1150HP AWD B-series “The Hulk” Honda Civic + Sleeper 2JZ Swap Cressida | 2JZ IS300 | 700HP S2000!

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2 maanden geleden

This time at the TRC invitational we feature The Hulk 2.0 AWD B-series Honda Civic, AG Autosports 850awhp Evo IX, manual and auto turbo 2JZ IS300's, 1000+HP turbo Camaro, 700HP Stock Motor S2000, 650HP naturally aspirated Corvette Z06, and a Sleeper 2JZ Swapped 1989 Toyota Cressida. Enjoy!

Alfi Ramos
Alfi Ramos 4 dagen geleden
Yezziy 13 dagen geleden
Y’all see that them v8’s don’t mean nothing unless they have twice the hp as smaller engines? Smh that corvette a joke
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 14 dagen geleden
Please one bmw e30 yes ho no
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 14 dagen geleden
Avec 1000 ch faut démarrer en 2 ème moin de rapports a passer
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 14 dagen geleden
Y love the cars honda civic motors vtec yes et ok
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 14 dagen geleden
Il faut que les côté touche le sol et remonte dans la caisse si il y a des bosse simple non et l air passe aux decu et plaque le circule aux sol
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 14 dagen geleden
Enfin un qui as compris des coter qui touche presque le sol comme en formule 1 dans les années 70 et 90 jusqu a un accident grave parce que les pilote prenait trop de risque
Funk Worth Rollin
Funk Worth Rollin 19 dagen geleden
Any Honda under 500 hp is kinda a joke now. My 97 Civic is at 34hp. LoL.
Steve Doss
Steve Doss 27 dagen geleden
Why does it still sound like a Honda
RotaryRex Maand geleden
That cressida owner knows what he has 750ish hp ... Smokes the supposed 1050whp is300 I call bs on what that is300 makes got beat by that 800+ evo to
Yezziy 13 dagen geleden
Smaller engine the better . V8 be getting their ass beat by rotarys that way
EmilioLEANDRO Todo
EmilioLEANDRO Todo Maand geleden
i dont like a 2jz Engine with a 2 gear Race box , he needs a 6 speed original mk4 manuel shift gear box our like in a BMW, but not 1-2 long gears and thats it!!!!
Levi Robinson
Levi Robinson Maand geleden
the trans he had was a 3 speed automatic. he was starting in 2nd gear
Final Maand geleden
where da fuq are these kids getting this kind of money to build a 1000+ hp engine wtf bro.
Stanley Maand geleden
This would have taken out that red gtr just like frustrate did without issue.
AL0O Productions
AL0O Productions Maand geleden
some people dont know..cars its not hobby its a life!
Ty Ty
Ty Ty Maand geleden
Is this the guy that smoke that douchebag red gtr.
Mahlok 82
Mahlok 82 Maand geleden
2jz. 💪💪💪💪
Christian Montalvo
Christian Montalvo 2 maanden geleden
That race s2000 vs vette was epic 🤘🏻
ARD3N VXR 2 maanden geleden
No offence but that trap speed for 1100hp in a tin can is really subpar to say the least
Cornfed89 2 maanden geleden
This track lets you trap 170mph in tshirts and one glove? Wow
syo 2 maanden geleden
1-800-Bride 2 maanden geleden
AWD civic with a turbo kit and its light weight, bruh imagine racing that
Chase Trent
Chase Trent 2 maanden geleden
This channel has become a little ricer lover dream channel lmao
thedarkgreenvanman 2 maanden geleden
402CarKid 2 maanden geleden
That white is300 looked better imo. I like factory looking body though.
_nitroso_ _racing_
_nitroso_ _racing_ 2 maanden geleden
Damn stock motor beats fully built 😂😂 good race
k k
k k 2 maanden geleden
Omg 😮 #thailand 🇹🇭
T R 2 maanden geleden
That s2000 😲
ignacio smykalo
ignacio smykalo 2 maanden geleden
@RorroStunt para cuando tu civic asi loco ajjaajajajjajajjajaja
Redeck 2 maanden geleden
TRC is one good channel its a People champion like it show us the fancy build and the little or the hustler car guys build.. 💪👏
504 Owner Official
504 Owner Official 2 maanden geleden
beautiful sound
Señor Skerius
Señor Skerius 2 maanden geleden
Bare adını hulk yapmayaydınız be
Señor Skerius
Señor Skerius 2 maanden geleden
2de 80de basarız kanka
Robert Keeton
Robert Keeton 2 maanden geleden
That music towards the 2JZs sounds alot like XXXTentacion...
Andy P
Andy P 2 maanden geleden
Fire suits would be a nice addition
Birdwellington Amalgamation
Birdwellington Amalgamation 2 maanden geleden
The trans in the white is300 made up for a big HP gap against the 1k HP silver one. Bet that was satisfying as fuck!!
frias2287 2 maanden geleden
Barajas Eli
Barajas Eli 2 maanden geleden
Why don’t they take off from the quarter start?
Ty 0boil
Ty 0boil 2 maanden geleden
What's up My Man, . .. . . . . Awesome.
Mark Donalds
Mark Donalds 2 maanden geleden
Jeebus ,, who gave that dude a mic !!!
Zachary Kramer
Zachary Kramer 2 maanden geleden
Civic needs a driver.....
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel 2 maanden geleden
Go ahead, bounce on the rev limiter and slow your time down. The "Hulk" needs a driver mod.
Emanuel Nunez
Emanuel Nunez 2 maanden geleden
DNA built the structure of this car no credit mentioned i guess ppl steal other ppl fabrications smh not cool many ppl worked on this civic only one got credit
Emanuel Nunez
Emanuel Nunez 2 maanden geleden
Wait that lambo green where come from. Smh
Alex Reyburn
Alex Reyburn 2 maanden geleden
Hoonicorn vs the hulk??
Manny32V 2 maanden geleden
that b series shift light is audiable.
Warranty Killer Motorsports
Warranty Killer Motorsports 2 maanden geleden
Nice edit 👌
Christopher McCann
Christopher McCann 2 maanden geleden
banging off the rev limiter is slowing the car down
BighomieJ5x -
BighomieJ5x - 2 maanden geleden
Any dig racing perhaps 😔
Daiana Oliveira
Daiana Oliveira 2 maanden geleden
Cic vcs gol ap ..✌️
Colton Thorne
Colton Thorne 2 maanden geleden
Hulk VS Hoonicorn
Nicaprince89 2 maanden geleden
@4:35 can someone tell me what that air fitting is for on the turbo inlet ?
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats)
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats) 2 maanden geleden
A screen lol
Scotty Sales
Scotty Sales 2 maanden geleden
Always loving the Honda Civvys. Not sure how they all got the money to pay for a house and a car with all those Mod transformations
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats)
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats) 2 maanden geleden
Gotta grind and have passion and time, these shits we're not built overnight and you don't know people's situation,or how much money they really have, keep that in mind.
Trials Time
Trials Time 2 maanden geleden
No state taxes. #Simple
FrancisSpeak Life
FrancisSpeak Life 2 maanden geleden
Lawd have Mercy
John Krstyen
John Krstyen 2 maanden geleden
Came for the Cressida
Jesse Holiday
Jesse Holiday 2 maanden geleden
Came here for the EG. Holy SHIT
just krokes
just krokes 2 maanden geleden
whats the brand of this bumper quick release?
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia 2 maanden geleden
Awd 1000+hp civic Every Puerto Ricans wet dream
Biden Lover
Biden Lover 2 maanden geleden
A civic i can finally respect! The rest need their cars keyed and tires slashed😉
Bris Evans
Bris Evans 2 maanden geleden
😂😂😂 Honda Haters, love it
Abo Hussain
Abo Hussain 2 maanden geleden
It's annoying seeing 1000whp with shit transmission got beat up by a less hp in same platform
Turkey 2 maanden geleden
"real mans transmission" *proceeds to get stomped by the same car with 350 less horsepower*
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats)
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats) 2 maanden geleden
Still got whooped
Andrew Do
Andrew Do 2 maanden geleden
The car kept on getting boost cut half way through the track. The tune needed minor adjustments
lucifur999 2 maanden geleden
Boostedboiz Kyle??? At around 11 mins in lol... No???
Chris Top Speed
Chris Top Speed 2 maanden geleden
TRC, say no more....... 👍🏻😎
Maria Daaboul
Maria Daaboul 2 maanden geleden
Aaron _z33
Aaron _z33 2 maanden geleden
That Cressida is dopeeeee. He built it smart too.
Victor Villatoro
Victor Villatoro 2 maanden geleden
Wow! Sick build! Beutiful civic
Fenderfan85 2 maanden geleden
The cressida is my fav of the bunch lol.
Alex Grant
Alex Grant 2 maanden geleden
The white Lexus have an Instagram?
Brandon Wells
Brandon Wells 2 maanden geleden
Nick Davis
Nick Davis 2 maanden geleden
I don’t know who welds all these car parts but Jesus it’s disappointing to see
Er1985 King
Er1985 King 2 maanden geleden
Dam adds always kills the content smfh 😤
hondatrix 2 maanden geleden
Honda Power right there...
DANTE BELGIAN MALINOIS 2 maanden geleden
Tin can Hondas are boring.....
You Tube
You Tube 2 maanden geleden
There is NO sleeper car with over 500 hp .. you NEED tires to hold that power, those tires will stick out and be seen. When you can roll a 1000 whp car on 225's and maintain traction ... THAT IS A SLEEPER ...
You Tube
You Tube 2 maanden geleden
9:20 WHY .... would you put slow 2JZ ..??????
Brian Musial
Brian Musial 2 maanden geleden
Damn cinematography is on quality level 11. 👌
Anthony Hudelson
Anthony Hudelson 2 maanden geleden
lmao @15:18 "Lil dicks, big whips"
Josiah Butler
Josiah Butler 2 maanden geleden
I want to see some 8 second 8th gens, there is an AWD 9th gen out there smoking the older civics and getting 8s
DTWD 904
DTWD 904 2 maanden geleden
B Series FTW 🐐
IvanJustSendIt 2 maanden geleden
the hulk is a beast
Zatiti Cherry
Zatiti Cherry 2 maanden geleden
Absolutely No One is Fucking with y'alls Outro music!! Tht shit is Mega Dope!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SVFilming 2 maanden geleden
Everyone else clutching slamming gears .. IS300 all I do is pull
S7V7NFîV5 2 maanden geleden
That Cressida 👌
Brian Leiser
Brian Leiser 2 maanden geleden
(1)-Cressida- all.the.way cool. (2)-When are all these guys gonna stop defining their masculinity with the manual transmission. Tell me when...
Joel Corbin-Jones
Joel Corbin-Jones 2 maanden geleden
Cant spell MANual without man....😅
Wacey Austin
Wacey Austin 2 maanden geleden
Why do honda drivers peg the rev limiter so long before shifting
Nonya Business
Nonya Business 2 maanden geleden
@Spank Themonkey better suspension setup would probably help too
Spank Themonkey
Spank Themonkey 2 maanden geleden
@Nonya Business nope alot of turbo Honda's don't these days if they did they could upshift get grip hit nitrous and let off.
Spank Themonkey
Spank Themonkey 2 maanden geleden
@Diggs72 yea I think it's more a cool factor than anything because I don't remember seeing this happening in the past even here on NLposts maybe back to about 10 years ago. Alot of these people out here have turbos too big for the engine to spool quickly and on top of that they aren't even using all the turbos potential. So when the big turbo does spool they spin and can't upshift to grip and have a smaller turbo spool quickly 🤷🤦. If these idioso could learn something they might be a little faster
Diggs72 2 maanden geleden
They think it sounds cool but don’t realize the damage they are doing
Nonya Business
Nonya Business 2 maanden geleden
@Spank Themonkey not all of them are running nos
Cesar Machado Rodas
Cesar Machado Rodas 2 maanden geleden
Cesar Machado Rodas
Cesar Machado Rodas 2 maanden geleden
Dimitris T
Dimitris T 2 maanden geleden
Great cars and the people looked polite and well behaved. Always a pleasure to watch vids like these
Aido Wilson
Aido Wilson 2 maanden geleden
Great Vid, thanks for the ups
Frederick Hasselbrinck
Frederick Hasselbrinck 2 maanden geleden
Love the video brother! 💪💪
GabeReal Rc
GabeReal Rc 2 maanden geleden
civic shifting each gear manually no sequential!!! beast! Evo too!
Hecks_ B_Rex
Hecks_ B_Rex 2 maanden geleden
The Hulk does not fuck around! Frustrate EG Built that beast👌🏾
george piakoulis
george piakoulis 2 maanden geleden
what crazy episode!!!! one of the best full of jdm perfection!!
ImportRace 2 maanden geleden
Agree good episode
Tommy Yuckguts
Tommy Yuckguts 2 maanden geleden
Lol. Yet another Honda with a hood that doesn’t fit. (Yes I know it’s absolutely disgusting and and monster of a machine. It’s just become something I notice on all these high hp Honda’s..
Refillz *
Refillz * 2 maanden geleden
Nicolas Dujardin
Nicolas Dujardin 2 maanden geleden
I really hope thats a joke ? It's for cooling...
sl66ICEcuba 2 maanden geleden
Am I the only one that absolutely cant stand to watch roll racing?!
jayknight139 2 maanden geleden
17:22 motorcycles racing next door.
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary 2 maanden geleden
Simply awesome lol💯👍👍👍
Nick Rah
Nick Rah 2 maanden geleden
Honders can be purdy quick mmkay????
GMajor100 2 maanden geleden
Love the Altezzas mmmm....
Monster86s 2 maanden geleden
Hell ya I like that lil different build
Cedric Cope
Cedric Cope 2 maanden geleden
A lil slow pulling back the camera when he was running 169mph
Kermit Sin
Kermit Sin 2 maanden geleden
whos goin to palm beach cars and coffee on the 28th?
ImportRace 2 maanden geleden
I’ll have to pass by one day
Alex 2 maanden geleden
How do stock f22 rods hold 700whp? That’s insane!
Danny s
Danny s 2 maanden geleden
The secret to Honda motors holding big power on stock internals is low torque and high revving. Honda motors breath amazing, they can hold the torque curve flat all the way to redline whereas most other motors the torque starts to fall the higher the rpms are. This way, the rods are not stressed from huge amounts of torque but can still make big power because it can carry the amount of torque it does make all the way to a 8-9k redline. Hp= torque x rpm ÷ 5252
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