CROWDED STREET STOPS IN AMAZEMENT | Creep - Radiohead | Allie Sherlock & The 3 Busketeers

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Allie Sherlock

Allie Sherlock

5 dagen geleden

Hi guys, so as I'm sure you noticed if you're reading this, this is the new band I'm playing with. They are another group of buskers on Grafton Street and we decided to do a few songs together and I think they are absolutely amazing so check them out!
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stanley takes a bath
stanley takes a bath 3 dagen geleden
wow, wow, wow! your voice is gorgeous, and the music is beautiful! this is honestly such a fun hobby/career choice. Singing is one of my passions, and I dream of being talented enough to do something like this!
Sabina Donofrio
Sabina Donofrio 20 uur geleden
Stanley. All you need is,a microphone. Try it.!!!! Courage You have nothing to lose but your wings.
CatchMe InLondon
CatchMe InLondon 2 dagen geleden
😜🍷🍻💪👏🇷🇴 Allie you are the best!!! Hey guys pls click ...Eva is here, thank you; 🇷🇴💖🇷🇴😁
Kevin Colborne
Kevin Colborne 2 dagen geleden
@Manny Y what a wanker!
Donald Banks
Donald Banks 3 dagen geleden
You are special and very talented, keep reaching out with your heart and soul and voice, you are amazing.
Pavlo Ryzhkov
Pavlo Ryzhkov 3 dagen geleden
Wish you were special
Abraham Martinez Gabriel
Abraham Martinez Gabriel 5 uur geleden
beautiful song, beautiful girl !
Johannes Dippenaar
Johannes Dippenaar 6 uur geleden
She seems not part of what she is singing. She and the song is for me disconnected.
Jean-Marc Petin
Jean-Marc Petin 6 uur geleden
Ron 6 uur geleden
Beautiful in all regards..thanks!
Love is the Answer
Love is the Answer 6 uur geleden
Nice to see Allie stretching into many styles of music. Her talents will continue to blossom. Love from Canada.
Olga Lavrenteva
Olga Lavrenteva 6 uur geleden
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 6 uur geleden
*Your singing brings people together be blessed*
Sunny S
Sunny S 6 uur geleden
What the F is with all these criticizing comments?!?!?! Its called STYLE.... its her style of vocals and she is EXTREMELY talented. Let's hear the people that have something bad to say sing.... bet not....
Anna Otarola
Anna Otarola 7 uur geleden
She is already a ⭐️ star
shammaluck 7 uur geleden
Love the 90's vibe! I wanna see her sing some more 90's songs like Torn by Natalie Imbruglia or Ironic by Alanis Morissette
Russell Comer
Russell Comer 7 uur geleden
Out of tune, kinda boring really, but at least high c for doing it.
Thomas Baumann
Thomas Baumann 7 uur geleden
and she is only 15 1/2
Erick 7 uur geleden
Hello Allies, I really like your beautiful tone and it's a very powerful voice. You are very talented but it gets tiring because you always sing the same way could explore more.
Denis Olejnik
Denis Olejnik 7 uur geleden
sorry but ist better when oryginal ;DDD
Bert Painter
Bert Painter 7 uur geleden
Actually it's better when someone says something like this and has some of their own material to show they know why it's better. Another keyboard warrior
L B 8 uur geleden
One of my all time favourite songs!
John 8 uur geleden
Allie is an awesome singer
Peter DICKINSON 8 uur geleden
Exquisite thanks for the anticipation, you do make us music lovers wish we were your bruvvers. So we could join in but stay in the background, for you sound like you are gonna be around to bless so more you less us!
Time for Wakey Wakey
Time for Wakey Wakey 8 uur geleden
why do americans pronounce words like before as bee foyyyr?
Francis Gallagher
Francis Gallagher 8 uur geleden
Wouldn't know as she is Irish.
H I 8 uur geleden
I just want to say that Allie must put some emotion in her interpretation. If you check a couple of her videos you'll notice the same tune, the same clumsy tongue. It's like a robot singing in the same setup any composition. This is monotone, boring and repetitive to watch more than 3 videos without become tired. She is very talented, her voice sounds unique, but it's not enough to be a distinguished artist. Best wished for you.
Maurizio Macaluso
Maurizio Macaluso 9 uur geleden
breathtaking performance! you gave a nice twist to the song.
Дельные Советы
Дельные Советы 9 uur geleden
ХОРОША !!!!!!
prodigy1605 9 uur geleden
Goosebumps and shivers!!!
David Spencer
David Spencer 9 uur geleden
She was ok. She was to tight. Would have helped if she took her hands out of her pocket. Maybe memorize the words so she's not always looking at her phone and playing with it. All of that stuff can affect the sound quality of your voice. Its just my opinion. But if someone is going to sing for any type of money. At least look like your putting some effort into the song. All her body language was saying that she didn't want to be doing it.
Haylea Heyns
Haylea Heyns 9 uur geleden
This is so amazing. Love it. I do a version too with a backing track, sounds way better with a cool band though.
ehsteaf 9 uur geleden
Don’t lazy sing, it sounds bad. Pronounce your words and control your annunciations
Helder Santos
Helder Santos 9 uur geleden
Canta divinamente bem, adoro.
philiplight12 10 uur geleden
Good voice and quite liked the arrangement but thought they mucked up the best bit of the song
Steve 10 uur geleden
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Lucie Cartaya
Lucie Cartaya 10 uur geleden
I am blown away by your talent... Music is in you and you're going to go very far! Best of luck... although you don't need it. Love the band and would love to see/hear more of the black guitarist your sang the MJ song with,,,
BarneyRubble 10 uur geleden
So sorry... this has to be said... Allie, I believe your are still a teenager, but those lyrics are not applicable to you in a few ways. :)
Tahoma 10 uur geleden
Aquel Mirhan
Aquel Mirhan 10 uur geleden
Just gorgeous song just like yourself Allie.. Thanks for singing this song. Love it
Jessé Lopes
Jessé Lopes 10 uur geleden
Que voz meeu Deus 🙏🙏😍 não paro de ouvir!!!!! Sonhoo de cantar junto
Victor Navedo
Victor Navedo 10 uur geleden
talent has no bounds, just as long as you stay true and pure, don't change because that's what ruins careers, you are just starting and that's great, keep it up, fantastic
David 10 uur geleden
Do an original
Archie 10 uur geleden
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 11 uur geleden
"SO VERY SPECIAL" just a lovely girl....
iDueB 11 uur geleden
Can you link me the object she uses to hold the phone ?
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 11 uur geleden
Kinks and it would sound as relevant to 2020 as it ever was.
Martin Bridges
Martin Bridges 11 uur geleden
Amazing young lady a star
Lord Grim
Lord Grim 11 uur geleden
Gede amat towlol
Jim Hildreth
Jim Hildreth 11 uur geleden
You’re Amazing! ♥️
Jenny Wright
Jenny Wright 11 uur geleden
I hope you play with them some more. You sound great together.
raymiebarnes71 12 uur geleden
Bloody Brilliant Dudes. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Impossible Pipe
Impossible Pipe 12 uur geleden
what became of subtlety?
-Dя. NEMES¡XS- 12 uur geleden
0:44 is poker face
Sharon DiNunzio
Sharon DiNunzio 12 uur geleden
Allie you make my soul happy!
Santana9295 12 uur geleden
I wish I was a poet to describe such a talent.
andy nielsen
andy nielsen 12 uur geleden
Respect for having a good voice and a great controle over it, also it´s fine to give songs a new " your " version of them , but in some cases.... it ruins the song ... like in this case ... sorry . just my opinion , good knows it counts for very little . still .. have some respect for some songs, some of them are made the way they are to represent something special, that felt like lost in your version.
Howard Manley
Howard Manley 13 uur geleden
“Time is what we want most, But use the worst” ...🙏
Howard Manley
Howard Manley 13 uur geleden
Nice sounding snare drum 🙏
Mohammad Hassani
Mohammad Hassani 13 uur geleden
Amazing ❤❤
DirtySnowHusq 13 uur geleden
Nice rendition. But keep your hands out of your pockets!
Fay G
Fay G 13 uur geleden
Awesome 👍 we need much more music and joy in these strange draconian times we live in!! Xx💕
LK Music
LK Music 13 uur geleden
Excellent voice!!! Lacking Thom Yorke's story-telling vocal emotion, but you DO have an excellent voice! I bet you could sing "Where Have All The Good Times Gone?" by The Kinks and it would sound as relevant to 2020 as it ever was.
Wedson Miguel
Wedson Miguel 13 uur geleden
Mungs Kashung
Mungs Kashung 13 uur geleden
If I ever came across I would definitely sit down eat my snacks and fall in love
salwa Aj
salwa Aj 13 uur geleden
I loooove her voice. From#Africa #Tunisia
Alexandru Dinca
Alexandru Dinca 13 uur geleden
I've been watching hours of your videos over the last few days. I'm absolutely hooked. Cheers from Romania!
Strange Cloud
Strange Cloud 14 uur geleden
Allie, I bet you could do some justice to some STP songs. Your vocal depth could add a new dimension to their music.
Brian 14 uur geleden
Amazing voice!
David G
David G 14 uur geleden
Allie-That is how to sing. No screaming! You were great!!
Jayu Choi
Jayu Choi 14 uur geleden
what is wrong with the drummer ... the bass drums...
Adriana V
Adriana V 14 uur geleden
Tensai Juusan
Tensai Juusan 14 uur geleden
Just WOW!
Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths 15 uur geleden
i bet if you sang that as though it had some meaning to you it would sound quite good.
Abi sake
Abi sake 15 uur geleden
with these beautiful voice why don't they go to music shows??
Jeff Dow
Jeff Dow 16 uur geleden
I'm just over here creeping
fikriaa 88
fikriaa 88 16 uur geleden
Ini yg kutunggu
rlldd 16 uur geleden
This is so great, Allie! You're growing more and more fond!
D-G 16 uur geleden
Sang Khs
Sang Khs 16 uur geleden
My favourite song of all time respect to all musician and singer... But i dont get the music, lyrics and tune didnt get me wow... Kinda feel like butchering the song
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones 17 uur geleden
WOW - what an incredible voice - I'm a fan!
Necro Orcen
Necro Orcen 17 uur geleden
Upbeat rhythm kinda doesn't fit this song. You rock tho. But fire the band okay 👌
Rodolfo Ledezma
Rodolfo Ledezma 17 uur geleden
Preciosa ella y preciosa la canción,.. Me erizaron la piel
celaraneta23 17 uur geleden
This is the best cover allie love love love this 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Roseanne Carroll
Roseanne Carroll 17 uur geleden
Love this!
ol pa
ol pa 17 uur geleden
good song, good vocal, but where is instrumental band?
Fan Chor Fai
Fan Chor Fai 17 uur geleden
No emotional 😅
David Andrews
David Andrews 17 uur geleden
Mark William Medina
Mark William Medina 18 uur geleden
One of the best covers of creep for me.
Shahad 18 uur geleden
I wish from the bottom of my heart that you sing this version of this cover... It would be so emotional 🙏🏼👇🏻
Gabriel Dunne
Gabriel Dunne 18 uur geleden
Lance Carter
Lance Carter 18 uur geleden
Great voice. Keep up the great performances. How'd you get the Jonas Brother's stunt doubles to be your band?
Deborah Rohl
Deborah Rohl 18 uur geleden
Allie i think you are incredible yr band is not bad either i am 56 & usually don't like anything new just stuff like pink floyd stones johnny cash emmy lou harris n thats it so wow☺i think you have a great future keep going x
Jam Hot
Jam Hot 19 uur geleden
Not the best cover and allow the vocal to blend in with the song, instead of mixing it so high it's all encompassing.
Benjamin Stephen
Benjamin Stephen 19 uur geleden
Such a talented girl. Keep it going😉
zedian avizora
zedian avizora 19 uur geleden
love your voice.. made my day. salam from Indonesia
Edward Linkow
Edward Linkow 19 uur geleden
She brings tears to my eyes almost every time
Rhonda Foster
Rhonda Foster 19 uur geleden
Jesse D76
Jesse D76 19 uur geleden
Well done! Nice cover👏👏👏😊👍
john moloney
john moloney 19 uur geleden
You need to lose the phone and actually learn the words of the sing
mark Tom
mark Tom 19 uur geleden
douglas lockard
douglas lockard 19 uur geleden
I think that you have a great voice and I'll be watching you closely, hoping you will stay down to earth and don't ever give up your soul for fame and Fortune because you don't have to you have natural talent and that will take you wherever you want to go
d-vela34 20 uur geleden
I don't know what all these other people heard but everything about this sucked especially her and the drums
MadMax 20 uur geleden
Please contact postmodern jukebox, you can create amazing collaboration together!!
Real Spanish Lessons
Real Spanish Lessons 20 uur geleden
Sounds bad ... the voice is too loud
Hermit Occidental
Hermit Occidental 20 uur geleden
God bless you girl, you have a privilege voice.
chuock 20 uur geleden
As always, amazing!
Rodrigo Vianna
Rodrigo Vianna 20 uur geleden
I hate when people sing this and dont scream Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... but you were amazing anyway... beautiful... musical arrangement was nice too...
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