all nighter on a ghost ship with lilhuddy

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The Noen Show

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Zia Wang
Zia Wang Dag geleden
giada wolfhard
giada wolfhard 2 dagen geleden
My parents stayed here IMAO
Faikk Fiyaxx
Faikk Fiyaxx 3 dagen geleden
Why did you guys are angry
Sanskriti Lohia
Sanskriti Lohia 3 dagen geleden
Is it just me or do they look look alike
Cassidy Rose
Cassidy Rose 6 dagen geleden
Silly goose chase isn’t a Ghost. He’s a 21st century vampire.
Samira _
Samira _ 13 dagen geleden
Tatum Jarrell
Tatum Jarrell 17 dagen geleden
This is back when things weren’t toxic
Danish Twins
Danish Twins 20 dagen geleden
Chase looks like Shawn mendas
Maysen Pettengill
Maysen Pettengill 24 dagen geleden
Chase: are you nervous? Noen: YES. Chase: OK PERFECT LETS GOOOO🙂
Christine Smith
Christine Smith 25 dagen geleden
If i could go with i would
DaGorgeousStuff 26 dagen geleden
Just found out that Noen is older than Chase
Stary Sky
Stary Sky 23 dagen geleden
Крыса Неровная
Крыса Неровная Maand geleden
ладно, чоен не вечен..
crush payton
crush payton Maand geleden
hi from 2021
6ix 9ine
6ix 9ine Maand geleden
When 2gays meet each other
Skywalk _
Skywalk _ Maand geleden
You look twin.
scary croshenn
scary croshenn Maand geleden
Я которая не знаю Английский и смотрю видео до конца😑👌
Тупая Лама
Тупая Лама Maand geleden
Janiell G.
Janiell G. Maand geleden
At captain is form ghost Adventure ahhhhhhh
Its very soon Christmas
Its very soon Christmas Maand geleden
I love you guys❤️ Miss this friendship😭
Nodira Abibova
Nodira Abibova Maand geleden
Что он русский разговаривает я незнала
Leticia silva
Leticia silva Maand geleden
Isso acha esses vídeos pra chora de quando eles tinham uma amizads
TheWonderfulWorldOfDerek Maand geleden
History intrvew review. Documenty biography New Tcm movie years oascr awesome awards maze magic
triple trouble truffle
triple trouble truffle Maand geleden
bring this friendship back in 2021! Let's go 🐱
Melanie C
Melanie C Maand geleden
they're like the some person but different font
Khloe Lindert
Khloe Lindert Maand geleden
That's scary but cool -Chase
prichUu ;;
prichUu ;; Maand geleden
i miss their friendship:( but anyways noen was way too good for chase
Tanishia Fontaine
Tanishia Fontaine 2 maanden geleden
This is like Sam and Colbys videos or TFIL
Ian Stucky
Ian Stucky 2 maanden geleden
You should do more haunted videos
Срань 2 maanden geleden
The Avoka
The Avoka Maand geleden
о, русские 😂
Aryele Guillory
Aryele Guillory 2 maanden geleden
the funny things that chase keep saying is cool lol haha
Stella Dunn
Stella Dunn 2 maanden geleden
1:52 who else think their impressions r pretty good
Changbin hitting Jihorse with his hand
Changbin hitting Jihorse with his hand 2 maanden geleden
Noen: im scared enough to be uncomfortable Me: me tho kid, me tho.....
silvia correa
silvia correa 2 maanden geleden
2020 :(
prichUu ;;
prichUu ;; Maand geleden
I hate myself
I hate myself 2 maanden geleden
Choen come back
Rosa Din
Rosa Din 2 maanden geleden
Raffaella Rubini Vasquez
Raffaella Rubini Vasquez 2 maanden geleden
Is it only me, or they lock like brothers 😂
• hermione jean granger •
• hermione jean granger • Maand geleden
@Bigbrain 2006 wait what happened😂i dont have tiktok
Bigbrain 2006
Bigbrain 2006 Maand geleden
they look and give brother vibes but they are not friends anymore
Алина Кондратьева
Алина Кондратьева 2 maanden geleden
Вы тоже видите название на русском или мне просто кажется...
Аймида Емилбекова 8 А
Аймида Емилбекова 8 А 26 dagen geleden
даа, название на русском
The Avoka
The Avoka Maand geleden
Нам кажется 😂
Эмили Варданян
Эмили Варданян 2 maanden geleden
amina lol
amina lol 3 maanden geleden
Ноен не лайкнет мой комментарий 😭
Mark Galati
Mark Galati 3 maanden geleden
Noen! Jackie didn't touch the bell and the voices you heard are not from the passengers who died on the ship. The reason why you feel uncomfortable is because the boat is haunted by Devils. These fallen Angels from the War in Heaven where there the days and nights these people lost their lives and they are pretending to be them, so that they can convince the public that at death your taken away to paradise where your family and friends are. The idea that you remain behind stuck on a ship to scare passengers is similar to hell. But these angels are not in hell, but they have influence over those who have been damned there. These angels are among us always tempting, lying, lead us astray. But Noen on that ship you were in direct contact with one or more. Those devices make it possible for demonic possession! I am very glad that you're okay, Chase and yourself. But I wouldn't recommend doing it again. If you do it without the camera and the tour and no evidence to collaborate your story. These demons can choose not hide but to come out in open violence against you. The reasons why are many! One of the main reasons is your true divine nature as those Angels who refused to follow Satan in the War in Heaven. Because you were loyal to Jesus Christ and served under the direction of Michael the Archangel, you and chase in the premortal life, you both exiled one-third of the host of heaven out of God's Kingdom for rebellion. Because of your loyalty you were given a physical body which will become a resurrected body like that of God the Father and you have the chance to inherit Eternal Life, which is the ultimate gift. The gift is that of living like a God. You and the one you choose as your wife can live as a family for all eternity. You will become a perfect being, a joint heir of the Celestial Kingdom. Eventually gaining all the powers that our Heavenly Father has becoming Omnipotent and Omniscient. You will be capable of being everywhere in the Universe at the same time through the Power of the Priesthood. That is what gifts lie ahead for Chase, you, and the entire human race if we can successfully choose to live our lives like before. As I have the Covid Virus I am aware of the possibility that I could die, but I don't think I am ready and to lose this fight means I will be unhappy for a time I know not. But be safe and survive the Virus and I wish you the best because your doing well.
the rainforest beetle
the rainforest beetle 3 maanden geleden
Les gens français regardez les traduction 😂
Moonlightbae 2 maanden geleden
cest sa je regardais jetais tlm confus
Emma Scheuler
Emma Scheuler 3 maanden geleden
Noen: "I don't like this closet." Also Noen not even ten seconds later: *Closes door to closet while he's still inside*
Айым Джанахмет
Айым Джанахмет 3 maanden geleden
Молодец Ноен
Chelsea Tbh
Chelsea Tbh 3 maanden geleden
Т Ишка
Т Ишка 3 maanden geleden
Русским Хай :)
The Avoka
The Avoka Maand geleden
Mehrasa 3 maanden geleden
They Went to the closet Chase:"no!" Noen:"no I can't no I can't chase said no"
Tristan goldenheart
Tristan goldenheart 3 maanden geleden
noen ♥
Ruiz Katie
Ruiz Katie 3 maanden geleden
noen is the intensified version of chase (style wise)
rät 3 maanden geleden
I miss noen with abby
Mums 3 maanden geleden
Chase and noen look like they are brothers
melyssa rodrigues
melyssa rodrigues 4 maanden geleden
i miss this💔
xxx 4 maanden geleden
ноен вот почему ты такая какашка
xxx 4 maanden geleden
Kaliyah Cook
Kaliyah Cook 4 maanden geleden
Scooby-doo is just a bunch of teenagers on drugs sneaking into people's houses -noanbanks
Bunny krewfam ilysm krew :3
Bunny krewfam ilysm krew :3 4 maanden geleden
Kimaru Heiwa
Kimaru Heiwa 4 maanden geleden
That's the literal Queen Marry's ship if you'll were ghost experts the ghosts would be more active 0.0
Kimaru Heiwa
Kimaru Heiwa 4 maanden geleden
we need more of this
Bug ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Bug ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 4 maanden geleden
Noen : scooby doo is just a bunch of teen agers on drugs seeking into peoples houses 😂😂😂
Chimchimmochi 4 maanden geleden
Miss these days
arrietty _
arrietty _ 4 maanden geleden
kinda sad they aren’t friends anymore :/
Dani Moon
Dani Moon 3 maanden geleden
Why aren’t they friends anymore
O Sangwoo • 3 года назад
O Sangwoo • 3 года назад 4 maanden geleden
I would die ...
•Yana•.-. 4 maanden geleden
4YPA_4YPS • 4 maanden geleden
Ес? 🗿🌚
Kira Laponikova
Kira Laponikova 4 maanden geleden
Choen! 😭😭😭😭
ally axel
ally axel 4 maanden geleden
TBH you and chase could be secret brothers...??
Евгения 4 maanden geleden
8 месяцев назад - не-не-не В октябре - рекомендации!
•Yana•.-. 4 maanden geleden
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez 4 maanden geleden
When the girl laughed at the beginning I thought that was in my room bc it was ahhahahah
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez 4 maanden geleden
Why are they kinda a iconic duo
millie lu
millie lu 4 maanden geleden
я скучаю по ним
ania dukhlii
ania dukhlii Maand geleden
я пришла посмотреть и поплакать... чоен...
Kayla Spinks
Kayla Spinks 4 maanden geleden
Noen: I’ll cry if I worked here Me: Same
Kayla Spinks
Kayla Spinks 4 maanden geleden
Chase: Did you tap my shoulder? Noen: No Me: *being scared*
Kayla Spinks
Kayla Spinks 4 maanden geleden
Noen; the doll moved me: non HELL NO IM OUT NOOOOOO
Kayla Spinks
Kayla Spinks 4 maanden geleden
How is chase standing there and being scared at all i'll be running away to somewhere else
Mother of 86 children_ Aka misty
Mother of 86 children_ Aka misty 4 maanden geleden
Hello, I’m a new subscriber and this was in my recommended section and I can tell on your tik tok that your an e-boy/soft boy/ spaghetti noodle Oh btw that man probably be like: am I ruining this video? Nah... 😂
Sways Wifeys
Sways Wifeys 4 maanden geleden
Did anyone see that man walking and then he vanished
꧁ ÐɑʀҟƑîʀɛ†hêphðêñix ꧂
꧁ ÐɑʀҟƑîʀɛ†hêphðêñix ꧂ 5 maanden geleden
This was interesting
Itz. Moonlight
Itz. Moonlight 5 maanden geleden
All my freinds say you guys look like twins
Linsey Hansford
Linsey Hansford 5 maanden geleden
I know NLpostsrs that do paranormal things there name is Sam and Colby
Ruth Naradhea
Ruth Naradhea 5 maanden geleden
Kirain cuman di indonesia doang yang begini
Charli D'amelio
Charli D'amelio 5 maanden geleden
dont mind me im just over here with my homemade lemonade crying bc i miss choan
Unicorn rose S
Unicorn rose S 5 maanden geleden
I love noen back pack lamoo
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
im scared still
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
im scared
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
im scared mama pick me up mamama a.amansmsmamamam
GABRIELLY SILVA 5 maanden geleden
Ele é brasileiro?
bye bye
bye bye 5 maanden geleden
i feel like I'm watching the same person😭
Ja'myrie Miller
Ja'myrie Miller 5 maanden geleden
I miss choen so bad
silvia correa
silvia correa 5 maanden geleden
noen: hola I: he speak Spanish? in Brazil we speak Olá MEAN hello and in Spanish it's hola
silvia correa
silvia correa 5 maanden geleden
2020? brazil
sally. 4 maanden geleden
eu, to bem triste :(
Dulce De leon
Dulce De leon 5 maanden geleden
This is the first video that I watched of you
Dulce De leon
Dulce De leon 5 maanden geleden
This is my mom's account but I'm her daughter
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
Chase is Daddy
Chase is Daddy 5 maanden geleden
When the camera shows the doll... I stared at my doll thinking abt throwing it in any corner in my room-
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
im lucky
Chase is Daddy
Chase is Daddy 5 maanden geleden
When Noen's head went *crack* I was like Oh God is he possessed?'
Chase is Daddy
Chase is Daddy 5 maanden geleden
Me when Chase said I do watch a lot of Horror Movies: *looks around my room*
Chase is Daddy
Chase is Daddy 5 maanden geleden
Chase: What are you up to? Noen: Nothing, I've been doing whole lot of nothing. Chase:... fun-
Brittaney Brown
Brittaney Brown 5 maanden geleden
Well this was weird
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
Emmanuella Awe
Emmanuella Awe 5 maanden geleden
Sam and Colby came here too! omg
•Lean Bean•
•Lean Bean• 5 maanden geleden
I feel like the dude that's showing them the ship is a ghost XD
Marcella Moreira Campos
Marcella Moreira Campos 5 maanden geleden
miss choen
Yuh Yuh
Yuh Yuh 5 maanden geleden
@yelda _ovnc that's rude
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
@Yuh Yuh umm as i know chase got in the hype house and then chase literally forgot bout noen. Thats what i know im not sure
Yuh Yuh
Yuh Yuh 5 maanden geleden
What happend???
Marcella Moreira Campos
Marcella Moreira Campos 5 maanden geleden
pfvr faz mais vídeos em português, plss
Kassi Blesos
Kassi Blesos 5 maanden geleden
I should have not watched this at night
yelda _ovnc
yelda _ovnc 5 maanden geleden
its night and im at the mid of the vid. you make me scared
Raquelle Ducharme
Raquelle Ducharme 5 maanden geleden
Chase: 😎
dressing dixie
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