Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman delivers a poem at Joe Biden's inauguration

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Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, the Youth Poet Laureate of 2017, delivers a poem at President Joe Biden's inauguration. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
Amanda Gorman, 22, became the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history after reciting her poem “The Hill We Climb.”
“But while democracy can be periodically delayed, it can never be permanently defeated,” Gorman read. “In this truth, in this faith, we trust.”
Gorman is the current United States Poet Laureate. At age 16, Gorman became the Youth Poet Laureate of Los Angeles and later became the first National Youth Poet Laureate in 2017 as a sociology student at Harvard.
First Lady Jill Biden invited Gorman to participate in the inauguration in late December after hearing the poet at the Library of Congress.
Gorman immediately made waves following her reading at the inaugural ceremony, becoming the top trending Google search topic in the U.S.
Her words rang across the country: “A skinny Black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother can dream of becoming president, only to find herself reciting for one.”
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Elite Elite
Elite Elite 34 minuten geleden
pathetic.just a PR stunt
Luke Brennand
Luke Brennand 48 minuten geleden
Overrated. Poem is cliched. Pastiche written all over it.
Yamina chelfi
Yamina chelfi Uur geleden
Very smart young woman
Yury Donskoy
Yury Donskoy Uur geleden
What's the fuss about her ? A pretty boring delivery ....
Out of Compliance
Out of Compliance 4 uur geleden
Being a skinny black girl, descended from slaves is meaningless in 2021. You don't get any extra points or points taken away for those things. Being raised by a single parent is a difficulty that is hard to overcome.
keisreeman 7 uur geleden
She goes from inauguration poet to common liar like Jesse Smollett in less than 60 days.
Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green 8 uur geleden
Face baiting as ever, f,cking hell, tedious.
Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green 8 uur geleden
Black Coffee
Black Coffee 9 uur geleden
This is poetry? Lol
Libturds Trigger
Libturds Trigger 10 uur geleden
Wtf is that crap on her head?
Hans Hoerdemann
Hans Hoerdemann 10 uur geleden
The Democrats and their fellow travelers always have the same message: this country's a failure.
J Carr
J Carr 3 uur geleden
No, this country is unfinished
Aga G.
Aga G. 12 uur geleden
Michael Respublica
Michael Respublica 13 uur geleden
Welcome world to another great poet ascending great steps.
nofilter 13 uur geleden
hahaha this is so bad and full of marxist hate
Sick Game Squad
Sick Game Squad 13 uur geleden
She probably didn't even write it herself.
Caleb Vaughn-Jones
Caleb Vaughn-Jones 8 uur geleden
Whatever man
Babylon Has Fallen!
Babylon Has Fallen! 15 uur geleden
I’m sorry but this doesn’t sound like poetry, it just sounds like someone giving a speech. Now I know that not all poetry is supposed to rhyme(I did take literature and English classes) but if a politician stood at this same podium and read these same words, nobody would call it poetry. She would make an excellent speech writer.
Dana McClean
Dana McClean 9 uur geleden
If you don’t get it, you don’t get it , that’s all
Sarah Hatake
Sarah Hatake 18 uur geleden
So many people don’t understand poetry and it shows in these comments
Black Coffee
Black Coffee 10 uur geleden
Oh, the DRAMA ☝️☝️☝️
kevin chung
kevin chung 18 uur geleden
YAWN ofcourse those folks always want to act like victims Trump 2024
Herbertned Fernandez
Herbertned Fernandez 18 uur geleden
This poem should be backed by Michael Jacksons "We Are the World". I come from a multi racial family of different adopted siblings my parents surrounded me with and has taught me beauty and unity comes from diversity. Assimilate to a rainbow, everyone loves looking into the sky after a rain shower to see a rainbow. Rainbows aren't just made of black and white, its made of millions of different hues and shades. The world is made of many people and cultures,. Im not tryna sound like a hippie but it is just that. We need to get it together because if we don't as a world come together as this powerful young women has said, we deserve to be left in the dust. I hope this gjrl moves mountains for the rest of her life because she's doing just that, now! Inspiring, raw, honest and beautiful is how i would describe her speech. She is what Martin Luther King stood for and wanted for our country and for the world. You go girl 💪
Queef Slurpy
Queef Slurpy 18 uur geleden
And still no acceptable healthcare plan. This nation is a failure.
Out of Compliance
Out of Compliance Uur geleden
@Queef Slurpy Wait, let me get a magnifying glass and tweezers first.
Queef Slurpy
Queef Slurpy 2 uur geleden
@Out of Compliance open my pants, go to work. Problem solved
Out of Compliance
Out of Compliance 4 uur geleden
Get a job and pay for healthcare. There you go, problem solved.
indigo indigo
indigo indigo 19 uur geleden
I found this poem and recital to be extremely annoying. The hand gestures were distracting; the delivery felt choppy and as though style was attended to more than substance, and the substance seemed shallow and to have consisted of nothing more than feel-good platitudes and some fairly, obvious facts. It also presumptuously spoke for everyone, was mildly condescending at times, and seemed to insist on a political agenda that not everyone agrees with. I much prefer Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" and Langston Hughes's "I, Too." They are a breath of fresh air compared to Gorman. But I would not expect a generation that seems to have deserted King's vision of a country where people are judged "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" to value more than appearances.
Dave 19 uur geleden
Now playing the race card
Idris Ghazal
Idris Ghazal Dag geleden
I still cry when I listen to your poem . Wow
Albert Allen
Albert Allen Dag geleden
She is giving me Iyanla Vanzant vibes
Julian Rochell
Julian Rochell Dag geleden
mohammad iqbal
mohammad iqbal Dag geleden
Io mai dimenticare Italia politica covid 19 lockdown napoletano
mohammad iqbal
mohammad iqbal Dag geleden
Come mai cnbc news caricato coesto programm io non è dimenticato covid 19 atentato 27 media io za conosco mio selulare sociale
Joshua d'Estoville
Joshua d'Estoville Dag geleden
The brighter the image...
OlivesAreCool •
OlivesAreCool • Dag geleden
Wayne Brafford
Wayne Brafford Dag geleden
Chris Hill
Chris Hill 2 dagen geleden
Mediocre at best. And her poem is based in lies which makes it hollow and naive. How sad. I'd like to see her do a poem based in some objective truth.
Julian Rochell
Julian Rochell Dag geleden
Zig Field
Zig Field 2 dagen geleden
If you're so committed to equality for all people of all races, then why did you fire your dutch translator because she wasn't black???? - that's actually the definition of racism. This is the exact reason the mass majority of people in the world do not believe a single thing the MSM and government agenda is pushing it's all bs to divide us EVEN MORE. Divide and conquer RIGHT??? News Flash - we don't buy the evil racist fascist bs you're selling. You can try and trick the world for a long time, but that time is up. #THEREALTIMEISUP
Corn Pop
Corn Pop 2 dagen geleden
Boy american standards have really sank
Just an old chunk of coal from Italia
Just an old chunk of coal from Italia 2 dagen geleden
Every thing she said are obvious truths that are overly dramatized and excessively articulated. Three quarters of that crowd probably stopped following her after twenty five seconds. There are a lot of much more talented poets in the US, it’s just that they aren’t a black girl.
Jaxson Stevens
Jaxson Stevens 2 dagen geleden
Bro now I have homework
Denise 2 dagen geleden
2.8 million views 👏🏽👏🏽 What a wonderful poem ✨
REALATU GAMING 2 dagen geleden
Bruh i got a week of homework from her
m o
m o 2 dagen geleden
is this a hamilton based poem? lol
35oz 19g
35oz 19g 2 dagen geleden
Im shocked to see a young black woman with a victim complex....😒
Corn Pop
Corn Pop 2 dagen geleden
I'll be shocked to see one without
35oz 19g
35oz 19g 2 dagen geleden
Actually Democracy has been defeated historically and by gods will it wont destroy Americas Republic 😎
Jim James
Jim James 2 dagen geleden
Well pretty good and I'm a conservative LOL however this is not even close to Shakespeare LOL not in a million years would it be this is just whiny pandering feel sorry for myself but pretend I'm empowered kind of s hit LOL
Vexifyi 3 dagen geleden
Nice poem, Racist woman
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott 3 dagen geleden
From all the praise she was getting I was really expecting this to be something... more. This is some highschool tier trash
Ayden Berg
Ayden Berg 2 dagen geleden
@Andrew Orr it is thanks for noticing Do you think I look good?
Andrew Orr
Andrew Orr 2 dagen geleden
@Ayden Berg is that a selfie in your profile pic ?
Ayden Berg
Ayden Berg 3 dagen geleden
@Dylan Scott NP Mate cya later
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott 3 dagen geleden
@Ayden Berg oh, art is subjective? Okay I will make sure to keep quiet about my opinions then, thanks
Ayden Berg
Ayden Berg 3 dagen geleden
Poetry is an art form Art is subjective But could you do something better that makes everyone happy?
Khallil Walter
Khallil Walter 3 dagen geleden
This poster black child
martina seifertova
martina seifertova 3 dagen geleden
Disgusting activism. Very dangerous person. God save America. This is version, or beginning, of communistic terror. We know it very well, from fifties.
Nissim Levy
Nissim Levy 3 dagen geleden
I am also a poet. Of course, I'm not worthy to even be compared to the great Amanda Gorman. Her poetic genius is earth-shaking and beyond anything I could ever hope to write myself. Here is a modest little offering of my poetry: I reminisced of a time long ago when I was only twenty years old. I was studying English 101 at the University Of British Columbia in the summer of Eighty-Four. It was at a summer session because I had failed English 101 two years before. A failure due more to my citizenship in a different realm than to the failings of my intellect, aptitude, or the magnanimity of my core. “You have such a poignant and evocative writing style,” wrote my teacher on the short story I had submitted the week before. I had written about a lonely sojourn on a desolate beach in the pregnant moment, When sunset injures day's abandon and grants night the freedom to roam. I had written about the mighty North Shore mountains, Hoary with age and reverberating with an energy ineffable to the mind, But savored by the soul. I remembered how exhausting of mind, but above all of the soul, writing that short-story had been. I tried to reveal my spirit bare and exposed. I tried to destroy the ramparts and blow open the heavy gates shielding my secretive core. But through my exhausting efforts, I had only succeeded in weakening the facade between me and the world, Usually held at arm's length, But through my story then, only slightly nearer yet still remote. There is an essence within everyone hidden in a chamber far beneath the veneer that encrusts our core. We seldom allow it expression beyond just its fractured shadows dancing on an external wall. But if we all dig deep and reach into this secretive chamber, We will, to our astonishment, discover we are all reaching into the same chamber, Not a separate one for each within the all. And then we will grasp each other's same-hand. We all share the same soul. I knew that in the novel of my compulsion I would have to expose this chamber, Ramparts and heavy gates destroyed once and for all. And my novel would then cry out from this collective chamber, And speak for my left and for my right with one voice for all. It would be the ineffable ground of being reaching out to humanity from the navel of Creation, Proclaiming the dawn of a Third Age. It would announce the sunset of the Second Age before this coming dawn. A moment pregnant with change that will forever be remembered in the annals of the Civilization of Man. It would herald a paradigm shift far greater than the Renaissance, Not just an age of reason, but of reason and divinity intertwined as an inseparable whole. I envision the Third Age to be promoting the two primordial dancers, The abstract magical, and the other, its complementary whole. To engage in the Dance and thence unshard into the Eternal Garden from whence we all came forth. They are in Eternity entwined but sharded into the realms of space and time. They are shards of the divine. Would composing such a novel be an arduous journey, Exhausting my body and above all my core? Would I be as a drowning man, Gasping for breath, Kicking and screaming while with futility grasping for shore? But would every paragraph and page exhaust me, Yet also leave me yearning for more? It would, I am sure. This arduous compulsion will also uplift and invigorate me with waves of catharsis and frisson. And I pray dearly for the same in my reader, of soul-piercing joy. If I fail to evoke the same in my audience then I would have failed to breach the ramparts and the gates shielding my innermost chamber, Our collective soul. Only within this innermost shared sanctum can I truly touch someone's soul. And by touching one, I will be touching them all.
olds Aurora
olds Aurora 3 dagen geleden
She looks good in those Chinese flag colors
olds Aurora
olds Aurora 3 dagen geleden
@Ayden Berg so you agree. She's dressed in Chinese colors. Not the red white and blue colors of America. You sound dumb. America ain't canada.
Ayden Berg
Ayden Berg 3 dagen geleden
She does look good in the Spanish or Macedonian flag colors. If we include the white then we can see Poland or Canadian flag colors. If she was going for symbolizing the Chinese flag I would have expected the coat to be red and the thing in her hair yellow. So shut up
Jan Larsen
Jan Larsen 3 dagen geleden
So just read that Amanda Gorman done a request that the translator should like to be a younger and preferably colored woman to translate her poem to danish and in the Netherlands have chosen Marieke Lucas Rijneveld to translate but a colored women Janice Deul criticized the election of a white person, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld chosen to withdraw. So colored are racists, maybe even more then white, did not see that coming.
Alexander Malinowski
Alexander Malinowski 3 dagen geleden
Key word is "skinny". She is happy she is not fat.
Nicholas Tait
Nicholas Tait 3 dagen geleden
This is not poetry
Gary Sheldon Jr
Gary Sheldon Jr 2 dagen geleden
@Nicholas Tait yea sure you did buddy.
Nicholas Tait
Nicholas Tait 2 dagen geleden
@Gary Sheldon Jr I'll have you know I've memorised the whole of Eliot's Four Quartets, and you can't even construct a short sentence.
Gary Sheldon Jr
Gary Sheldon Jr 3 dagen geleden
Then you don’t know poetry is.
IgroSome 4 dagen geleden
very cool, good message but i'm also here for school
grosbeak 4 dagen geleden
Really, a poem consisting of platitudes and cliches?
patricia sherman
patricia sherman 4 dagen geleden
impactful, hopeful, and clever. i applaud her command and presentation of our language. Brava, young lady!!!
Danger Bear
Danger Bear 4 dagen geleden
Mmmmm.... much theatrics, very woke..
Rosean Henson
Rosean Henson 4 dagen geleden
👌 awesome, bravo 👏
JustAnotherHuman 4 dagen geleden
I could listen to her read out my maths questions from my textbook and I would still be mesmerised by her voice.
brandan shoemaker
brandan shoemaker 4 dagen geleden
It is all fun and games until you realize you now have homework due today
WydTyy 4 dagen geleden
This female gave me work WTF
roblox zong
roblox zong 4 dagen geleden
Powerful 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿
Arandomdonkey 4 dagen geleden
god damnit why you gotta give me english homework lady
roblox zong
roblox zong 4 dagen geleden
haha are on teams rn?
TheSapphire M
TheSapphire M 4 dagen geleden
The poet of establishment!
Boiled toes
Boiled toes 5 dagen geleden
thank you for english homework queen!
Whitewalker The long night
Whitewalker The long night 5 dagen geleden
How much was dumped in her bank account
michael gove
michael gove 5 dagen geleden
I don't understand why she goes, " *Mister* President, *Doctor* Biden, *Madame* Vice-President, *Misterrr* Emhoff " It sounds as if she's saying it sarcastically, calling their titles into question. Why do that?
michael gove
michael gove 8 uur geleden
@Ayden Berg I'm not an academic of any type, but it's a straight-up weird way to talk. Why put such a strong stress on "mister" rather than "president"?
Ayden Berg
Ayden Berg 3 dagen geleden
@Rosean Henson Sounds like they're an English teacher or Major
Rosean Henson
Rosean Henson 4 dagen geleden
No. Its just emphasis on her pronunciation. Its a little amusing that you digging deep like this 😄
AGENT s 5 dagen geleden
Recited Beautifully
Michael Sandoval
Michael Sandoval 5 dagen geleden
Isn’t it insane that Democrats can spend almost an entire year attacking Americans & burning down their cities, then act like it didn’t actually happen?!?!? It’s effing weird!!!!
sage the swag
sage the swag 6 dagen geleden
thanks for the homework
2371anna 6 dagen geleden
And this is poetry? English language sounds so limited for poetic structure, coming from this young lady .
Aniga W
Aniga W 6 dagen geleden
Love it
Emanuel Alvarez
Emanuel Alvarez 6 dagen geleden
She’s annoying to be honest , and when she mentioned a skinny black girl raised by a single mother!! I was like damn can we have a nation that doesn’t mention color. Always have to mention your black as if we didn’t know
Heather 3 dagen geleden
portneufflyer 7 dagen geleden
I hope they kept Biden away from her.
jay m
jay m 7 dagen geleden
roslyn riley
roslyn riley 7 dagen geleden
I love you Amanda Gorman
AG - 07CD 872069 Thomas Street MS
AG - 07CD 872069 Thomas Street MS 7 dagen geleden
she gave me homework
Munkuikizi Nsosolo
Munkuikizi Nsosolo 7 dagen geleden
Corvin666 8 dagen geleden
I probably don't know anything about English poetry, but this sounds to me like rap song lyrics rather than a poem. Beautiful words, but feels like it was meant to be performed in a Dr Dre album!
Bolesław Birkut
Bolesław Birkut 8 dagen geleden
Poetry straight from the lavatory.
erιn 8 dagen geleden
thank you for my english homework
Baby girl
Baby girl 10 dagen geleden
Doctor Nanny Jill
PeaceAndL ove
PeaceAndL ove 10 dagen geleden
Not impressed!
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 10 dagen geleden
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 10 dagen geleden
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 10 dagen geleden
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 10 dagen geleden
Denette Daniels
Denette Daniels 10 dagen geleden
All you wicked people
Denette Daniels
Denette Daniels 10 dagen geleden
👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 demonic
Subaru outback 2018
Subaru outback 2018 10 dagen geleden
I got stupid homework on her
rude Dog
rude Dog 11 dagen geleden
Biden wanted a Ebonics speaker for this job..
RΛVΞΠ 11 dagen geleden
She's like a modern day Hamilton. Powerful
Serdi Kobane
Serdi Kobane 11 dagen geleden
Imagine, even as a kurdish guy, who has never been to US, I'm deeply touched and overwoamed by these words of this beautiful, humble, golden evidence of human's ability to increase, to learn, to rise and shine! Everlasting love from Kurdistan for Amanda Gore, and everyone who led, helped and educated her....
Viranko 11 dagen geleden
Goes to show how indoctrinated some people are. Biden is the reason for black mass incarceration and this chick is giving him a poem
DRraze 11 dagen geleden
What Do people mean by she gave me.homework
Kit_Kat 11 dagen geleden
Their English teacher made them recite/ analyse this poem for homework
Yunjae Kim
Yunjae Kim 12 dagen geleden
How is watching this for homework?
Donna Andrus
Donna Andrus 12 dagen geleden
I will never be able to watch this enough.
ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE 12 dagen geleden
She doesn't know how to get online
Thatcher Weeks
Thatcher Weeks 12 dagen geleden
Y'know this homework that they gave me sucks. :/
Jelani Groce
Jelani Groce 12 dagen geleden
I ain't get homework
Aka Riced
Aka Riced 12 dagen geleden
Thanks for the damn assignment
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell 13 dagen geleden
joe biden is not my president. I purposely do not capitalize his name. he does not deserve the Capitol!
Caribbean Girl
Caribbean Girl 13 dagen geleden
Wow! First, Serena Williams best in tennis; Simone Biles best in gymnastics; and now Amanda Gorman best in poetry! Who's next? They put a smile on every face who watched them.
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