My Dog Tries the Obstacle Course Challenge

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Tucker Budzyn

My Dog Tries the Obstacle Course Challenge
Tucker had another playdate with his puppy pal Pearl. They wanted to see who was a better jumper. Pearl is super quick gal and she can jump over just about anything. Needless to say Tucker has his paws full with this challenge!
What was your favorite part???
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Ruv & Sarvente
Ruv & Sarvente Uur geleden
3:08 What A Beautiful Song
Batman Uur geleden
Nobody: Tucker: do you like poo in your shoe? 🤣🤣🤣
Finn McGrady
Finn McGrady 2 uur geleden
Boys rule and girls drool
RIGGID RICH 3 uur geleden
Night night you two.
CC B 6 uur geleden
Janel Estacio
Janel Estacio 6 uur geleden
ending the best
Nerissa Gailis
Nerissa Gailis 7 uur geleden
i dont know why but thease viedos are really good
Aaron Papasian
Aaron Papasian 9 uur geleden
Pearl is so big!
Jennifer Brens
Jennifer Brens 11 uur geleden
Tucker: oh no 3? Linda: you can do this Tucker: no I can’t imma go now I just threw them
tea cupz.
tea cupz. 13 uur geleden
*am i the only one surprised by how many water bottles she has.?*
Lisa Starrad
Lisa Starrad 15 uur geleden
I cant believe peal is so big now😊
Shital Kapure
Shital Kapure 20 uur geleden
Pearl she is faster than Tucker
Phillip Peak
Phillip Peak 20 uur geleden
Tucker hates to lose
Donna Rivard
Donna Rivard 21 uur geleden
Pearls so big now
Massy Andujar
Massy Andujar 23 uur geleden
Jaita Poddar
Jaita Poddar Dag geleden
Doggo challenges
Goma Nakarmi
Goma Nakarmi Dag geleden
oh ok
Serene Eirizs Villarin
Serene Eirizs Villarin Dag geleden
tucker is so ute :)
Zoxtens28 JoGGie
Zoxtens28 JoGGie Dag geleden
I wish Tucker was my dog
Gaby Cordova
Gaby Cordova Dag geleden
Wheres journey
Ceana Foster
Ceana Foster Dag geleden
Pearl is a jumping machine
Ceana Foster
Ceana Foster Dag geleden
Pearl doesn't even care if she knocks the bottles down: shes just like "need treats"
Ceana Foster
Ceana Foster Dag geleden
OMG I've known pearl since she was a puppy, She is SO big now. How does she grow up so fast?
•Puffy Clxuds Roblox•
•Puffy Clxuds Roblox• Dag geleden
Awww pearl grew up so fast But how does Linda hav so much boottles
Elijah Harley
Elijah Harley Dag geleden
I hate purl
That Crazy Kid
That Crazy Kid Dag geleden
Not the murder mystery coin sounds
Robin Boyle
Robin Boyle Dag geleden
Tucker seems to have a more expressive face than other Goldens. And needless to say he's the best world's most handsome doggo. Thanks you two for sharing your good boy with us! 💕💕💕😄
amiyza ୨୧
amiyza ୨୧ Dag geleden
whoa pearl has grown so much o-o
Happy :D
Happy :D Dag geleden
Tucker: *Is unsure * Pearl: "I'm aboutta end this man's whole career"
Happy :D
Happy :D Dag geleden
PEARL'S SO BIG NOW!!! HOW she grew up sooooooooooo fast 0-0
Nevaeh Gunter
Nevaeh Gunter Dag geleden
Tucker is like:I'm out
FILI 2 THE MAX Dag geleden
Awwww puppy pearls big noooww 😭😭😭😭
Just Softie
Just Softie Dag geleden
Snow Leopards
Snow Leopards Dag geleden
My dog can jump over my legs and bottles lol
Heal You
Heal You Dag geleden
How old is tucker
Megan Brown
Megan Brown 2 dagen geleden
I hate how the owner brings The other dog into tuckers bed dogs are territorial and that is his space. Linda be disrespectful owner it’s not obvious at first.
Iris Ashlion - Szrek
Iris Ashlion - Szrek 2 dagen geleden
Pearl got so big ..
Hehe Boyy
Hehe Boyy 2 dagen geleden
OMG i didn’t recognize that Pearl grew that big! Aww
katie gonzalez
katie gonzalez 2 dagen geleden
KAIiSSA🦄🦮Yay I love you idiot from Kallison
Presh Salutin
Presh Salutin 2 dagen geleden
Woah pearl really has grown!💖💖
OwO nO
OwO nO 2 dagen geleden
Forever Fidgets
Forever Fidgets 2 dagen geleden
Pearl grew so much since the last 4 months when tucker and Pearl did a taste test challenge when Pearl was a pup Also here's some chimken for tucker 🍗
saimon2fx 2 dagen geleden
pearl is sooo cuuuuute!
Miranda Ballard
Miranda Ballard 2 dagen geleden
Dasha Kiyanitsa
Dasha Kiyanitsa 2 dagen geleden
Pearl Has grown so much!
Dasha Kiyanitsa
Dasha Kiyanitsa 2 dagen geleden
Who was that boy in the vid? Her son?
Al Oyan
Al Oyan 2 dagen geleden
2:13 the way that Tucker's smile went away and went back-
Kaylee Cervantes
Kaylee Cervantes 2 dagen geleden
Pearl grow!😢😔🥺
Preethi Rao
Preethi Rao 3 dagen geleden
That’s paw pure and a dogathon
peppa pig
peppa pig 3 dagen geleden
Can we just appreciate that tucker didnt get jelous of pearl because of the barkour Btw pearl has grown so much :O :3
Maeve McCallum
Maeve McCallum 3 dagen geleden
She’s so big now 🥺
INotRxftz 3 dagen geleden
SSSarVIIaIss🎀 3 dagen geleden
Bradford Thompson
Bradford Thompson 3 dagen geleden
Sounds like Linda has some fun loving boyfriends...BEST BUDDIES
Joshua 3 dagen geleden
Can you all like this comment pls and pla heart tucker :(
Maria Ruseva
Maria Ruseva 3 dagen geleden
Tucker and Pearl are so cute together sleeping🥰
Amanda Ramirez
Amanda Ramirez 3 dagen geleden
omg pearl grew up supa fast i remeber maybe a few weeks ago she was so tiny
Paul Theile
Paul Theile 3 dagen geleden
Can you do more lake vids
Ivy Cøøkie
Ivy Cøøkie 3 dagen geleden
Pearl greww!
garland the newfoundland pony
garland the newfoundland pony 3 dagen geleden
tucker: 3 bootles NO WAY pearl: WHOLE HOUSE really thats it
Shemariah Graham
Shemariah Graham 3 dagen geleden
If tucker saw nine bottles he "ll be like naw not me heck out
Vivian Yu
Vivian Yu 3 dagen geleden
By the way I subscribed to all ur channels “cortney budzn,what’s for din,tucker shorts and tucker budzn sorry if I spelled the names wrong by the I’m one of ur biggest fan. I love tucker he so cute I subscribed an gave like Tucker so cute
Jessica Flora
Jessica Flora 3 dagen geleden
Too Many Bootles.
nancy christianty
nancy christianty 3 dagen geleden
Bottle in front of him tucker: nope
Maura Jasinski
Maura Jasinski 3 dagen geleden
Who remembers pearl as a pup
black ninja
black ninja 3 dagen geleden
Dog Breeds Explained
Dog Breeds Explained 3 dagen geleden
Tucker would win the Roobin Challenge
InkBendy777 LOL
InkBendy777 LOL 4 dagen geleden
How old is tucker?
8A1 aditya kaushik
8A1 aditya kaushik 4 dagen geleden
My five month old dog just died of Parvovirus today..... Cannot believe it. Hope tucker stays well
8A1 aditya kaushik
8A1 aditya kaushik 22 uur geleden
@BLZ Yeetamous I love dogs but I am not strong enough to face that another one passes away....I love Dogs the!
BLZ Yeetamous
BLZ Yeetamous 23 uur geleden
I’m sorry to hear that. hope this doesn’t mean you don’t still love dogs have a nice day!
Vijay Kage
Vijay Kage 4 dagen geleden
Tucker is very cute ❤❤
Hiro 4 dagen geleden
Pearl was so tiny 3 months ago!
Jennifer Gosselin / CBRE
Jennifer Gosselin / CBRE 4 dagen geleden
Aww so cute together!!!!!🥰😘😍🥺😗
Chloe G
Chloe G 4 dagen geleden
TUCKER BIGGEST FAN 4 dagen geleden
I lov u
Nancy Yost
Nancy Yost 4 dagen geleden
LOL How many times have you washed or repainted the hallways
I’m Abby
I’m Abby 4 dagen geleden
When is she going to post
Nandana MV
Nandana MV 4 dagen geleden
1:58 Pearl: sure as heck will cross this, even if i break some things
Maelynn Cooper
Maelynn Cooper 4 dagen geleden
Me: I bet tucker won’t do one of them My cousin who has never watched before:I bet he will Tucker:doesn’t do the second one
Kamryn and Ella
Kamryn and Ella 4 dagen geleden
Pearl looks alright diffrent
Fury_Claws 4 dagen geleden
Is tucker married?
James Chan
James Chan 5 dagen geleden
why she is not doing videos?
Tejas Moghe
Tejas Moghe 5 dagen geleden
Long time no see tucker
Аля Масягина
Аля Масягина 5 dagen geleden
Conversation with Linda was extremely cute!
卂Ҝ丨尺卂 5 dagen geleden
me just thinking:how da hekk does she hab so much bottles
sanjana ss
sanjana ss 5 dagen geleden
Tucker is a cute messssss😍♥️
Achintya Sharma
Achintya Sharma 5 dagen geleden
I am very worried
Achintya Sharma
Achintya Sharma 5 dagen geleden
What happened to tucker
Joecelena Delva
Joecelena Delva 5 dagen geleden
This is what you call barkcore
vaishnavi seshasai
vaishnavi seshasai 5 dagen geleden
How do you do editing. Just say the app plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Maritza Castro
Maritza Castro 5 dagen geleden
pearl is so big and cute
Nette Nette
Nette Nette 5 dagen geleden
I searched on google "is tucker budzyn dead" It resulted yes is it true?
• Sołar Ecłipse •
• Sołar Ecłipse • 5 dagen geleden
The question is - *How does Linda have so many bottles?!*
Pinoy Kicks
Pinoy Kicks 5 dagen geleden
2:06 The way his face changed so fast when Courtney said that I just can’t😂😂😂😂 (Guys her real name is Courtney not Linda)
LaughingLlama -
LaughingLlama - 2 dagen geleden
I know :) I like to call her Linda though.
Luchyheinz816 08
Luchyheinz816 08 5 dagen geleden
Why did people say Tucker died at the age of 1 years old but I don’t think that’s true if it is can someone comment on this and tell me if he did or not but I don’t think he did
Thug the Pug
Thug the Pug 5 dagen geleden
the reaction is the best haha 💗
Daniella Pallett
Daniella Pallett 5 dagen geleden
pearl got so big
OfficiallyCoupe 5 dagen geleden
Hey Tucker! What app do you use for the text on video? Love your vids!
Elena SK
Elena SK 5 dagen geleden
I am the only one that cries or has wet eyes on ANY dog video? Like, man..
aditri bhattacharya
aditri bhattacharya 5 dagen geleden
Great Video. Please make another sleep over video with Pearl because she has gotten so big. Let me see how she deals with Tucker.
Lindsay Steele
Lindsay Steele 5 dagen geleden
i love tucker because i have the same dog but a girl
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