I Filled Charli's Room With Pictures Of Chase!

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Thomas Petrou

7 maanden geleden

I Filled Charli's Room With Pictures Of Chase!
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Tango Peeps
Tango Peeps 13 uur geleden
Lol this is hilarious
Madelyn Malone
Madelyn Malone 19 uur geleden
You can tottaly tell chase still likes Charli and then Charli is like bruh😆😂
Not Only asmr videos
Not Only asmr videos 8 dagen geleden
4:13 aaaaaaaaaahhhhh
Not Only asmr videos
Not Only asmr videos 8 dagen geleden
Sophie Socci
Sophie Socci 9 dagen geleden
At the end when charli and chase were fighting it actually sounded like a married couple fighting
rhh kk
rhh kk 9 dagen geleden
Did that happen after the drama ?
Jose García
Jose García 9 dagen geleden
Hutch Besoins
Hutch Besoins 9 dagen geleden
Ema Perikic
Ema Perikic 12 dagen geleden
My room looks like that 😬🤣
nylito1 13 dagen geleden
No one: Chase: “Charli I swear if you take it down😫”
Git Murphy
Git Murphy 14 dagen geleden
Charlixkyle 3657
Charlixkyle 3657 14 dagen geleden
Like you came to my room😂😂😂I know is is old but it’s still funny to this day
eduarda gogosz
eduarda gogosz 14 dagen geleden
Saudades desse casal ❤❤
Sahar Sou
Sahar Sou 15 dagen geleden
Диана123 15 dagen geleden
Thomas do you really speak greek??
ToxicJolt14 15 dagen geleden
Catalina Martinez
Catalina Martinez 15 dagen geleden
"no i took it put to days later"
Sofia Sofi
Sofia Sofi 16 dagen geleden
Men prank
Glen Mansfield
Glen Mansfield 17 dagen geleden
U have to go this other people this is going to be good
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 18 dagen geleden
Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈🍾
Julia Wasserman
Julia Wasserman 18 dagen geleden
thick thomas
mark alba
mark alba 18 dagen geleden
When charli said ex-boyfriend chase:😢💔
Alani Arnold
Alani Arnold 18 dagen geleden
Charil and chase Are so cute togetther
Toga- Himiko
Toga- Himiko 18 dagen geleden
Chase:*hugs Charlie * Charlie:😳😳😳
A Normal robloxian troll
A Normal robloxian troll 18 dagen geleden
White people cringe
Sandra bravo
Sandra bravo 19 dagen geleden
In that day that that video was seeded that was my birthday when I was going to be 6
Dirt The biker
Dirt The biker 21 dag geleden
“eboy problems”
Vanessa 22 dagen geleden
:Charli get on
Siididjfjkfoodofkvkkckvicifkxblxvzogzogzogzositxot 22 dagen geleden
Thick thomas
Jayani Olice
Jayani Olice 22 dagen geleden
I love you video
Cloudy Day
Cloudy Day 23 dagen geleden
When he said this is charli dream and she going love this so funny
Alecia Louigene
Alecia Louigene 23 dagen geleden
POV: you’re watching this like it was a new NLposts video 😶 ⬇️ 9 Months ago 🥲
Annika Stephanie Amulong
Annika Stephanie Amulong 24 dagen geleden
Why do I think they still have feeling for each other hmm
givbackname 24 dagen geleden
Them in the room:.... Charli opens door* Also charli: AHH OMG WHY The people in the room:HAHHHHAHa Me:LOOOLLLL Also me reacting to charlis reaction: AHAHHAHHAHAHHA Charli: -_-
iimiss_Ella 24 dagen geleden
When ChArLi said ex boyfriend and chase was sad she smiled and giggled they do be hiding something
Sandy Perry
Sandy Perry 25 dagen geleden
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Isabella Valladares
Isabella Valladares 25 dagen geleden
hola como estas SOY lAtInAAAAAAA!
Gabby Alves
Gabby Alves 25 dagen geleden
In this video you also said that you are not letting nick know that you were thinking it when you meant taking it. It would be amazing if you fixed this problem in the captions because many deaf people who watch this video are going to think that you meant something else .
Gabby Alves
Gabby Alves 25 dagen geleden
In you video you said that you were "filling Charlie's room with pictures of Chad" when you meant pictures of chase. I was hoping that you could change that mistake on your captions because many deaf people will probably think the persons name is chad and not chase. Thank you!
Leeah Panda
Leeah Panda 25 dagen geleden
B Castle
B Castle 26 dagen geleden
Thomas: why do you have 20 phone cases Charlie: you came into my room!
Starr Lee
Starr Lee 27 dagen geleden
I love it
Yadira 27 dagen geleden
chase getting stuck in chars hair lmao
Carolyn Piepenbrink
Carolyn Piepenbrink 27 dagen geleden
Thomas Whiyyyyyy
Kaiden Jones
Kaiden Jones 28 dagen geleden
Saw a
Deniz plays Games:D!!
Deniz plays Games:D!! 28 dagen geleden
I think I was Laughing a lot that I accidentally disliked now I liked back
Angie B
Angie B 28 dagen geleden
4:28 🤣🤣
Mahibah Pervez
Mahibah Pervez 29 dagen geleden
So cute
Alyssah Gray
Alyssah Gray 29 dagen geleden
I didn’t tell him to take ur car nick
JMU2005 29 dagen geleden
3:08 why no one is talking about that burp, what the hell was a that demon
Naty Uramova
Naty Uramova 29 dagen geleden
Omg 😉😋
sofia amorena
sofia amorena Maand geleden
Melissa Labonte
Melissa Labonte Maand geleden
I love you Charli
its me maya
its me maya Maand geleden
i just can't believe they would hug they just broke up?
Hend cool
Hend cool Maand geleden
Hi chacha🖕🏿🖕
leilani kay
leilani kay Maand geleden
Thomas:Why do you have 40 Phone cases? Charli:i mean.. Well you came to my room! *everybody laughs*
I fucking Hate school
I fucking Hate school Maand geleden
Heidi: show his face more Charli: yeahh show his face more
Mia N.
Mia N. Maand geleden
New subscriber !! And angry vegetable lol
Latoya Apachito
Latoya Apachito Maand geleden
Hi u guys are funny u guys make me laugh so hard 😂🤣
Cindy Star
Cindy Star Maand geleden
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sashimi Uchina
sashimi Uchina Maand geleden
Chase:ChAriL i SwEaR iF u TaKe thiS charil:U ALREADY TOOK IT DOWN chase:AHhHh
charli_my_life Maand geleden
isidro Cardenas
isidro Cardenas Maand geleden
Arisa Maand geleden
You can clearly see that Chase is still inlove with Charli... 👀❤
Arisa Maand geleden
Let them back togetherrrrr! ❤❤❤
Rileigh Heidinger
Rileigh Heidinger Maand geleden
thick thomas
jasmin osei
jasmin osei Maand geleden
3;56 cute boy problembs
Celya Billouet
Celya Billouet Maand geleden
Susan Leveutte
Susan Leveutte Maand geleden
So much cute 🙂🤩
Miguel Andrei Guinto
Miguel Andrei Guinto Maand geleden
Next fill thomas and mia’s room with their picture
txzzz Maand geleden
chase u make me so happy 🥺
Melina Magana
Melina Magana Maand geleden
I miss chacha
sofi p
sofi p Maand geleden
Yacoub Muhammad
Yacoub Muhammad Maand geleden
I think that Charli and Chase broken up Right now But charli if you see this meesege plsssssssss reaply
Charlie Damelio
Charlie Damelio Maand geleden
Hiiii charlieee
Saira Begum
Saira Begum Maand geleden
janusz waszkiewicz
janusz waszkiewicz Maand geleden
Veda Hartjes
Veda Hartjes Maand geleden
ملاك الجنيبية
ملاك الجنيبية Maand geleden
Natashia Schmidtke
Natashia Schmidtke Maand geleden
i wont my room to look like that like chase and nick all over it is my new dream im in love
Abigail Hamilton
Abigail Hamilton Maand geleden
1:10 she said vampire man that hinted 21st century vampire
Sandra Depovere
Sandra Depovere Maand geleden
Supergirl 7643
Supergirl 7643 Maand geleden
It is funny
TAko xx
TAko xx Maand geleden
we love chacha
TAko xx
TAko xx Maand geleden
do you love charli chase?
Leila Wilson Byrne
Leila Wilson Byrne Maand geleden
were did charli get heat hoodie
101gogga Maand geleden
Why isn't cha-cha not together enimor? 😔😢😭
Eugenio Duran
Eugenio Duran Maand geleden
Charli is sooo prety im a bigggggggggggggggggg fan
Ocean Wxves
Ocean Wxves Maand geleden
She said... “You came to MY ROOM”
Riley Sanders
Riley Sanders Maand geleden
Nouha Aboud
Nouha Aboud Maand geleden
For a while I am not
Belle Marie
Belle Marie Maand geleden
Jenny Gonçalves
Jenny Gonçalves Maand geleden
You. Hi. Charli
Taehyungs Tea
Taehyungs Tea Maand geleden
Thick thomas
yoUngIn reMiX
yoUngIn reMiX Maand geleden
I have a boyfriend but he was chityn on me so I broke up with him
i izanaa
i izanaa Maand geleden
Gamer Girl 1028
Gamer Girl 1028 Maand geleden
charli:teps on picture of chase Chase:😲༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
caroline stafford
caroline stafford Maand geleden
Thicc Thomas
Fauzia Alhadj
Fauzia Alhadj Maand geleden
Jodie Morton
Jodie Morton Maand geleden
Thomas: it’s the stick version of chase. Chase: I’m ThE sTiCk VeRsIoN oF cHaSe
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