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On this episode of "You Sang My Song," country music legend Dolly Parton watches fan covers of her songs on NLposts. She listens to covers of her songs "9 to 5," "I Will Always Love You," "Jolene," and "Hard Candy Christmas." Dolly shares her affection for the fan covers and offers sweet words of wisdom and encouragement to the fans that created them.

Dolly Parton's A Holly Dolly Christmas featuring collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Michael Buble, Jimmy Fallon and more is available now:

Love Raptor “9 TO 5” -

Angie K “9 TO 5” -

Seb Skelly “9 TO 5” -

Steve Knill - ‘I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU” -


Wiki & Thomas - “JOLENE” -

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Dolly Parton Watches Fan Covers on NLposts | Glamour

Lindsey Carver
Lindsey Carver Uur geleden
She is just one classy lady. Like a genuinely superb human being.
Danielle Chapman
Danielle Chapman 2 uur geleden
Dolly is a gift to this world. I would probably faint if Dolly heard me sing 😂
justb0583 2 uur geleden
aww 🖤 Dolly. what a beautiful soul.
Christy Hankins
Christy Hankins 10 uur geleden
Jolene, my first "favorite song" as a little kid!❤
ATX14 12 uur geleden
Dolly, great reaction! Loved how you support other talents.
Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth 13 uur geleden
Liza Minnelli. Gloria Estefan. Dame Shirley Bassey!!! Bette midler would be a blast too. The bar has been so raised with Queen legend Dolly!! Now Only the most iconic can follow. 😍😍😍😍😍
Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth 13 uur geleden
Wish glamour could get dame Shirley Bassey to do this one - any maybe even more so, the epic fashion review would be so amazing with her. Wow she has a new album coming really soon .. maybe it’d possible. Come on, glamour!!! Liza Minnelli too!! Both too, please. Imagine with all the epic fashion of hers. 😍😍😍😍😍
Nick Murray
Nick Murray 13 uur geleden
I love this woman!!!
marni matikka
marni matikka 14 uur geleden
Jolene is my favourite song too! Think I was six years old when I lost my mind all over it (on repeat). I just want to squish her, she is so sweet and kind.
Theresa Sheff
Theresa Sheff 14 uur geleden
Love Dolly❤
Maggie Shipley
Maggie Shipley 14 uur geleden
A true gem 💎
windycitydreaming 15 uur geleden
These are always great but Dolly is such a treasure. And yes, I am crying lol. This year is trash so it's nice to see people spreading joy.
Cj Abrams
Cj Abrams 16 uur geleden
I want to see Steve nicks do this
JayMakeup enthusiast sipy
JayMakeup enthusiast sipy 16 uur geleden
Dolly the one the only!
Noah Count
Noah Count 16 uur geleden
The one, the only, DOLLY! She is so gracious, and so giving, and so over-the-top inspirational to the artists she addressed today about the way they covered her songs. Treat yourself to the Gail Davies recording of John Prine's UNWED FATHERS, with Dolly singing the harmony part. You'll be glad you did.
Ingrid Prendergast
Ingrid Prendergast 18 uur geleden
Such a fan of this very talented, beautiful inside and out lady!
Heather Bisset
Heather Bisset 20 uur geleden
She is so awesome. The end.
LeiAnne SW
LeiAnne SW 22 uur geleden
I love Dolly. I think even if someone sounded awful Dolly would still be kind and compliment them in a genuine way and then end it with her amazing giggle.
Kamron B
Kamron B 23 uur geleden
Ok but can we talk about how she sounds like Timmy turner and I’m here for it like let’s be honest the voice was inspired by her
Jennie Hale
Jennie Hale Dag geleden
Dolly is Pidgeon Forge's precious gift to the world. What a lovely person, and a talent to touch so many!
Tracie Jane Fitzpatrick
Tracie Jane Fitzpatrick Dag geleden
Dolly is a beautiful soul.
Rashelle Lovell
Rashelle Lovell Dag geleden
With queen Dolly you could have found someone playing coat of many colors on a kazoo badly and she would have picked out every good thing about it and praised the person... she’s amazing
Hey Jamie
Hey Jamie Dag geleden
I’m kind of upset they didn’t choose Flula and Mamrie’s Auto-tunes version of 9 to 5 it’s so ingenious
Hey Jamie
Hey Jamie Dag geleden
OMG NO WAY HAHA THE BEST GEM OF ALL! I love every word that comes out of her mouth I bet she smells WONDERFUL
JessiCat Dag geleden
Awww Dolly you are so precious 🥰
Angela Sanders
Angela Sanders Dag geleden
Carnt stand this Barbie doll
Erin Rising
Erin Rising Dag geleden
England might have their queen, but I'll take Betty White and Dolly Parton any day of the week
Faith Wicklund-Rundles
Faith Wicklund-Rundles Dag geleden
I love this can we get one with Reba Mcentire.
Ethian Hugo
Ethian Hugo Dag geleden
She is the best ,humble woman with so much charisma and talent a real legend
Robert Price
Robert Price Dag geleden
Wish most stars were like her. Dolly is so down to earth and so thankful for her fans. Her music appeals to every generation.
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa Dag geleden
God I love her!!!!
nate9696 Dag geleden
Wish she heard the petersons cover of jolene, the best cover of it ever!
Apocalypse 2385
Apocalypse 2385 Dag geleden
I like how she can harmonize easily like it's nothing she just oozes talent and still remains so humble
chocolate garden
chocolate garden Dag geleden
Dolly affirms that God is a woman
Martin Mcfly
Martin Mcfly Dag geleden
Dollys voice is so beautiful
invisibleman277 Dag geleden
Dolly Parton, our Tennessee Queen.
Raymond Morgan
Raymond Morgan Dag geleden
Dolly Parton is one om my biggest inspirations
Brittany Holtgreven
Brittany Holtgreven Dag geleden
Dolly Parton ❤
Danny Dougin
Danny Dougin Dag geleden
Dolly Parton is a genuine person! Kindness personified. There is nothing wrong with being nice!
Justin Tai
Justin Tai Dag geleden
This was so sweet, bless her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
John Okamoto
John Okamoto Dag geleden
Who doesn't just adore Dolly!? She is absolutely one of the sweetest people out there and her songs are so relatable!
Ehud Kinglord
Ehud Kinglord Dag geleden
Rosy Uzal
Rosy Uzal Dag geleden
her laugh is healing
G C 2 dagen geleden
Why am I crying 😭 I'm so happy for these singers
Traycie Pitcher
Traycie Pitcher 2 dagen geleden
Love Dolly
Dogsense Foru
Dogsense Foru 2 dagen geleden
Phenomenal Talent + Extreme Generosity of Spirit = Dolly Parton
7474jd 2 dagen geleden
She's like a ray of sunshine. Her laugh makes me smile and I'm really needing that right now. When she starts singing along, ugh, such a beautiful voice and spirit. Makes me want to watch "A Smoky Mountain Christmas." Awesome holiday movie to check out if you haven't seen it. Was always played on USA channel and now I just want to watch all the Christmas specials that used to play back in the 90's. Every sitcom did a Christmas episode and Family Matters always comes to mind.
Pamela Lamon
Pamela Lamon 2 dagen geleden
They all hop up and down... squealing Dolly! She crosses boarders with love.
I'm Tash
I'm Tash 2 dagen geleden
her voice and that last guy's gel so beautifully together!! i kinda wish they did a whole duet!
Melee Stormbringer
Melee Stormbringer 2 dagen geleden
Miss Dolly is a gift to humanity. We don't deserve her
Anahi Gomez
Anahi Gomez 2 dagen geleden
Miss Dolly is so charming
Ashventures Iii
Ashventures Iii 2 dagen geleden
I love her! She's a LEGEND!
southern rail
southern rail 2 dagen geleden
Absolutely love this icon, this beautiful woman, this incredible artist. Sheer Perfection! 🎠❤🎠
Rob Cochran
Rob Cochran 2 dagen geleden
What a wonderful artist and human being! You are such a treasure, Dolly. We will always love you!
dschinghis khan fan vids
dschinghis khan fan vids 2 dagen geleden
i actually cannot- she is so humble and so sweet and honest. so many celebrities let the years of fame flutter to their heads and ignore those who appreciate them but dolly is different, her appreciation is amazing
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 2 dagen geleden
Dolly is so nice and humble.
Tommye Girl
Tommye Girl 2 dagen geleden
I just love Dolly. She has a sweet soul.
Lorraine Shepherd
Lorraine Shepherd 2 dagen geleden
THIS Ladies and Gentleman is a role model.
I'm Breaking Down
I'm Breaking Down 2 dagen geleden
Paramore next, please
Beatrice Blocks
Beatrice Blocks 2 dagen geleden
Ian you rock!!
Virtual Kings Gaming
Virtual Kings Gaming 2 dagen geleden
That's great
Dan Discer
Dan Discer 2 dagen geleden
Im 50 yrs old. I have NEVER heard a single person EVER say a bad word about this woman. Considering how many know her name...thats pretty amazing.
Ron Stone
Ron Stone 2 dagen geleden
And thanks to Dolly, a cultural icon in our time.
Kabob Hope
Kabob Hope 2 dagen geleden
Dolly Parton is a beacon of joy and has a sense of humor and these are all great covers. Each singer/group manages to make the song theirs. Dolly is probably the greatest female country songwriter (with Loretta Lynn right there with her) who has ever lived. It would be funny to see Dolly say "Well, they just ruined that one."
Dawn 7
Dawn 7 2 dagen geleden
This is a wonderful idea. So moving!!
carlos capestani
carlos capestani 2 dagen geleden
Can you do some male artists? There are some good songs
Jacob 99
Jacob 99 2 dagen geleden
Marisa Lobue
Marisa Lobue 2 dagen geleden
Dolly is a national treasure!
Hilde.o 2 dagen geleden
Was not expecting a Dolly Parton/Eurovision crossover!
phantomrose89 2 dagen geleden
SO WHOLESOME I have watched every one of these Dolly videos and they are too wholesome for this world
Erin Monaghan
Erin Monaghan 2 dagen geleden
Please get this video to dolly of 4 year old Violet singing “coat of many colors” with her
Tererem Terem
Tererem Terem 2 dagen geleden
I think the girl at 2:32 was on the voice.
mimi montes
mimi montes 2 dagen geleden
Queen Dolly!!!!!
BJ Reo
BJ Reo 2 dagen geleden
Dolly is absolutely priceless
Madeline Coombs
Madeline Coombs 2 dagen geleden
missy50505 2 dagen geleden
I liked the first guy who sang the first one of I will love you, very soulful
Yep Nope
Yep Nope 2 dagen geleden
Dolly is a joy.
J NE 2 dagen geleden
Dolly is such a sweetie pie. Ugh I am such a fan of her as a person. She's just pure kindness, wrapped up in joy.
kate i
kate i 2 dagen geleden
oh this was so fun... thanks to all the fantastic musicians and of course, all the love to Dolly, long live the queen!
grumpyotter 2 dagen geleden
"Dolly Parton thinks I'm cute." 😍
R Kesler
R Kesler 2 dagen geleden
Dolly is a wonderful person She is genuinely kind and thoughtful We thank her for her support of the LGBT community 🏳️‍🌈
Halos 27
Halos 27 2 dagen geleden
How can you not love Dolly Parton?!
Ryan Mitchener
Ryan Mitchener 2 dagen geleden
One of the greatest gifts to the world. Long live Dolly Parton.
Katelyn 88
Katelyn 88 2 dagen geleden
Her giggle is so stinkin cute! I love her so much!
Katelyn 88
Katelyn 88 2 dagen geleden
I wish to have a tiny portion of her energy and charisma; such a fun, sweet, beautiful person Mrs. Dolly is♡
johnnymc1985a 2 dagen geleden
Love how she sings along to the songs, her passion just shines through.
Kyra m
Kyra m 2 dagen geleden
Dolly is the sweetest lady in the world ❤️
Jonathan Mayor
Jonathan Mayor 2 dagen geleden
She is a slice of heaven.
Shannon LA
Shannon LA 2 dagen geleden
No one can ever compare to Dolly, NO ONE! It's not just the music, it is her humble personality. I swear that woman has not one mean bone in her body. Imagine if the world was filled with Dolly's!
Cynthia Powers
Cynthia Powers 3 dagen geleden
I love when Dolly giggles
Stacey Gordon
Stacey Gordon 3 dagen geleden
Dolly is so sweet and humble! She really paved the way for so many female artists and I have nothing but respect for her. Anybody who has ever spoken of her says that she truly is the way she appears to be. And I respect that so much!
Jett Carlburg
Jett Carlburg 3 dagen geleden
Dolly is a Goddess!!!!!
HOMOSUPERIOR 3 dagen geleden
The joy on the faces of the cover artists actually bought me to tears (yeah... I’m soft 🤣) I can only imagine what a buzz it must have been to have an angel on earth like Dolly tell them she loves what they’ve done with her music ❤️
Hape Sethathi
Hape Sethathi 3 dagen geleden
Dolly is your best friends name Jolene by any chance?
Bonus One
Bonus One 3 dagen geleden
All great musicians! Great choices. Dolly is such a great reminder of being and staying positive!
craftiwench 3 dagen geleden
Dolly is a class act!
XOXOmacaddictXOXO 3 dagen geleden
Literally how could anyone not like this!!!! She’s the most precious thing ever!! 🥺
Thomas S
Thomas S 10 uur geleden
She absolutely is. She was my mom's hero growing up and I have always loved her talent as well as her genuine kindness and humility. Dolly is the BEST!
David Douglas Groomes
David Douglas Groomes 3 dagen geleden
Dolly can do no wrong! She is the epitome of greatness and humility!! She has the ability to capture the attention of all who hear her voice...! Dolly is truly an “Angel” on earth! I Will Always Love Dolly! 💕🦋💕
BRIANA CASH 3 dagen geleden
This is awesome! 👏🏼
Todd Burton
Todd Burton 3 dagen geleden
I have met her twice. I worked in high-end restaurants and hotels in Nashville. A have met hundreds of "stars," music, movies, television and stage. Ms. Dolly is one of the sweetest, nicest, most genuine people one could ever hope to meet. Unlike so many others, she does not have a condescending cell in her body. I have stories but suffice to say, Ms. Parton is the real deal.
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