto 9 dagen geleden
What do you expect everyone to do? This is how they are trying to protect them selves from the masterful insane ConMan and his minions.
New Ops
New Ops 9 dagen geleden
When they said ‘muh build your own’ they meant build EVERYTHING.
Keisha Lee
Keisha Lee 9 dagen geleden
Not to facts check...what's wrong with facts?
Cybertronicx 9 dagen geleden
Blockchain Platforms will be the only way to truely have free speech on the internet do to it being Decentralized...Cardano Platform being develope is one for example working on this problem.
Spenny G
Spenny G 9 dagen geleden
E P 9 dagen geleden
Fox is a private company, Google is a private company. Free market, you worthless shitheads. They can do what they want.
George Ryan
George Ryan 9 dagen geleden
The platform would not have been checked, if it wasn’t for the words of incitement. What is said strictly to get something off there minds and sate there opinions, then that is great, but if some infringes on someone else’s freedom. truth and the government for all, then this must be checked.
Margie Boone
Margie Boone 9 dagen geleden
The left will pay karma is closing in they are the worse people in have seen in my life. Trump is the best president in my 79 years of life.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 9 dagen geleden
You're so beautiful! Great video?
George Ryan
George Ryan 9 dagen geleden
If it incites a riot on a government property and harmful to people, then yes, it should be stoped.
bigg country Howard
bigg country Howard 9 dagen geleden
i have been block from facebook i guess because i support President Trump
W P 9 dagen geleden
Wait no more free... Hate speech ?!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 9 dagen geleden
Shut up Tucker. You are an idiot.
nuffsed 9 dagen geleden
Google has every right to not platform things they disagree with. It's a private company they don't have to do what you say. If I own a billboard I don't have to have democrat or republican adverts on it because it my billboard. You can't force me to show what I don't want to, the same as you can't force Google to host what they dont want to. Nothing to do with free speech, its private business not a public street. They can refuse anybody they choose so deal with it.
evis exposito rizo
evis exposito rizo 9 dagen geleden
The electoral power of the United States is the one who now has the power in favor of the people to annul the result and make a military trial of Biden.
evis exposito rizo
evis exposito rizo 9 dagen geleden
The electoral power of the United States is the one who now has the power in favor of the people to annul the result and make a military trial of Biden.
Whatimado Outdoors
Whatimado Outdoors 9 dagen geleden
I just downloaded the Parlor App from google play
MONO 9 dagen geleden
Delete google from your devices, it's a long process but it sends a message to these big tech companies who believe they have the right to govern the world and your minds... You don't need google by your side to take a walk in the woods or to express your ideas with each other...
Oksana Admin
Oksana Admin 9 dagen geleden
Bleeding heart Trumpists.
Karen Valenzuela
Karen Valenzuela 9 dagen geleden
If parlor doesn’t get back in, there’s going to be a ton of people that will get off of Twitter and Fb. Plus some people will not use Amazon and others.
Ron Carson
Ron Carson 9 dagen geleden
Parlor hosted comments calling for violence. Such as "Mike Pence must be hanged". When Google provided Parlor the examples, they did nothing about it. That violated Googles community guidelines. What's the mystery?
pat nisbert
pat nisbert 9 dagen geleden
You are not inciting any kind of violence they are thieves and lairs don’t stop
pat nisbert
pat nisbert 9 dagen geleden
Thank you Parler don’t stop fighting you can’t buck down
Ron Carson
Ron Carson 9 dagen geleden
Parlor hosted comments calling for violence. Such as "Mike Pence must be hanged". When Google provided Parlor the examples, they did nothing about it. That violated Googles community guidelines. What's the mystery?
Kerry Wallum
Kerry Wallum 9 dagen geleden
Don't give in to those liberals. but they can threaten you and get away with it but good honest hard-working Americans can't speak their mind
Mr Fox
Mr Fox 9 dagen geleden
We need to get on this harder before it is too late
AGE RANGER 9 dagen geleden
Welcome to China.
Ron Carson
Ron Carson 9 dagen geleden
Welcome to Fox News, that brainwashes people like you.
C Rahming
C Rahming 9 dagen geleden
mike beasley
mike beasley 6 dagen geleden
Are you an idiot? At the very least you are a dimocrat.
Barefoot Prof
Barefoot Prof 9 dagen geleden
Shut up Tucker. You are an idiot.
Jon Powell
Jon Powell 9 dagen geleden
Reading the comments on here i get the impression there isn’t a single brain cell amongst you all, but then you do watch Fox!!! You all personify what is wrong with America right now. You should all be locked up and the key throwing away!!!!
Will G.
Will G. 9 dagen geleden
So...Freedom: mask up and fake it? Like it wasn't,we the people have to take it? No dread no!
Patricia Espinosa
Patricia Espinosa 9 dagen geleden
Have a very good Day
cay thorgrimson
cay thorgrimson 9 dagen geleden
fox network trump suport network sad so sad
But how does bitcoin actually work?
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