Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

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My Self Reliance

My Self Reliance

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#logcabin #bushcraft #offgrid #survival
One man leaves the city life behind to build a cheap off grid log cabin and homestead in the Canadian wilderness, including a log home, an outdoor kitchen, an outhouse, a woodshed and a sauna bathhouse. Building mostly with hand tools, Shawn James harvests building materials from the forests north of Toronto, Canada and crafts them into functional tools and shelters using traditional woodworking tools and methods. He practices bushcraft and survival skills every day, including fire starting, tree identification and harvesting, wild edible foraging, fishing, hunting, camping in the summer and winter, travelling by canoe and snowshoe, navigation and water collection and purification.
Continue watching in 2019 as Shawn finishes the sauna, plants a forest garden for fruit and vegetables, builds an underground root cellar, ice house and cheese cave, a timber frame workshop and a remote hunt camp closer to fish and game.
“Home”, by Simon-Alexander
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Le Poete
Le Poete 3 uur geleden
May the Almighty God bless you
Koito rob
Koito rob 4 uur geleden
Not my idea of being alone if you have your own youtube channel...
caleb21k 4 uur geleden
where did you get electricity for the Christmas lights in the upstairs bedroom area?
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 5 uur geleden
This is the most enjoyable video that I have ever had the privileged to watch on NLposts. Outstanding!
Izabella Dziekiewicz
Izabella Dziekiewicz 7 uur geleden
I wanted to ask if this forest is a place you bought or a lease. I live in Poland and here few people can cut trees in the places where they live. Generally, our forests are state-owned and we have to buy wood from others.
Tyler Cheung
Tyler Cheung 7 uur geleden
you look pretty slick in the suit tough :)
Mugen Lusk
Mugen Lusk 7 uur geleden
one of the best videos i have seen
Pieter Brepoels
Pieter Brepoels 9 uur geleden
Did you build this on your land?
Нет предела.
Нет предела. 9 uur geleden
Спасибо за видео! Молодец мужик! Всё построил своими руками.
MARINO LOCO LATINO 9 uur geleden
one day id like to do that myself
フェール君 11 uur geleden
0utd00rF0x - Virtual Tours
0utd00rF0x - Virtual Tours 11 uur geleden
Your video was so exciting. I watched it in one piece. Found it on NLposts by accident and I really enjoyed it. Your channel is just great. Keep it up. I will watch many more videos of you. What is the name of your dog? What a loyal soul and always in a good mood!
e d
e d 11 uur geleden
doğa sevgisine bak, ağaç bırakmadı herif...
Scott Ashley
Scott Ashley 15 uur geleden
Only lonely if you haven’t clarified your mind ACIM is fasted and easiest
Ali Yiğit
Ali Yiğit 15 uur geleden
1:15:00 Minecraft sounds
Mike 15 uur geleden
That dog would be happier living in an urban high rise apt with an IG page full of validation and an owner who works a 9-5
Tarnauceanu Alina-Gabriela
Tarnauceanu Alina-Gabriela 15 uur geleden
You must know i do believe you that you made those metal horn for the house and the heating.Of course all it is true.
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt 16 uur geleden
BTW, for anyone wanting a MUCH more hardcore version of this? Warner Herzog's documentary, "Happy People".
My Self Reliance
My Self Reliance 7 uur geleden
Except for the happy people part... I watched it a couple of times and was inspired but they, especially the women, didn't exactly convey happiness
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt 16 uur geleden
Well, after coming here from watching bullshit Burning Man music videos, this is some incredible stuff. Absolutely top shelf.
Honey2014 16 uur geleden
This reminds me movie from 80s about man bet with his friend about boat, he can live in cabin for one years alone. Can someone tell the name of the movie. (sorry about my english).
nilesh jadhav
nilesh jadhav 17 uur geleden
If you were two years in wilderness How did you charged your camera battery
Demoskratia 17 uur geleden
for sure his in the own garden
rEvolver 17 uur geleden
Cinquenta 18 uur geleden
Sons: "Dad, we brought a dog home!!" Dad: "I DON'T WANT A DOG IN OUR HOUSE!" Dad and dog:
Jean Yu
Jean Yu 18 uur geleden
Who took the shots? There needs to be someone else holding the camera.
Fred Ferd
Fred Ferd 19 uur geleden
Cities are the work of the devil
Nemuel Kessler
Nemuel Kessler 20 uur geleden
faltou uma mulher ai pra ficar perfeito, hehe
ALKAENO VE 20 uur geleden
Algo así con electricidad, internet y full comida y no me ven mas nunca :v
athriaxo 20 uur geleden
Doggo did most of the work off camera! xD
stevearno100 21 uur geleden
I just done - 4 years in the Scottish highlands ...nothing as good as this ...just built shacks made from what ever i could find ( corrugated iron , stone, logs ) ...i moved around alot , so built a good few of them . Had a iron wood burner ( 14 kilo ) , stove was a god send ( i loved all my KIT - tools are very important and improve your life) . Not really that cold compared to some parts of the world -15-20+ . Never lived off the land , i am not really that good of a forager , I stocked up on food and left them in caches all around the place ...cured meats ,done a little fishing etc etc . NEVER had a dog , you need one . I started to go a little CRAZY , never used to see other people for very long periods of time. I would love to DO , canada before i get too old
Paweł Asztoedy
Paweł Asztoedy 21 uur geleden
Pozdrawiam z Polski ;)
Emery Roth
Emery Roth 21 uur geleden
2 years without women? never
نشمي المطيري
نشمي المطيري 22 uur geleden
Daglas Edhelduin
Daglas Edhelduin 22 uur geleden
Ah si je pouvais profiter d'un tel silence....
Shaolin 23 uur geleden
must be a local hardware store nearby
Lyse Gauthier
Lyse Gauthier 23 uur geleden
Par hasard je regarde cette vidéo . Se serait très intéressant de voir les préparatifs de cette aventure . Les formations de constructions de maison en bois , on ne construit pas comme çà même pour un bon bricoleur . Comment a été acheminés tout les matériaux sur place . Comment a- t- il choisi l'emplacement au nord de Toronto . Je vois des oeufs dans une boite a -t-il été ravitaillé la première année? Merci de m'envoyer le lien si cette vidéo existe.
Ortiz Fraga Junior
Ortiz Fraga Junior 23 uur geleden
isso é deserto?
Wladimir Castro
Wladimir Castro Dag geleden
Muita propaganda no meio dos videos.... péssimo
Chris King
Chris King Dag geleden
Better than Netflix.
Zura Khvichia
Zura Khvichia Dag geleden
that axe can chop through space , time and infinity
Lamya Pharmacy
Lamya Pharmacy Dag geleden
Hi everything ok but you was killed lot of trees ,This is good for earth ? you know how many country effected climate changed the earth ,because of some people killed trees and sale ,that is business they were doing ,this video boost up to that kind of people they are got new idea , so am not agreed so sorry, this video not good ?????
acid 8 uur geleden
almost everything you use is made of wood
まぁっくす Dag geleden
25:00 かわいい♡
Rasmus Salomaa
Rasmus Salomaa Dag geleden
It is nice To hear about corona virus when you came back
Rasmus Salomaa
Rasmus Salomaa Dag geleden
Respect man really
haider chohan rajpot
haider chohan rajpot Dag geleden
Rambo father
haider chohan rajpot
haider chohan rajpot Dag geleden
Rambo father in jungle return from vietnam live alone
lilija cerkasina
lilija cerkasina Dag geleden
Withaut tv people can live
Mark Mccabe
Mark Mccabe Dag geleden
I can almost smell you're fish cooking, always better when off grid, something about the great outdoors lovely dog helper
Mark Mccabe
Mark Mccabe Dag geleden
Where did you get all of the planks from, did you make them yourself, great video very skillful
Betta fish
Betta fish Dag geleden
It will be perfect if you get a saxophone. Just my opinion.
Biju George Thakkolkaran
Biju George Thakkolkaran Dag geleden
For living of one person cutting this much trees?! Not acceptable at all
Leonard Mpofu
Leonard Mpofu Dag geleden
This is marvelous. Well crafted homestead.
Alien Wired
Alien Wired Dag geleden
A man is never alone when he has a good dog with him.
Horribly Blue
Horribly Blue 9 uur geleden
Exacly! Oh and a camera man... and a drone operator. There is small crowd there in fact.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Dag geleden
IF you were alone then who was filming you???
Canal João Müller
Canal João Müller Dag geleden
Não é fácil o começo ,mas depois é só viver
최정민 Dag geleden
집짓는것 어렵다고 생각하는데 대단하시다 멋지고 부럽다
Bow Tie Production
Bow Tie Production Dag geleden
how he get battery for camera?
Qtsfgg Dhjii
Qtsfgg Dhjii Dag geleden
She is a beautifully house
wild fire
wild fire Dag geleden
일반적인 섬유선종은 유방암의 위험도가 매우 낮으 므로 환자가 수술을 원하지 않거나 유방 초음파 검 사에서 전형적인 셤유선종 소견이 보이는 경우. 특 히 젊은 여성의 경우에는 특별한 치료 없이 유방 초 음파 추적검사만 시행하는 경향이 있다. 하지만 복 합성 선유선종은 유방암 발생위험도가 높아지는 것 으로 알려져 있어 수술적 치료를 필요로 한다. 대개 치료는 절제생검(또는 단순절제)을 시행한다. 종괴 가 크거나 환자가 수술을 무서워하거나 환자의 협조 가 불충분할 것이라고 생각될 때를 제외하고는 외래 에서 국소 마취로 시행할 수 있다. 피부를 절개하고 이후 피하조직과 정상 유방조직을 박리하여 직접 종 괴를 박리한다. 그런 다음 피하조직과 피부를 봉합 한다. 그 외에 진공보조흡인생검을 이용한 종괴제거 술로 제거하는 방법도 있다.
wild fire
wild fire Dag geleden
유방 촬영상 경계가 좋고 둥근 결절 소견을 보이며 내부에 석회화(팝콘 모양)을 보이기도 한다. 유방 초 음파상 부드러운 난원형 종괴로 내부의 에코는 중등 도나 저에코로 균등한 소견을 보인다. 종괴 주위는 경계벽이 얇고 균일하다. 후면의 에코 증강 소견이 보이고, 양측성 음영 차단의 소견(올챙이 꼬리 모양, tadpole sign), 종괴 내부에 고에코 횡선 음영(보리 알 모습)을 보인다. 조직학적 진단으로 절제 생검을 시행하는 경우가 가 장 많다. 일부에서는 세침흡인세포검사나 침생검 등 을 시행하기도 한다. 세침흡인세포검사나 침 생검 같은 다른 조직 채취 방법을 사용할 때는 이 방법의 제한성을 알고 있어야 한다. 세침흡인세포검사는 섬 유선종과 암종. 엽상종양과의 감별에 유용하지만 섬 유선종과 다른 양성 병소와의 감별은 더 어렵다. 섬 유선종과 정상 유방조직은 같은 세포 성분들로 구성 되어 있기 때문에 세침흡인세포검사를 시행할 때 적 절한 종괴의 검체 채취가 중요하다. 마찬가지로 침 생검을 통한 진단에도 적절한 조직 채취가 필수조건 이 다.
wild fire
wild fire Dag geleden
섬유선종은 보통 단발성 종괴(loN15% 정도에서 다발성 또는 양측성)로 환자 자신이 발견한다. 대개 직경이 1-zcm이며 단발성이고 고무와 같은 탄력 성을 지닌다. 또한 압통이 없고 경계가 명확하면서 유동성이 있다. 진단/검사 임상적인 진찰만으로도 진단을 내릴 수도 있으나, 임상적인 진찰만으로 내린 진단의 27-50%가 부정 확하므로 대개 유방 촬영, 유방 초음파를 같이 시행 하며 조직학적 진단을 시행하기도 한다.
Andres Escobar
Andres Escobar Dag geleden
lovely way of life
андрон 37
андрон 37 Dag geleden
Very good video.l am from Rassia.I speak a little English.
Stephano Guerriero
Stephano Guerriero Dag geleden
Loser loser loser .....!
Stephano Guerriero
Stephano Guerriero Dag geleden
this is a problem the more you cut down trees the less oxygen we have...! stop trying to make money off of killing the forest
Stephano Guerriero
Stephano Guerriero Dag geleden
I hope he's cutting done dead trees because if he's not I'm am not a fan ....!
Nenad Popovic
Nenad Popovic Dag geleden
Fantastic! This healed me, from a big city stress, at least while watching it... I would like to thank this brave, smart, strong and skilful guy, for sharing this video, feel much better now! I would love to learn all that, but it is not possible, unfortunately.
Mike Khourey
Mike Khourey Dag geleden
He knew about Covid19, and planned accordingly for 2020! Forward thinking.
김동락 Dag geleden
Best Video in NLposts!
Agent Smith
Agent Smith Dag geleden
The sad thing is, that if you don't have the money, or at least own land, this isn't possible.
Ben Kotowicz
Ben Kotowicz Dag geleden
A U-Haul Trailer. Why not a repurposed stainless steel sink, drop in and go. No soldiering.
Ben Kotowicz
Ben Kotowicz Dag geleden
Where is the cataloging of the SD cards after the day is done?
Neo Jon
Neo Jon Dag geleden
when you see steaks you know he goes to Costco all the time.
Gregg H.
Gregg H. Dag geleden
So interesting. Wondering what percentage do you rely on "bought" products. How much does it cost to cover the non-off the grid items? Where and how did you get the knowledge to build, feed one self and your dog(s), the tools, the property, to "survive" in the wilderness?
Serenity Tranquility
Serenity Tranquility Dag geleden
Tumbs down are stupid people..
Suelypereiradapaixao Sulsul
Suelypereiradapaixao Sulsul Dag geleden
1990s Railfan
1990s Railfan Dag geleden
What? no 330 conibear beaver trapping?
Amit Mandal
Amit Mandal Dag geleden
At 0:18 ICICI Bank, Indians smile pls.
GKY SOYLER Dag geleden
2 milyon dolara veriirmisin
Ana Maria Silva
Ana Maria Silva Dag geleden
Queria estar neste lugar!!!
Brian Langley
Brian Langley Dag geleden
What an incredible off grid movie!! Your strength and brute force to build your cabin is astonishing. By the look of certain items you have a companion. Good for you! May you continue to prosper and flourish!
frank skank
frank skank Dag geleden
Great vid. Thanks for the information.
larbi boulahbas
larbi boulahbas Dag geleden
Love nature 🏞
Skippetie Kenton
Skippetie Kenton Dag geleden
Joe Rogan is right. Videos like this relive the sad fact that hoomans drag superstitions into everything. Damn it.
Martin Shkembi
Martin Shkembi Dag geleden
Incredible abilities, all very beautiful and every person's dream is normal and calm. But dude, plant 200 trees too, it's a pity 😥🤔🙄
navegan2 Dag geleden
Cada minuto de este vídeo es oro puro. Fantástico, maravilloso, espectacular. Muchísimas gracias por compartirlo con todos nosotros. Every minute of this video is pure gold. Fantastic, wonderful, spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.
Nieves Huamani
Nieves Huamani 18 uur geleden
Un ser maravilloso ,unico
apektos t
apektos t Dag geleden
future will bring us technological slavery!This is the most beautiful video!
gawkam Dag geleden
For me it was amaizing journey. Thank u! Greetings from Poland!
Teresa Reed
Teresa Reed Dag geleden
Wow that’s amazing. Great work
Kristinka !!!!!!!!!!! Krysia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristinka !!!!!!!!!!! Krysia !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dag geleden
Witam 👍coś pięknego ale jest pan zdolny, bardzo mi się Pana wideo podobało ,składam gratulacje 🌹i życzę dalszego tak pięknego filmu , pozdrawiam serdecznie Krystyna z Krakowa Polska 👍👍👍👍👍👍🌷💐A pieski są piękne, jeszcze raz życzę dużo zdrowia i radości w tym co Pan robi brawo brawo brawo 🏆
Mike Lynch
Mike Lynch 2 dagen geleden
Was that a second dog ?
Oneda Zinn
Oneda Zinn 2 dagen geleden
I really loved this film :) Well done Shawn! It was fun to see once you got the basic structures up you embellished & made it homey. My only question is: did the two solar panels power up the LED string lights? ;) It was warm touch to the cabin. It was expertly filmed and edited...did you do that yourself or have a cameraman and who filmed the drone footage - obviously was not done by you. :) But it was the most beautiful, inspirational movie to those who long to do what you've done. :) Thank you for sharing.
Uzegt 2 dagen geleden
too bad sometimes the music is gone. In the end of the video it is just 4 minutes of complete silence. While I think there was some inspiring music edited under? But it was an awesome video to watch. Had it recommended to the rights and thought, let's give it a go. I was not disappointed, one of the best slow movies there are.
Maria Regina Nobre
Maria Regina Nobre 2 dagen geleden
Maria Regina Nobre
Maria Regina Nobre 2 dagen geleden
I like you to watch this artist from the forest make his beautiful houses
Laurie Cook
Laurie Cook 2 dagen geleden
Men literally want one thing and it's disgusting. What men want:
МАКСИМ АНИСИМОВ 2 dagen geleden
отличное у мужика хобби далеко не каждый такое сможет
YSMT CHANNEL16 2 dagen geleden
It's curious, at the minute 1:13:08, what it says the raven in clear spanish language... :-)
Doug waddell
Doug waddell 2 dagen geleden
dont you just love the decorative firepit---Im 100% he lugged that into the bush on his back
Zeeshan Qureshi
Zeeshan Qureshi 2 dagen geleden
please sir dont cut too much trees🙏🏼
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