Burnt Combine Cleanup 😁

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Mike Mitchell

28 dagen geleden

** It's combine cleanup time! Let's tear this thing into little pieces and have some fun while doing it! 😁🤣
** This was a Fendt Ideal 9 combine that burnt to the ground last fall (2020) in my opinion and also the fire inspectors opinion, was caused by the right hand gear box failure.
** You can watch the whole combine burn down on my video last fall, thankfully no one was hurt 🙂
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Colton Garber
Colton Garber Dag geleden
Target Neutralize lol
Colton Garber
Colton Garber Dag geleden
That's a nice Duramax your friend has
Colton Garber
Colton Garber Dag geleden
That 200 is stronger than you think lol!
Colton Garber
Colton Garber Dag geleden
i knew that was. A Hitachi 200 before he unloaded it DAMN i'm good i'm. A heavy equipment fanatic
Colton Garber
Colton Garber Dag geleden
That's a Dirty Max you're driving
Ronnie G
Ronnie G 3 dagen geleden
On a machine worth well over £500k you'd think the insurance company would insist it was fitted with an effective fire extinguishing system.
Omen666 3 dagen geleden
ja jebie ja bym to wyklepał ;/
D G 3 dagen geleden
German quality 👍
Nathi Olifant
Nathi Olifant 4 dagen geleden
Made in Germany
GasScent 4 dagen geleden
I like the way he says "Hey John"
William Nesbitt
William Nesbitt 5 dagen geleden
So hoping to see it in the truck and all cleaned up
Dave Schowengerdt
Dave Schowengerdt 6 dagen geleden
its always amazing how true operators can dance with there mach
Dave Schowengerdt
Dave Schowengerdt 6 dagen geleden
hope he dosent scratch the paint
bob g
bob g 9 dagen geleden
Would you shut up!
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 9 dagen geleden
Haha I appreciate that your feedback! But unfortunately I can not 😬🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😂
Ghost hunter
Ghost hunter 11 dagen geleden
How many tons of steel ?
Deutzfahrer moosi62
Deutzfahrer moosi62 12 dagen geleden
31:25 what🤯
Deutzfahrer moosi62
Deutzfahrer moosi62 12 dagen geleden
alexMeier1000 13 dagen geleden
to be honest.. every brand has the same bearings because they are standardized and that makes them cheaper. so this bearing could also have been built in to a case or whatever and caused overheat or something
john dycus
john dycus 14 dagen geleden
This guy is annoying as hell
Kevin Giefer
Kevin Giefer 14 dagen geleden
Nothing will grow in that spot for many years unless the dirt is dug up and replaced
Farmer TJ
Farmer TJ 15 dagen geleden
It definitely wasn’t going to be falling apart anytime soon
Len Hofer
Len Hofer 16 dagen geleden
Been doing that of-load for years .....first time i see another rater do that ....👍
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller 16 dagen geleden
got me twisting and turning as he tears it apart you made it an experience great visual
Jon 16 dagen geleden
A sheer attachment for that excavator would take this from being a job to a task.
The Coal Train
The Coal Train 16 dagen geleden
This video annoyed me because as an operator myself having idiots in my blind spot all day pisses me off. Let the man fucking work you have a zoom Use it
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 16 dagen geleden
That's fair, thanks for the input 🙂
Claud Reindl
Claud Reindl 17 dagen geleden
I have seen at least 4 other burnt combine videos. Apparently it happens more than a person would think.
Simon Preece
Simon Preece 17 dagen geleden
RD PJ 17 dagen geleden
Genesis Attachments and LaBounty make a set of hydraulic "scissors" that replace the bucket and thumb on the excavator. They would make quick work of cutting that into pieces.
Mason Kautz
Mason Kautz 17 dagen geleden
At 29:40 mike almost died
con aran
con aran 18 dagen geleden
Less talk would make more enjoyable time but thumbs up
CHRIST is KING 777 19 dagen geleden
Mike I have a comment. This is a strikingly beautiful video!
Josh JABLONICKY 19 dagen geleden
Very surprised this guy doesn't have a nipper attachment for his machine.
Fasterdura177 19 dagen geleden
Mike likes John By the sounds of it ❤️❤️💕. 😂
Gary Kenny
Gary Kenny 19 dagen geleden
Daniel Hinkle
Daniel Hinkle 20 dagen geleden
You talk to much.
Колхоз Сто лет без урожаЯ
Колхоз Сто лет без урожаЯ 20 dagen geleden
Сгорел на работе...
BIILLETT 20 dagen geleden
love the sign!!!
Duane Bolen
Duane Bolen 20 dagen geleden
When it’s so easy to catch on fire why don’t you have a water system to put fire out installed
Duane Bolen
Duane Bolen 20 dagen geleden
That is built tough and strong
James Randall
James Randall 20 dagen geleden
I just watched the video and it was interesting, do you know how long that trailer was? Did you do a video of the loading of the trailer?
Nick Mastroianni
Nick Mastroianni 20 dagen geleden
Enjoyed the video but could have done w/o the sophomoric comedy.
James Randall
James Randall 20 dagen geleden
Sorry about the smart remark, it was done by my 8 year old grandson...who now is not allowed to use the computer for a month.
Simon Preece
Simon Preece 20 dagen geleden
Simon Preece
Simon Preece 17 dagen geleden
Elias Steiner
Elias Steiner 20 dagen geleden
Richard. Deam6
Richard. Deam6 20 dagen geleden
Whats so funny? I dont find it funny !!! Was it inshored???
Richard. Deam6
Richard. Deam6 20 dagen geleden
@Mike Mitchell thank God. It hapend to me on a MF DELTA 5 years ago. I now have a JOHN DEER X91190 WHICH WAS new last year before after the DELTA a JOHN DEER 680 i then the new combine last year The DELTA 30 ft cut and the two JOHN DEERS 40 FTcut
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 20 dagen geleden
Pete Patev
Pete Patev 20 dagen geleden
Are we in canada ah?
Tractors Trucks and Pups
Tractors Trucks and Pups 20 dagen geleden
Honestly kinda amazes me how that little (I know it's actually kinda big) engine can power everything that huge combine does!
James Randall
James Randall 20 dagen geleden
Gosh do you ever shut up?
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 20 dagen geleden
Haha I know! Try be me tho 🤣🤦‍♂️
Shawna Burns
Shawna Burns 20 dagen geleden
What kinda combine is this??? Year make model??? I gotta tell my uncle to get one!!!!
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 20 dagen geleden
Haha ideal 9
Dee Tee
Dee Tee 21 dag geleden
Robots....3.... 2... 1..... FIGHT!
TheThebinman10 21 dag geleden
Does not take burning gear around with him .
ACE FREHLEY 21 dag geleden
Clifton Neubauer
Clifton Neubauer 21 dag geleden
Build a table out off the engine
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
Should have! Opportunity lost 🤦‍♂️
Sem Ridder
Sem Ridder 21 dag geleden
is the moter seased
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
I think with some lube, could get it going! 😂
ctdieselnut 21 dag geleden
Are you drunk man? By the end you're hollering and woooing.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
@ctdieselnut haha would be very interesting forsure! 😂
ctdieselnut 21 dag geleden
@Mike Mitchell I know the feeling lol. It's all good, not trying to be a dick. Gotta make the best out of a terrible situation. Cant blame anyone for having fun. Ya know it would have been more fun if you guys were both drunk.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
Haha unfortunately I am not no... Just having a blast! I apologize for having too much fun perhaps haha 🥴😂🤦‍♂️
JAMES Richardson
JAMES Richardson 21 dag geleden
He thinks he's funny .....FYI He's Not
Jim Williamson
Jim Williamson 21 dag geleden
Yah, don’t talk, just watch!
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
It's problem 🤦‍♂️😂
rougan roquette
rougan roquette 21 dag geleden
how did it burn
Edward Schwenk
Edward Schwenk 21 dag geleden
He has a video on it that was uploaded October 05, 2020 explaining it. A seal went out of a gearbox that ran one of the rotors. The gearbox ran out of oil, things got hot, and the fire started. Being at the back of the combine, by the time it was noticed, there was no stopping it.
Michael Surratt
Michael Surratt 21 dag geleden
This is not trashing Fendt at all when I say this. That thing is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. He is having a hard time ripping it apart. That is a tough combine.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
Haha thats what I thought too
Blake Reed
Blake Reed 21 dag geleden
That thing aint coming off. Without motivation had me laughing hahaha
Joshua Scheerhoorn
Joshua Scheerhoorn 22 dagen geleden
what happend?
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
Brunt down last fall, scroll down to watch the video
Душан Стефановић
Душан Стефановић 22 dagen geleden
Too bad you went out of juice. Nice work with demolition.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
We were late for our Pre Seed BBQ, we wouldn't have been able to stay longer if we wanted to
Rodion Raskolnikow
Rodion Raskolnikow 22 dagen geleden
W Polsce jeszcze by ten kombajn uruchomili..
Obama Big Ears
Obama Big Ears 22 dagen geleden
Cole the Cornstar would had ejaculated if he would seen all that scarp steel
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 21 dag geleden
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
I Paddle My Own Canoe. 22 dagen geleden
Good video maybe less talk in the future and.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 22 dagen geleden
You're leaving me with a cliffhanger here 🤔😂
David 22 dagen geleden
At first I thought this was one of the machines that Biden voters had torched.
Griffen Denys
Griffen Denys 22 dagen geleden
This is the most entertaining video I’ve seen in a long time for some reason
randalljames 22 dagen geleden
you are why customers are not allowed in the work area.... sheeesh let the guy do his job..
Leon van der Weide
Leon van der Weide 22 dagen geleden
He just went straight into it hahah, mental!
Leon van der Weide
Leon van der Weide 22 dagen geleden
"No human died in this combine, that we know of..." xD cracked me up!
Genie Stotz
Genie Stotz 22 dagen geleden
Looks like you re getting ready to do some steam punk art.
Herbst Johann
Herbst Johann 23 dagen geleden
Hallo du, danke für das video, Nur bitte erzähle nicht Sachen die ersichtlich sind und die ein gesunder Menschenverstand auch sieht, jetzt kommt die große Säge zum Einsatz.... Hilf ihm besser damit er nicht so viel machen muss, wenn er hier fertig ist kannst du ja die andere Seite abschneiden..... LG Herbst Johann aus Österreich
Kiuruveen_raikku 23 dagen geleden
how many hours in that hitachi?
Андрей Павлов
Андрей Павлов 23 dagen geleden
Жаль,что сгорел!
Jeroen Pekkeriet
Jeroen Pekkeriet 23 dagen geleden
Amazing video and cool truck sound :-) Greatings from the Netherlands!
David reeves
David reeves 23 dagen geleden
Was a good video apart from the fool squealing like a girl and annoying the operator all the time. Woooo
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 23 dagen geleden
Haha I appreciate your feedback David! To be honest, I was told to ask as many questions as I could think of.. That's what I do here on my channel, try to think questions that the majority would ask. I want to be educational but I also just want to have fun! I questioned whether or not to record this video because I wanted to enjoy it with John.. There's something very satisfying about this work. But I do apologize, I can enjoy it too much sometimes 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️
Moneyandtime Freedom
Moneyandtime Freedom 23 dagen geleden
😂 LOL, Mike calling this like a PRIZE FIGHT ding 🛎 ding 🛎
Paul Pavlinovich
Paul Pavlinovich 23 dagen geleden
he needs a shear
Julian van de Ven
Julian van de Ven 23 dagen geleden
Cranes are not made to dig in to the ground but to dig in combines
Edwin Leach
Edwin Leach 23 dagen geleden
Did it burn down or burn up?
Joe Dorweiler
Joe Dorweiler 23 dagen geleden
The excavator took a little bit to get the unload anger off, but now if you forgot to fold it in, a light pole would take it right off
An RD 23 dagen geleden
german steel!
jcortiz123 23 dagen geleden
Would you buy another one from the same company
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto 23 dagen geleden
I think you missed the Money shot! Let us know what is the replacement?
DCW 23 dagen geleden
All new from ground up. Thanks
Devo116 23 dagen geleden
our 724 just burn yesterday too ... 4000 hour..
John Partridge
John Partridge 24 dagen geleden
Shut up yapping & let him get on with his job.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 24 dagen geleden
Haha agreed! 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
framfull 24 dagen geleden
Digger should have a hydraulic cutter instead🤠
Chrissy Francis8
Chrissy Francis8 24 dagen geleden
I scrap metal(nothing like a whole combine!) but, yes, cables, wires=copper. Copper=actually worth the hassle for the money.
Chrissy Francis8
Chrissy Francis8 24 dagen geleden
This is a boy’s dream, big boys with big toys & a reverse transformer.
Evnflw1 24 dagen geleden
Don't worry. I think you can fix it
Kent Mathieson
Kent Mathieson 24 dagen geleden
Very interesting video Mike, but sad as well.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 24 dagen geleden
But it's just equipment.. All can be replaced, it's ppl who can't be, and everyone was safe 🙂
Patryk Lisak
Patryk Lisak 24 dagen geleden
ok, first, mike we all love you , and know you like danger but please maybe a high vis jacket around swinging hunks of metal?, also someone please sponsor mike with battery banks
Chris Musix
Chris Musix 24 dagen geleden
steven hands
steven hands 24 dagen geleden
Someone get the man some shears for that machine.
Rövhålgren CP Arselstedt
Rövhålgren CP Arselstedt 24 dagen geleden
So did you get paid anything for the scrap steel or did all of that go into John's pocket ? And that engine might be saveable if you wanned to, had the time and resources to do it, unless its warped to all hell.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 24 dagen geleden
We paid John haha
Cyberhorn Thedragon
Cyberhorn Thedragon 24 dagen geleden
looks like someone took the end caps off the header so a couple bits got reused elsewhere
TEXAN1845 24 dagen geleden
This mike Mitchell is a moron
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell 24 dagen geleden
I appreciate your feedback good sir 🙂
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw 24 dagen geleden
Never knew AGCO was this tough
Simono Ono
Simono Ono 21 dag geleden
That’s german over-engineering right there for you ;)
camerons springman
camerons springman 24 dagen geleden
Now Mike did you own the combine and when they burn do you get the replaced by company or do you just buy a new one?
Ed K
Ed K 24 dagen geleden
Price of scap steel has jumped from Cdn $90 to $250 tonne, relative to the US buckeroo - this guy will be making some good coin.
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