15 Most Rare Shark Species Hidden in The Ocean

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From the great white shark to the tiger shark to the shortfin make to the bull to the oceanic whitetip- there are a lot of different types of sharks out there, and all of them are terrifying. But here’s the thing: There are even more types of sharks that you might not know about because they are rarer. And some of those are even scarier! These are the rarest shark species hidden in the ocean!

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Donyale Bolden
Donyale Bolden 6 uur geleden
The waleshark is not rare
- Phazley -
- Phazley - Dag geleden
Hehe.. razor mouthed blub blub fish
Dendé Hehr
Dendé Hehr 2 dagen geleden
Basking shark: the pog shark
Annoyed Inkling
Annoyed Inkling 2 dagen geleden
Nice thumbnail
Realfireknife 64
Realfireknife 64 2 dagen geleden
Fun fact: The hammer head shark can see its whole body. Yes even behind itself
WolfyUwU 4 dagen geleden
Also I Have Seen And Swam With A Thresher Shark Cuz My Dad Is A Marine Biologist Looking For New Species Of Shark And While We Where On A Boat Me And My Dad Saw Thresher Shark So Me And My Dads Crew Swam With Them Not Gonna Lie I Was Pretty Scared Cuz I Was Only 19 Then I Thought They Would Bite And Kill Me lol
WolfyUwU 4 dagen geleden
Almost All Of These Shark Are In Hungry Shark Evolution And World
El Poyo
El Poyo 4 dagen geleden
>First shark on list is helicoprion >It is extinct >It's not even an actual shark >On a list for rarest shark species Why am I not surprised that a top 10 channel doesn't do their research and just spent five minutes skimming Wikipedia?
Mole Rat
Mole Rat 5 dagen geleden
I don't see why you need to call things a rat shark, or do you have some hidden agenda? Care to explain? I don't have time for this sh**
Spicy Lemon
Spicy Lemon 5 dagen geleden
The first one on the list hasn't existed in over 200 million years...
MLG Pup 6 dagen geleden
Shark pog
Jordan D'Rafael
Jordan D'Rafael 7 dagen geleden
Slender man is not real
MyNameWasNumbers 7 dagen geleden
"The sawshark!" Preceeds to show pictures of SAWFISH (Yess there is a difference google it) before showing a picture of an actual Sawshark
Joop Klijn
Joop Klijn 8 dagen geleden
allemaal op de lijst van uitsterven . er is maar 1 soort wezen die weg moeten van deze wereld ? en dat zijn MENSEN
Ze godly cat
Ze godly cat 9 dagen geleden
Where is the meg
Ramy Fadda
Ramy Fadda 9 dagen geleden
Wait I remember megamouth form hungry shark
Savannah Cheyenne Hurri
Savannah Cheyenne Hurri 10 dagen geleden
'Megamouth' Shark All the pervs in this comment section... What that Mouff do 😀
Jedediah Kravet
Jedediah Kravet 10 dagen geleden
The frilld shark looks like an eal not a shark
fLara Kravet
fLara Kravet 7 dagen geleden
@MyNameWasNumbers olso my email is jedkraavet@gmaill.com so lets chat on my birthday its the 19th.
fLara Kravet
fLara Kravet 7 dagen geleden
eals can be that size to i think eals can get up to like 6 foot so maybe its an eal. @MyNameWasNumbers
MyNameWasNumbers 7 dagen geleden
Well, yea but it is a shark soooooooo. but you could tell its a shark because of the size.
Billy goat27
Billy goat27 11 dagen geleden
8:15 Shark Jesus
Megha Rupa
Megha Rupa 11 dagen geleden
First shark on the rare shark list is extinct... lol how is it rare than?
adorkablesos 11 dagen geleden
Basking sharks are pretty cool I think
adorkablesos 11 dagen geleden
nicole 12 dagen geleden
How is the first shark rare if I looks like a dumbo lol
Baby Buttfro
Baby Buttfro 12 dagen geleden
Shark Pog
Mbretërit dhe mbretëreshat
Mbretërit dhe mbretëreshat 12 dagen geleden
1:04 that is one hell of a photoshop on a Whale Shark right there .
AidBak 15 dagen geleden
Jokes on you I don't have a bed
Josiah Alfonso
Josiah Alfonso 15 dagen geleden
19:42 Shark pog
Rodeo THG
Rodeo THG 17 dagen geleden
how many ads can this man fit in a video
KaHlen Erickson
KaHlen Erickson 20 dagen geleden
you guys are saying his voice sucks just to get comments.
evelynn seidlitz
evelynn seidlitz 20 dagen geleden
best vido
Hoozier Dad
Hoozier Dad 24 dagen geleden
Why did you blur some of the Saw Shark out
Lost Potato ツ
Lost Potato ツ 24 dagen geleden
*sharks are sharks*
Nikola Kaev
Nikola Kaev 27 dagen geleden
If you have a fossil of something chances are that back then it was not rare at all.
Schatzi Mabunga
Schatzi Mabunga Maand geleden
well for
Adriana Ramos
Adriana Ramos Maand geleden
I seen jaws but ima kid so I was scared because I thought the dog died in the movie so I cryed
The thumbnail tho😂😂
Gizzo Vizzo
Gizzo Vizzo Maand geleden
Wheres the cookie cuter shark?
Sean Teng
Sean Teng Maand geleden
Wheat Eater
Wheat Eater Maand geleden
I was watching shark pog videos and I thought this was one
B L I T Z Maand geleden
12:10 thats a sand tiger, not a nurse
alhafiz zainal
alhafiz zainal Maand geleden
i just found a new shark it’s called gura shark
manoj 9823830356
manoj 9823830356 Maand geleden
They are dead 😐
MeisLib ÙwÚ
MeisLib ÙwÚ Maand geleden
As a brit, I can comfirm, There are basking sharks here. I was around 7 when I was swimming on a surfing board with my dad I'm pretty sure and I saw a huge basking shark coming towards me. I was traumatized for days until I grew up realizing it wasn't at all hungry for human flesh. EDIT: It's also a bad idea to go surfing in Britain.
Lemur Lover
Lemur Lover Maand geleden
lol :)
Trillizos Rosales
Trillizos Rosales Maand geleden
You’re the best
Nicola Dougan
Nicola Dougan Maand geleden
2013 when I was born am 7 now
Dallas D
Dallas D Maand geleden
There’s way more the 500 species of shark
Bebe Veritas
Bebe Veritas Maand geleden
I enjoyed the video but there were too many advertisements. Sorry...
famous brillance
famous brillance Maand geleden
Nine commercials for a sitcom length show. 🙄
Juan Guebara
Juan Guebara Maand geleden
Slender man my man (because he created siren head)
ms Maand geleden
Each of these animals are part of nature and part of our life. They must be understood and respected. At least live freely in their nature. Taking them from their original places playing with them not a true decision. Each of these animals are combinations of many programs. Human need to read them , need to think and need to understand the real reasons of these creatures. For example human just few years back start to use screen touch systems in their phones but these animals has screen touch system in their skin and bodies for million years. THINK THINK THINK
Marcel Robles de Medina
Marcel Robles de Medina Maand geleden
I hate the first shark
Ferguson Hobby Farm
Ferguson Hobby Farm Maand geleden
Nurse shark section has repeated video of non- nurse sharks portraying them as nurse sharks 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Dean Kirby
Dean Kirby Maand geleden
enjoyed that programme highlighting different advertisers.
No Edit
No Edit Maand geleden
what about a cookie cutter shark? they are rare to find and I watched a video on it showing a recording of it saying that was the only video of it swimming at the night
This&That Maand geleden
I can't even watch this vid because I'm going mental with your enunciation, it's stressin' me out
Aenór Blackmoore
Aenór Blackmoore Maand geleden
Change the Title pls 😂 and what is this shit with slenderman? Are you really think that anyone would hit that sub button? Yes you soooooooo funny 😂😂....NOT!!!! That is just stupid!
Ethan Matthew Apostol
Ethan Matthew Apostol Maand geleden
I thought no. 15 is a Edestus, but it really is Helicoprion if you want facts I can give Helicoprion is a genus of extinct, shark-like eugeneodontid holocephalid fish edit: also he got the part wrong, its 245 million years ago Yes he may be called a buzz jaw shark but what really represents is the spiral jaw in greek
Nick4 Nick
Nick4 Nick Maand geleden
Filipino whale shark rare My ghad 😂😂
Quintessential Teenager
Quintessential Teenager Maand geleden
So the hammerhead shark, the buzz saw shark and the chainsaw shark are like sea constructicon workers
Itz_Noobii Maand geleden
S h a r k P o g
Egg Breakerz III
Egg Breakerz III Maand geleden
Idk why but, i love your voice. It's really calming to me
berenluigiironman Maand geleden
shark pog
highland coo
highland coo Maand geleden
I live in Scotland, and Basking Sharks used to live in the bay I live opposite, but because of the holidaymakers and their jet skis, they don't come here anymore. But if you head up to Tiree, they're everywhere!
Anorexic Wolf
Anorexic Wolf Maand geleden
11:22 is like a face 😱
Nambie Zombie
Nambie Zombie Maand geleden
the way you say your U's and O's you are either from Wisconsin or the East Coast of Canada and you cannot tell me otherwise theres no way you arent a transplant potato from canada
Candy U-U
Candy U-U 2 maanden geleden
People: *war* A lot of animals during war: Hey peeps! Keep going, you'll get yourselves extinct at some point.
Plaag Geest
Plaag Geest 2 maanden geleden
Desiree Purnell-Sandi
Desiree Purnell-Sandi 2 maanden geleden
That #15 one is one freaky shark. (Shudders) I take it back; this is the freakiest shark. #10 makes the ghost shark less scary. Then, there's #9. I haven't seen a shark species like that since the movie "Malibu Shark Attack". And I thought the Ghost Shark is known for its share of legends. #7 is makes him the runner-up! Ooh! Look at #4! The Angel Shark is a real beauty! Whoa, #3. Looking pretty mean there. I think I've seen that before; #1! At Shedd Aquarium! Now, that takes me back.
strike gaming
strike gaming 2 maanden geleden
Hidden in ocean=EXTINCT
Dream Spiller
Dream Spiller 2 maanden geleden
1:01 the critic from Ratatouille
END TIMES 2 maanden geleden
Is this a computer generated voice...annoying
REALM GAMING 2 maanden geleden
Is it just me or does this guy sound like susuke
Anthony Venegas
Anthony Venegas 2 maanden geleden
Anthony Venegas
Anthony Venegas 2 maanden geleden
Really a whale shark it not even Rare whale sharks are common
Anthony Venegas
Anthony Venegas 2 maanden geleden
How about add goblen shark
CozmicAnimations 2 maanden geleden
Caroline O'Connor
Caroline O'Connor 2 maanden geleden
Drinking game idea: take a sip every time he says shark. Take a shot when he says rare
I Made Lutpri Atmada Astika Oka
I Made Lutpri Atmada Astika Oka 2 maanden geleden
Now i know the every shark references they used at Hungry Shark World and Evolution games. Thanks.
itscayla notkayla
itscayla notkayla 2 maanden geleden
The first shark is rare......well its bones are at least.....but it IS still 2020 and scientists have made donasour egg type things by crossing old trex tissue(from fossils) and crossing it with a chicken
CharcerY 2 maanden geleden
shark pog
ٰ 2 maanden geleden
*_19:42_**_ YOOO HE POGGIN 😳😳😳_*
Autumn 2 maanden geleden
Sometimes I think the ocean is like “hmmm, let’s try this completely unnecessary style of face and living and see what happens”
Kurt Tite
Kurt Tite 2 maanden geleden
My man just added a shark that went extinct on his rare sharks list
PaddyThePole 2 maanden geleden
So Angel Shark is like cross breed between Giant Stingray and Shark?
Christy Thomas
Christy Thomas 2 maanden geleden
Just talk normal- we can understand! There’s a difference between annunciation and inserting a period after every word- otherwise I live your channel!
ikkyu fujimura
ikkyu fujimura 2 maanden geleden
If i see this when i was swimming ima just freak out and drowed...
TheSeoulBrotha 2 maanden geleden
the Helica Prion (the first shark) has the most inefficient mouth ever xD I'm pretty sure the scientists jus found a spikey Nautilus and then decided to make shark out of it and it jus doesn't work lol
Tou Jing Yi
Tou Jing Yi 2 maanden geleden
The videos of "sawsharks" are generally "sawfishes" which are rays instead of sharks which is often confused with true sawshark. At least the first brief view, that one, is a saw shark, then sawfish (ray) took over.....
joeson tee
joeson tee 2 maanden geleden
Hmmm u think slender man is real......
dankk_chicken 2 maanden geleden
Me:hi shark Shark:hello human Me:swims away Shark: 3:00
Illuminator 770
Illuminator 770 2 maanden geleden
what i learned long tail shark perks:warm blood buffs: speed and agility
Illuminator 770
Illuminator 770 2 maanden geleden
shark pog
Lily 2 maanden geleden
these sharks could very well still exist. they prolly are still hidden in the ocean.
JoshyBoy ‘
JoshyBoy ‘ 2 maanden geleden
“Here’s another pretty damn huge fish” Greenland shark: 2:31
Silven Focxtarioz
Silven Focxtarioz 2 maanden geleden
Amerikano: WHALE SHARE IS RARE Philippines: Fuck off were just feeding them shrimp
Silven Focxtarioz
Silven Focxtarioz 2 maanden geleden
Scientist: Why this shark has a buzzsaw tooth God: lemme do this experiment...cool go swim the ocean
Gaven Wolfgang
Gaven Wolfgang 2 maanden geleden
Basking Shark? More like. Heh. Pog. Shark.
Jillian Alexa Santos
Jillian Alexa Santos 2 maanden geleden
My 4th grade class mates were talking to me after summer and they told me they caught a “Megaladon” and I was there like: 👁👄👁 I know it’s fake but dude why..
Trucked 2 maanden geleden
Midtone 2 maanden geleden
*Shark pog*
Diaz 123
Diaz 123 2 maanden geleden
I think you forgot something...
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