Mom REACTS to Magic Tricks - #Shorts

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My mom reacts and rates my magic tricks... enjoy! :)
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Thank you so much for watching friends!

SeanDoesMagic Maand geleden
Just wanted to let you know that I have a PODCAST out now friends- if you want to learn more about me & my weird life, check it out! Link in description
Elshabazz Mobb
Elshabazz Mobb 12 uur geleden
I thought she was going to do 10/10
lászló miskei
lászló miskei 19 uur geleden
@Emma Tabor ok.
Emma Tabor
Emma Tabor 19 uur geleden
Happy birthday
linda mohamed
linda mohamed Dag geleden
@vaxy kvfchc
ReBeLs 3 dagen geleden
haresh dhalani
haresh dhalani 36 seconden geleden
1st magic I know😉😉😉
Nolan Provine
Nolan Provine Uur geleden
😆 the end is always 0/10 😆
Danie Malan
Danie Malan Uur geleden
Limbo 6 uur geleden
How much you paid your mom
Tick Phanthavongsa
Tick Phanthavongsa 11 uur geleden
The phone you slide it under ur thumb
Marz_Worldz 11 uur geleden
And you can’t play me
Marz_Worldz 11 uur geleden
I’m 8
Marz_Worldz 11 uur geleden
Caught lacking BOIIII
Brittany Rigdon
Brittany Rigdon 13 uur geleden
He r ffjefg
Gloom Gaming
Gloom Gaming 13 uur geleden
Just soulless staring at us FAKE
Jenil Abdulhi
Jenil Abdulhi 14 uur geleden
Seans Mom:No that's not real Sean: Mommmm:(
Brayan Rodas
Brayan Rodas 16 uur geleden
Carlos Gamer
Carlos Gamer 17 uur geleden
Eu vi o pano do acho do celular
Sophia Jacquz
Sophia Jacquz 18 uur geleden
The last Magic trick ✨ was funny 😄 😀🙂🤓🤓
Emma Tabor
Emma Tabor 19 uur geleden
Lol 0/ 1
Dionne Malvo
Dionne Malvo 19 uur geleden
Wolfie 20 uur geleden
H•U•N•N•Y 20 uur geleden
I know how to do a couple of the other tricks that you did but the match trick it was attached to your thumb
Carter Macleod
Carter Macleod 22 uur geleden
Dang 1M likes
Edu Yuiopp
Edu Yuiopp 23 uur geleden
She’s got a cuff on her leg that’s the part you didn’t know
Kiara Shane Endaya
Kiara Shane Endaya Dag geleden
is she filipino?
AudreyPawdrey Dag geleden
The mom at the end: "That's a 0/10." Sean: "MAN!"
hyper gaming
hyper gaming Dag geleden
Oh Congratulations for 1 m likes
Levi Dag geleden
Your mom is savage and so intelligent
Mohammad syahmi Abdullah
Mohammad syahmi Abdullah Dag geleden
Is not good
Yvan Pagulayan
Yvan Pagulayan Dag geleden
Is your mom filipino?
controller wade
controller wade Dag geleden
There's a hole in the first trick
Toy Wars
Toy Wars Dag geleden
Do you need to show me how do you do thing
brandy petikaris
brandy petikaris Dag geleden
I like the magic its maxwell😁😁😁😁😁😁🥺🥺
Elijah Nez
Elijah Nez Dag geleden
That was very cool trick😎👍
Eric Bautista
Eric Bautista Dag geleden
Damn mans got exposed by his own mom. F in the chat
Lol Yay
Lol Yay Dag geleden
She do be ratin like a mom
RandomHit Dag geleden
Ah yes the classic tape the toothpick to the thumb trick
Melinaa Mrk
Melinaa Mrk Dag geleden
That’s actually very annoying for some reason
Neleesa De zilwa
Neleesa De zilwa Dag geleden
Good magic trick s
Alexander Calle
Alexander Calle Dag geleden
The rope goes under the phone and Sean blocks it so we do not see it
Robert Dimaano
Robert Dimaano Dag geleden
I can tell by her accent she is Filipino I-I know bc I am Filipino boyyyyyyyyyyy
Lᴀᴜʀᴇɴ _Aᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ
Lᴀᴜʀᴇɴ _Aᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ Dag geleden
Mohammed Farhan
Mohammed Farhan Dag geleden
I want the music at background
Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet Dag geleden
Kalian sadar gk t*t*k nya tertoellll mata ku jely sekaleeeee😁😁😁
Y/N ,listener
Y/N ,listener Dag geleden
Okay but the first one she saw the whole
Jannatus Sakinah
Jannatus Sakinah 2 dagen geleden
You are cheating
Yash Arya
Yash Arya 2 dagen geleden
It's becoming very repetitive now.
Pokémon [Hindi-Eng]
Pokémon [Hindi-Eng] 2 dagen geleden
So basically he dont know how to position your Audience
praveena praveena
praveena praveena 2 dagen geleden
All is not real
Raven Girl
Raven Girl 2 dagen geleden
Deku had no quirk Until all might put him to work Then he got In to ua Breaking bones every other day Now he goes by deku The name of a hero
Graham Bullock
Graham Bullock 2 dagen geleden
I watch this video of what you're doing right now the magic trick you should know how to do it so
James Miranda
James Miranda 2 dagen geleden
Anggaliling mo kuya sean
Phalyn Garcia
Phalyn Garcia 2 dagen geleden
The third one with fire stick that was very short you you stick it on your thumb is that put it and then put your thumb inside your fist and then when you put it up and vanish behind your thumb it's still behind your thumb too it doesn't advantage
Celia Perea
Celia Perea 2 dagen geleden
Pedro Alvarado
Pedro Alvarado 2 dagen geleden
Total points:16
patrick patterson
patrick patterson 2 dagen geleden
Wow I'm soooooooo impressed *rolles eyes
Dr. Coomer Clone
Dr. Coomer Clone 2 dagen geleden
Pulling the silk through the phone is the 2nd worst
Zhhra Hecic
Zhhra Hecic 2 dagen geleden
Is 1milin like🧐🤔
i love mnha
i love mnha 2 dagen geleden
Te trzecie ci nie wyszło xD
Khajidah Amin
Khajidah Amin 2 dagen geleden
Tanya Nash
Tanya Nash 2 dagen geleden
Yo thats sick
l̥ͦḁͦi̥ͦl̥ͦḁͦ l̥ͦḁͦx̥ͦm̥ͦi̥ͦ
l̥ͦḁͦi̥ͦl̥ͦḁͦ l̥ͦḁͦx̥ͦm̥ͦi̥ͦ 2 dagen geleden
The deck of cards are printed paper
The Water Draken
The Water Draken 2 dagen geleden
How are people fooled by the deck of cards it's legit just paper folded to look like a whole deck you can see the folds
Spike Gaming
Spike Gaming 3 dagen geleden
Hey Sean is your mom Filipina? i wanna know i hope u notice me! :)
Nonto Mashoai
Nonto Mashoai 3 dagen geleden
I give you 10 out of 9
Zero 3 dagen geleden
This is garbage
Omarleen 3 dagen geleden
Only a party in this video likes
Omarleen 3 dagen geleden
You need a party because you have a 1million likes
Dripz Playz
Dripz Playz 3 dagen geleden
You’re mum is very funny’s
Reyana Louise Sanchez
Reyana Louise Sanchez 3 dagen geleden
She spoild it! Ahaha
master aikee Raymundo
master aikee Raymundo 3 dagen geleden
Congrats for getting millions like!!
Spiritlol 3 dagen geleden
Yo who knows what this beat is?? I'm tryna find out 🤨🤔
SavageSavsFN 3 dagen geleden
The Filthy Mudders
The Filthy Mudders 3 dagen geleden
Autum Moss
Autum Moss 3 dagen geleden
It's so cool
Cecilia Schmidt
Cecilia Schmidt 3 dagen geleden
Hmmm im starting to think other people think this is real.....
Safoora Meraj
Safoora Meraj 3 dagen geleden
U exposed the first magic trick😂😂😂
Vanessa Gent
Vanessa Gent 3 dagen geleden
Hiba Badwan
Hiba Badwan 3 dagen geleden
YOU MADE YOUR MOMM MAD YOU JUST WASTED PAPER😡😡😭😭but that was funny and tricky😂😂😂😂
kiru tv
kiru tv 3 dagen geleden
If she was a teacher, it would have been over for student, she grades so hard 😂😂😂u got sweet mom tho love the fam
Gremlin 3 dagen geleden
Magic? More like slight of hand and deception. Still something hard to master
Roxana Roman
Roxana Roman 4 dagen geleden
Wow magic!!!!
lászló miskei
lászló miskei 4 dagen geleden
Rana Hayat Celik
Rana Hayat Celik 4 dagen geleden
1st one is fake i see
Justine Biebler
Justine Biebler 4 dagen geleden
This guy is at least likeable.
Chad Mamucud
Chad Mamucud 4 dagen geleden
Mr.zaybbop 4 dagen geleden
Yo mum is cheap
•Toxic Lexi•
•Toxic Lexi• 4 dagen geleden
Smart mom😈
Satoru Gojo
Satoru Gojo 4 dagen geleden
less go!
Joel Long
Joel Long 4 dagen geleden
Nyohaiyhe loop
Nyohaiyhe loop 4 dagen geleden
Them:focusing and laughing me:Focusing on how he did it and stole maguc tricks--
mama mia means mama mia is mama mia big brain
mama mia means mama mia is mama mia big brain 4 dagen geleden
The first magic trick was totally a fail cuz bruh the middle of the phone was broken
Neetu Vishwakarma
Neetu Vishwakarma 4 dagen geleden
Then candle was sticked on your finger
lavenderxlemons 4 dagen geleden
you know she’s strict when he’s excited about a 6/10
Phillip Williams
Phillip Williams 4 dagen geleden
Brain Washed GD
Brain Washed GD 4 dagen geleden
What is the song?
UTKARSH KASHAYAP 4 dagen geleden
I know the last one lol😂😂 I view it in a 5 minute crafts video😂😂🤣🤣
Rama Alhalabi
Rama Alhalabi 4 dagen geleden
KM AUTO garage kmauto
KM AUTO garage kmauto 4 dagen geleden
Rommela Abaya
Rommela Abaya 4 dagen geleden
Omh hahahah
Seema Rani
Seema Rani 4 dagen geleden
THE LUNAY 4 dagen geleden
I know this magic trick
Vakatar Mashabhai
Vakatar Mashabhai 4 dagen geleden
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