Playing an RPG for the second time

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Joel Haver

3 dagen geleden

Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 2 dagen geleden
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -
BeckPlays 2 uur geleden
Dungeon Tape
Dungeon Tape 2 uur geleden
Uh, yeah these are amazing. My d&d group loves em and I hope you appreciate that there's four dudes in their 30's across Oklahoma and Texas grumbling "huzzah...." and "What was that? Did you hear something? Anyway Tony..." once a week
arodreth 3 uur geleden
Lakerimagi 3 uur geleden
Crazy Comandante
Crazy Comandante 4 uur geleden
This is one of my favorite channels. 1 million will come easily
USERZ123 2 minuten geleden
Should have read up on a guide before playing.
Brandon Whelan
Brandon Whelan 3 minuten geleden
Idk what this channel is about, Idk what this video is about. All I know is I like it and it made me laugh.
Coreh Martinushkevich
Coreh Martinushkevich 6 minuten geleden
On second thought, if you were interested- this could be on Adult Swim :) you should try
Tug09 7 minuten geleden
I love these. The plotline is so great.
Stephen Baggett
Stephen Baggett 9 minuten geleden
I really like that there's an entirely new path for people in NG+ I honestly thought it was going to just have enemies with more health but I'm so glad they had more options for repeatability.
CrustyModernLife? 11 minuten geleden
Dang so if I stop living for the adventure and focus on my quest of self discovery, life becomes its own reward? Mad, dude
Rabid_Gaming621 11 minuten geleden
Marshal is chaotic Nuetral
LARAUJO 13 minuten geleden
I don't quite know what I stumbled upon but I like it
Trevor P
Trevor P 18 minuten geleden
The redemption arc :D
Black Deviljoker
Black Deviljoker 20 minuten geleden
Stumbled upon this and watch the previous two and rewatching this gives lots of meaning of his "Adventure awaits"
jeffreyfuhz 21 minuut geleden
That was another gem
CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER
CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER 22 minuten geleden
Omfg yess!!
Dunkey Is Black
Dunkey Is Black 22 minuten geleden
is the animation supposed to be shit?
Jetrin Lee
Jetrin Lee 26 minuten geleden
You got the *Happy Ending*
RoarOfDamnation 27 minuten geleden
Marshall wasn't totally evil he didn't kill Spot for example.
reynoldsmathey 31 minuut geleden
301_ Jay
301_ Jay 31 minuut geleden
*Bloodborne Storyline in a nutshell*
Marc Pavey
Marc Pavey 32 minuten geleden
"Let's get on with it" Joel remarked as he sat down to work on an inevitable, though no less inspired sequel
Black Deviljoker
Black Deviljoker 33 minuten geleden
I like how he... Didn't take a step forward at all when he's screaming and just... Drag both his feet
Henryshoots 34 minuten geleden
This is fake the shell ejected from the mini-glock is bigger than the mini-glock it was a set up Marshall didn't do it.
AhNoWiC 34 minuten geleden
This is so brilliant.
KasimTheManChild 35 minuten geleden
would love to watch a movie made by you. one day, one day...
KasimTheManChild 37 minuten geleden
we need a third episode!!!
Idiotica Maskimus
Idiotica Maskimus 41 minuut geleden
Theory: This run is the reason why so far there has not been any women in Joel's animations
Drak Dragon
Drak Dragon 43 minuten geleden
that delivery at 1:34 is AMAZING by the way
Isra the black
Isra the black 43 minuten geleden
I love this.
Daniel Rodríguez
Daniel Rodríguez 44 minuten geleden
This channel is so damn underrated I hope one of your vids go viral
Tobias Arweiler
Tobias Arweiler 44 minuten geleden
Wholesome as fuck
I'n'I 47 minuten geleden
looks like you've made lead scenes and arts. And than AI made all other stuff That's really cool
Dragolectron 47 minuten geleden
Most epic moment in all history: 3:00 Adventure.. Awaits. HUZAAAAAAAAA-
Mad Pig
Mad Pig 49 minuten geleden
Yes-yes all acording to the plan-plan
Silvernemesis64 49 minuten geleden
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Secert Ending
*Splat Tim*
*Splat Tim* 50 minuten geleden
oblivion moment
Idiotica Maskimus
Idiotica Maskimus 52 minuten geleden
Plot Twist: Marshall is the right-hand-rat of Tony Lazuto The Haver Cinematic universe's plot thickens.
someDudeOnTheInternet 53 minuten geleden
The animation is a bit wierd(in a good way). Is it rotoscope animation?
ErwalDeeas 54 minuten geleden
This is freaking great! I would almost expect to see this on Adult Swim except..... This is actually funny and good!
glagle lolba
glagle lolba 55 minuten geleden
Finally the ending we have all been waiting for
kristoffer sondell
kristoffer sondell 58 minuten geleden
I love the animation keep up det good work
Eddy Brix
Eddy Brix 59 minuten geleden
Why don't they make RPGs like this? That have alternate storylines everytime you play through?
Joshua Fleming
Joshua Fleming Uur geleden
I am SO GLAD it had Oblivion music
Kendell Pidgeon
Kendell Pidgeon Uur geleden
For some reason I'm really enjoying this animation style. I think it's because it's something I haven't seen before.
Never Uur geleden
this was scripted so good... i actually watched all 3 videos a second time. the plot is really good
Rokolith Uur geleden
I hope the next is getting the secret redemption ending for Marshall
Logan Underwood
Logan Underwood Uur geleden
I love this
Gavin Hershberger
Gavin Hershberger Uur geleden
I genuinely cant tell if its 3d animated or 2d, good job
Nameofthegame Uur geleden
Feels like I’m watching the lord of the rings cartoon again.
Luy777 Uur geleden
i don't know what to feel now.
tusing tusing
tusing tusing Uur geleden
This is amazing, I love it.
Bewis Offical 100
Bewis Offical 100 Uur geleden
This story in this game is amazing, where can I buy it?
vanIvan Uur geleden
A really good finale, great job on both story and animation!
Oicmorez Uur geleden
This is the greatest trilogy of all time.
not anonym
not anonym Uur geleden
How do you make this efect
Owen Bunny
Owen Bunny Uur geleden
Talking about dynamic game design
Stephen Henry IV
Stephen Henry IV Uur geleden
Fucking hell, everything from the 1st play through was a lie and everything you thought was true was the opposite. *Is tHIs DaRk sOUls*
Velga Al Rasyid
Velga Al Rasyid Uur geleden
I'm not familiar with this, but did you draw each & every frame or is there like a software to do it all automatic?
K G Uur geleden
That giant knows how to live.
Gudrun Mobus Bernhards
Gudrun Mobus Bernhards Uur geleden
-5 anxiety Oh thank glob, we all needed that.
Arachnolad 63
Arachnolad 63 Uur geleden
Marvel: “Avengers endgame is the most ambitious crossover yet!” This guy:
Trurl190 Uur geleden
So... 3 innocent deaths eaquals restart, but entire town full with defenceless women and children, burned to the ground, hundreds of worst criminals roaming free through the kingdom, murder of the king (not even that corrut one at that) and - probably - his entire court and death of a rat that doesn't have a moral compass is ok, because the quest objective was completed? ok
Jack T
Jack T Uur geleden
This is straight adult swim goodness and I love this channel “Marshall has no moral compass, he is a rat” fucking lmao
Dominick Quiteros
Dominick Quiteros Uur geleden
The best ending for the best saga ever created
Mumbler Ogre
Mumbler Ogre Uur geleden
Looks like an Adult Swim program joking about RPGs
Brendon Ferguson
Brendon Ferguson Uur geleden
Brendon Ferguson
Brendon Ferguson Uur geleden
Player: Any quest in this town? Is the kingdom corrupt? Old man: No, not very corrupt.
eshock7 Uur geleden
Hey! Trending! It's nice to see this channel get the attention it deserves. What a fantastic ending to the trilogy!
Trollgot Uur geleden
Got this on recommended and gotta say What an amazing series You're doing very good animations dude , wish u the best
fuzzyfriendlydoggy Uur geleden
Abraham Magana
Abraham Magana Uur geleden
Matthew Uur geleden
Marshall has no moral compass, he’s a rat
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Uur geleden
Movie-film when, sir?
eenpersoon randomnes
eenpersoon randomnes Uur geleden
I really like this series! also, finally jacob made it to a happy ending! I was kinda invested in his adventures to be honest :P
Graphiar Uur geleden
1:50 When you keep getting the bad endings in story based games
Shredinjah Uur geleden
The good ending 😌
CLOUDofTEETH Uur geleden
I laughed, I cried, I threw my phone and puked
SiderCraft 2 uur geleden
idk what it is but i love the art style and comedy type combination. please for the love of townton make more of these.
Point Skelter
Point Skelter 2 uur geleden
make a spin-off called playing new vegas for the billionth time
mgkpraesi 2 uur geleden
I dont get it.
David Smith
David Smith 2 uur geleden
You should delete and then re upload all the videos from like last year , 9k views is criminal on some of these masterpieces and deserve the sort of views your getting now ! Kudos bro keep em comming :)
ジョジョ 2 uur geleden
Is there a video somewhere that explains how they make these?
Fire Shock Gamer
Fire Shock Gamer 2 uur geleden
What if you just kill the rat and not the boy? I'm curious now.
Luke Vigil
Luke Vigil 2 uur geleden
This > Lord of the Rings. This is my kind of trilogy
Ludovico Street
Ludovico Street 2 uur geleden
Zore One-Hundred
Zore One-Hundred 2 uur geleden
"Marshall has no moral compass, he is a rat"
Patrick Sheerin
Patrick Sheerin 2 uur geleden
here before Pewdiepie. tell marzia hi from the neighbours :)
Pyroboss 101
Pyroboss 101 2 uur geleden
Holy crap he got the good ending this time!
IdleAnimations 2 uur geleden
That final "HAZAAAAA" was better than endgame
Rainhound 2 uur geleden
I love the old man, he's so innocent 😇 Amazing animation btw
Ozzy 2 uur geleden
the good ending :)
Artrysa 2 uur geleden
Thank you.
John Smith
John Smith 2 uur geleden
We need a trilogy
Yugoslavia 2 uur geleden
Reminds me of the good old days...
AWESOMNESS 2 uur geleden
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee 2 uur geleden
This is such a cool animation style! I love it!
Troglodude 2 uur geleden
Shoulda quick saved
ThatguyZach 759
ThatguyZach 759 2 uur geleden
Ah yes, when you progress the main storyline and suddenly the village is lit on fire for one reason or another
Bartłomiej Działo
Bartłomiej Działo 2 uur geleden
I need more of this, I really do. Can you please make more of this?
TheAtomicGamers 2 uur geleden
that ending made me so happy, our friend has returned!!!!!
Aiden Beatty
Aiden Beatty 2 uur geleden
It ends so wholesomely
chronok 2 uur geleden
Whats with all this fucking screaming? Tigtone should not be a rolemodel for RPG comedy.. it's the lamest shit ever.
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