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James and Carys

27 dagen geleden

Carys’ Instagram- busybee.carys
James’ Instagram- jameswhittakerr

Strength of a woman
Strength of a woman 8 dagen geleden
Mama looks great already 🤗
Strength of a woman
Strength of a woman 8 dagen geleden
I've just come across the video where Carys tells James about the pregnancy 🥰 now I'm hooked.
r Begum
r Begum 9 dagen geleden
Please keep dogs away from babies. U shouldn't take the risk. A dog is a dog. And some have brutally killed babies.
Connie Nefdt
Connie Nefdt 10 dagen geleden
Hi guys. Can we all just look at how amazing Carys looks and what a fantastic job she is doing as a mother and James is a wonderful father as well. And Amber is milk drunk that is for sure
Lissie Garces
Lissie Garces 13 dagen geleden
Beautiful complete family... blessings
Claudia Osborne
Claudia Osborne 19 dagen geleden
Why did I randomly start crying while Mila and Carys were on the lounge cuddling before she met amber 😭😭 😭😭🥺
Hannah Cooper
Hannah Cooper 19 dagen geleden
Oh my god I cried at them meeting eachother 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tara 20 dagen geleden
Amber is so beautiful it is hard to know what to put on her just go with how you feel if you are warm she will be warm I always put a hat and a blanket though till about 3 months old depending on weather xx
Nana Sotirova
Nana Sotirova 21 dag geleden
If you have a stretchy wrap or a ring sling which are both fairly cheap, you can carry most babies from newborn. With carrier although it says on a lot of them from newborn, read the instructions carefully as they have lower weight limits. I definitely didn't feel secure using the carrier until 3m.o. but the stretchy wrap that comes in the baby box (scotland) was ace!
arlene downer
arlene downer 21 dag geleden
Amber has to be one of the most gorgeous baby that I've ever seen ! I'm unsure if she looks more like Carys or James! I think she got the best of both !
Maya L
Maya L 21 dag geleden
Cried my eyes out seeing Mila and Amber meet for the first time. Carys and James did such a fabulous job making sure both girls felt loved, calm, and cared for. ❤️❤️
Hollie Patterson
Hollie Patterson 22 dagen geleden
She is definitely James’ twin🥺
Doogoll Diaries
Doogoll Diaries 22 dagen geleden
aww these videos are soo cute now she has arrived. Love how james keeps calling the baby Mila, I do that all the time with my dog and Bunny and boyfriend :L x
Carol Scammell
Carol Scammell 22 dagen geleden
I was nearly crying when Mila might amber so sweet and gentle ,really emotional,you to will make fantastic parents so kind and gentle take care of your little family xx
Carol Costello
Carol Costello 22 dagen geleden
Guys do not listen to the propaganda from the bbc. PLEASE......Mila has been waiting for this too..she knows you know....she will sleep at the bottom of the cot to protect the baby.
LeAnne Payne
LeAnne Payne 23 dagen geleden
I was shown how to breastfeed that way when I had my first, but I didn't like it. I ended up not doing it long term. But to each their own
E S 23 dagen geleden
James do you ever let Carys talk hun
Katie Caldwell
Katie Caldwell 23 dagen geleden
Where's your photoframes from above the sofa? They're just what I'm looking for! Amber's amazing, my little ones 7 month next week and it's making me miss the new born stage so much 😭🤍
Georgia Mae
Georgia Mae 23 dagen geleden
FitFat KittyKat
FitFat KittyKat 23 dagen geleden
Can I just say guys this was the best dog/baby meeting I’ve seen done by anyone so far. The way you guys gave her attention first then calmed her down then introduced them was sooooo adorable and perfect. Melted my heart. 💖💖💖💖
S H 23 dagen geleden
Oh the naps with a firstborn are amazing, then you have a second and day sleeps are something of a fairytale 🤣 enjoy them 💜
Anna E
Anna E 23 dagen geleden
Amber is James DOUBLE!
Emily Lucy Rajch
Emily Lucy Rajch 23 dagen geleden
Awww Amber is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Lynn Beckett
Lynn Beckett 23 dagen geleden
She’s like oh another human lol
Siobhan Farrell
Siobhan Farrell 23 dagen geleden
My midwife was amazing in the hospital and taught me how to feed lying down. It was a god send for the first year! Safely co slept and used a 'Snuza go' as an extra precaution. It was lovely seeing Mila meet Amber! Congratulations ❤️
Lise R
Lise R 24 dagen geleden
Samantha Burn *part of The Fam!*
Samantha Burn *part of The Fam!* 24 dagen geleden
I had a black lab when I had my daughter, we did exactly what you guys did & the bond that grew between them was beautiful! He would know before she cried, he would lay by her pram when we were out & if people wanted to see the baby he would keep a close eye on them bless him! They became inseparable as my daughter grew up it’s just so lovely. Well done guys I love your channel x
Phoebe Le
Phoebe Le 24 dagen geleden
How can anyone dislike this? I’m literally crying! 🥺🥺❤️
Susan Abela
Susan Abela 24 dagen geleden
Mila is just the sweetest, she will be the best big sister ❤❤❤
Amber Dee
Amber Dee 24 dagen geleden
Mila’s SO beautiful!😭🥰 - perfect family! X
Christy Brigham
Christy Brigham 24 dagen geleden
Ok why did I nearly just cry at a dog meeting a baby 😭😭😍
katie louise
katie louise 24 dagen geleden
I remember the day you got Meela and to be here to see her meet her sister is so heartwarming 💗😌
Tasha Ormiston
Tasha Ormiston 24 dagen geleden
Awh I’m so happy that you had such a good introduction between them that’s one thing I’m the most nervous about when I bring baby home! Bet you’re so relieved it went so smoothly 💞 sister united 🥰
Vicki Bowen
Vicki Bowen 24 dagen geleden
I can’t cope with mila & amber meeting 😭🥰 absolutely precious!!! My lab lavender is the best friend in the world to our 3 children, they just have such a beautiful relationship xxxx
Dominique Butel
Dominique Butel 24 dagen geleden
Mila meeting amber literally had me in tears, the way Mila was getting Amber's smell was just adorable, they do that to recognise new pack members. Omg tears tears tears.
jessica proctor
jessica proctor 24 dagen geleden
Your reunion with mila and then Ambers first time meeting her had my in tears 😭😭😭❤️
Mrs Kaiti Morris
Mrs Kaiti Morris 24 dagen geleden
Almost 12 months postpartum and sometimes I still go for a nap when my son does 🤣 mama needs her sleep!
jackie ramsbottom
jackie ramsbottom 25 dagen geleden
Hi lovely 3 and fur baby she is just beautiful so whe and you was dressing her for goi g out all I could think of was the episode in friends where they are all Looking at ross's baby you will k ow which one I mean and then when Milla wanted for lunch she looked as if to say in a very upper class voice (bark) put the hairless creature down I need my food lol I'm not calling Amber a creature I'm just kidding. But she is just gorgeous as they say the girl done good xxxx keep smiling lovelies
lindsee 25 dagen geleden
I can see the love in both of your eyes for her it’s pouring out!😍😍 Congratulations she is beautiful and so lucky to have such wonderful parents! You 2 are naturals!🙌
Emyllionnairement -
Emyllionnairement - 25 dagen geleden
15:52 "are you milk drunk" hahaha She is soooo precious 🥰
S P 25 dagen geleden
How lovely to see someone using a pram and not just leaving the baby in the car seat! Well done you 👍 What wonderful parents, to the Beautiful Baby and Dog xx
lucy Johnson
lucy Johnson 25 dagen geleden
You know your a parent when you mention pooing n wee without batting an eyelid or an ounce of embarrassment
Revie Byrnes
Revie Byrnes 25 dagen geleden
Not me crying at a dog meeting a baby 😢
Saffron H
Saffron H 25 dagen geleden
Mila- omg I’m home I’m home! Did you miss me? Wow you got me something! Where? What is that!! This is my gift? Hmm I smell, nope. Well maybe, smell again. I wonder what It taste like, nope not what I asked for mum
MyLifeAsMum 25 dagen geleden
I can’t believe how much content you’ve been pumping out with a newborn! 😱 please take some time off to rest if you need it ❤️
MeganLives 25 dagen geleden
Sending so so much love to your little family 🥺💗💗💗
John H. Smith
John H. Smith 25 dagen geleden
Amy Rayner
Amy Rayner 25 dagen geleden
James I have read somewhere that your baby should always be wearing one more later than what you are x
cassi 25 dagen geleden
I didn't know about the rugby hold for breastfeeding until I had my second and I feel like if I knew about that hold breastfeeding would possibly gone much better with my first..
Luana D
Luana D 25 dagen geleden
I love your vlogs! I am a first time mum with a 2 month old baby and I feel I can relate xxx keep up the great work James and Carys, Amber is one lucky baby
Merissa Matos
Merissa Matos 25 dagen geleden
In America we call that the football hold, lol
Scorp girl
Scorp girl 25 dagen geleden
congrats guys!! amber looks darling 💕 glad to see you are both well and mila too
Stephanie Woods
Stephanie Woods 25 dagen geleden
Heyyyyyyy just subbed! Saw your vid in the sidebar recs on a Rachelle and Justin video... random, right??? lol but anyway, Amber is so freaking cute!!!
Hannah Allsopp
Hannah Allsopp 25 dagen geleden
Carys. Have a look at mumbabra on Instagram! The breastfeeding bras are amazing and have a system so you don’t forget the last side you fed on x
Becca Sian
Becca Sian 25 dagen geleden
This is so so wholesome 🥰 I loved it❤️❤️
Alex Baines
Alex Baines 25 dagen geleden
Carys how does the vaccine work when u r breastfeeding just wondering as I have a family member expecting baby number two xx seeing mila meeting amber was adorable ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖🌸🌸🌸
Alex Baines
Alex Baines 22 dagen geleden
@Fern McGhee thanks just wondered xx
Fern McGhee
Fern McGhee 24 dagen geleden
There is no evidence to suggest anything about the vaccine while breastfeeding, its a personal choice if vaccinated or not while breastfeeding
Lydiarr21 25 dagen geleden
Also I can't believe how gentle Mila was she was such a good girl and so so gentle, they're going to grow up best friends 💗
Lydiarr21 25 dagen geleden
If she is waking up more in the crib than when you cuddle her could you perhaps spray a little of your smell on her blanket or crib to help her feel close to you so you can nap? The first time I babysat my nephew he wouldn't settle so I got one of my sister's t-shirts and put it on my shoulder under his muslin and he settled straight away!
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones 25 dagen geleden
If you want to hold your baby all the time then do it. Babies can’t be cuddled too much. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do or feel guilty about cuddling your baby. If you want to hold her all day long then that’s perfectly fine. You do what you want to do and that will be perfect for amber ❤️❤️ your doing an amazing job and all amber needs is a full belly, clean nappy and all the love you have and you give her love in bucket loads!! ❤️😂
Lauren M
Lauren M 25 dagen geleden
She is so gorgeous! And aw it made me tear up when Mila met her!🥺🥺💞
Jessica Fitz-John
Jessica Fitz-John 25 dagen geleden
Mila is so kind a gentle 😍
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones 25 dagen geleden
Omg when amber smiled while sleeping literally melted my heart ❤️
Jo Cawe
Jo Cawe 25 dagen geleden
Definitely recommend putting mittens on her hands.. Noticed both times you gone out her fingers are out. Babies tend to always have cold hands due to their immature circulation x x
Jo Cawe
Jo Cawe 25 dagen geleden
My goodness amber is beautiful 😍 such lovely facial features 😍
Vicki Quinn
Vicki Quinn 25 dagen geleden
I'm totally crying at Mila meeting Amber ❤️
Ashley Dawn
Ashley Dawn 25 dagen geleden
I'm due in September with my first baby and am so nervous!! Watching this video made me more excited because none of us REALLY know what to expect so it is nice to see how you two are learning to take care of baby Amber! 🥰🥰
Britney Hamilton
Britney Hamilton 25 dagen geleden
Absolutely loving these video❤ Mila meeting Amber was the cutest thing ever 😍
L L Y S A M A R I E 25 dagen geleden
i LOVE this video 🥺😭🥺😭 she did SOO good. even as an excited dog she’s so well behaved and listens so good. what a sweet baby
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee 25 dagen geleden
Anyone else absolutely bawl watching Mila see Carys and then when she met Amber well that finished me. I’m an emotional wreck.
Misslaura Parkes
Misslaura Parkes 24 dagen geleden
She was so gentle
Taylor Baker
Taylor Baker 25 dagen geleden
The car seat straps are so different compared to the US! That’s crazy seeing the difference
blackouten 25 dagen geleden
loved watching Mila meeting Amber!!!! ❣️🐶👶
Doughnut Cat
Doughnut Cat 25 dagen geleden
You are such sensible parents !
Forget me not
Forget me not 25 dagen geleden
When the baby smiles like that we always say they are playing with the Angel's
Emily Reynolds
Emily Reynolds 25 dagen geleden
im loving this baby amber content
Amber Roy
Amber Roy 25 dagen geleden
Best advice I got was you sleep when baby sleeps. Congratulations 🎉
Yelllooo 25 dagen geleden
Future mommas buy 0-3 months, some babies grow out of newborn so fast💘 but baby amber is so beautiful and i want an all black dog like Mila lol😭😭💕
kellie 25 dagen geleden
Mila meeting Amber was sooooo cute xx
Beth 25 dagen geleden
This is so cute🥺 it’s amazing how Mila, and pets in general, know to be so gentle with babies🥰
Gaming Guru
Gaming Guru 25 dagen geleden
How are you so energetic and going on walks just days after giving birth ?🤯 where i come from all the mamas I’ve been talking to told me “you will never sleep again”, “you will be tired all the time”, “you’ll need as much help as you can get from your family”. I’m due August and I’m worried I will be a walking zombie when baby arrives. 😅
Jen Christiansen
Jen Christiansen 25 dagen geleden
Don't listen to the negative talk! You run on adrenaline initially, and then your body adapts to the new schedule. You'll def still be tired but it's not unbearable like the horror stories lead you to believe. The negative comments like that are so harmful to new parents. Goodluck 🥰
Sammy Harris
Sammy Harris 25 dagen geleden
Awww I loved this 🥰 tears when Mila met Amber! She was amazing! Very proud of her xx
Megan Ballard
Megan Ballard 25 dagen geleden
Awwww when mila met Amber 😍😭
Amy Rutherford-Close
Amy Rutherford-Close 25 dagen geleden
They make mothers and newborns leave the hospital too fast. I was discharged after 24 hours, had complications, and had to return. Back when I was born....... the 1960's😁Mothers stayed for 7-10 days.💗
Madi Sosa
Madi Sosa 25 dagen geleden
So here’s the thing, James is genuinely the most kind hearted human being I’ve ever seen. The way he talks to Carys and looks at her.. I can’t 😭
Ariana Cericola
Ariana Cericola 25 dagen geleden
Mila and Amber are gona be besties!! 💖
Tori Smith
Tori Smith 25 dagen geleden
I know she’s just a baby but she honestly looks so much like carys already 😅
Carli smith
Carli smith 25 dagen geleden
I used the carrier almost from the off so much easier and they love it also x
xx xx
xx xx 25 dagen geleden
Aww james is such a cute caring dad
Ellie-Mae Obrien
Ellie-Mae Obrien 25 dagen geleden
she looks so much like james
loec atlaer
loec atlaer 25 dagen geleden
Awh Mila was so excited to be home, and her sniffing Amber so sweet, her and Amber are gonna be best friends 🥰
Notaravisen 25 dagen geleden
...meanwhile our dog barked at the carseat (with baby) when we took it home xD But luckily now they're going along just fine.
Kasia Leszczynska
Kasia Leszczynska 25 dagen geleden
Such a beautiful moment 🥰 you guys are great!
Jess Hendry
Jess Hendry 25 dagen geleden
what a perfect and wonderful little family you both have, this excited me for my future
TheBabygirl1739 25 dagen geleden
Aww sooo precious 😩🥺🥰🥰 x
Gabi Glenn
Gabi Glenn 25 dagen geleden
Congratulations😊, you will See Time is flying. Take all the naptime you can get, it is Absolutely wonderful how James is supporting you. Milas Reaction was great. Lots of good wishes for the new little Family🙋🏼‍♀️
Kay Barclay Robertson
Kay Barclay Robertson 25 dagen geleden
Mila and Amber ❤️
Bea Silvey
Bea Silvey 26 dagen geleden
This was the purest thing 🥺😭 I’ve been looking forward to this moment since the pregnancy announcement 😍
Hope Emery
Hope Emery 26 dagen geleden
Crying at moms coming home 😭
Shannon Barker
Shannon Barker 26 dagen geleden
2 magpies in the garden around 15 minutes - 2 for joy they say
mw0ellie 26 dagen geleden
So cuteee love it. Also I must say how impressed I am that you guys go on walks already, hoping I can too! 🥰
Sasha Bargery
Sasha Bargery 26 dagen geleden
Such a special moment to watch Mila meet Amber🥺 Over the moon for you all 🤍💗
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