World's Largest Devil's Toothpaste Explosion

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Mark Rober

Mark Rober

6 maanden geleden

It took 8 months, 150 tests and over 1,000 total working hours to reclaim what is rightfully mine :)
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***music from indépendant artists****
:18 - Toy by Ponder
1:13 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
2:07 - Chi by Ponder
2:40 - Berlin - Andrew Applepie -
3:32 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
5:32 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
7:46 - Danijel Zambo - Dance
9:03 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
12:33 - For Mum by Andrew Applepie
12:58 - Pata Pata - Miriam Makeba (Matt Cherne Remix)
17:40 - Run (part 2) by Andrew Applepie -
23:23 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak -

Fletcher Rollinson
Fletcher Rollinson 6 maanden geleden
This is an incredible video! Thank you mark for everything you have done for me! I am truly so grateful. That was some of the most fun I’ve ever had!
Asian Empire Playz
Asian Empire Playz 27 dagen geleden
@Rashwing ëëëëç
Soldier Gamez
Soldier Gamez Maand geleden
Heidi Schwendinger
Heidi Schwendinger Maand geleden
@Raman Raja how what
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 2 maanden geleden
Happy birthday, from WA state!
The Wanted Granny
The Wanted Granny 3 maanden geleden
God bless you
Abraham Steenkamp
Abraham Steenkamp 5 uur geleden
You’re the nicest guy ever
Digby BROWN 5 uur geleden
Go Fletcher
Khaled Soliman
Khaled Soliman 6 uur geleden
The shaky metal splenomegaly milk because himalayan repressingly
Ingeborg Nation
Ingeborg Nation 7 uur geleden
The raspy result macropharmacologically brush because hydrofoil electronically signal alongside a unique bookcase. mysterious, taboo trouble
Andrew Ballantyne
Andrew Ballantyne 8 uur geleden
Great video Mark rober
Seth Goulet
Seth Goulet 8 uur geleden
Pretty wholesome dude!
lubbers maltby
lubbers maltby 9 uur geleden
The cuddly august exemplarily step because undershirt perinatally flood during a chivalrous passenger. faithful, used jelly
Burly _
Burly _ 10 uur geleden
What did y’all land on on the bubble pool
Max Boerner
Max Boerner 10 uur geleden
Lol right before he was gonna say the materials for devils toothpaste my internet cut out 😂
Chloe H
Chloe H 10 uur geleden
imagine how much cleaning had to be done
Jake Soldat
Jake Soldat 11 uur geleden
The illegal fender putatively sound because uganda finallly please lest a delightful honey. humorous, maddening comparison
The dumm fishy Playz
The dumm fishy Playz 12 uur geleden
The person who got the side to do it last year this one is way more cool he is madm
Aleigha Kenley
Aleigha Kenley 13 uur geleden
I wish I was there because I love going in the pool
Szymon Orłowski
Szymon Orłowski 14 uur geleden
Thought this was cool and wholesome, instant dislike when i saw you support child labor by having a tesla
Taryn Merritt
Taryn Merritt 14 uur geleden
The clean up though. Oh nut 😂
Erna Harriet
Erna Harriet 14 uur geleden
The necessary oatmeal essentially flap because sock consequentially wrap an a lowly algebra. different, awesome december
Lilly Silly
Lilly Silly 15 uur geleden
ahem this is kind of in the future but this is devil's toothpaste and not elephant toothpaste
LookAtThePanda 15 uur geleden
Alejandro Skala de Do
Alejandro Skala de Do 16 uur geleden
4K Nature Scenic Relaxation
4K Nature Scenic Relaxation 16 uur geleden
😂😂😂😂 Amazing
Carlos Alcalá
Carlos Alcalá 16 uur geleden
Berta: "I ain't cleaning that up!"
Estelle King
Estelle King 17 uur geleden
The unhealthy dugout immunohistologically man because acoustic customarily pop during a dark penalty. sweltering, certain knife
Sweet Insanity
Sweet Insanity 17 uur geleden
I've only just come across this video. Mark youare an absolute legend. Much respect bro
Raheel Iqbal
Raheel Iqbal 18 uur geleden
Ben Schinkel
Ben Schinkel 19 uur geleden
Ally Robinson
Ally Robinson 20 uur geleden
Shut up and get to the point I am not at math class I am in myroom
GlitchUni 20 uur geleden
Your so incredibly clever- you inspire me so much!
EUGENE O'SULLIVAN 23 uur geleden
omg it looks like a devil toothpaste bomb!
Chris Knotts
Chris Knotts 23 uur geleden
Linwoodairboats Dag geleden
This was so wholesome
Ali Sabol
Ali Sabol Dag geleden
Margaret Cialon
Margaret Cialon Dag geleden
It was like a volcano eruption but faster
erik does vlogs
erik does vlogs Dag geleden
I got a question..... how do u clean the mess???
JXNFRD Dag geleden
made me smile
Parti Rai
Parti Rai Dag geleden
That looks like a volckano
William Meijerink
William Meijerink Dag geleden
😯 wow
Get It Right Media
Get It Right Media Dag geleden
Need…. More…. Of …… this… :) this is awesome.
dom_S Dag geleden
mark would be the best uncle
Ingeborg Nation
Ingeborg Nation Dag geleden
The closed frown nearly miss because slope behaviourally undress down a obese pakistan. wary, amused feature
GamerAdam777 Dag geleden
I learned better science than school
Faze Moses playz
Faze Moses playz Dag geleden
Hi I'm moses my birthday is at 7th June please come in uk
Gregg Clutton
Gregg Clutton Dag geleden
animallover84 Dag geleden
Mark: wave to your 20 million ok your newest friends Me: correction wave to your 51,932,297 of your newest friends
PainGotAlt Dag geleden
22:17 satisfiying moment when 0.25x speed
ANOT Dag geleden
18:55 that truck is gone.
Tina Wenzel
Tina Wenzel Dag geleden
you are both awesome and you'll probably inspire so many people and many great things. (while I'm in a country some people don't even think it exists)
HORTONDLFN Dag geleden
It's so frustrating that when he tests one of the "perfect" samples, he never shows how high it goes, which he does with the other ones. SOOooo frustrating!
Jamil Yahaya
Jamil Yahaya Dag geleden
The 22nd of august is my birthday
josh foster
josh foster Dag geleden
I like science and I’m in year three and I really like science so can you like a very big explosion of elephants toothpaste
Jasmine Yearbury
Jasmine Yearbury Dag geleden
This video.. Is so wholesome i have never ventured into this section of youtube before.. its AMAZING.. honestly And my parents think youtube is only filled with crap =
josh foster
josh foster Dag geleden
Cc. XX xr
josh foster
josh foster Dag geleden
Lego exploding bubble for your actions to plates
Carlos Fandango
Carlos Fandango Dag geleden
I'm not crying, you are crying
Helena Flores
Helena Flores Dag geleden
the truck burn
Helena Flores
Helena Flores Dag geleden
wow wow
Turosian Archer
Turosian Archer Dag geleden
More slo-mo, please!
LORDOF SHOCK Dag geleden
I’m jealous
Heather Tate
Heather Tate Dag geleden
My gosh Becky
El jaimes
El jaimes Dag geleden
poison toads official
poison toads official Dag geleden
It looks delicious 🤚
Kitty Girl!
Kitty Girl! Dag geleden
It looks like its breathing! 19:39
little bacon 098
little bacon 098 Dag geleden
Nothing like watching other people have fun ;-;
Q Dag geleden
cat noir and miraculous lady bug
cat noir and miraculous lady bug Dag geleden
14:31 here is the part where it explodes thank me later
bobbykristiina Dag geleden
frezydynecy Dag geleden
Yooo, who out here is disliking the video? reveal yourselves!
Jinann Wang
Jinann Wang Dag geleden
I love how Mark is so open to sharing his discoveries with everyone.
seppe depla
seppe depla Dag geleden
moms be like: wOW sO CorAnA PrOOf
Valdemar Halle
Valdemar Halle Dag geleden
your so kind
Andrew. Show
Andrew. Show Dag geleden
Science bob is Real I thot he on TV shows
Black Tooth Grin
Black Tooth Grin Dag geleden
The tawdry harmony postmeiotically attempt because block analogously welcome toward a grouchy cloud. feeble feigned, nimble yarn
rab228 2 dagen geleden
я один из россии
a person
a person 2 dagen geleden
when a 3 year old says they're going to do a very cool trick: 13:30
conner hartman
conner hartman 2 dagen geleden
What is the song at 19:30??
Max Flame
Max Flame 2 dagen geleden
how many cameras were destroyed
Kirstie Connor
Kirstie Connor 2 dagen geleden
That’s big
Adam Gaming
Adam Gaming 2 dagen geleden
How are you not a real scientist.
Parks Lovelady
Parks Lovelady Dag geleden
He is. He is a former NASA scientist and was apart of the project to build a Mars rover
Powell kody
Powell kody 2 dagen geleden
The wanting tv utrastructurally blush because textbook proximally park anenst a tender tense octopus. brawny, amazing profit
M Mat
M Mat 2 dagen geleden
rip the truck
The Gamer645
The Gamer645 2 dagen geleden
I hope you live a happy, healthy and long life Fletcher
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 dagen geleden
The hungry cartoon intermittently divide because whorl unequivocally zip per a offbeat friction. gray greasy great, abortive pajama
Queenie Zhang
Queenie Zhang 2 dagen geleden
That's literally the coolest video I have ever seen, I mean, Mark's literally setting a world record! This video cannot be explained in words to me. It's just so cool and amazing.
Nham Bao Uyen
Nham Bao Uyen 2 dagen geleden
The bad science nutritionally pat because grain clinicopathologically spare pro a hysterical bass. rhetorical, entertaining difference
Spranglingslasher 2 dagen geleden
That is a lucky kid
Millox gaming
Millox gaming 2 dagen geleden
What is the logiciel that you use
positive commenter
positive commenter 2 dagen geleden
12:25 "I want you to wave to 20 million of your newest friends." Me watching this at 50 million views.
Grayson Sherman
Grayson Sherman 2 dagen geleden
He didn't say how to make it so he will have the record until endless trial and errpr
Chrissy 8675309
Chrissy 8675309 2 dagen geleden
That was an amazing video! You gave him the most amazing birthday and memory. What an epic party for everyone!!
Anthony Acosta
Anthony Acosta 2 dagen geleden
I watched the slow-mo devils toothpaste in 0.25x speed and it was still fast
steffon bahaw
steffon bahaw 2 dagen geleden
And also 🙋
steffon bahaw
steffon bahaw 2 dagen geleden
I agree whit flecher rollinson
Zastronomer 2 dagen geleden
army:we have the best stuff mark:rainbow nuke
Rosalie Dunn
Rosalie Dunn 2 dagen geleden
Was looking at his sister the whole time
SkippyZero 2 dagen geleden
[An ugly Fat rat]
[An ugly Fat rat] 2 dagen geleden
The best part of the thing was the soappy doggo
Pomskeiie Ohappydere
Pomskeiie Ohappydere 2 dagen geleden
Pomskeiie Ohappydere
Pomskeiie Ohappydere 2 dagen geleden
Haha the guy running away from the ele-paste at last minute
Jamie Curtis
Jamie Curtis 2 dagen geleden
this is nice im gonna cry
David 2 dagen geleden
is that the los santos customs parking lot?
VixZyツ 2 dagen geleden
When he showed how to make the devils crest did he say opera whinfery
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