Surprising My Parents With $10,000 (emotional)

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Tayler Holder

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b1 active
b1 active 5 uur geleden
taylor such a nice guy alwyas looking out for others and putting them fisrt love u bro
Isella Salinas
Isella Salinas Dag geleden
These is sad I was crying 😭😭
Nalani Ayala
Nalani Ayala 7 dagen geleden
Why did I start crying when I saw Tayler cry? I feel like he never cry’s.
Malea Youngblood
Malea Youngblood 8 dagen geleden
I cried watching this 😭😭
Anna Haynes
Anna Haynes 10 dagen geleden
I cried a little and I wanted to tell everyone that tayler is a good guy
Trinity Ingram
Trinity Ingram 10 dagen geleden
This made me cry when I saw you cry
olivia dianna wilson
olivia dianna wilson 12 dagen geleden
Bro I cried the whole freaking time taylor is so sweet
Kio Dick
Kio Dick 14 dagen geleden
I love your girl
Kio Dick
Kio Dick 14 dagen geleden
Kio Dick
Kio Dick 14 dagen geleden
I am very surprised
Wintr 15 dagen geleden
Put this in the dictionary Good human: Tayler Holder
Mahmoud Kordi
Mahmoud Kordi 15 dagen geleden
Lucy Hope
Lucy Hope 16 dagen geleden
John Robertson
John Robertson 17 dagen geleden
You’re the man bro it was only after struggling myself after my parents passing had money to buy their home but it was too late
Megan bby
Megan bby 17 dagen geleden
This made me cry😢😢
Edith Goodwin
Edith Goodwin 18 dagen geleden
I'm crying too, raised right❤️the sweetest thing is to have a loving and greatful child
Kenneth Luddi
Kenneth Luddi 18 dagen geleden
Crazyyy Clips
Crazyyy Clips 20 dagen geleden
Only 10k for your parents
mikey branagh
mikey branagh 21 dag geleden
Baylen did it better
Talia Mellor
Talia Mellor 21 dag geleden
This made me cry❤️😭
iamNatiaMariee 22 dagen geleden
Any one else cutting onions
Shernicia sylvester
Shernicia sylvester 22 dagen geleden
Taylor just thought my dead cold heart ❤ 🤧 and I cry 😢 😭
Chloe Head
Chloe Head 23 dagen geleden
I’m just watching this now and I’m in tears 😩❤️ that’s so sweet Tayler
Mr Diaz
Mr Diaz 25 dagen geleden
you made me cry
Kelsey Viola
Kelsey Viola 25 dagen geleden
The fact that they really didn’t want to take it. Shows where he got his kindness and generosity from
Kelsey Viola
Kelsey Viola 25 dagen geleden
I also love that Tayler is man enough to not be afraid to cry on camera. And no, I’m not saying you’re not a man or not strong if you won’t cry on camera, I understand privacy and some people just don’t feel comfortable. But for Tayler it shows that hes secure, and that something as normal and human as crying doesn’t threaten his masculinity. He’s such a big sweetheart. Need more ppl like this on social media
Carter Jones
Carter Jones 27 dagen geleden
How’d we see skylar but not Zane
Ladislav Pokuta
Ladislav Pokuta 27 dagen geleden
TAYLER you are a 🤴❤
Ladislav Pokuta
Ladislav Pokuta 27 dagen geleden
Carissa Galey
Carissa Galey 27 dagen geleden
Love your NLposts
Elanni Rolon
Elanni Rolon 28 dagen geleden
who is still watching this in 2021 cuz im crying right now and when i looked at talyers rist it looked like he was flexing on those haters and im not a hater spred pouseatifude only
Chandani Boedhram
Chandani Boedhram 28 dagen geleden
Tanishka Singh
Tanishka Singh 28 dagen geleden
That is so Respectable moment for Taylor's parents.
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez 29 dagen geleden
Who else seeing this and crying in 2021...
redneck crazy vlogs
redneck crazy vlogs 29 dagen geleden
These videos are heart warming
Emma Bernes
Emma Bernes Maand geleden
i’ve never cried over a youtube video in my whole life until now
Ella Stoddern
Ella Stoddern Maand geleden
i love how kind he is it represents how people should be
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson Maand geleden
This is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful family.
flamingo lover123
flamingo lover123 Maand geleden
I'm crying😕🤚
Zane Speer
Zane Speer Maand geleden
Pure video
Stella Keenan
Stella Keenan Maand geleden
That is the sweetest thing ever
Hannah Peterhoff
Hannah Peterhoff Maand geleden
Omg thats soooo soooo sweeeettttttt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wild Jackle
Wild Jackle Maand geleden
This is too cute, I'm crying❤💖
Thegamer Jackson
Thegamer Jackson Maand geleden
This is the best thing ever 😭 i wanna be like you and your parents 😭
Mia Margarites
Mia Margarites Maand geleden
You are a REALLY good person
Court Kinsey
Court Kinsey Maand geleden
Like parents like son 2:20
Yostin Santana Garduño
Yostin Santana Garduño Maand geleden
Adarsh Mishra
Adarsh Mishra Maand geleden
Now who are those motherf****rs who disliked the video!!!!...i mean from where do guyss get this nerve to do so...are u people heartless😲
Mindre Felix
Mindre Felix Maand geleden
Hannah Oamil
Hannah Oamil Maand geleden
Anil Hettiarachchi
Anil Hettiarachchi Maand geleden
Most luckiest parents ever
Wendy Ghekis
Wendy Ghekis Maand geleden
Best feeling to be able to give back. Better to be a blessing than to be blessed. Reap what you say! God bless
Heavin Ross
Heavin Ross Maand geleden
The yep and the take it and let’s not forget how he’s crying with his parents that hits so hard it makes me tear up tayler is such a gentlemen
Zamzam Haj ahmad
Zamzam Haj ahmad Maand geleden
Julia Tingey
Julia Tingey Maand geleden
ok aww anyone seen him cry? 😭❤️
Quinton Crownover
Quinton Crownover Maand geleden
mai bui
mai bui Maand geleden
Tayler you are so adorable
Samuel Mingolelli
Samuel Mingolelli Maand geleden
was i da only one who got chocked up and started crying
Itz_bella_boo45 Maand geleden
So your telling me that I wanted to kill my self and I saw tayler on tiktok and he mad me happy?!🙂
jean colin
jean colin Maand geleden
you are a good son you are inspireing god will bless you we all love
Kelsi Hubler
Kelsi Hubler Maand geleden
SHNL Therapy
SHNL Therapy Maand geleden
The one y’all were drinking was probably from the sink to
Lupita Camarena
Lupita Camarena Maand geleden
The level of being humble!!!! Huge props!!!
Jesus Valtierra
Jesus Valtierra Maand geleden
Never liked this guy didn’t even know he was Mexican .!! Must say he for sure made a quick change of my mind after this one.!!
Alma Talos
Alma Talos Maand geleden
He is sooo adorable!!!🐙🥺❤️
khadeejah rafaqat
khadeejah rafaqat 2 maanden geleden
Awwwweee hes literally the sweetest
Chrisna Zamora
Chrisna Zamora 2 maanden geleden
Omggg😖😭😔 I’m actually crying no lie.. this is what I wanna do, make my parents proud of me..
alaric10 zane
alaric10 zane 2 maanden geleden
taylor is a good guy who cares what people say
Kimberley Friday
Kimberley Friday 2 maanden geleden
Nah I started crying when Tayler started crying
Savannah Ferguson
Savannah Ferguson 2 maanden geleden
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee - I’m srry but this is toooooo sweeet
Ferzam Ire Biasca
Ferzam Ire Biasca 2 maanden geleden
Tayler is going to be a good husband I swear 🥰 God bless you
Dusssy 2 maanden geleden
When Tayler started crying i nearly cried
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos 2 maanden geleden
I'm crying so hard. This was beyond beautiful
tetei zote
tetei zote 2 maanden geleden
Mimi Keene
Mimi Keene 2 maanden geleden
i know that like thos was a long time ago but u are so nice tayler
Dunja Spasic
Dunja Spasic 2 maanden geleden
Ooooo 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢
Keke Love
Keke Love 2 maanden geleden
So amazing omg ❤️❤️
Nikas Nikonovas
Nikas Nikonovas 2 maanden geleden
This guy is sooo nice
Reese Jett
Reese Jett 2 maanden geleden
Im watching back at this,in the end of the year!! wow...what a year we have went through!
Shugaa 2 maanden geleden
Damn who’s cutting onions in here
thla kam11
thla kam11 2 maanden geleden
Bro omg when Tayler and Kelianne were at the store and when Tayler told Kelianne that she should go to the kids section lmaothats hilarious
sabrina schwartz
sabrina schwartz 2 maanden geleden
am I the only one that started crying when tayler started
Tayler Holder Fan
Tayler Holder Fan 2 maanden geleden
I was crying also
Cynthia Sainz
Cynthia Sainz 2 maanden geleden
You made me 😭
K&Q TV 2 maanden geleden
Wish I had a dad
anna Rodas
anna Rodas 2 maanden geleden
😭😭😭 I was the first one crying
Travis Federer
Travis Federer 2 maanden geleden
Your a awesome son to do this for your parents
Bea Benedetto
Bea Benedetto 2 maanden geleden
This guy is so cute😇
rose kally
rose kally 2 maanden geleden
im wartching this in December 23 2020 at least i gave him more views
annisa chowdhury
annisa chowdhury 2 maanden geleden
Bruh the relationship that Kellian and Taylor have is so amazing
Leimana Abenes
Leimana Abenes 2 maanden geleden
Ugh, you got me bawling here. What an admirable and honorable son you are. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
muneera alhabashi
muneera alhabashi 2 maanden geleden
i cried istg, he’s so kind omg🥺🥺🥺 i love him
Willy Goods
Willy Goods 2 maanden geleden
wrist glistening so much cant focus in the car
Averly Mattingly
Averly Mattingly 2 maanden geleden
I have never seen a tik tok boy cry before and I am not mad about it because he is the best person
Mary Moody
Mary Moody 2 maanden geleden
im crying
JOSEPH MOEAI 2 maanden geleden
tayler ur the best i wish i could take care of my parent like that
Jules Kritzman
Jules Kritzman 2 maanden geleden
Sweetest thing ever
Jules Kritzman
Jules Kritzman 2 maanden geleden
This made me cry
allthehui tech vlogs
allthehui tech vlogs 2 maanden geleden
aubrey robinson
aubrey robinson 2 maanden geleden
i cryed :(
Delany Bam
Delany Bam 2 maanden geleden
You are such an amazing person you have wonderful perents they are very lucky to have you and you a very lucky to have them keep up the good work this touched me I started crying ❤️❤️
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