How Are Aluminium Cans Recycled? | How Do They Do It?

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DCODE by Discovery

2 jaar geleden

The world consumes a mind blowing 4 billion cans of soft drinks made of recycled aluminium every week. DCODE how they are recycled.
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Mr coz
Mr coz 3 uur geleden
I am proud that all the beer i drank in my younger days and the 1000`s of cans i recycled are now part of the space station,,,That sure makes a beer drinker feel good
maritimer Man
maritimer Man 18 uur geleden
The thumbnail looked like a borg ship fom startrek.
j lirie
j lirie Dag geleden
"manufacturing beverage cans IS rocket science" 🤣🤣
Olype Dag geleden
I thought its another rtx minecraft video
Ratty Woof
Ratty Woof 2 dagen geleden
3:16 - I hope the dimensions of those monoliths are in the 1:4:9 ratio.
Scott in Shorewood
Scott in Shorewood 3 dagen geleden
Can’t fool me....those are really dormant Borg cubes.
Alfiano Damanik
Alfiano Damanik 3 dagen geleden
Wall-E vibes
BG Tech
BG Tech 3 dagen geleden
Makes me wonder where all the aluminum I scrapped is now
uhplumber 3 dagen geleden
I've heard that aluminium isn't as valuable as aluminum.
BG Tech
BG Tech 3 dagen geleden
Dang really
John W
John W 4 dagen geleden
So basically the can I pissed in is now in space.
humandxp 5 dagen geleden
ok now tell me how metling plastic liner polutes our air like joke paper bottle from coca cola recently, made of course of plastic
Meserbee Chek
Meserbee Chek 5 dagen geleden
Thanks for the heads up!
Bunarak Sovatdy
Bunarak Sovatdy 6 dagen geleden
my teacher wants me to find passive here ==
Michael Lowry
Michael Lowry 6 dagen geleden
...and California makes MILLION$$$ with the CRV program because ppl are so ignorant that they still throw away millions and millions of beverage containers each year! and get this: if you make more than $500-$600 a month recycling, California requires you to pay taxes on the ‘income’!
The Debate Hitman
The Debate Hitman 6 dagen geleden
2:10 While some are debating the pronunciation and spelling of aluminium/aluminum, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “1346 degrees Fahrenheit.”
Allsek 6 dagen geleden
welp I wanted to own a recycling factory like that but NO WAY in hell I can afford big ass machines like those
Khiem Luong
Khiem Luong 8 dagen geleden
My question is, would cleaning the aluminum can out and just press in another tab opener be more efficient, instead of melting it down just to make it again?
Lorin Cowell
Lorin Cowell 11 dagen geleden
What's the British equivalent to SNL?
Brad Williams
Brad Williams 11 dagen geleden
Ethan Capello-Venicci
Ethan Capello-Venicci 12 dagen geleden
1:43 It's neither, because English is not a prescriptive language and multiple pronounciations for a single word can and will be completely valid to the point of being implemented in most dictionaries.
Rome Cottrell
Rome Cottrell 13 dagen geleden
It's a shame that the U.S.A. sends most of their waste products to be recycled to foreign nations and then we repurchased these same product at a more expensive cost . Why don't we recycle our trash right here in the U.S.A. ? 😒
Bob Costas
Bob Costas 14 dagen geleden
Normal people: Aluminum Br*ts: ALYOMINYIUM
Will Fox
Will Fox 13 dagen geleden
Bob Costas alu-min-i-um
Noman Rashid
Noman Rashid 17 dagen geleden
To run Whole of India. A shit load of cow dung is required ! Not metal or aluminium
Damian Damianio
Damian Damianio 19 dagen geleden
But there is a plastic layer inside.. do u just burn that? That's horribly toxic
Anipakula Devanand
Anipakula Devanand 21 dag geleden
You foreigners talk english only But we indians can talk Hindhi Telugu Tamil Malayalam Gujarathi Bengali Kannada.....and so english So when you talk something about India it should be meaningful otherwise dont You guys carelessly use India name shame on you
Anipakula Devanand
Anipakula Devanand 21 dag geleden
rey ee video lo endo for the sake of india annav pucha lechipodhi nakodaka kari nakodaka puku pagaldengutha enkosari india peru ethinav ante
Abdul Elkhatib
Abdul Elkhatib 23 dagen geleden
It's not aleuminiun its aluminum. You plebs
Digit 23 dagen geleden
Man those are some huge ingots to make a pickaxe with
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd 23 dagen geleden
Cans and bottles and basic "town" crap ended up along the county road which split my Iowa farm. One nice autumn day in 1977, having consumed too much (actually, as it turned out, it was the right amount) cold beer with a couple of neighboring farmers, I began to rant about all the crap along my land frontage. One farmer jokingly suggested that I call my congressman. Everyone laughed but me. So, I grab my phone, call information to find out my congressman's number, and actually him to give him Hell. I suggested at least a 5-cent charge like the old "pop" bottles back in the day. What happens next? Iowa begins to charge a nickel per bottle or can. The pragmatic, no change, no progressive Conservatives blew a head gasket. But, the law prevailed. Recycling came into being in Iowa just because some half-drunk Iowa farmers called a congressman (Well, actually I called). So, sue me.
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd 23 dagen geleden
In the UK, tins became cans.
Rodrigo Hackos
Rodrigo Hackos 26 dagen geleden
its aluminum!
anti depression storm
anti depression storm 27 dagen geleden
Best bussunes
Scarlet Roulette
Scarlet Roulette 27 dagen geleden
Frank Lesser
Frank Lesser 28 dagen geleden
They pronounced "aluminum" incorrectly.
ROGER2095 28 dagen geleden
Aluminum foil, aluminium foil . . . I worked in a restaurant for an old German woman who only called it "silver paper."
Dhee Keol
Dhee Keol Maand geleden
It's aloemagnum not aluminum.
Jordan Mckay
Jordan Mckay Maand geleden
Imagine if everyone started wanting money for there cans now...that place would be choked aha
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo Maand geleden
excellent ..
Sine Qua Non
Sine Qua Non Maand geleden
As an employee of an aluminum scrapyard where pour both sow and ingot I know the answer to this question!
Brandon Wagner
Brandon Wagner Maand geleden
CACTUS Maand geleden
I wonder how many beer cans ended up in space
Just Jay
Just Jay Maand geleden
Forester Enrico Replan
Forester Enrico Replan Maand geleden
Magneto enters the factory
Forester Enrico Replan
Forester Enrico Replan Maand geleden
The driver looks putin
Lava 321
Lava 321 Maand geleden
I just use a steel rod to scrape the slag off, but then again, I only have 1, 5, and 12 KG crusables
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil Maand geleden
Wall•E and Eve has technically entered the chat!
gary v
gary v Maand geleden
You can get Aluminium poisoning just by breathing it, I didn't see one mask.
Green and Gold
Green and Gold Maand geleden
Maybe they were Republicans?
Wang Dong
Wang Dong Maand geleden
This would be a great series if they cut out the weirdos giving us random facts
Born Blazed
Born Blazed Maand geleden
climate change may raise sea levels enough to massively disrupt aluminium production and we will see it worth as much as gold again within our lifetimes. I would hold onto those cans for a while.
WHO9119 Maand geleden
We all know the correct pronunciation the other side got it wrong
hiyasu Maand geleden
this is Wall E in real life
Grant Piper
Grant Piper Maand geleden
How heavy was one of those 10m ingots
Damon Rankin
Damon Rankin Maand geleden
wow my can went to space
Starman62 Maand geleden
And here we are in 2020 facing a nationwide can shortage in the USA. No shortage of aluminum, the can plants can't keep up with demand. Beverage manufacturers are only making their core products now.
NbKXStorm Maand geleden
David Léspar
David Léspar Maand geleden
Team Aluminium
George Alderson
George Alderson 10 dagen geleden
I want to join please!
Sloth Supreme
Sloth Supreme Maand geleden
Shit is starting to look like the beginning of wall e
tyraelpl Maand geleden
All over the world you say... All I see is polish beer xD Żywiec, Żubr, Warka, Tyskie, Okocim and a tiny bit of coke.
Kelly Sor
Kelly Sor Maand geleden
Are we supposed to know the grand size of a double decker bus?
Οχι-και-τοσο-γλυκουλης Χρηστος
Οχι-και-τοσο-γλυκουλης Χρηστος Maand geleden
Alumium is the correct one. All three are correct actually. They simply have different meaning. Alumium is what the material should be called. Aluminum is "alumium" with the ending -inum which means something that COMES FROM or is RELATED TO alumium. Aluminium has the ending -ium which simply means "small aluminum", an extract from something aluminum maybe.
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Maand geleden
Skillfully Executed
Skillfully Executed Maand geleden
So they don't actually tell us what kind of alloy it is.
Robert Laws
Robert Laws Maand geleden
I promis im not racist i just think its funny to hear a black guy with a brittish accent
George Alderson
George Alderson 10 dagen geleden
He is British born and bred!
TECHNICUS Channel Maand geleden
Też mam kanał z rozbiórkami złomu zapraszam do mnie DEMONTAŻ/DISSASEMBLY - Złomu elektrycznego, metali kolorowych -Zyskiwanie miedzi, Demontaże sprzętów, elektroniki przetapianie Aluminium..:
nosman069 Maand geleden
give pound figures or don't post this stuff in the usa and its not al u minium, its aluminum
George Alderson
George Alderson 10 dagen geleden
There is a world outside USA
Jake Conner
Jake Conner Maand geleden
I hate how they say aluminum
darthjump Maand geleden
What would you do without us germans. We have a similar but much bigger Furnace here. I guess the Aluminium market will blow up soon with all those SpaceX Starships.
Velagandula Abhi
Velagandula Abhi Maand geleden
0:49 I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
Arcadia Green
Arcadia Green Maand geleden
Step 1- ship to China Step 2 - china dumps it in ocean Step 3- pretend that you saved the earth.
Moe Bedick
Moe Bedick Maand geleden
They have been assimilated........
guadalupe tovar
guadalupe tovar Maand geleden
I’ve always wanted to go to space but I guess my coke will
ALICIA PICKETT Maand geleden
Both because we say just say it differently then they do
Use WinMX
Use WinMX Maand geleden
And thanks to covid I have to throw cans away in the trash cause nobody is taking them anymore
Vivek Shankar
Vivek Shankar Maand geleden
“Every year we save energy recycling aluminum stuff to run the whole of India” - really, Mr. Natural Scientist?? India consumes about 2000 Twh of energy every year just from the power grids!!
Roman Odaisky
Roman Odaisky Maand geleden
If “we” means the world, then it’s still not enough to power all of India, but it’s closer than you might think. The world recycles 20 Mt of Al annually, to produce a ton from ore requires about 20 MWh, so the total would be 400 TWh.
Brassicaolaracea olaracea
Brassicaolaracea olaracea Maand geleden
next time you wanna do something, make sure you're as enthusiastic as Dr. Jonathan Brooks🤩
Griselda Gonzalez
Griselda Gonzalez Maand geleden
Is the A silent or what 💭
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez Maand geleden
And their is a aluminum shortage today.
DrugoMattia 2 maanden geleden
Ended up from this to here... THANK YOU!!! :D Like!
alisher1984 2 maanden geleden
Just show us the damn process. The pronunciation of 'aluminum' is fucking irrelevant.
George Alderson
George Alderson 10 dagen geleden most of the other comments
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 2 maanden geleden
SleepLess 2 maanden geleden
Guys we all funded space rockets
Capi Berra
Capi Berra 2 maanden geleden
what becomes of the nasty fumes that come from burning the paint and plastic coatings off the shredded cans?
tsakatis87 2 maanden geleden
Aluminium is a GREECK word
LeicaM11 2 maanden geleden
Funny Aluminium cans. Back in the past they also had cans made out of steel.
Owen Calder
Owen Calder 2 maanden geleden
Say it with me: UH-LOO-MIN-UM😑
Drowzzzy VDA
Drowzzzy VDA 19 dagen geleden
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico 2 maanden geleden
Myrdal Muda
Myrdal Muda 2 maanden geleden
The aluminum guy looks like Woody from Toy Story
Bib Boi
Bib Boi 2 maanden geleden
I'm not the only one that thinks off Wall-E
Matthieu Gauthier
Matthieu Gauthier 2 maanden geleden
This is awesome they need to show this to Americans & people who don’t believe in Recycling
Misaka. 10032
Misaka. 10032 2 maanden geleden
It looks like you could put your hand in the liquid and nothing would happen... Don't do it or u will learn it the hard way
jettelo 2 maanden geleden
About a truck load not 1 trash bag. About 30 bags
jettelo 2 maanden geleden
I can burn them for cheaper than recycling 🤔🧐. Got a whole 6 bucks last time. Recycler is 30miles away.
creative invention
creative invention 2 maanden geleden
Hey it's looking like wall-e & work.
KrSnA Bunty K Pappa
KrSnA Bunty K Pappa 2 maanden geleden
Indian Company yeh boy
Sanaya Jawad
Sanaya Jawad 2 maanden geleden
Ooooooo wow
WeThePeople 2020
WeThePeople 2020 2 maanden geleden
No manufacturing aluminum cans is materials science not rocket science. Just because some materials on a rocket are made of aluminum doesn't make it rocket science. I doubt astronauts would put their lives in that guys hands, they might put his cans in their hand though...
Jeff Burleson
Jeff Burleson 2 maanden geleden
I've heard of aluminum but wtf kind of weard 💩 is aluuumineum it's like the covid bs it's imaginary
Soul-Struck 2 maanden geleden
So Wall-e already exists?
Bob Stadelmayer
Bob Stadelmayer 2 maanden geleden
Who would have guessed that a Borg cube is made from recycled aluminum cans? 🤔
Jerwel Gorgonio
Jerwel Gorgonio 2 maanden geleden
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