Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Epic Rap Battles Of History

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Epic Rap Battles of History: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden! The 2020 Election Battle. Who won? Who’s next? You decide! Special Thanks to all our Patrons. Join our team:
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2020 has been a roller coaster of a year. We hope you enjoy the video. Stay safe. Stay well. We'll have another rap battle for you pretty soon :)
Beat Produced by: Hollywood Legends
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Donald J. Trump: EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd
Joe Biden: Nice Peter
Written by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Frak and the many most excellent contributors of our Patreon Writers Crew. Thank you to everyone involved.
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IG - @fraktheperson
Producer: Atul Singh
Director of Photography: Andy Chinn
Makeup and Hair: Maryann Yee
DIT: Josh Best
Video Editors: Ross Fearnley, Josh Best, Nice Peter, Javi Sanchez Blanco
VFX and Compositing: Josh Best and Javi Sanchez Blanco
Music Mixed and Mastered by: Nice Peter
Directed by: EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter
Shot on the RED Gemini
Edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects
Recorded and mixed in Pro Tools
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!

SimplyGrouch Dag geleden
At first I didn't think this rap battle was as good as Hillary vs trump but the more I listen to it the more I like it
PuroSax Guanajuato
PuroSax Guanajuato 12 minuten geleden
El Chapo vs Pablo Escobar
Mand lin
Mand lin 16 minuten geleden
Why, because the only legit insult trump could give Biden is the touching shoulders? Trump doesn’t even need someone to act out how clownish he is. If anything this video tones down the real thing lol
Fidencio Castillo
Fidencio Castillo Uur geleden
Roy Morcos
Roy Morcos Uur geleden
Nabuchodonozord yeah, but I don’t think this one was biased towards biden
JB Uur geleden
Hillary versus Trump was way better on all levels I just re-watched it. Especially with the Eagle at the end. Trump had better lines and rhymes and delivery and even Hillary I thought had better content than Biden. This one wasn't their best work I didn't feel.
Malakk_Nightengale Minuut geleden
jeff vs evil nun!
Javier Santanaa
Javier Santanaa 3 minuten geleden
How about scarface vs twoface alot of potential in this one
Lea Firebender
Lea Firebender 5 minuten geleden
Joe Biden spoke for the nation when he said "will you shut up man"
Ms BFu
Ms BFu 12 minuten geleden
Stephen Colbert vs Trevor Noah?
PuroSax Guanajuato
PuroSax Guanajuato 13 minuten geleden
@erb can y’all do El Chapo vs Pablo Escobas
DatCrazyOokamii 14 minuten geleden
I realised we didn't need Abe and the EAGLE to come to this one. Biden broke this battle by miles
Misery Loves
Misery Loves 15 minuten geleden
Joe Biden won the election and this ERB
Hashem Mohammed
Hashem Mohammed 17 minuten geleden
Bob merley vs 2pac vs jimi hendrix i asked this from Season 1 please
Harlie Broussard
Harlie Broussard 22 minuten geleden
Should totally do trump vs lincoln since trump loves to compare himself to him while being basically the opposite 😂
That’s the tea
That’s the tea 23 minuten geleden
Phoenix 31 minuut geleden
I just saw they made a cameo for the fly at 2:34
Lia Lor
Lia Lor 38 minuten geleden
(Joe Biden < Choose > Donald trump) hmm (votes joe Biden) :trump. ( trump won,t forget that)
Beckk 41 minuut geleden
ERB is showing their bias. Gross. 🤮
Freshhh 35 minuten geleden
yeah i didnt expect ERB to be trump supporters
Stefan Borg
Stefan Borg 42 minuten geleden
Trump won.. Facts.
TheBoyScout01 42 minuten geleden
This isn’t realistic, Biden is actually coherent here
Kendrick Parks
Kendrick Parks 43 minuten geleden
I'd really like to see LBJ in a presidential battle or at least half of one with him vs a non president individual before the eventual inevitable 2024 presidential battle
Literally Never Sleep
Literally Never Sleep 43 minuten geleden
Literally Never Sleep
Literally Never Sleep 22 minuten geleden
Yeah wasn't talking about the reality or conspiracy, I was just saying he is lit just on this video xD hahaha
Beckk 39 minuten geleden
Because, just like his “victory” this is fiction too.
Wyatt's World
Wyatt's World 44 minuten geleden
Bts vs black pink
kevin martinez
kevin martinez 45 minuten geleden
Yooo I love the lyrics but this beat is popping!
unstopabule3 unstopabule3
unstopabule3 unstopabule3 58 minuten geleden
DeroPlayz 59 minuten geleden
Who won? Biden. Factually 😂😂😂 Edit: turned 😡 into the third 😂
Adam Johnston
Adam Johnston 59 minuten geleden
Melania Trump vs Michelle Obama would be interesting
Anthony Perry
Anthony Perry Uur geleden
No one American was served justice during the making of this video....
Biden Harris
Biden Harris Uur geleden
Lmao he sucked
Daniel Kolbin X
Daniel Kolbin X Uur geleden
biden may win the battle, but not the war
vampwolf gaming
vampwolf gaming Uur geleden
Imagine if this is how people voted for the real election whoever won erb lol
Toast Uur geleden
Anyone know where the BTS is?
Leonie B
Leonie B Uur geleden
Am I the only one who saw the flye on Biden💀
FortniteIsBad Uur geleden
I can appreciate the charcters and the lyrics for both sides in these rap battles.
Starting Somewhere
Starting Somewhere Uur geleden
Funny part is joe Biden is the one cheating
Kimble K.
Kimble K. Uur geleden
Was it just me or did this one had sone of the best comebacks like dAMN
Kimble K.
Kimble K. Uur geleden
The "Nothing in the bank crept IOUs" line went so hard they say it went harder that the Cognitive Function test
Tiffany Driessen
Tiffany Driessen Uur geleden
Suggestion for a next battle : John Wick versus Jason Bourne ☺
Branden James
Branden James Uur geleden
Wait .... no Abe !?!?😰💔
Master Assassin
Master Assassin Uur geleden
Jan from the Toyota comercials, vs lily from AT&T, vs jake from state farm (Who do you have your money on?)
Fidencio Castillo
Fidencio Castillo Uur geleden
Marshmallow vs Alan Walker
Gorden fucking Ramsay
Gorden fucking Ramsay Uur geleden
Biden just make trump fall in to depression
The King
The King Uur geleden
0:35. Pete can probably pull off a good Loki(MCU)
andrewdorner502 Uur geleden
Biden wouldn't be able to sing like that. He would have forgotten the lines and mumbled half the crap. This one actually wasn't that good. Trump 2020.
Lissette Reimundy
Lissette Reimundy Uur geleden
Tony stark vs. Elon musk
Gerrard Jones
Gerrard Jones Uur geleden
This shows how seroiusly people took the debate lol
Roy Morcos
Roy Morcos Uur geleden
Why did it take me so long to realize, but Trump doesn’t swear once in the whole battle
BrightInventor Tech
BrightInventor Tech Uur geleden
You’re missing trump’s beer belly...
Bruh Man
Bruh Man Uur geleden
Felgik Uur geleden
Micah Bell vs. Arthur Morgan
Beaver Nation
Beaver Nation 2 uur geleden
I'm surprised these still exist lol
speed up
speed up 2 uur geleden
Apparently EpicLLOYD is so epic that he can act like everyone. Nice rap battle!
Baby Dear
Baby Dear 2 uur geleden
Trump interrupted before he was fully this is characteristic of what he literally does
nb45001 2 uur geleden
Rap Battle idea: Rocky Balboa vs Forrest Gump.
Hannibal Solo
Hannibal Solo 2 uur geleden
I just wanted to know what Trump’s plan for mobilizing the Trunalimunumaprzure was. 😂
r_EVAlued 2 uur geleden
А я всё ищу Русских... СЛАВА ВЕЧНОМУ ПУТЕНУ!
Swink ey
Swink ey 2 uur geleden
Let's be honest tho, Trumps bars were better. buts most of epiclloyds bars are.
PumpedGamer 819
PumpedGamer 819 2 uur geleden
I’m just waiting for one of the presidents one day to comment on the videos about them
Oliver 2 uur geleden
Cringe lol
AnotherBeardedComicDude 2 uur geleden
Is that a fly on Bidens head? I'm guessing that happened somewhere lol
ReBirth 2 uur geleden
I can already imagine 4 years since this happened
Gaster blaster master
Gaster blaster master 2 uur geleden
These are the most stupid democratic lies, brianna Taylor's boyfriend knew that there were police at his door, because they knocked he shot at them and tried to blame it on "self defense"
heat detector
heat detector 2 uur geleden
if ur going to spout BS at least spell her name right. you miss critical details such as it being in the middle of the night, they were not dressed as cops (undercover clothes) on top of them already having guns drawn. if random people who didn't look like cops barge in your house with guns, most homeowners are going to assume they are being robbed. if he had time to actually like, wake up instead of knocking the door down maybe it could have been better. this fault resides more on the cops vs the boyfriend and it is unfortunate your dumbass even has the ability to spread such misinformation.
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 2 uur geleden
Buferin El mejor
Buferin El mejor 2 uur geleden
I'm no Donald fan but that was hands down All Orange man.
Rocket Sunshine
Rocket Sunshine 2 uur geleden
Lol but I'll will take Trump over a come on, man
robert ridder
robert ridder 2 uur geleden
Sarah McAuliffe
Sarah McAuliffe 2 uur geleden
Kalma Harris vs. Mike Pence
Jordan Read
Jordan Read 2 uur geleden
So it turns out that Trump is too insecure to admit that he is a loser.
Jack Grimble
Jack Grimble 2 uur geleden
-Admiral Horatio Nelson vs Captain Jack Sparrow -Mad Jack Churchil vs Captain John Price (COD: MW) -General Patton vs Sebastian Yarrick (WH 40K) -God Emperor of Dune vs God Emperor of Mankind (once again WH 40K), -All-Might vs Hardcore Leveling Warrior (or Saitama)
Blank 2 uur geleden
We need Abraham Lincoln to interrupt this one like he did to Romney vs Obama
JulyJesse 3 uur geleden
I’m a trump supporter and I still think biden won this battle
Typical Weirdo
Typical Weirdo 3 uur geleden
How about tik tok vs Instagram
Mason Baarts
Mason Baarts 3 uur geleden
Lmao you always do the Democrats so better 😂
Bruce Bell
Bruce Bell 3 uur geleden
These are just stupid just like Beijing Biden voters Ted Cruz 2024
Aaron Sutton
Aaron Sutton 3 uur geleden
Is Biden talking about cheating?oh my god that is ironic of him
Stephen Macke
Stephen Macke 2 uur geleden
The word you are probably looking for is hypocritical.
Maple_I_guess? _
Maple_I_guess? _ 3 uur geleden
Fake. He rarely stuttered
kitten KONG
kitten KONG 3 uur geleden
Jaylen Mason
Jaylen Mason 3 uur geleden
Biden did absolutely wrecked this rap battle. 😂 the Epstein part killed me with laughter.
RandomStudios _
RandomStudios _ 3 uur geleden
ERB can we get “Teddy Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill 2”:
Mohamad Mahmoud
Mohamad Mahmoud 3 uur geleden
Trump won as usual
Kaden Gaming
Kaden Gaming 3 uur geleden
Jg The jason26b
Jg The jason26b 3 uur geleden
Holy this rap battle is one of the best I’ve seen I love Bidens Flow But Donald Trump’s was really cool to I think joe Biden won but it’s a hard decision I think it’s a little better than some of the other president rap battle like Hillary Clinton versus Trump not sure
Sky NightZ
Sky NightZ 3 uur geleden
'We are not doing these anymore' - so I didn't come here to find it. Saw the thumbnail and thought it was a fan parody.
Magnanimous One
Magnanimous One 3 uur geleden
Dr. Strange VS Dr. Fate
Magnanimous One
Magnanimous One 3 uur geleden
Dr. Strange VS Dr. Fate
A Dank Meme
A Dank Meme 3 uur geleden
Me a Canadian: *Grabs Binoculars* the Fuck they doin over there?
Taco Bell gave me diarrhea help
Taco Bell gave me diarrhea help 3 uur geleden
I love how they made Trump repeatedly signal the Wp symbol, every time I watch this there is another reference I find.
Alec Newell
Alec Newell 3 uur geleden
Gah, you guys... Your raps are getting really mediocre compared to your older ones. You guys come up with some good rhymes but then completely mess it up with the next verse. Also no Abe Lincoln this time?
sliverjadedragon 3 uur geleden
Next four years it be joe biden vs dick cheney hahaha
Very Cool
Very Cool 3 uur geleden
No bias whatsoever
sliverjadedragon 3 uur geleden
Biden : Trump remember when you saw me and barrack getting on the air force chopper guess what iam back bitch after four years thanks for keeping it warm for me
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts 3 uur geleden
Please do Kamala Harris vs Mike Pence! Mother would be so proud 🤣
Azad 3 uur geleden
shouldve had some lyrics in there about russia russia russia XD
Junko Enoshimaaa
Junko Enoshimaaa 3 uur geleden
Harry Potter VS Draco Malfoy
Will Schmitt
Will Schmitt 3 uur geleden
Epic rap battles idea: donald trump vs kim jong il
Null 4 uur geleden
We have Beethoven vs Bieber and Mozart vs Skrillex, why don't we have Beethoven vs Mozart yet?
Izzy Lee
Izzy Lee 4 uur geleden
so it taylor came from the dead and voted. woah 😐
Evan 4 uur geleden
"The only thing getting fired on my watch is tear gas from law enforcement." This aged very poorly knowing what happened to Christopher Krebs...
1berbe 4 uur geleden
Tony Soprano VS Jimmy McNulty
CurtbroG 4 uur geleden
Flow: Trump Lyrics: Biden
C C 4 uur geleden
Trump 2020
Nanofuture87 50 minuten geleden
@salty viewer123 Trump's legal team wouldn't have disassociated with her if she actually had something. I'm willing to be proven wrong with a court case, but at this point it looks like she's all talk and no proof.
salty viewer123
salty viewer123 Uur geleden
@Mirror of Society
Mirror of Society
Mirror of Society 3 uur geleden
he already lost
Chayse 4 uur geleden
The only people who can truly enjoy these are independents. Both were good at😂
adventfear 4 uur geleden
Mitch McConnell vs Satan. ...wait.
Sol 4 uur geleden
3:06 I can tell you who didn't win. The american people.
Ace Maddox
Ace Maddox 4 uur geleden
Ulysesses S Grant vs Captain America
Landon Reihs
Landon Reihs 4 uur geleden
33k Trump supporters were a little mad
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