Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

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23 dagen geleden

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samitotupaci 12 minuten geleden
Ndl soild
Ndl soild 45 seconden geleden
Fire u nerd
dcifg 15 minuten geleden
ardees voice thoo
Jacob burke
Jacob burke 21 minuut geleden
Tiktok ruined this
_louix h4mmond_
_louix h4mmond_ 30 minuten geleden
Where’s aitch?
Bonjour les enfants
Bonjour les enfants 31 minuut geleden
Axis-Mello 41 minuut geleden
Now we can all agree that this is better megan thee stallion
Mark's countless possibilities
Mark's countless possibilities 42 minuten geleden
this song SLAPPPSSSS!!!! I don't care what anyone tells me.
RE-UP Beats
RE-UP Beats 43 minuten geleden
Coffee Time
Coffee Time 45 minuten geleden
The US rapper (fivio) is the only one VVSed 🤣
رايدي 54 minuten geleden
هل اكو عرب 😭🇮🇶❤💙
Winter _Blix
Winter _Blix 58 minuten geleden
this song goes hard
黄仁俊Ⲙooϻin_Otaku Uur geleden
If you guys want to see another lit group rap, see Eung Freestyle and Born Hater.
gresaG Uur geleden
We need a remix just with arrdee. He is sick!
Unique CODM
Unique CODM Uur geleden
People that come here not from Tiktok deserve to like this comment😎
BOOMING Lorry Uur geleden
Am trying to give this 3 like, but cannot, am like fucked up..🇳🇬🇳🇬
TTV_jemz_money Is certified
TTV_jemz_money Is certified Uur geleden
Tick-tock is ruining this song
Flow Prod.
Flow Prod. Uur geleden
I hate this song man im just here to listen to fivios verse 🤒
Miguel Fernandes
Miguel Fernandes Uur geleden
Arrdee was the best
BrutalityTiktok Uur geleden
Russ is the type of guy to remix a remix
Rocco Fava
Rocco Fava Uur geleden
1:33 Tion's face it's just something different
insert name
insert name Uur geleden
Ragsad Richbadbitch
Ragsad Richbadbitch Uur geleden
I’m a English boy and I’m so bloody light
Vørtex Uur geleden
It would've been sick if Official TS was in here!
thunder 999
thunder 999 2 uur geleden
Arrdee is litterly🔥🔥
Sadhu Meewes
Sadhu Meewes 2 uur geleden
That milky boy killed it
xSipher 2 uur geleden
Im only here bcs my 8yr old sister was listening to this.
pj 2 uur geleden
Davo 2 uur geleden
If this the hood of the UK I’m need to live there Bc it’s safer there then where I live💀
clouds 16 minuten geleden
There is nothin in Edmonton green
LemzWZ 2 uur geleden
Will always be a banger
Bloodhound 360
Bloodhound 360 2 uur geleden
Arrdee looks ziyech
Swiftz 2 uur geleden
ZT best feature in this
alfie hindley
alfie hindley 2 uur geleden
all of these are cold ladssssss
neo.CR7 2 uur geleden
Arddee really proved himself
Demon X TvD
Demon X TvD 3 uur geleden
Legit drill
Asim Rehman
Asim Rehman 3 uur geleden
English black mans are the most confusing things ever 😅
JJ_cxb 3 uur geleden
Theo Sundem Barlaug
Theo Sundem Barlaug 3 uur geleden
Bugz Malone had the stinkiest verse ever
Leos Kayhan
Leos Kayhan 3 uur geleden
Broad Beans
Broad Beans 3 uur geleden
Tik tok ruined
Josh 3 uur geleden
Fivio had the best verse
Mas Azra Zakirah
Mas Azra Zakirah 3 uur geleden
Cybuch 3 uur geleden
every thumbs up is the NLposts cash these immigrants will send to their families in Africa
karl oscar laanemets
karl oscar laanemets 3 uur geleden
Imagine if Gordon Ramsay was in this, dude would be rapping recipes🤣
Yumeko chan
Yumeko chan 3 uur geleden
It could be more lit if pop smoke was in there
Yumeko chan
Yumeko chan 3 uur geleden
Fivio voice is so perfect for the beat
Fable 777
Fable 777 4 uur geleden
the tik tok song
Ayush Gouda
Ayush Gouda 4 uur geleden
White boy went hardest
queen izzy
queen izzy 4 uur geleden
Ayeeee 💣💣💣
Janecina Ohol
Janecina Ohol 4 uur geleden
They are fuckin awesome
Pritesh Chauhan
Pritesh Chauhan 4 uur geleden
Dean Agyemang
Dean Agyemang 4 uur geleden
There’s so many people on this song you might as well call it a cypher😅
Supreme iisrael
Supreme iisrael 4 uur geleden
These dudes sound so fucking goofy😭😭
Redi Uur geleden
@Supreme iisrael Fortnite 😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡
BB Uur geleden
@Supreme iisrael why you acting as if you have no fortnite videos on your channel 😂
Supreme iisrael
Supreme iisrael Uur geleden
@BB you’re British too huh?🤣🤣
BB 2 uur geleden
1 4 uur geleden
Arrdee bodied this
Muhammad Ariq
Muhammad Ariq 4 uur geleden
Brylynn Chipps
Brylynn Chipps 4 uur geleden
Me as a American not knowing what they are saying:👁️👄👁️
Oa Styles
Oa Styles 4 uur geleden
I come here everyday just to play 0:41 to 1:07..🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏
Gaurav 4 uur geleden
Amilcar Hernandez
Amilcar Hernandez 4 uur geleden
Music videos are so much better without guns and drugs 😂
George Herrera
George Herrera 4 uur geleden
I can’t take uk rap serious
Elz010 Uur geleden
Ur name is literally George 🤣🤣
Redi Uur geleden
Yet u listen to lil uzi 😂
BB 2 uur geleden
Why do you need to take it serious
h 4 uur geleden
But yet your still here commenting 🤫🤫
Desxire 4 uur geleden
Strapped Dragon
Strapped Dragon 5 uur geleden
0:04 got the local crack head on set
Michel Thiel
Michel Thiel 5 uur geleden
0:41 🔥
Zeid Badulla
Zeid Badulla 5 uur geleden
this music is so good
Zar 5 uur geleden
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
nightbringer 5 uur geleden
мой человек, которого я люблю этого парня
Gerald Gboy Boi
Gerald Gboy Boi 5 uur geleden
Arrdee bra is fire
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone 5 uur geleden
I feel bad for the girls named Adeola.
By Mindy
By Mindy 5 uur geleden
Love from Lithuania 🇱🇹❤️
Jasmine Beasley
Jasmine Beasley 6 uur geleden
4 mins of greatness
you're gross
you're gross 6 uur geleden
sharyn_o Ogbeiwi
sharyn_o Ogbeiwi 6 uur geleden
I wonder what their 1st reaction was when the white boy sent his verse in
Maxi Mpelle
Maxi Mpelle 6 uur geleden
African girl Adiola😀😀😀
Maxi Mpelle
Maxi Mpelle 6 uur geleden
Rhaenyra I Targaryen
Rhaenyra I Targaryen 7 uur geleden
0:40 he looks exactly like what I thought he would look.💀💀💀
Ptm Productions
Ptm Productions 7 uur geleden
Anyone hating on arrdee is crazy man has so much potential he has a backstory
Rishabh Bhatia
Rishabh Bhatia 7 uur geleden
Welcome to 100 million CLUB , in advance
M Skeezy
M Skeezy 7 uur geleden
I fuks with this ....straight heat!!!! from America
musty.7866 7 uur geleden
Clm down everyone the b-tec aitch is here
noah reed
noah reed 7 uur geleden
katy i love lizards yourself please
Quiet Kid Aka the school shooter
Quiet Kid Aka the school shooter 7 uur geleden
Wait this name pronounces 9 E 1
lacuna 7 uur geleden
this british song is really a banger
nobo the monkey nobo the monkey
nobo the monkey nobo the monkey 7 uur geleden
0:28 to 0:31 IS THE OP beat drop ngl
Kamen Springer
Kamen Springer 7 uur geleden
Any fellow Americans?
Kamari King
Kamari King 7 uur geleden
0:40 it the BEST PART😝
Uyet Oshfu
Uyet Oshfu 7 uur geleden
darkoo’s and buni’s part are underrated I haven’t even seen them before lol
XxEL JITxX 7 uur geleden
This actually goes hard ion gonna lie
Pyro Clan
Pyro Clan 8 uur geleden
White boy killed it
Mexicankid lol
Mexicankid lol 7 uur geleden
Ima lonely Sack
Ima lonely Sack 8 uur geleden
At first I was like, mmm British rap, as a joke... but bro... I don’t think it’s a joke anymore
Amadou Toure
Amadou Toure 8 uur geleden
Best song in 2021
Clown Boi
Clown Boi 8 uur geleden
Dakchya kumai
Dakchya kumai 8 uur geleden
This song needs more remixes 🔥
Koykoy Naginchi
Koykoy Naginchi 8 uur geleden
No subtitles no like 😤
Malike Got sauce
Malike Got sauce 8 uur geleden
If favio was from the uk he would have a accent and he would fit better on a UK beat and with an accent
L R Uur geleden
Fivio did good on this. Need more cypher tracks
Makayla ‘S Wlrd
Makayla ‘S Wlrd 8 uur geleden
Why trippin on the white boy😩
rata del barrel
rata del barrel 8 uur geleden
Itz_adam 9 uur geleden
Every since my friend told me about this song I can’t stop listen to it
Ridwan Sulaiman
Ridwan Sulaiman 9 uur geleden
this is my 5th time watching this
Car Ke
Car Ke 9 uur geleden
He is riding with a old person?
The Goat Kid
The Goat Kid 9 uur geleden
This 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amber Alfred
Amber Alfred 9 uur geleden
The usa got competition.
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