Tensions Rise in the House During Post-Riot Debate

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7 dagen geleden

A fight nearly broke out on the House floor after Republican objectors refused to hear the truth from Rep. Conor Lamb.
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They CAN and DO Make This Stuff Up
They CAN and DO Make This Stuff Up 5 minuten geleden
adam T
adam T 6 minuten geleden
Dems are all liars and frauds Trump 2020
Mads Rasmussen
Mads Rasmussen 8 minuten geleden
It's ben prooven that he got more votes than the last time here in Europe we dont understand u people yeah the cops let them in why dont you look at the proof idiots, no sir you should be a shamed cause you know what we know!!!! You guys are an "new" Country we can see the lies!!!!
James C Conklin Sr.
James C Conklin Sr. 33 minuten geleden
Is that the little China boy, seewll
Cathie Miller
Cathie Miller 34 minuten geleden
Wow! She told him to hold his tongue smh
Biddle World
Biddle World 41 minuut geleden
All I see is diapers on face being pooped in. Lmao.
Ralph Coley
Ralph Coley 44 minuten geleden
All I can say is you fight the law and the law won
Juan Arreola
Juan Arreola Uur geleden
Swalwell. A China supporter. Why is he not removed from his duty?
Sabastian Uur geleden
The well being of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.
Sin Not
Sin Not Uur geleden
Liar His county had over 100k more votes than voters. Lie #2 It was the Democrat judges who violated the U.S. Constitution and made the election rules not the Republican legislature. This is the pot calling the kettle black. These cheaters will not win. God's justice will prevail. Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. Repent and follow Jesus
Jason Terrell
Jason Terrell 2 uur geleden
God save the Republic and death to the heathen democracy and its party. The democratic party is a cancer to the American nation are founding fathers created, and like all cancers it should be eradicated.
Lara Riedel
Lara Riedel 2 uur geleden
bob beck
bob beck 2 uur geleden
HOW, HOW did this happen?! I don't care who you are or what party you claim, we are ALL in big trouble with these lunatics in charge. It's a free for all now.
Bren's Cottage
Bren's Cottage 2 uur geleden
All of them tried out stage the other one. We need real calling people in office not actors.
iTHINKiCAN iWILL 3 uur geleden
treacherous slippery slope
kmm kmm
kmm kmm 3 uur geleden
Grandstanding, lovely democratics and Republican's in this country are about 80 percent worthless, they fight and point fingers, then have dinner in there country clubs..some how I feel were all being played!!!
Bobby Rodriguez
Bobby Rodriguez 3 uur geleden
Brent reyhl
Brent reyhl 3 uur geleden
I have lost all faith in our government and this country. Have fun with your broken and one sided system, I’m out.
Ali1671 3 uur geleden
Traitor and lier!
darvad77 Frimml
darvad77 Frimml 3 uur geleden
Uhm, wasn't it just in 2020 when 300 radical far left puppets stormed the capital?
Darlene Dillon
Darlene Dillon 4 uur geleden
Congress does not have dignity they are not working for the American people but to fill their pockets. They should all be ashamed of themselves except the few.
Billy Bunk
Billy Bunk 4 uur geleden
Where's Fang Fang Eric.
Christophe Blanchi
Christophe Blanchi 4 uur geleden
The GOP has failed and undermined America. History will remember their treachery.
Arndt Thielfoldt
Arndt Thielfoldt 4 uur geleden
He is an bigger lunatic than Pelosi
Adrian N
Adrian N 4 uur geleden
Well if you exclude all the video evidence of Fraud and the affidavits and statistical anomalies bordering on impossibilities , then there's no evidence of fraud.
Leon Johnson
Leon Johnson 5 uur geleden
Clown show
gabriel bangert
gabriel bangert 5 uur geleden
It’s ironic Pas rep is the one saying they ran a fair election.
GCS less Than 8
GCS less Than 8 6 uur geleden
Ahhh politicians are so honest and amazing. True heroes
Good DieYoung
Good DieYoung 6 uur geleden
I trust the ppl covering the fraud up.... not the ppl trying to expose the fraud. Lmao wahhhhh go eat your soy boy!
Damian Utano
Damian Utano 6 uur geleden
What An absolute disgrace. Despicable.
Chris Gadbois
Chris Gadbois 9 uur geleden
Congress has no dignity only Self Indulgence
Larkon979 9 uur geleden
What's a matter Fake news me calling Swallwel out for what he did too much for you?
Lawson Durbin
Lawson Durbin 9 uur geleden
You’re all fools
DugoutDave 10 uur geleden
One Eyed System.
New505guy 10 uur geleden
Republicans crying because their coup failed...!
Just Tired
Just Tired 10 uur geleden
Traitor Swallow sitting there
Brad Sutton
Brad Sutton 10 uur geleden
When Tyranny becomes Law, Resistance becomes Duty!
soccerfreak22222 10 uur geleden
I ripped a fat dab in Morgan Griffith's house and I'm not sorry anymore 🤣🤣
letsride 10 uur geleden
Bunch of out of touch clowns, how embarrassing
victor harden
victor harden 10 uur geleden
Conor Lamb is my new hero. Truth teller.. So incredibly easy to get under the skin of extremely childish GOP. Truth does hurt but truth will set you free.
lee gibson
lee gibson 10 uur geleden
Is he about to cry?
nick99 10 uur geleden
Someone's butthurt
Ken Schwart
Ken Schwart 10 uur geleden
A transparent election would have prevented all of this.
Adrian N
Adrian N 4 uur geleden
Jackie Long
Jackie Long 10 uur geleden
Chuck Riggs
Chuck Riggs 11 uur geleden
Were coming for you traders
Pualani Casey
Pualani Casey 11 uur geleden
This guy crouched forward which is a sign he doesn't have confidence in what he's saying. I bet nobody like him ever in life and women put him in the friend zone constantly. Just an observation.
Celeste Hartle
Celeste Hartle 11 uur geleden
Love Conor lamb
Julio Hrdz
Julio Hrdz 11 uur geleden
The truth hurts coming from a Liar!!! 🤥
Jesse Fromal
Jesse Fromal 11 uur geleden
The Democratic Communist Party...what a joke you are. 2020 ELECTION WAS A FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD
Not the Mama
Not the Mama 12 uur geleden
So our government is in shambles the new Rome has fallen never thought it would be in my lifetime my old pastor's laughing at me from his grave
Make America Based Again
Make America Based Again 13 uur geleden
What a clown. All emotion, very little data or facts besides his "31 cameras" bit. All emotion, zero logic or data. This is the way of the left, of the feminine in power.
Richard Empson
Richard Empson 13 uur geleden
I'm glad that he was able to stand up and admit that he is a lier in front of the whole chamber, good for him.
BrokenWrench 13 uur geleden
It’s absolutely shocking that pelosi is speaker again!
Gregory Jacobson
Gregory Jacobson 13 uur geleden
Bullcrap on his entire speech.
BrokenWrench 13 uur geleden
If a Democrats lips are moving then they’re lying through their teeth!
Bryan Bradford
Bryan Bradford 12 uur geleden
the right wing 's lies have been proven in court. They tried to cheat this election, committed voter fraud, and worked to destroy democracy. We will never forget that, and now the repugnant party will wear this albatross for life. I will applaud every traitor that gets his day in prison.
christine schneider
christine schneider 13 uur geleden
Knc Delivery
Knc Delivery 13 uur geleden
Rhinos and Democrats just want to run to the bank and count that money they made those big raises to sell this country out was it 42000 each as they threw you 600 dollars
don desper
don desper 13 uur geleden
What dignity?
Knc Delivery
Knc Delivery 13 uur geleden
Could you imagine having to call that pos madam speaker yuck 🤢 like she should have any respect
Zack Jondro
Zack Jondro 13 uur geleden
Sold they're souls to the devil for money and power
Marshmallow Pie
Marshmallow Pie 14 uur geleden
Punish the lies!!
Matt Kaiser
Matt Kaiser 14 uur geleden
How’s that corpse slamming that Dwarf hammer so hard so many times without falling apart? Who’s her necromancer? I really miss my mom.
Nate _
Nate _ 14 uur geleden
People are just tired of the hypocracy that is being shown.
A. Harvey
A. Harvey 4 uur geleden
I'm tired of Republicans being hypocritical, and then blaming Democrats for being hypocritical.
Michael Rohrbaugh
Michael Rohrbaugh 14 uur geleden
WTF, their color? I'm sure that'll make everything better!
congoose100 14 uur geleden
Never let a good "crisis" go to waste.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 15 uur geleden
it's about time!! this dems need to be punched un the poossie
Melody Boudreaux
Melody Boudreaux 15 uur geleden
Nancy sounds like she is having trouble talking.
Clinton Yoder
Clinton Yoder 15 uur geleden
"we will make this government work" how by shoving it down the citizens throats to satisfy their oligarch masters, how about helping those your suppose to serve Lamb not just touting platitudes
PD.ablô Prickétto
PD.ablô Prickétto 15 uur geleden
These people make me sick
CA11-Latvian Squadrons and Apex Legends
CA11-Latvian Squadrons and Apex Legends 15 uur geleden
John Brown
John Brown 15 uur geleden
We built that for you. That's our building. If you don't like it get out of my country. You're B.S is over.
S C 15 uur geleden
Paid to lie and get nothing done.
septuz willz
septuz willz 15 uur geleden
Thought he started his BS by saying he's honest and speaks truth.hes a lier his poor mother and father .unless they are forked tounge liers as well.they want the government to work there way not ours..
Anthony Sutphin
Anthony Sutphin 15 uur geleden
Who do you think paid for that building and who pays all of the people in this building. We do with our taxes.
Country strong
Country strong 15 uur geleden
Well he's right about one thing.... 250 years socialism countries fail. Here we are
Harley Jackson
Harley Jackson 15 uur geleden
Swalwell hanging with a chinese spy is all you need to know!
David Keagle
David Keagle 16 uur geleden
It doesn't matter what he thinks it matters what the people think and I say there was fraud there was abnormalities and pennsylvania violated the constitution passing up the republican legislature and going to the democratic supreme court to pass those laws
Raised Right
Raised Right 16 uur geleden
Slime ball Swalwell in the back ground. D bag dems
lukes the drifter
lukes the drifter 16 uur geleden
Did you hear her talk? She is half sauced standing up there.
Crystal Wilson
Crystal Wilson 16 uur geleden
So how does he feel now that the truth is coming out about Italy and others.. plus even cnn said that the capital event was staged. So how does all the stupid people feel🤣🤣🤣
dAnTe D
dAnTe D 16 uur geleden
She don't deserve to be called madam she's an old demon witch
Cinnsere 16 uur geleden
A hit dog will hollar. "He said lies were spoken and looked in this direction." Cowboy up lol
Bob McNelis
Bob McNelis 16 uur geleden
Josh King
Josh King 16 uur geleden
What about 1994????? What happened that y'all won't talk about????? Clinton parden her???? Hypocrites that's all you are is hypocrites rules for the not for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Chicano
Mr Chicano 16 uur geleden
Pehoesi cant even speak right
Veve Charly
Veve Charly 16 uur geleden
Republicans act dictatorship and that's who they are
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 17 uur geleden
This isn't news it's opinion, you captioned it with "Republican lies". Change your channel name.
Joy Gibson
Joy Gibson 17 uur geleden
Joy Gibson
Joy Gibson 17 uur geleden
The objections are valid! We need to act on the evidence. ALL WE WANT IS A COMPREHENSIVE AUDIT, FORENSIC AUDIT!!! THATS IT!
Owen Hagghety
Owen Hagghety 17 uur geleden
Adam Schiff says can you prove that in the court of law before accusing somebody of
Kenneth Moulton
Kenneth Moulton 17 uur geleden
Nancy slurring...Again.
summertime sue
summertime sue 17 uur geleden
Those protesters were let in its all on video.Pre planned BS.
Zytheis Universe
Zytheis Universe 17 uur geleden
I see the Chinese spy behind him .
D Jacobsen
D Jacobsen 17 uur geleden
Aaaawww. He wants the words taken down...poor butthurt baby...this man is right. TRUTH HURTS!! HERES A BANDAID AND IODINE
Teresa Martinez
Teresa Martinez 17 uur geleden
Cowards...pelosi needd to go
Sheilah Tipton
Sheilah Tipton 17 uur geleden
She is not a Madame speaker she is a lieing drunk.
Sheilah Tipton
Sheilah Tipton 17 uur geleden
It's all lies and something or someone needs to do something to stop this suraid
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 17 uur geleden
“If you vote, then time yourself out” - Mark Twain
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 17 uur geleden
Take a fat dab and get your popcorn kids its the end!!! As Homer Simpson said "America will never burn down, we are as strong as the Romans!! " Lmao
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 17 uur geleden
Guy from Virginia should put a tampon un and shut up. What a despicable temper tantrum!!
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 16 uur geleden
How did I lie please explain?
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 17 uur geleden
You lie, it will come back to you!
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