Amish Girls See Airport For The First Time | Return To Amish

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Maureen and Rosanna have decided that the Amish life is not for them and plan to fly to Florida.
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Cee Dee
Cee Dee 57 seconden geleden
Amazing the things people get away with in the name of religion. A secular parents trying this stuff will be deemed abusive and possibly thrown in jail or Child protection services taking their kids away.
TheRealD4VID 16 minuten geleden
Is Daniel a British-Amish?! ;)
Petergriffin666 31 minuut geleden
Fuck youtube keeps deleting all my comments and they aren't even bad just not
Petergriffin666 32 minuten geleden
Dr.disrespect got banned for from twitch filming in a bathroom wow....
Petergriffin666 35 minuten geleden
Wow Amish parents suck
Cece Aye
Cece Aye 37 minuten geleden
So much for the bible story "The Prodigal Son". It literally urges Christians to welcome the child home and never judge their journey.
Petergriffin666 40 minuten geleden
Wemon aren't allowed to smoke.... wow
Tiffiny Bironas
Tiffiny Bironas 42 minuten geleden
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عبدالله العمري
عبدالله العمري 55 minuten geleden
Is Amish the Salafis of Christians
عبدالله العمري
عبدالله العمري Uur geleden
3:56 handsome? really???
nicandlucian Uur geleden
Welcome explorer's to a brave and beautiful world, explore it to your hearts content, learn everything there is to know, but also remember its also a dangerous place, may the Gods be with both of you
Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds Uur geleden
Why didn’t anyone tell them that they need a passport, also why didn’t they fill their bags?
Booga KaHooga
Booga KaHooga Uur geleden
Him: "One more thing. . . ." Her: "What?" Him: "Call me *scribbles #'s* Me: How the fuck did he do that with such swagger? Why did it work? Where do I learn such skill?
Octavius Manago
Octavius Manago Uur geleden
Best of luck girls. Hope you find what God has prepared for you.
Jimmy S.
Jimmy S. Uur geleden
No more loving words have I ever heard from the mouth of a father to his daughter... "If you leave don't worry about coming back"...
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson 2 uur geleden
I wish I believed this was actually real.
white spirit
white spirit 2 uur geleden
They have an IG I just wanna help Daniel so bad!!!
Roland Tinker
Roland Tinker 2 uur geleden
Why would you tell your to leave and not come back a parent should never do that
Declan Spencer
Declan Spencer 2 uur geleden
The Amish need liberation from their oppressive, and self destructive religious conservative ideology
Björn Brunstorp
Björn Brunstorp 3 uur geleden
Parents that say "dont bother coming back" and pretend to follow God is a peice of shit. God don't tell u not to explore the world around u.
kennedy francis
kennedy francis 3 uur geleden
That’s wholesome but the end threw me off
Sister Rose
Sister Rose 3 uur geleden
At 2:43 - She looks uncertain about leaving.
Krillin 1993
Krillin 1993 3 uur geleden
Bro ist das sächsisch was die Amish reden?
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre 3 uur geleden
Wow, this is Amish Napoleon Dynamite with girls. FYI, it's heavily scripted. I used to work on similar shows
M A 3 uur geleden
How she call him in the first place to pick them up?
Vui Vui
Vui Vui 3 uur geleden
They aren't Amish. Real Amish speaks only middle European German era German language and beg God for mercy for being unable to save any modern soul and for seeing the devil's work (modern electrical technology)
dave gnarlsson
dave gnarlsson 4 uur geleden
This is staged. Old Amish my ass! I've known many Amish and Menonite. Don't fall for this fiction.
Tuneer Chakraborty
Tuneer Chakraborty 4 uur geleden
They're speaking a German like language. What is this language called?
Rich CommaRichy
Rich CommaRichy 4 uur geleden
“I don’t even know where to get tickets” It’s ok girl no one does
Emiliasss Hinesasa
Emiliasss Hinesasa 4 uur geleden
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Lori Williams
Lori Williams 4 uur geleden
How do they have money to travel? Does TLC help with that, or what? It can't be cheap to just fly to Florida and start over. I'm glad they had the courage to do it, just wondering about the financial aspects.....
CYBRCDZEN 4 uur geleden
damnnnnnn i hope the girls find happiness whereever it is. life is short and you have only 1 youth. go see the world and enjoy. to think they live their lives in a small world when the world is so big. i hope they enjoy it.... good luck
Coddiwomple :
Coddiwomple : 4 uur geleden
Very hypocritical that the Amish can use some modern things and not others.
Song JiSooYun
Song JiSooYun 4 uur geleden
Im glad the women aren't allowed to smoke atleast about 50% of the community has healthy lungs
klr 68
klr 68 5 uur geleden
you guide your children, you don't demand that they be something when they become adults. its always about letting them leave the nest one way or the other, their scared, your scared, but that's life. you don't threaten them with banishment. there's a special hell waiting for parents like that.
aliasguy2000 5 uur geleden
They look like nurses from old movies with masks :D
Lydia McLaughlin
Lydia McLaughlin 5 uur geleden
If they are going to Florida, there is a great move of God, they will find a church and get to experience the living God!
Lacey Ochoa
Lacey Ochoa 5 uur geleden
i thought they had rumspringa,.. and them having a t.v. show period..was a no no
Destiel_is_my_angel 5 uur geleden
I think it's cute how she loves him but also " why can't there be just stairs?" when there were stairs like right next to the escalator.....
RK Tile
RK Tile 5 uur geleden
I worry about them. There are wolves waiting.
Rgb Color
Rgb Color 6 uur geleden
Absolutely disgusting how the Amish communities, run and ruled by men, treat women as slaves under the guise of "religious freedom".
Henry W.
Henry W. 6 uur geleden
2100: *flat earthers see spaceport and starships for the first time*
R F 6 uur geleden
Respect for the Ex Amish Girls. This is American Story what i like. Not Kardashians or Logan Paul. I had similar story. 👍
Sean Holland
Sean Holland 7 uur geleden
This was so funny. I had to watch it again. 1. Coffee grinder with no wear marks, no calluses on the hands 2. Automobiles, electric, lines, cheap lawn chairs, chain saw cut wood 3. Yard mowed but the pasture is not? 4. The interview room was a stage, the lantern was flickering with an electric light 5. Store bought glass lawn table. Where is the hand made Amish table 6. Store bought curtains 7. Vinyl siding house 8. Novelty Amish decoration above door? That’s too funny. 9. Screen door set behind porch couch by camera crew 10. No horse hoof prints in corn field 11. Taxi dude has tattoos. 12. He drank draino, where did he get that? Later on in the vid they talk about outhouses. 13. Skinny girl on cell phone in van, 4:20. 14. Neither of the girls had a farmer tan 15. Amish girls let camera crew into the bathroom? Riiiiiight! 16. Toilets flush and they walk out 2 seconds later, what about putting their clothes back in order 17. How did the girls get to the boarding plane area without tickets? 18. And they say they are going to Florida. But where in Florida? Ticket agent does not even ask what city. It’s was so funny to me. All the comments were like it was really happening. Come on we are not that stupid.
Amber Bados
Amber Bados 7 uur geleden
london 7 uur geleden
she’s so sweet omg “it doesn’t matter to me i like him just the way he is” 😟pls
Mîköl Pharley
Mîköl Pharley 7 uur geleden
Dont let ANYONE tell you how to live YOUR LIFE. These girls have a lot to learn about the world. Im excited for you ladies!!! I wanna see this journey unfold for them as the universe should!
Dvexy 7 uur geleden
I might be perceiving this wrong but the Amish almost seems like a cult
Dog Man
Dog Man 7 uur geleden
I hope someday soon someone will pay for a trip for them to visit Beijing. There they will get to see a really modern city with many advanced technology in use like magnetic levitation train, high speed train, 5G phone, ultra modern airport, cashless transactions, as well as ancient manmade structures like the Great Wall.
Dvexy 7 uur geleden
ayo this cool and all but got damn someone did sum wrong on my guy daniels teeth
FACE DIAPER 7 uur geleden
Fake not real amish
Coding Vio
Coding Vio 7 uur geleden
When they wanted to go on the plane, I was like. Got any passports?
Toxic 7 uur geleden
Luckily we can call the Amish weird in here because they'll never find out lol.
Fred 7 uur geleden
Everyone in Miami flocks to buy their cinnamon buns and milkshakes when they come.
Sean Holland
Sean Holland 7 uur geleden
Yep, fake. 1. Their speech to modern 2. Taxi dude drank Draino and has scars, nope that is impact damage scars. 3. Getting stuck in a revolving door? They walked right up to it and knew what to do, but not with the escalator. 4. Amish girl is over weight but yet she does chores sun up to sun down. 5. Taxi dude has a $40000 new/newer van. 6. That looked nothing like any Amish farm I’ve seen. 7. How did mom and dad not see cameras everywhere. I think they would have been on high alert, you know “no pictures” 8. Amish men are rarely in the house during the day. They are to busy with farm work. Ask an English farmer how much time he spends inside when the crops are growing like that. I’m not saying there are not victims of that kind of life style, but really, I call this fake.
Mika30041975 8 uur geleden
The outsider = The camera crew
Sean Holland
Sean Holland 8 uur geleden
This seems fake. Kinda like a blare witch project.
GeRent 8 uur geleden
So cute and innocent...
Rawdah Chowdhury
Rawdah Chowdhury 8 uur geleden
Girls are brave and strong but that was not a smart decision to move to Florida. Trust me I'm Floridian ain't no good idea
Andy aae
Andy aae 8 uur geleden
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lia. 8 uur geleden
i need to know if she got with daniel omg her “really?” was so cute and his “yes” 🥺
k31than 8 uur geleden
I feel proud of them and happy for them, yet at the same time worry for them. I just hope they don't end up meeting and hanging out with the wrong people. I think it'd be best, if not safe for them to not tell anyone they came from an Amish background until they're street smart enough. Edit: am only at the 3 minute mark when I posted this comment.
Life With The Camp Kids
Life With The Camp Kids 9 uur geleden
Take 👏🏼 the👏🏼 hats 👏🏼 off👏🏼
mixsetup 9 uur geleden
That suck's not letting them fly because they don't have photo id
Life With The Camp Kids
Life With The Camp Kids 9 uur geleden
3:56 holy Jesus he’s a beaver
Chloe TV
Chloe TV 9 uur geleden
9:11, daaaannnggg that ticket clerk was colddddddd.
meatoon 9 uur geleden
when he drew on her hand tho and said call me that was pretty cute ngl:3
Alyssa Gray
Alyssa Gray 9 uur geleden
why was when he wrote on her hand and said call me so adorable I-
Millennial Whoop
Millennial Whoop 10 uur geleden
Asking for their ID was racist
SeanP7195 10 uur geleden
I remember seeing two drop dead gorgeous Amish girls in Northern Michigan. Whenever you made eye contact with them they would both immediately put their heads down. This was to any person who looked at them. They were trained.
David Hornacek
David Hornacek 10 uur geleden
I suspect this is fake.. do real Amish girls say 'like' in their sentences? Lol
LoneWolfArmouries 10 uur geleden
Why do they speak German?
Slicktop 2jz
Slicktop 2jz 10 uur geleden
Stuff that lifestyle
Speer Alfhari
Speer Alfhari 10 uur geleden
No matter what, my wife and I will always welcome our daughters back to our house. I cannot picture myself telling my daughters don't you ever come back, heck no. 💗
Dee Anzaza
Dee Anzaza 10 uur geleden
This is set up. Someone was hired to film this. What Amish call someone to film them leaving home? Seems to contrived.
Joshu's Dog
Joshu's Dog 10 uur geleden
Can someone on the crew just PLEASE help these girls get some I.D. so they can get a plane ticket? That was so painful to watch! xD
bg sw
bg sw 11 uur geleden
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Doc 11 uur geleden
I truly do feel bad for those who experience negligence, lack of freedom etc. But this looks ridiculously scripted, like 'discussion with parents' scene or 'here's my number' scene. Then again, it's a reality show...
Jerry Linden
Jerry Linden 11 uur geleden
i feel bad for laughing at his teeth
Sonia Singh
Sonia Singh 11 uur geleden
jerry evert
jerry evert 11 uur geleden
Thirty years ago, when I arrived from an Eastern European country under the dictatorship in The Netherlands, I was just like these girls.
Sports & Entertainment
Sports & Entertainment 11 uur geleden
God I read, Anish Giri instead of Amish Girl
Stefan Hatcher
Stefan Hatcher 11 uur geleden
Shows you how bad the Armish are if they tell their children to never come back just because they want to experience the real world and have opportunities in life
Scott Wright
Scott Wright 11 uur geleden
That airport employee is wrong. They can purchase a ticket and fly without a photo ID. I managed an airport for many years, and she had enough identification to make it work. TSA would require additional screening is all.
Sylver Rain
Sylver Rain 11 uur geleden
Fake reality 📺 pretty sure those girls got credit card, ID, 🙄
Jonathan K
Jonathan K 12 uur geleden
Is this what the American accent sounds like to others?? 🤯
486DX266 12 uur geleden
RE: 8:13 - The other people in that airport must have been thinking, "What's up with the camera guy following 2 young Amish-dressed girls into the restroom??"
Granton Rigney
Granton Rigney 12 uur geleden
Im religous so I get wanting to stay holy but to the point where you will get scared about what people think about you, and your willing to shame your kid based on that fear is almost ironic. I get they want to keep her safe bc the world has bad in it but also has alot of kind good people.
The Melon Man
The Melon Man 12 uur geleden
It’s so stupid that these Amish girls are on a reality TV show with cameras and people wearing modern cloths, and directors telling them what to do, and the then they act all surprised for technology.
Neal 12 uur geleden
Fuck these parents. It's hellish and devilish out here?! How about parents that treat their children like slaves?? A parent supports their child and you don't stop loving them and supporting them because they do something you don't agree with! Also the Drano and God story about Daniel made me so pissed off I wanted to punch my wall.
Iron Warrior
Iron Warrior 12 uur geleden
Sounds like they are speaking an old german accent? 😵😂
Jc Cortes
Jc Cortes 12 uur geleden
Sorry but real Amish people don't talk like that in the first place!! Like, talking like and always mentioning the word like...sorry this is Another Woke shit!! Don't buy it
Fdsazsa Trewasae
Fdsazsa Trewasae 12 uur geleden
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Diana Gonzalez
Diana Gonzalez 12 uur geleden
It’s scary and the world is EVIL!
Journey of a Lifetime
Journey of a Lifetime 12 uur geleden
This show is a joke to those who actually know the Amish. Total made for TV idiocy for the unaware masses. Almost as bad as Amish Mafia.
Vasco Apolonio
Vasco Apolonio 12 uur geleden
That's not tradition. It's just... stupid. I guess.
Ed O'Neill
Ed O'Neill 13 uur geleden
5:13 how did she get in contact with him to come pick them up in the first place? Did she mail a letter and write "pick me up on the side of 85 by the brown fence" 3 weeks prior?
sand bach
sand bach 13 uur geleden
umm, this seems fake.
J 13 uur geleden
Okay first I love everything about this such nice girls, but I lost it when Maureen said she had a crush on this handsome ex amish guy, I was super exited seeing this guy but then xDDD upsi
tre bushett
tre bushett 13 uur geleden
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