College Football Playoff National Championship Game Highlights: Alabama vs. Ohio State | ESPN

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ESPN College Football

ESPN College Football

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Watch the highlights as Mac Jones, DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris and the Alabama Crimson Tide take on Justin Fields and the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship Game.
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Average Joe
Average Joe 3 uur geleden
In the past I've been a Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Auburn, and a LSU fan. This year I'm a Alabama fan 💯. RTR
CHRISTIAN RUIZ 8 uur geleden
Still trending
alicantino11 10 uur geleden
Thank you Alabama. -Wisconsin fan
Miles Crissey
Miles Crissey 10 uur geleden
Who cares. College football has become boring and predictable.
Moonroof 11 uur geleden
Bama deserved it
David 13 uur geleden
If I was 18 years old and a LB I would stop this tide once and for all.
Dave Witmer
Dave Witmer 14 uur geleden
Alabama has better coaching!
craps 48
craps 48 14 uur geleden
If you guys think Mac Jones was good, and he definitely is, wait til you see B. Young. Rich get richer. Rtr
Washing Machine
Washing Machine 14 uur geleden
Look! It’s the no one gives a sh!t bowl!!!
coachpunches55 15 uur geleden
Ohio state didn't deserve to be in this 7 games and get in.. what a joke!
CJ Wilemon
CJ Wilemon 15 uur geleden
Those thumbs down are from JEALOUS HATEFUL LOSERS.....mostly ohio state LOSER fans!
142MP 16 uur geleden
Awesome. fOSU
1st responder
1st responder 17 uur geleden
How did clemson lose?!
Daughter of the KING
Daughter of the KING 17 uur geleden
God bless you all! Jesus is coming soon; so, please, be right with Him. Repent of your sins and believe in Him, and you will be saved.
The Crimson Knight
The Crimson Knight 18 uur geleden
Whitney Nobis
Whitney Nobis 19 uur geleden
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Bonzai917 20 uur geleden
Why is Jeremy ruckert for the buckeyes actually crazy? Seriously talented tight end, I mean look at the catch he made on osus first Td drive.
Big Styx
Big Styx 21 uur geleden
Ohio State looks like a bunch of pop warner players what a joke
Freedom Matters
Freedom Matters 21 uur geleden
Sweet Home Alabama!
Joe Flores
Joe Flores 22 uur geleden
Sweet home alabama football
Steve Solomon
Steve Solomon 22 uur geleden
Spank you very much.
Quade Allen
Quade Allen 22 uur geleden
This must be the red team the Simpson's were talking about 🤔
J. Cruz
J. Cruz 22 uur geleden
saban alabama is what wooten did with ucla dominant college coaches!
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson 23 uur geleden
I've been a Bama fan my whole life. Saban is the best coach that's alive today. THE BEAR will always be the BEST. Roll Tide forever.
Melanie Cobble
Melanie Cobble Dag geleden
corbyn edwards
corbyn edwards Dag geleden
Oklahoma national championship game???
corbyn edwards
corbyn edwards Dag geleden
Bama is losing a lot to the draft
Dona Hill
Dona Hill Dag geleden
Love the way Jones celebrated with bolden for his first ever touchdown
Zachery James
Zachery James Dag geleden
I never liked Saban. I never really knew him. But the more I see him, it Makes me like Saban just a little more. I always thought he was a grumpy old man. But I’m finding out little by little that he’s actually a good guy, with a warm heart. This is coming from a Buckeye who is bitterly jealous of the success that the tide has been having this past decade. I may hate it now, but I’m sure I’ll tell my grandkids how I got to watch the greatest coach ever in coach Saban. As much as I hate to say it, he really is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.. congratulations Crimson Tide!! Y’all deserve every single championship y’all have won. GO BUCKS!!
Abigail spriggs
Abigail spriggs Dag geleden
Alabama just had way too many weapons for Ohio State to handle tonight
REESE PUTNAM Dag geleden
REESE PUTNAM Dag geleden
GO ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT ALABAMA!!!!!!!! :)
jeff snider
jeff snider Dag geleden
Not enough whites on the field.
Barf Larson
Barf Larson Dag geleden
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Tyler Aiken
Tyler Aiken Dag geleden
Every year they become more impressive
daui wakan
daui wakan Dag geleden
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shoebert31 Dag geleden
remarkably bad defense
Virales Highlight
Virales Highlight Dag geleden
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J. Anderson
J. Anderson Dag geleden
20-21 B2B
El Canal de Rebeca
El Canal de Rebeca Dag geleden
Saludos gente hermosa y maravillosa 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄💜💜💜💜💜
SamTheBroGamer Dag geleden
Wasn't even Bama creating lots of turnovers that won the game, it was just outplaying them from start to finish.
RED SPARKS 73 Dag geleden
Jeffrey Epstein did not kill him self
scott porter
scott porter Dag geleden
What a bizarre freak show of a sport, big guys covered in cushions throwing an egg shaped thing
Dave211211 Dag geleden
Why spoiler at thumbnail??
MillerTime East
MillerTime East Dag geleden
It’s starting to make sense now. Someone is playing ncaa 14 but modded it somehow to be real life and in 2020/21 season, and they flipped all the user sliders all the way up and put it on the easiest difficulty
Kakashi Gamer
Kakashi Gamer Dag geleden
Proud of my tide😀😀 Now let's win a couple more for Saban before he decides to hang up the headset ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
ricky Fowler
ricky Fowler Dag geleden
I guess Bama’s FG kicking problems have disappeared. Our kicker hasn’t missed all year. Lol. Roll Tide
jaeden miles
jaeden miles Dag geleden
I wanna see how this Alabama team play against a NFL team bc college not challenging them😭🤣 let’s start with the jets lmao
Eugene FTW
Eugene FTW Dag geleden
rigged year, rigged virus, rigged election.
ツFluffers Dag geleden
Devonta Smith man
zer0_d0wn Dag geleden
at least 100k new cases of covid after this game and the celebrations in the streets.. good job bama u really killed it.
JAMES CONNOR Dag geleden
Roll Tide! How many defensive players will the RAIDERS draft from this squad in April?
Whyinem Dag geleden
What a game
Kyle Ellis
Kyle Ellis Dag geleden
Honestly stopped watching this in 3rd quarter.. nfl better than college
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays Dag geleden
Miss being able to attend these games. Car hop trays available on amazon. Stay safe friends.
Magdalena eats Macdonald’s cookays
Magdalena eats Macdonald’s cookays Dag geleden
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Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz Dag geleden
Roll tide
Falserizuffer Ezek
Falserizuffer Ezek Dag geleden
Bald gang!
chad windham
chad windham Dag geleden
lowest ratings ever. ESPN is cancer
C Bama
C Bama Dag geleden
Iamkoool2 Dag geleden
Yo who is that running back
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JDB Power bank Dag geleden
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Vincent Vaughan
Vincent Vaughan Dag geleden
As a steelers fan I hope they draft najee harris this could really boost the offense.
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland Dag geleden
In observation there is only pure perception not the interpretation of that perception by thought. If you can find the root of fear then unconscious and conscious fears can be understood.
aight ima headout#0002
aight ima headout#0002 Dag geleden
We all knew this was gonna happen
kabugho Corina
kabugho Corina Dag geleden
Wawu it's really enjoyable
The spirit Of 76
The spirit Of 76 Dag geleden
Though I'm a for hard bama fan it's hard to enjoy football since everyone allowed espn to sell y'all on this playoff be.... We gave up what for 13 ppl behind closed doors to pick whom they choose??? please the BCS produced real game champions. Now just a media bowl
The spirit Of 76
The spirit Of 76 Dag geleden
Never seen anything like it before in my lifetime of 45 yrs
Michael Bajorek
Michael Bajorek Dag geleden
SEC! Glad to see Buckeyes take the loss!
Jeremy Terry
Jeremy Terry Dag geleden
Mad props to Mac Jones. The guy can read a defense and put the ball on the money .
A Smith
A Smith Dag geleden
Boring. Who cares. Lol
Red Jack
Red Jack Dag geleden
@Doodle Pop's right
Doodle Pop's
Doodle Pop's Dag geleden
Apparently you do, you're here.
Logical Person
Logical Person Dag geleden
1st quarter- Everyone: This going to be a good, close game ........ Final: 52-24, Alabama wins
Jimmy Haley
Jimmy Haley 19 uur geleden
could have easily been 14 more IF ole St. Nick had wanted to do so
Alan Parks
Alan Parks Dag geleden
alabama has the highest paid players in college football, they deserve it.
Alan Parks
Alan Parks Dag geleden
@Doodle Pop's cope
Doodle Pop's
Doodle Pop's Dag geleden
@Alan Parks Opinions aren't facts. You'll learn that when you grow up.
Alan Parks
Alan Parks Dag geleden
@Doodle Pop's lol.. obviously you haven't seen the cars that bama players drive, maybe go for a little drive through their practice field parking lot. I'm sure they got those working at subway part time lol. Don't get mad, it won't help you now.
Doodle Pop's
Doodle Pop's Dag geleden
Only in your whiny little crybaby universe
jie li
jie li Dag geleden
who is responsible for the corrupt?
Doodle Pop's
Doodle Pop's Dag geleden
The real question is... Who is responsible for your poor education?
ZacHarYThEMeTaL HicK88
ZacHarYThEMeTaL HicK88 Dag geleden
Didn't they say fields was the best . That georgia fucked up . Ok !!!
Africa: The Gathering Place
Africa: The Gathering Place Dag geleden
Rambo Eastwood
Rambo Eastwood Dag geleden
ND played bama better than O$U 🤣 College football is so boring now. We literally know who will be in it
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez Dag geleden
I love how the big guy carries the coach to the middle of the field. Well earned!
amanda murawski
amanda murawski Dag geleden
Cj_ Stroud14
Cj_ Stroud14 Dag geleden
we will be back next year with cj stroud
Official&965 Dag geleden
3:30 nice breakdown tackle
malcolm champion
malcolm champion Dag geleden
I think bama still would’ve won but if sermon hadn’t got hurt on the first play it would’ve been a lot closer
exdee ,
exdee , Dag geleden
Texas A&M and Ohio State lost to Alabama with the same exact score. Texas A&M should have made the playoffs.
vyu gg6cy
vyu gg6cy Dag geleden
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Lover Cars
Lover Cars Dag geleden
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Icey Editzz
Icey Editzz Dag geleden
Everyone in my fam wanted Alabama to win and my mom wanted Ohio to win I looked at her and said “why?” Lol
Ron White
Ron White Dag geleden
Bama players take a pay cut when they enter the league
Masonic Boom
Masonic Boom Dag geleden
Gracie was never crazy
Misha Mikhailov
Misha Mikhailov Dag geleden
*What a shocker alabama wins another title*
Payton Dutton
Payton Dutton Dag geleden
Ohio’s safety’s suck my god there the only reason bama scored at all
Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed Dag geleden
Lol my whole family is from Ohio so they love Ohio St an after Alabama destroyed Ohio St my whole family made excuses an blame the COVID lol but i said Ohio St didmt belong on the field look with Alabama look at the schedule while Ohio St played Nebraska an Penn St an Minnesota an Illinois the only good team Ohio St beat this season was Clemson well Alabama beat A&M an Auburn an UGA an Florida an ND an then beat Ohio St
Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed Dag geleden
@Red Jack yea see my aunt who is an Ohio St fan even made an excuse an said well Fields wasnt 100% an Serman got injured an Ohio St had COVID issues well umm Alabama had COVID issues an Mac Jones got banged up during the game umm Waddle could hardly run an Battle got ejected then Smith missed the whole 2nd half its horrible the BIG10 thinks there the only conference that had to deal with the COVID issues an Ohio St think that Ohio St is the team who has ever had a player get injured during thw National Championship game i use to have alittle respect for Ohio St but bcuz of there fans i have NO RESPECT for them anymore it was freaking awesome watching Alabama destroy Ohio St but of course Ohio St fans make alot of excuses
Red Jack
Red Jack Dag geleden
@Jeff Reed yes and Alabama had to play a whole game without their Head coach
Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed Dag geleden
@Red Jack an Ohio St fans think they the only team who had to deal with the COVID but all teams had to deal with the COVID i mean really Ohio St only played 2 good teams all season an that wasnt till the Playoffs i mean really Ohio St play teams like Nebraska an Penn St an Rutgers lmfao an there fans think there good
Red Jack
Red Jack Dag geleden
The irony in ohio state fans blaming covid lmao, like covid is the only reason they got in the playoffs
Kyle Dag geleden
Love the sight of Ohio state getting buried
Katherine Carr
Katherine Carr Dag geleden
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gelene Celine
gelene Celine Dag geleden
0:11 a random kid at school
Piotr Jakub
Piotr Jakub Dag geleden
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JON Dag geleden
Is that Borland trying to twist Najee's ankle on that first TD? Classy move
James Gomez
James Gomez Dag geleden
Ethereum on the rise!!!!!!
Never Before Seen
Never Before Seen Dag geleden
They are winning next 10 year at this point lmao
Don Sanduchie
Don Sanduchie Dag geleden
I didn't enjoy the national covid championship game
Doodle Pop's
Doodle Pop's Dag geleden
Your team lost?
Joona Mämmi
Joona Mämmi Dag geleden
No new stickers for the Buckeyes 🙄
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