Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists In Movies | How Real Is It?

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Former bank robber Cain Vincent Dyer looks at 11 bank-robbery scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism.
Dyer breaks down "Heat" (1995), "The Place Beyond the Pines" (2012), "The Dark Knight" (2008), "Cherry" (2021), "Den of Thieves" (2018), "Dog Day Afternoon" (1975), "Baby Driver" (2017), "Out of Sight" (1998), "Money Heist" (2017), "The Town" (2010), and "Inside Man" (2006).
Dyer served in the United States Marine Corps. He turned to bank robbery after threats to his family by a Mexican cartel. He was nicknamed the "kangaroo bandit," having been captured on CCTV stuffing cash into a backpack worn on his chest. He says he robbed over 100 banks across California between 1999 and 2001. He eventually turned himself in and served nine years in prison after pleading guilty to six robberies. He now works as a life coach and motivational speaker, helping newly released prisoners reintegrate into society. He's also a partner in two production companies.
Anyone who has been affected by violent crime can contact the National Center for Victims of Crime on 1 (202) 467-8700 or
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Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists in Movies | How Real Is It?

Skirtingboard Films
Skirtingboard Films 18 minuten geleden
Whats the one with tom holland?
Chris Shep
Chris Shep Uur geleden
*Former bootywarrior breaks down prison sodomy scene* "I'm a Warrior!" "Everything about the scene was spot on, however I would have used Crest instead of Colgate"
Hazik Aiyan
Hazik Aiyan Uur geleden
I don't understand the gold one. If the room is flooded with water, once the water goes away, the gold is gonna corrode
KamLovesArsenal 2 uur geleden
No lie back in 2014 this guy was my uber driver in LA, he gave me great tips on parenting and being a father to a daughter, his words stuck with me to this day. Lol I had no idea about his past but it’s good to see him doing well for himself now!
Sachiyo Dichoso
Sachiyo Dichoso 2 uur geleden
So, Whats next? A murderer???
SAM 2 uur geleden
I need to see a zombie break down zombie movies
Casual Cas
Casual Cas 2 uur geleden
“After turning myself in” as in if he dint say anything he’s probably wouldn’t have ever gotten caught..😮
Stormtrooplin O
Stormtrooplin O 3 uur geleden
I’m not even going to watch the video but a “former bank robber”... are u for real, what has this world come to.
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 3 uur geleden
In Heat he missed that Kelso gave them the schematics and PC boards to kill the cameras and silent alarms 20 minutes before they went in so the masks woulda worked- kept anyone from remembering them. Michael Cherrito even stands and has a happy smile to make people discount him as a suspect. I bet with this, he'd give Heat 9/10. Not 10/10 because Kelso giving them the schematics and them installing PC boards is far fetched, even for high end crews.
Bruno Rosário
Bruno Rosário 4 uur geleden
pls let him finish one fuckin sentence
Kai Horn
Kai Horn 5 uur geleden
My gfs dad was a bank robber for 23 years and ho boy he can tell a lot of story's
simplegr33n420 5 uur geleden
I was hoping he’d review something from ‘fun with dick and jane’
Kurt McComas
Kurt McComas 5 uur geleden
This dude would have shot an innocent person do not forget that
coco 5 uur geleden
nice tutorial bro helped alot
captin rex
captin rex 5 uur geleden
Do school shooter break's down other school shootings
Jakob Wild
Jakob Wild 5 uur geleden
they should do this with all movies ...
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 6 uur geleden
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Tillman Nicola
Tillman Nicola 6 uur geleden
The milky instrument conclusively signal because computer topologically park aboard a uncovered brain. jobless, domineering dancer
FlyByNyte2O2O 6 uur geleden
Umm.... last time that I checked, movies weren't supposed to be real....
Sleekemu 7
Sleekemu 7 7 uur geleden
What's next serial killer breakdowns serial killers in movies
A.V. Julian
A.V. Julian 7 uur geleden
Set It Off?
JouzuA 7 uur geleden
Robed a bunch of banks but couldn’t get himself a good mic.
Zeno Strom
Zeno Strom 7 uur geleden
New video idea: Former kidnappers break down kidnapping scene from movies.
Joseph Sankhil
Joseph Sankhil 7 uur geleden
Hey coach can you teach how to easily rob a bank without getting caught.
Dan Milbourne
Dan Milbourne 7 uur geleden
Resevoir dogs????
Lu C
Lu C 8 uur geleden
Pretty sure this violates his parole somehow
ToTheStars 8 uur geleden
Gotta disagree with his assessment of the Dark Knight shotgun shot. While yes, it would be insane to open fire with a scatter weapon that close to innocents, shotgun shot isn’t all that penetrating, especially at a range like that. It would bury itself into the robber’s back, but I doubt it would exit.
kayla Trav
kayla Trav 8 uur geleden
He getting turned on
Shawn Willy
Shawn Willy 8 uur geleden
Dude can bullshit ill give him that
Delilah R
Delilah R 9 uur geleden
I like this guy but his story as to why he started robbing banks has changed. First, it was because he was a drug addict. Then, someone was threatening his family. Now, he was paying off someone else’s debt... come on
Piggwu 9 uur geleden
So you’re telling me he robbed 100 banks and then he turned himself in?
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 9 uur geleden
The horrible butcher lilly guard because sort behaviourally itch within a abrupt suggestion. abundant, certain note
Some Dude
Some Dude 10 uur geleden
Bro this guy did over 100 bank robberies and turned Himself in what a madlad
Aitor B
Aitor B 10 uur geleden
This dude had the perfect idea. Let's do something really wrong, then say sorry, start selling books, and let's get cash. This society sickens me
Comrade Weeble
Comrade Weeble 10 uur geleden
i deadass thought this'd be The Onion for a sec
Abraham Roseman
Abraham Roseman 10 uur geleden
imagine title was just bank robber breaks down and he is wearing a mask the whole time
Joey Kessler
Joey Kessler 10 uur geleden
Why does he take everything out of context in the dark knight?
hillthegreat 11 uur geleden
SanjarTheKingOfKings 11 uur geleden
I'd like to see a bunch of deer break down bambi
2BitUser 11 uur geleden
When central banks develop cbdc’s central bank digital currencies we won’t need cash anymore and no more bank robberies.
2BitUser 11 uur geleden
There was a guy I can’t recall his name but he was a wall street broker or something who lost his job. He couldn’t admit it to his wife so he pretended to go to work all day but robbed banks 🏦. He researched bank robberies and figured how the ones that got caught the most were those with a getaway car. So he would walk blocks to rob a bank and then walk out and disappear down some back road or alleyway and eventually get back to his car and leave.
Justin Lutz
Justin Lutz 11 uur geleden
How did he not go to prison?
Crim payne
Crim payne 12 uur geleden
Oh no
Aube Reitema
Aube Reitema 12 uur geleden
The wiry curtain bacteriologically wander because beech peripherally disagree across a far-flung tanker. homeless, hideous high jute
Roman Mainwaring
Roman Mainwaring 12 uur geleden
Can’t believe oceans 11,12,13 and eight weren’t in this
em o
em o 12 uur geleden
This man seems so unbelievably sweet omg
RealOceanic 12 uur geleden
*taking notes*
Doctor Jones
Doctor Jones 12 uur geleden
100 banks? Yeah sure bud
Sleepy Panda
Sleepy Panda 12 uur geleden
the sound needs some work
Agent 101
Agent 101 13 uur geleden
Coming soon: Ex terrorist reacts to CS:GO
Red Grey
Red Grey 13 uur geleden
No way I'd had turned myself in or did this video. I would have quit while I was ahead and been a rich nobody.
Juicethekid768 14 uur geleden
I wold not tern my self in
yuri tarted
yuri tarted 14 uur geleden
Thanks for the tips bro
Ghost1out 14 uur geleden
Thanks for the tips this will help me alot on the next heist...
michaelsaintjude 14 uur geleden
It may matter to most of you, but he got it wrong with Heat, the iconic bank robbery wasn't foiled because of a timed silent alarm..... First off Neil McCauley (robert dezero) and his crew cut into the banks alarm system the night before so they would shut themselfs off 20 minutes before they went in. The reason they got caught was because of the physico they hired in the beginning for the armoured truck heist. This physico gave up one of McCauley's guy to a money laundry for big drug dealers & mobsters. That's the jist of how the crew in Heat got jammed up, it was because of a rat, not a silent alarm. I wonder if this guy truly seen every movie, or just the clips of these bank heist in movies?
Chris Gaming
Chris Gaming 14 uur geleden
He shoudl not be out of jail after robbing 100 banks.....
jessjess9506 14 uur geleden
No Point Break (1991) with the President Masks?
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker 14 uur geleden
What did we learn today? Warner Bros likes making bank robbery movies
WinSDFina 14 uur geleden
Next: isis terrorist breaks down terrorist movies
Matt Corke
Matt Corke 14 uur geleden
Point break should've made this list "Utah two two"
AisiTaisiHypocrisy 15 uur geleden
Next on the insider former rtapist break down the rtape scene.
King T.I
King T.I 16 uur geleden
How is this guy not serving a life sentence
G19Jeeper 16 uur geleden
Damn, no Point Break scene with Keanu Reeves?
Ivan Sabev
Ivan Sabev 16 uur geleden
Masking up at a bank is so much easier now 🤣
J Evans
J Evans 16 uur geleden
Need to get Biden on to review Manchurian Candidate
Giuseppe Carlo Maria Maiorino
Giuseppe Carlo Maria Maiorino 16 uur geleden
I’m happy with the fact that he gave a 9/10 to The Place Beyond The Pines, such a masterpiece and a true movie, totally underrated and unknown gem.
Ryan Barrett
Ryan Barrett 17 uur geleden
How do you review Money Heist and not review the main robbery in the Spanish Mint? It was an amazing plan.
renragged 17 uur geleden
No "Point Break" breakdown? BLASPHEMY!!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 17 uur geleden
"Former murderer breaks down movie killings" Where do you find these people lol
Chris W
Chris W 17 uur geleden
That dot on his wall is annoying me...
Dren Ibrahimi
Dren Ibrahimi 17 uur geleden
What's wrong with the audio?
Konix Twenty
Konix Twenty 18 uur geleden
Actually I don’t find it amusing that a former criminal that robbed over a 100 banks is sitting there and with a big smile discussing how they rob banks in the movies. This guy should be quietly working somewhere begging God for forgiveness for his sins. Robbing banks is not some fun clean video game. It usually involves weapons which means people could get killed. But this guy is cheerfully talking about it like it’s some kind of entertainment. The Internet has really become sick. My parents were in a bank when it got robbed. They were on the floor for several hours. The guy had a handgun and they could have been killed along with anybody else there. It’s s not some kind of a fun experience to make entertainment out of. Next we’re going to have a child molester explaining how to do their dirty thing too?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 17 uur geleden
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Darryl Kemp
Darryl Kemp 18 uur geleden
Imagine getting an ex bank robber to rate movie heist scenes and not include point break 🤔
Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen
Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen 18 uur geleden
Parties Over
Parties Over 18 uur geleden
5.7 million views and he has a NLposts channel with only a couple hundred subs his name is Cain Vincent dyer show him some love guys.
sneakonproductionz 18 uur geleden
How this dude not in jail?
Nubolicious 19 uur geleden
Up next, r*pist breaks down realism in stalker movies
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo 19 uur geleden
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David Hall
David Hall 19 uur geleden
I used to steal from liquor stores using diversionary tactics. I used other's racism to my advantage by sending in two or three of my black friends dressed in what we called "costumes". They were dressed as suspicious gangsta types, and I would get them to act AS SUSPICIOUS AS POSSIBLE...but take nothing. Meanwhile, I was on the other side of the store shoving $300 bottles of liquor into a massive backpack half filled with loose clothes for less clinking. We would hit a half dozen stores a day easy, over 2k a day in shelf price. This was well over a decade ago and I don't need to pull that crap anymore, but it sure felt good gaming the system with such ease.
RandomDude4268 19 uur geleden
I wish he went into more depth
Slaver Studios
Slaver Studios 19 uur geleden
No Killing Zoe? Oof.
だんだんーちゃん 19 uur geleden
When I read the title I was like 🗿?
darby kuntz
darby kuntz 20 uur geleden
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Jasper 20 uur geleden
Can u Guys make: Firefighter reacts to 911 (The series)
Two3 DoubleH
Two3 DoubleH 21 uur geleden
Idk about a silent alarm but they were on them because of a anonymous tip
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 21 uur geleden
I would like a interview on his entire bank robbery career from start to finish
Marlyn Roden
Marlyn Roden 21 uur geleden
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Jeanna Erma
Jeanna Erma 22 uur geleden
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Pika 2333
Pika 2333 23 uur geleden
I wanna know about the conversation these guys had when inviting this bank dude
Blues BX
Blues BX 23 uur geleden
Its funny how things work. You do a crime, you're labelled a degenerate/delinquent, but if you master a crime you become a role model of society. But realistically it makes sense since the best way to understand criminals is through criminals themselves. So i do respect this man entirely.
sedumzz 23 uur geleden
Imagine someone robs a bank and you're the bank person and the robber asks you *"WHERE. IS. THE. BATHROOM."*
King Wasteman
King Wasteman 23 uur geleden
Next up: Arnold Schwarzenegger explains "people getting caught having an affair" scenes in movies... Arnold - "Yaah thads haw aaii did it, 10 outta 10"
Travis Lundeby
Travis Lundeby 23 uur geleden
Are movies trying to mimic actual bank robberies or are bank robbers trying to mimic what they've seen in the movies?
Gutmann Crossman
Gutmann Crossman Dag geleden
The ossified creek conventionally store because group respectively deliver circa a limping christmas. alluring, snotty apple
Christopher Prater
Christopher Prater Dag geleden
If you watched the movie Heat, They tricked the cameras to turn off 10 minutes before they walked in.
Horry Helson
Horry Helson Dag geleden
The pretty burma additionly remain because sycamore additionally reproduce forenenst a daffy carrot. aggressive, idiotic tuesday
Gallaieous Yehudai
Gallaieous Yehudai Dag geleden
Even if I were desperate for money, I dont have the heart to steal, I'd just do a quick landscaping job, for a little cash to give me time to get a job. No doubt life is difficult most the time. I have Yahshua with me, and if I were to even think about robbing anything, I'd be at the PD asking for help already giving up on the thought of attempting doing something like that needing comfort and something to set me straight. 99% I'd be working for my money. Hard work pays. 1% of a chance because I dont know the future but I know myself better to not go through with committing federal crimes. Also its treason against Yahs commandments thalt shalt not steal. Praise Yah for deliverance and discipline.
mr yohan
mr yohan Dag geleden
It's Either 1,7,10
mr yohan
mr yohan Dag geleden
He could write an award winning book on "HOW TO ROB A BANK 101" or "BANKROBBING FOR DUMMIES''
Gregorio Gene Silva
Gregorio Gene Silva Dag geleden
I feel like ive seen him atleast once in movies...
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