Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Cyberpunk 2077

14 dagen geleden

In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
Learn more:
Title: Come Close
Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
Title: Suicide
Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
Title: Makes Me Feel Better
Created by: Kevin Hastings

blazingsonic Minuut geleden
Cyberpunk 2077: Who will you be? Me: *I. Am. BATMAN!* CDPR: O_o...... *Slowly reaches for the phone to call DC comics*
Arthur Erayy
Arthur Erayy 7 minuten geleden
Cyberpunk 2077 = 🎈
KoR-x-SPIDERMAN 12 minuten geleden
This is a new trailer? It looks the same as the others nothing new about it
AbdulMajeed Ghareeb
AbdulMajeed Ghareeb 14 minuten geleden
If I'm not into rpgs i feel like imma like this game anyway but not really fully appreciate it (if it's a great game) Do you recommend if I play simpler rpgs before cyberpunk releases so that I can enjoy it to the max?
VGTVshows 19 minuten geleden
I already love this game!!! Can't wait to make content for it!
Joe Klenk
Joe Klenk 20 minuten geleden
If this game doesn't revolutionize Video Games for ever, people will be sad.
Guccicurry 24 minuten geleden
I havent been this hyped for a game since Red Dead Redemption 2. i hope Cyberpunk emotionally destroys me the same :)
VGTVshows 25 minuten geleden
I already love this game!!! Can't wait to make content for it!
Rorome Todoro
Rorome Todoro 40 minuten geleden
I think if Nightcity was a person this is what she would sound like.
Ron lim
Ron lim 43 minuten geleden
Jakub S.
Jakub S. 48 minuten geleden
I just hope the controls won't be clunky.
Lizard 49 minuten geleden
Şehinşah varmı?
Kane_ Mccalister
Kane_ Mccalister 57 minuten geleden
It's the voice of Diana From HTMAN™!!!!!!!
VIKKI 59 minuten geleden i can lose my virginity.....atleast inside the game
RoyalGaming Uur geleden
I am wondering if Cyberpunk 2077 is a SC-FI movie then definitely it will break some records
Philip Park
Philip Park Uur geleden
I'd seriously wanna know the system requirements. My eyes're on 75++ fps
Ankit Yadav
Ankit Yadav Uur geleden
Dhiren Tevatia
Dhiren Tevatia Uur geleden
GTA 5- Future Edition.
Zeru Uur geleden
I can't fuckin wait. I'm rewatching the trailer bc I'm so hyped.
ABdrenaline Uur geleden
so when is it gonna release? 2077?
Awn Al-Saluli
Awn Al-Saluli 9 minuten geleden
Next week you egg
GAMING MANIA Uur geleden
I am very excited to play this game ♥️♥️♥️♥️
TheZeallions Uur geleden
Simping in 2077.
Frame Shy
Frame Shy Uur geleden
So Basically Florida?
Hefty Garbage
Hefty Garbage Uur geleden
This is a parting gift from 2020. Lets enjoy it.
Han Ribeiro
Han Ribeiro 2 uur geleden
eu fico impressionado como mudaram a tradução das falas para portugues na dublagem... portugues BR tem tudo girias e etc.. mas a dublagem ficou boa.. só diferente pra quem ta acostumado com falas ingles nos jogos..
K STAR 2 uur geleden
For mobiles or pc
Gogo Anime
Gogo Anime 2 uur geleden
game names : Cyberpunk2077 Now: corona 2020
I'm the captain now
I'm the captain now 2 uur geleden
Always amazed at how expertly the trailers are put up.
drupek100 2 uur geleden
Kiedy będzie wersja na PS5?
marlerr __
marlerr __ 2 uur geleden
So basically fallout
mafakka2 2 uur geleden
ну такое блять...
Arun Ray
Arun Ray 2 uur geleden
Will this game ever come out??
tilon 2 uur geleden
yes, in 7 days
Jameson T.
Jameson T. 2 uur geleden
Ashish bro
Ashish bro 3 uur geleden
I will easily beleive if u say this is Gta6 trailer
jose manuel muñoz martinez
jose manuel muñoz martinez 3 uur geleden
I know I'm watching a trailer for cyberpunk.. but her voice makes me think im about to play a new Hitman mission
soull_ff 3 uur geleden
se baixou é pq roda né ? kkkk
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 3 uur geleden
Gonna tell my kids this is GTA but in a futuristic version.
Kubaayy 3 uur geleden
To będzie potężne
Mohamed Althaf
Mohamed Althaf 3 uur geleden
Release date is in the Game name itself
Musicalasaurus 3 uur geleden
2:50! Executions are gonna be EPIC!
Ryne Fernando
Ryne Fernando 4 uur geleden Cyberpunk GMV 18+
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia 4 uur geleden
This game looks easily like game of the decade
Vinny Lombardo
Vinny Lombardo 4 uur geleden
Keanu doesnt die in the game and in real life hes probably over 3000yrs old
Mohamed Elansary
Mohamed Elansary 4 uur geleden
GTA 5 is better 😉
JESUS POWER 4 uur geleden
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Fuck you Bitch
Fuck you Bitch 4 uur geleden
7 years waiting for this game only to be able to afford the game and not the ps5 or new xbox still gonna be amazing though 😂
mello Master
mello Master 4 uur geleden
I guess this game is a AAAA game
algy be
algy be 4 uur geleden
Lockstep Chris
Lockstep Chris 4 uur geleden
This game is never gonna come out and you know it
Hi-Jacked Lambo
Hi-Jacked Lambo 4 uur geleden
If this game isn’t at least great it will be the most disappointing game of all time. But I think it will be one of the best.
Necip Özmen
Necip Özmen 5 uur geleden
Oyunun konusu nedir?
MichaelStephen Tanjoco
MichaelStephen Tanjoco 5 uur geleden
Rage 2 was boring, It was fun in the trailer, This looks like it too
Lin Hill Field
Lin Hill Field 5 uur geleden
Wow right on my fucking birthday 😭
TheKarpuzcuk 5 uur geleden
cyberbug alan enayi
Johnny BamBam
Johnny BamBam 5 uur geleden
”I heard about this game for the first time now. Will buy it but it will not recieve higher than 7 out of 10 stars from me.”- Johnny Bambam, professional gamer
Samir 6 uur geleden
Fact: 2077 is the present year in Nepal.
Ma1q 6 uur geleden
This is going to be the most overhyped game of all time
ABCTV 6 uur geleden
Bi acilsa da rahatlasak 😒
Nigam Rockstar
Nigam Rockstar 6 uur geleden
Imagine watching this trailer on tv and someone from your family asks which movie is this?
Mr AR 6 uur geleden
I just hope this game will have out-of-city areas like abandoned places similar to Mad Max wasteland, where you drive around and run onto some thieves and you fight or drive your way out. That'd be sick.
The Rice Potato
The Rice Potato 6 uur geleden
I didn't see the customizable genitalia. 0/10. Lmao
Fabian Herrera
Fabian Herrera 6 uur geleden
yeaah new trailer... 3 years later" yeah new trailer
DUBDUB 7 uur geleden
I come out on my birthday!!!! Please don’t let it get pushed back again please man
Insurge 6 uur geleden
It 100% won't considering that stores just got the retail copies!
XxToxicWaist xX
XxToxicWaist xX 7 uur geleden
This game seems like shit Imma wait for like a month before I get it
Drac Dan
Drac Dan 7 uur geleden
OHH boy! can't wait to romance judy alvarez in 10th december!
Insurge 6 uur geleden
Better play female then ;)
DisarmingAuto7 7 uur geleden
my body is ready... to be cybernetically enhanced
ok ok
ok ok 7 uur geleden
This reminds me of Akudama Drive
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 7 uur geleden
Watch it get delayed again
Broccoli_32 7 uur geleden
Not gonna happen, the game has already been shipped to a bunch of people. Best Buy accidentally send the collectors editions out so there’s people playing the game right now.
Manly Man
Manly Man 7 uur geleden
Sucks that i wont be playing this game since i bought a 700$ pc for Christmas But my B-day is in may, so i guess thats ok
The Eyelidman 2
The Eyelidman 2 8 uur geleden
If this game gets modded we need an akira bike and pills jacket
Nathan Steadman
Nathan Steadman 8 uur geleden
Will there be vr support
Insurge 6 uur geleden
Sadly, no. It would be far too taxing on any system. CDPR said that it is not in the pipeline either
Gary Redfield
Gary Redfield 8 uur geleden
1:08 that guy looks like the guy from the big smoke order
Gary Redfield
Gary Redfield 8 uur geleden
I dont know why... But I wil miss the delays, its kinda sad for me that its finally releasing
Quinard 98
Quinard 98 8 uur geleden
After 7 years, finally we can play this game. Incredible
Ord Hen
Ord Hen 8 uur geleden
Please make long story gameplay
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 8 uur geleden
It has a long story, and plenty of high quality side content
Anonymous Rebel
Anonymous Rebel 8 uur geleden
Looks like humanity never got cured from Covid-19, instead they evolved... into the world of Cyberpunks I go cause this reality is more of a nightmare!
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 7 uur geleden
Different universe entirely
sirsnowy7 8 uur geleden
Loved all 15 seconds of Gameplay
sirsnowy7 4 uur geleden
@Broccoli_32 Prove it 😐 Really.
Broccoli_32 5 uur geleden
@sirsnowy7 You have eyes don’t you? It’s not that hard too see what’s gameplay and what’s just a camera.
sirsnowy7 6 uur geleden
@Broccoli_32 Prove it
Broccoli_32 7 uur geleden
@sirsnowy7 it’s not just In-engine footage, it’s gameplay with the HUD turned off. This game is heavily narrative driven.
sirsnowy7 8 uur geleden
@Joshua Bull In engine footage =/= gameplay
ᴠɪꜱʜᴀʟ / ᴀᴅʜɪᴋᴀʀʏ
ᴠɪꜱʜᴀʟ / ᴀᴅʜɪᴋᴀʀʏ 8 uur geleden
David Sánchez
David Sánchez 8 uur geleden
Burrito Ramirez
Burrito Ramirez 8 uur geleden
this was like 9 seconds of gameplay
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 8 uur geleden
No, most of it is gameplay
Zman o7
Zman o7 8 uur geleden
Just what we need to finish 2020 more apoplectic garbage, like the real world ain't bad enough for ya in the here and now?
Insurge 6 uur geleden
Nice spelling
Just a Human
Just a Human 8 uur geleden
injured weeb
injured weeb 9 uur geleden
Imagine disliking a game that hasn’t even come out yet
Jerad Olivera
Jerad Olivera 9 uur geleden
When does coop come out
Insurge 6 uur geleden
2021 at the earliest however don't be shocked if it ends up being 2022.
Synd1cate 9 uur geleden
Hope I can give my character a fat ass 😳
Sam 9 uur geleden
narration? in a trailer?? in 2020????????? LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 8 uur geleden
Do you need to take a seat and talk about what your dad did yo you?
Maurice Holloway
Maurice Holloway 9 uur geleden
4:33 looking like Grievous with dual lightsabers for arms 🤣
Friendly Koala
Friendly Koala 9 uur geleden
Most anticipated game of all time?
Tuc Lance
Tuc Lance 9 uur geleden
But can you see the body when you look down......
Tuc Lance
Tuc Lance 6 uur geleden
@Insurge sweet.. well well we will see in a few days. Watch b4 i buy :D
Insurge 6 uur geleden
Yes! It was leaked when some guy got an early copy.
Nick Monzo
Nick Monzo 9 uur geleden
I just read an article on how multiple player and single player will be sold separately. LOL Cyberpunk 76
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 8 uur geleden
That's not how it works Multiplayer will be a free to play standalone game in a few years Don't open your mouth if you don't know shit
Kirill Kirill
Kirill Kirill 9 uur geleden
Каждый, кто будет играть в это, запустит в себе программу на подобное будущее. Нас всех готовят к подобному будущему, и это страшно друзья. Подумайте ребята как следует, нужна ли вам такая жизнь
Dulara Dilshan
Dulara Dilshan 10 uur geleden
ETS 2 😄
SITO11MAXI 10 uur geleden
Kustou 10 uur geleden
Is this like a gta type of game?
Insurge 6 uur geleden
It is very open world yes however its pacing is nothing like GTA. This game is very slow-paced and story-driven.
Synd1cate 9 uur geleden
No, this will be an RPG. If you go in expecting GTA you will be disappointed.
Percussive 10 uur geleden
Dude... a pov game where john wick tells me what to do is my wet dream
rustyowl19 10 uur geleden
So it's like better gta
rustyowl19 9 uur geleden
@Synd1cate I'm just joking
Synd1cate 9 uur geleden
No, this will be an RPG. If you go in expecting GTA you will be disappointed.
gelloyangster yang
gelloyangster yang 10 uur geleden
1:27 elen degenres lol
Koyote Green
Koyote Green 10 uur geleden
ImJustAidan 10 uur geleden
I actually got a girl before this game came out :D
Blake Williams
Blake Williams 10 uur geleden
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