Gingerbread House Competition Ft. My Best Friends

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Noah Beck

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What's up guys and Happy Holidays!! In today's video my best friends and I will be pairing up to compete to see who can make the best Gingerbread House. May the best pair win!!
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MJ 4 uur geleden
Noah: sup brothers James: no u didn’t
Ari's LIFE
Ari's LIFE 6 uur geleden
larry: 5:01 "did i experience a hate crime" Me: dead laughing
Indee I
Indee I 6 uur geleden
Larry James Noah and Dixie fighting and Chase and Charlie just being peaceful LOL
Indee I
Indee I 6 uur geleden
I think chacha won don’t you think 👍😛
amy rowson
amy rowson 22 uur geleden
Neraly isabel Bermudez
Neraly isabel Bermudez 22 uur geleden
Chacha, Nixie or Doah, Jarry, chacha Charli And Chase. Nixie or Doah is for Noah and Dixie. Jarry is for Larry and hahahahha
Girls Like Black
Girls Like Black Dag geleden
Always be together Dixie and Noah ❤️⚡️
iselin furuseth
iselin furuseth 2 dagen geleden
Charlie Watts buss i love You Dixie
iselin furuseth
iselin furuseth 2 dagen geleden
I love Charlie Cake House
iselin furuseth
iselin furuseth 2 dagen geleden
I love You
Lorena Rodriguez
Lorena Rodriguez 2 dagen geleden
I thought chase and charli broke up
Najha Hassan
Najha Hassan 2 dagen geleden
Omg chase and charli had eye contact YASSSSS
The Hand Girls Chronicles
The Hand Girls Chronicles 3 dagen geleden
Larry’s face but James cup behind him it made me laugh I have to keep going back and back and back and back because it was 🤣
Warden Raquel
Warden Raquel 3 dagen geleden
How is James so good at details like lgbtq house like they should make one
beef 3 dagen geleden
Chase and charli are in cloud 9
solxrwqves 3 dagen geleden
Is no one talking abt larray hes soooo interesting and funny
1989 3 dagen geleden
sasha trout.
sasha trout. 3 dagen geleden
I hate Dixie
martina bastias
martina bastias 3 dagen geleden
Heidi Williamson
Heidi Williamson 4 dagen geleden
Noah: we’re doing it in couples James and Larray: NO! Charli and chase: *blushes and smiles* CHACHA FOREVER 💕💕
Skye Gibson
Skye Gibson 4 dagen geleden
So nobody's gonna talk about how toutchey noah and James r like no hate
Desiree Oropeza
Desiree Oropeza 4 dagen geleden
I like how when Larry attacked chase and charli’s house, and Chase defended it and attacked his house
charx080 4 dagen geleden
Es enserii que soy la unica que abla español? 😃
Neil Martin
Neil Martin 5 dagen geleden
Charli didint talk for 5 minuts
Sophia Angel
Sophia Angel 5 dagen geleden
In every video Chase and Charli are standing next to each other it’s so cute
Mariyah Shaikh
Mariyah Shaikh 5 dagen geleden
Charlie and chase : 🤐 James and Larry : 🗣 Dixie and Noah : working on the gingerbread house
Nada Elghazali
Nada Elghazali 5 dagen geleden
7:07 lol chacha
• A n i m e V x b e s •
• A n i m e V x b e s • 5 dagen geleden
i wish charli and chase were a thing still they're so cute
Lydia Li
Lydia Li 5 dagen geleden
omggg I luv larray he is such a vibe/mood at the end when he killed the gingerbread house and then flips his hair yes
Aliya Yang
Aliya Yang 5 dagen geleden
When chase and charli is teams they are cute together team cha cha byeee love you cha cha
vih tuturias
vih tuturias 5 dagen geleden
chase and charli in this video so very cute, chase doesn't know how to disguise that he still loves charli
Dixie D’Amelio
Dixie D’Amelio 5 dagen geleden
Like are charli and chase back together
Evoleth Flores
Evoleth Flores 5 dagen geleden
I love you so much hahahah
Haylee Garcia
Haylee Garcia 5 dagen geleden
Charlie: Im greatful that, i have such amazing people in my life Larry: Shu uhh 😩😩😩😠😠
BbyxEdits 6 dagen geleden
Charli and chase just living in their own world
CHARLI DAMELIO 127 6 dagen geleden
Dawn Family account
Dawn Family account 6 dagen geleden
Omg i love you all I'm q big fan of you 🤗
GKB_ Nizar
GKB_ Nizar 6 dagen geleden
This video is awesome 👏
lacey orton
lacey orton 6 dagen geleden
Nobody: The person behind the camera at 8:10 : HEHEHEHEHEHE
team alex
team alex 7 dagen geleden
James:how's everyones day Everyone:shut up
team alex
team alex 7 dagen geleden
Larry and James should date
Divyata Subhanand
Divyata Subhanand 7 dagen geleden
I like James and Larry's better... 😌
מלי לוי
מלי לוי 7 dagen geleden
מלי לוי
מלי לוי 7 dagen geleden
Dajza Fejzaj
Dajza Fejzaj 7 dagen geleden
14:35 Omg Chase what 😂😂😂
Diaaeddine sofyan
Diaaeddine sofyan 7 dagen geleden
yo good editing
Diaaeddine sofyan
Diaaeddine sofyan 7 dagen geleden
lol how he is missing larray's video
Marshmallow Bear
Marshmallow Bear 7 dagen geleden
Larry: we should say what we are grateful for. Chairli : I am grateful to have such amazing people in my life. Larry: SHUT UP! Charli was being so sweet ❤
Ale canta
Ale canta 7 dagen geleden
Nathan T
Nathan T 7 dagen geleden
Was chase even in this video?
Sarah Jamroz
Sarah Jamroz 7 dagen geleden
Chase and Charli
Naa Ayeley Aryee
Naa Ayeley Aryee 7 dagen geleden
James:can you open dis for me dixie:DONT HELP HIM james:DIXIE! dixie:what ? i won last time for a reason 😭😭
Michelle Granger
Michelle Granger 8 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who heard Charli say that she and Chase were a couple of besties when Noah said that they partnered in there couples
Viabat 8 dagen geleden
6:24 brief eye contact AND THE CROWD GOES WILD
Viabat 8 dagen geleden
Even if Charli and Chase are the quietest I think they are like the real reason I watch these :0
Rhyleigh VanDyke
Rhyleigh VanDyke 8 dagen geleden
Chase at the end doe... he really destroyed larray's family XD
Sonia Aspera
Sonia Aspera 8 dagen geleden
Who agrees that they should do an Easter collab
Merjem Kovač
Merjem Kovač 8 dagen geleden
Chacha forever💕
Ackeem Mills
Ackeem Mills 8 dagen geleden
My rating for chase📈📈📈📈
Cassie Mackin
Cassie Mackin 8 dagen geleden
i’m rewatching this and realizing their groups is the gay group the dating group and the ex’s
Rebecka Wallin
Rebecka Wallin 8 dagen geleden
Chacha forever
Ariel Håvik
Ariel Håvik 9 dagen geleden
Honestly, it's kinda cute to see Charli n Chase like that. They're young, and Charli seems shy so it's probably a good thing to have someone she's really comfortable with there to ignore the cameras. She's also probably very worn down from all the hate so she takes things easy. Idk, I hope they're both okay
donia x gamer
donia x gamer 9 dagen geleden
I love how they don't fake their friend ship
Tameka Allen
Tameka Allen 9 dagen geleden
𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚝 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚖𝚎 𝚘𝚛 𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚎𝚗𝚍 𝚍𝚒𝚡𝚒𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚊𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚗𝚘𝚊𝚑 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚑𝚞𝚐𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚓𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚑𝚎𝚛
Estrella Quintero
Estrella Quintero 9 dagen geleden
13:05 I LOVE❤️😭
Edw stl
Edw stl 9 dagen geleden
Cool you are thé Geste
Isabelle Fenwick
Isabelle Fenwick 10 dagen geleden
The way Larry just walks it just.... 🤣🤣🤣
Ann Kessinger
Ann Kessinger 10 dagen geleden
i think charlie won
Ann Kessinger
Ann Kessinger 10 dagen geleden
i feel like charlie is upset
Ann Kessinger
Ann Kessinger 10 dagen geleden
is charlie dating
Ann Kessinger
Ann Kessinger 10 dagen geleden
one of them are mean but im not telling who its not the girls or dixies boy
Madeleine 9 dagen geleden
Tarrant Sophie
Tarrant Sophie 10 dagen geleden
James : “ well you keep writing songs about being sad” omg-
Mariane Gabrido
Mariane Gabrido 10 dagen geleden
i only love james larray charli dixi and chase and half of noa beck
Marcella Howard
Marcella Howard 10 dagen geleden
is it me or dixie really mean to james
Marcella Howard
Marcella Howard 7 dagen geleden
@Madeleine not to be weird or anything i swear i am not catfish
Marcella Howard
Marcella Howard 7 dagen geleden
@Madeleine and tell me ur gmail
Marcella Howard
Marcella Howard 7 dagen geleden
@Madeleine omg wee should be besties and what is ur fav
Madeleine 7 dagen geleden
@Marcella Howard I’m straight
Marcella Howard
Marcella Howard 8 dagen geleden
@Madeleine ok thank ur friend are u gay or straight
Nevaeh Lovett
Nevaeh Lovett 10 dagen geleden
6:20 larrays face XD
Nasar Abdul
Nasar Abdul 11 dagen geleden
Charli and chase are good team I love for Charli and chase 🎉
Allen Medina
Allen Medina 11 dagen geleden
Was Charli holding Chase's arm 0:00 if you pause that like huhhh
Perla Avila
Perla Avila 12 dagen geleden
Solo lake a Charlie damelio
Karla Camacho vergara
Karla Camacho vergara 12 dagen geleden
nobody; litterly nobody; larry;that made me rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly RLY saddddd
Karla Camacho vergara
Karla Camacho vergara 12 dagen geleden
ur funny sissy lol:))
Lora Gergova
Lora Gergova 12 dagen geleden
I live in germany and its was so funny
Amaya's World
Amaya's World 13 dagen geleden
wow Dixie is being harsh on James
Sabina Cerda
Sabina Cerda 13 dagen geleden
char really went some see this is all your fault and chase was like mind your own business larry and they knocked there ginger bread houses chass littlery wants char back he is protecting her so cute but it is not up to me or us to let them date or be friends
Emilía Guðný Magnúsdóttir
Emilía Guðný Magnúsdóttir 13 dagen geleden
Charli with the sprinkle lolp
Sita Patel
Sita Patel 13 dagen geleden
Was it just me, I only watched James and Larry the whole time lol 😂
Cindy Böhm
Cindy Böhm 13 dagen geleden
Its the✨ex and hoes✨ for me😂 Basically its like in English Witchhouse (In German=Hexenhaus)
Cutiebear 14 dagen geleden
Omg I got that same gingerbread house
Mariama Manneh
Mariama Manneh 14 dagen geleden
larry is like its a reward show look joe he standing lol 😄
Iyhelle kaye Castro
Iyhelle kaye Castro 14 dagen geleden
Larri, James, Noah, Dixie, :Fighting Chase, Charli, :Vibing
Super sonic soph .
Super sonic soph . 14 dagen geleden
I’m rewatching this again and you should see larrays face at 3:34 its so funny
Sana Afshari
Sana Afshari 14 dagen geleden
Charli I’m your fannn plaese answer
Mallory Matz
Mallory Matz 15 dagen geleden
this is literally off brand sister squad
i.luv.anthonyx on insta
i.luv.anthonyx on insta 16 dagen geleden
(i’m binge watching theses videos of them together) BUT OMGGG THE WAY CHASE PUNCHED JAMES AND LARRAYS HOUSE.. chase and charli are so cute
Sonya Curry
Sonya Curry 16 dagen geleden
Chas was madd Charlie hi
sunshine sunny
sunshine sunny 16 dagen geleden
James: *sneezes* Larray: 😐😐🥴🥴🤢
Sarah 16 dagen geleden
charlie and lil judy look dead inside
Isaac Mojica
Isaac Mojica 16 dagen geleden
Nika Van Der Sluis
Nika Van Der Sluis 17 dagen geleden
Noah: oehhhh curlys Larray: SHUT THE FUCK UP NOAH Me: AAAAAAAHHHHH XD
Jada Thoeun-Ly
Jada Thoeun-Ly 17 dagen geleden
Tell Chase and Charlie can they get back together because they look so cute together
4 mascateers
4 mascateers 18 dagen geleden
larry talking to chase on camera: if we get 20 m likes chase and charli will kiss. all those chacha shippers gonna spread the word
Zariah Macias
Zariah Macias 18 dagen geleden
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