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This Earth Day, stay in and explore the beauty, drama and spectacle of our natural world with 50 incredible natural history moments from BBC Earth based on what you've been liking and sharing. This is the last of five videos.

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Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this.
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Larry Foster
Larry Foster Minuut geleden
27:30 that jump was a 1/10
jaden yuki
jaden yuki 24 minuten geleden
Awwe pinguinos qt
my life
my life 41 minuut geleden
nlposts.info/project/rcBzb6tf-bHmbEB1U5BC7A.html subscribe
zInsomic Uur geleden
They all tuff till the homie pulls up
zInsomic Uur geleden
I was yelling run to the lizard that was running away from all those snakes lmao
Ich Bin Erroten
Ich Bin Erroten 2 uur geleden
Number 1 deserves to be number 1. The level of emotions captured in a predator such as the Lion. In perspective we have never seen two male great white sharks embrace each other in such a fashion.
Dior Barnes
Dior Barnes 2 uur geleden
To y’all who saying its fake, yeah these animals all are paid actors.
FantasyTV -UK
FantasyTV -UK 2 uur geleden
What a beautiful video!!!
Ranadeep Maitra
Ranadeep Maitra 3 uur geleden
BBC thank you so much for this amazing video
David Pene
David Pene 3 uur geleden
Gosh the snakes 🐍
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith 3 uur geleden
Aww, the penguins r too cute😍😍
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 4 uur geleden
Noh Zerea
Noh Zerea 4 uur geleden
When you forgot your 😷
ADITYA MISHRA SC063 7 uur geleden
The lions gonna be friends or brothers .
Hassan Murtaza Sandhu
Hassan Murtaza Sandhu 10 uur geleden
Very Enjoyable.
Janni Nüsslein
Janni Nüsslein 11 uur geleden
The fiercest penguin in the world 😬
Moka_ 1984
Moka_ 1984 11 uur geleden
02:27 hey now that’s a penguinator?
Kojo Gyamfi APEAGYEI
Kojo Gyamfi APEAGYEI 13 uur geleden
the seal playing with the penguin is likeme not trying in a fighting game then my friend says, ur trash
Ealider Berinsi
Ealider Berinsi 13 uur geleden
The effort that goes into the filming, capturing every angle is mind bogling. Amazed at how they do they actually do it.
Karthik R K
Karthik R K 14 uur geleden
27:40 Sher Sher Hota He 🦁
Karthik R K
Karthik R K 14 uur geleden
HKC 14 uur geleden
The Iguana just Yoloed the snakes
Moses Larios
Moses Larios 15 uur geleden
That Lyre bird sounds like the Black guy from The Police Academy lol!
lallle K
lallle K 16 uur geleden
Feo Diente
Feo Diente 16 uur geleden
That Lyre bird the G.O.A.T
Top Ranking
Top Ranking 17 uur geleden
This channel is so inspiring That even made me to start a new channel regarding INTERESTING FACTS 🥰
Whitë Dëvil
Whitë Dëvil 17 uur geleden
I haven't ever kicked a penguin's butt everrr in mah whole life. I wish to torture a Penguin , maybe like burning it's flaps. Or like, Rising it up in the sky and then kicking like a football. ❤️
•Sugar Cube•
•Sugar Cube• 2 uur geleden
I'm sorry but what is WRONG with you- You can get arrested for that-
Minecraft Turtle
Minecraft Turtle 19 uur geleden
Imagine if bears could punch... that guy in the glass box, and probably a lot of other people, would've been absolutely boned.
Subadra Sundareshan
Subadra Sundareshan 23 uur geleden
John Smith
John Smith 23 uur geleden
Hyenas remind me of antifa.
Troy Kell
Troy Kell Dag geleden
30:29 Bro moment
Anxiety Phenomeno
Anxiety Phenomeno Dag geleden
Tough Nation
Tough Nation Dag geleden
So nobody talking about the bird that does sounds front the alien equipment
Finlay Smith
Finlay Smith Dag geleden
Now this is the content I signed up for
NewProvidence32 Dag geleden
The #Lizard 🦎 is my #G! He #Escaped #TheValleyOfDeath! 🥇
Nick Scheidt
Nick Scheidt Dag geleden
Jesus loves you
Mandla Maluleke
Mandla Maluleke Dag geleden
@t support. I am a new writer just looking forward to selling their first copy, be the first
And s
And s Dag geleden
That final scene with the lions is A-MA-ZING. Pure wonder.
Yoann Parisot
Yoann Parisot Dag geleden
This is simply amazing. Thank you BBC, you opened my eyes so much about animals consciousness
Beauty of nature
Beauty of nature Dag geleden
Must watch nlposts.info/past/a4auq6-sgq1-lXU/video
SpainConnection Dag geleden
The lion one, man... the power of family support.
Jasper Bequilla
Jasper Bequilla Dag geleden
Happy Feet, Happy Fleet
腐魂 Dag geleden
Naiel bukhari
Naiel bukhari Dag geleden
The ending was Similar to that of the movie "The Lion King"...kudos
יוחאי שבתייב
יוחאי שבתייב Dag geleden
Why didn’t the lion run away?
Bert Chan
Bert Chan Dag geleden
Amazing nature
Stylish Dag geleden
I'm always curious about how they record this, it so amazing 😅
GrandShoGunRoBo Dag geleden
penguins "FORM SHIELD WALL!"
Sweety Girls
Sweety Girls Dag geleden
Everybody gangsta till the lyre bird makes glock noises
TIMMY T Dag geleden
Who here remembers snoop dogg narrating that iguana vs snakes? that was so funny 😂😂😂
Drako Aguirre
Drako Aguirre Dag geleden
The penguin parts looks like it’s from happy feet
Sai Vineeth
Sai Vineeth Dag geleden
Goshh! How do they film in such weather :o
Isha saxena
Isha saxena Dag geleden
Ngl this comment section is hilarious 😂😂😂
Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper Dag geleden
Sir David treating the Lyre bird like an amateur, explaining all the sounds he makes
Kpaw 11
Kpaw 11 Dag geleden
Hears a lion roar 🦁 Sees a bird 😑
spilledthetae Dag geleden
It’s happy feeet
?¿苦い少年 Dag geleden
i was like oh no they caught the lizard :( and then he escaped and managed to kick one of the snakes in the head while doing it! hell yeah funky lil iguana!
Ttt Tttt
Ttt Tttt Dag geleden
Jeeesus , how did BBC inserte all these cameras in the sites where all the incidents took
Yin Tai Ng
Yin Tai Ng Dag geleden
To y’all who saying its fake, yeah these animals all are paid actors.
Random Clips
Random Clips Dag geleden
A Tiger and a Cat in the same room, look at what happened: nlposts.info/past/p4uymLyur5-sxKs/video&ab_channel=RandomClips
Thiep Moungvong
Thiep Moungvong Dag geleden
OMG there's a lot of penguins
matthew andrade
matthew andrade 2 dagen geleden
11:46 Why have a guard dog when you can have a bird that sounds like a chainsaw🧐
NoHate 2 dagen geleden
I wouldn't be suprised if I could talk to the bird.
Tua Coi
Tua Coi 2 dagen geleden
I love u girl
Angelina Smith
Angelina Smith 2 dagen geleden
i appreciate zarduscyber on ig he funded my wallet with 1btc without no hiccups...
Angelina Smith
Angelina Smith 2 dagen geleden
i appreciate zarduscyber on ig he funded my wallet with 1btc without no hiccups...
Pistol Sniper
Pistol Sniper 2 dagen geleden
Is it just me or dose dose the lion at 30:06 look badass
Arlo Elman
Arlo Elman 2 dagen geleden
the lion one is so beautiful and amzing
Nejis Kafir
Nejis Kafir 2 dagen geleden
I wish someone would play a recording of R2D2 for the Lyre Bird.
TheGreyLeopard 2 dagen geleden
I was going to say that penguin looks so fake but it's the spy camera 😂
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith 2 dagen geleden
Manager: do you have any special talents? Lyre Bird: *speaks in chainsaw* Manager: When can u start
MAXIMUS 2 dagen geleden
MAXIMUS 2 dagen geleden
Bruh imagine u die and a guinea pig robs ur grave 💀
MAXIMUS 2 dagen geleden
How do they get those underwater shots?
Miguel Olvera
Miguel Olvera 2 dagen geleden
Happy feet looks different here
tae oh
tae oh 2 dagen geleden
Everybody gangsta till the lyre bird makes glock noises
Bumpasaurus420 Dag geleden
Congrats!!! Is this what you were hoping for when you just copied a comment for attention? Hoping it would fill a hole in your pathetic life to get likes and comments like the original guy got? If only you could do it with an original comment, but alas that will never be, so this is the best u can get 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Bumpasaurus420 Dag geleden
😂😂 that’s hilarious!!! How did u come up with such an awesome comment?
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 2 dagen geleden
9:55 he can say "hello" in over 9999 diffrent laguages.
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 2 dagen geleden
6:05 : -tell me a reason to not to kill you. -I would give you a very bad indigestion. -fair enough.
Belle Ellzey
Belle Ellzey 2 dagen geleden
Cameron Boyd
Cameron Boyd 2 dagen geleden
First clip is from green street
Svetlanka M
Svetlanka M 2 dagen geleden
Feels like that seal was fascinated by the penguin`s bravery and wanted to make friends with him and have a chat, but then decided not to scare the bird too much and leave it alone :))). How can a hamster eat artificial wax, I wonder? It stinks, man.
Yogesh Kolte
Yogesh Kolte 2 dagen geleden
Nathalie NATHANIELSZ 2 dagen geleden
U know shit abt to happen when u hear David Attenborough speak
Wonderful World
Wonderful World 2 dagen geleden
Peachy 2 dagen geleden
Lil adelly penguin (not sure of spelling) was so boss, even the baby emperors backing each other was awesome
shiva4ever 2 dagen geleden
brandon horner
brandon horner 2 dagen geleden
The penguin is going over the ice in the water like how people get out of foam pits I feel his struggle
Andrew Kozak
Andrew Kozak 2 dagen geleden
How that bird replicating sounds so well, and actually it seems like that bird has a perfect pitch
bath toaster
bath toaster 2 dagen geleden
Does anyone else feel like the lion clip was edited weirdly? I feel like Red definitely bit the dust there and they just cut it up to look wholesome
Mattias Schatz
Mattias Schatz 2 dagen geleden
21:11 Did i forget to lock the door?
sandgroper 2 dagen geleden
That little chick penguin standing up for the other chicks and waiting for help had such attitude and gave the toughest looks.
Rizki Ardiansyah
Rizki Ardiansyah 2 dagen geleden
14:13 Eugene Crab : Real Estate Investment Edition
Patrick Salazar
Patrick Salazar 2 dagen geleden
I found my new NLposts binge subject.
elimar008 2 dagen geleden
i use to like Attenborough until i discovered he is an Elite globalist puppet
Gale Hess
Gale Hess 2 dagen geleden
After further review, before you buy that it's legit, just pay attention to the amount of cuts and editing...
Gale Hess
Gale Hess 2 dagen geleden
So no trolls have outted the chainsaw bird, apparently that's legit?!! Thanks 2020 for finally silencing the trolls.
Kyle Harwood
Kyle Harwood 3 dagen geleden
"We don't want yuh money do we boys?"
Angelo Maestroni
Angelo Maestroni 3 dagen geleden
Was I the only one that was cheering for the Hyenas...? ... I mean we see them as thieves and killers when most of the time they are the ones that get their food stolen and get killed from lions
SAM SMITH 3 dagen geleden
nlposts.info/past/p2eZq6axq6eZkoU/video Seven ages of Men, Beautifully narated
vsceglio 1013
vsceglio 1013 3 dagen geleden
its amazing
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