Volvo's Key can do THIS!!

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Maand geleden

#shorts #xc90 #volvo
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Emma Wiklund
Emma Wiklund 5 uur geleden
TheJboogie324 6 uur geleden
German superiority
mike A
mike A 6 uur geleden
My 2006 Passat had this....... 0/10
TP Nikumatti
TP Nikumatti 8 uur geleden
My 2002 mercedes can do that
Jeff Yeager
Jeff Yeager 9 uur geleden
Tik tok is cancer
Fort Events
Fort Events 9 uur geleden
Why in the world would u want to lock your self outside of the car that u just paid a lot to get
Dick James
Dick James 10 uur geleden
It’s to lock doors when battery’s dead you don’t leave it in there that would be stupid.
Richard Dangles
Richard Dangles 10 uur geleden
It's still a Volvo and the reliability sucks hard.
:D 12 uur geleden
Kinda pointless tbh
Matan 13 uur geleden
Every car I have been in had this feature as a simple button
tigerrx 13 uur geleden
Locked no matter what? A feature Tuco would appreciate
R Knacki
R Knacki 15 uur geleden
mostly every car have this key -.-
Green Been
Green Been 16 uur geleden
Renault Clio from 2019. has same key hidden in key card and that Clio costs 10 000 euro... So now I should be impressed with same low technical solution for car that costs 7,8 or 9 times more 😂
Outlaw Pawley
Outlaw Pawley 17 uur geleden
And why would someone put a function so stupid to lock yourself out of the car...
Aguinaldo Dumaya
Aguinaldo Dumaya 18 uur geleden
Muhammad Adhil
Muhammad Adhil 18 uur geleden
We are not good It's locked 😂
ALDIDAS SHOE 19 uur geleden
Ah yes only volvo driver need instructions for everything
Chris Guerrero
Chris Guerrero 19 uur geleden
My 2005 Volvo has a cooler valet key than that
WvlfDarkfire 20 uur geleden
I'm sorry. But this is stupid as fuck
Dudi Abdelgadier
Dudi Abdelgadier 22 uur geleden
Mercedes had it too Mercedes e55 kompressor
Alex 22 uur geleden
My mazda has this too
Bomber123AL 22 uur geleden
Mercedes had this exact feature over 20 years ago
squelch079 Dag geleden
Why is this so special
Psyche Evolved
Psyche Evolved Dag geleden
It's just an emergency key for when your key battery dies. All keyless entry cars have this ffs. They make a video on anything these days
Matty moss
Matty moss Dag geleden
Omg a key that opens a door what an amazing invention
Ken Brown
Ken Brown Dag geleden
Szymon Hudy
Szymon Hudy Dag geleden
Oh wow! Key work like key! Incredible!
S C Dag geleden
The car detects the key and won't lock untill specified. Most (well all examples I know of) keyless systems have this included key to open if the key's battery is dead. Also the key has an NFC chip that allows the car to read it at proximity (often on the start engine button) to be able to switch on the car for conditions like if the battery is dead also.
Aydenmorris16 Dag geleden
Any Volvo made in the last 10 years is a piece of shit
SargeanttheVR Dag geleden
Fun also starts selfdestrucktion sequence called "V1" ....after 16sec it'll do a giant backflip!😂🤣😂
ReGGie siZzla
ReGGie siZzla Dag geleden
Copied kia stinger key fob design. Nothing cool or new about it. Next...
Pt Bot
Pt Bot Dag geleden
Why dont they just put a switch to lock that door
Avon Lame
Avon Lame Dag geleden
The "Lock yourself out of your car" feature is like having a self destruct feature installed in your car
Zenake Dag geleden
That's Swedish engineering for ya
Mustang Boss
Mustang Boss Dag geleden
Volvos are just shit boxes... Bp oil spill. From having one to giving it to my ex wife in the divorce.. only for the gearbox to pack up on her.. hahahahaha. Id rather drive a Hyundai or a ford. Stipid to have the key in the middle of the door... Oh look mechanically lock the door and you cant open it from the outside... Take any other car. ... Push down a button on the inside... Guess what. Its mechanically locked from the outside.. but you still have the fucken key in your hand... With volvo the key is now in the inside of the Fucking door you dumb poes!
Poo_Cake Dag geleden
God damn you're annoying
Mike Dag geleden
Only Volvo
Calvin Sc
Calvin Sc Dag geleden
Keep using TikTok if you want to support Chinese Communist Party.
Ryan Ridout
Ryan Ridout Dag geleden
Who the fu k would want to lock their doors from the outside
Stan Skeeter
Stan Skeeter Dag geleden
What is the benefit to mechanically locking it out?
Юрий Думанский
Юрий Думанский 2 dagen geleden
Cool feature if you're 60+ years old😂 This is the most boring thing I saw for a long time, I'm not surprised it's Volvo 😐
Rinson Raju
Rinson Raju 2 dagen geleden
Bro i locked my door after seeing these video. But the problem is i didn't saw the full video. Now I can't open the door 😑😑
hillary clinton
hillary clinton 2 dagen geleden
looks like the new(er) mazda keys
Sloth Oner
Sloth Oner 2 dagen geleden
It’s called a valet key you uncultured swine!
Walter Green
Walter Green 2 dagen geleden
When ppl think they have a better car than you - but are nothing more than a pain in the ass
Caleb Littleton
Caleb Littleton 2 dagen geleden
Why would you ever want this??
Thunder bird
Thunder bird 2 dagen geleden
Dude I knew someone with a Volvo and they said it was always in the shop They may look nice but they are pretty bad from what I hear
Big Business 365
Big Business 365 2 dagen geleden
Mercedes can also do that fun fact!
E Games
E Games 2 dagen geleden
All he had to do was leave the windo rolled down bruv
gxbz. 2 dagen geleden
Actually every Audi got this in Europe xD
Eduardo Avila
Eduardo Avila 2 dagen geleden
So this is how those old cars get their doors stuck
Sampo 2 dagen geleden
Imagine if key could open and close a door
Max Rackatansky
Max Rackatansky 2 dagen geleden
Big deal my Astra can do this too 😂
MADHAV PANDEY 2 dagen geleden
Please stop using Leather etc.
Hazim Azam
Hazim Azam 2 dagen geleden
Kharal Yaseen
Kharal Yaseen 2 dagen geleden
Thomas Kalcher
Thomas Kalcher 2 dagen geleden
Wow. Awesome. Nooo other car has thattt
Cedo Cedd
Cedo Cedd 3 dagen geleden
They make beautiful cars and trucks
felix_goolo 3 dagen geleden
This might be good if the car had only one door lmao
Maximilian MIlls
Maximilian MIlls 3 dagen geleden
Imagine having cloth seats though...
Vega 3 dagen geleden
Wow the innovation, I mean, so forward thinking
Levon Gasparyan
Levon Gasparyan 3 dagen geleden
Cars have had that for the last 10+ years
Caiden coffman
Caiden coffman 3 dagen geleden
my dad has these keys. We ALL hate them! Too big yet the buttons are tiny as hell and on the side! wtf
jenny kim
jenny kim 3 dagen geleden
That’s scary ....I don’t like these new technology!
Nick 3 dagen geleden
So cool. Thanks for another tik shit video explaining something a million others videos explain. I bet your parents are proud of your talents. Loser
Brian F
Brian F 3 dagen geleden
That’s the stupidest idea ever. They should put more effort into the reliability of the power train.
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda 3 dagen geleden
My dad has the same car
GET2222 3 dagen geleden
That key is fucking dumb.
ERA FILMS 3 dagen geleden
So as an X5 🔑
Harshveer Thind
Harshveer Thind 3 dagen geleden
Literally every key has this some way or the other
Demetr Nikiphor
Demetr Nikiphor 3 dagen geleden
Ben Blevis
Ben Blevis 3 dagen geleden
Car telling you to take this L
Nicholas Pinenn
Nicholas Pinenn 3 dagen geleden
My dad's van still use keys to lock/unlocks the door....
Gaming With Thanos
Gaming With Thanos 3 dagen geleden
so i comment and it goes 1234 comments
Dizzy 4 dagen geleden
To compliment your faulty Volvo door locks 🔐
Андрей Вавилин
Андрей Вавилин 4 dagen geleden
People need manual to figure out how to use a key instead of remote control. Welcome to 21st century.
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 4 dagen geleden
I'd put it in all but one door. No passengers in my vehicle.
Eastsidejamie 4 dagen geleden
Back in my day a car had 2 sets of keys just in case you lost one. Thats about as complicated as it got. What the fuck did I just watch.
Mr Lust
Mr Lust 4 dagen geleden
Yeah madzas keys do this Volvo is shit 😂🤮🤮
Roman Abramov
Roman Abramov 4 dagen geleden
Let me introduce you to the tesla key...
Haweater 4 dagen geleden
Chrysler cars have had the "emergency door key" stored in the remote fob for years and years. Its purpose is to access the car in case either the remote battery or the vehicle battery is dead.
Kflightkf 4 dagen geleden
Why would you want to lock yourself out of your car
Andy Melconian
Andy Melconian 4 dagen geleden
I only clicked because the thumbnail looks like you holding an L
Miroslav Hajduk
Miroslav Hajduk 4 dagen geleden
God, people are so dumb these days.
David 4 dagen geleden
Damn. I always dreamed of owning a car which would allow me to lock myself out of it and actually lock its own key inside the closed door. Does the car also drive itself off, shouting, "Fuck you"?
Luca Schyroki
Luca Schyroki 4 dagen geleden
Thats like pretty standard in every single key
Danny Verdant
Danny Verdant 4 dagen geleden
I love how Volvo is still popular amongst a certain percentage of people. Sweden's most successful car company I tell you that.
DarkMessiah 4 dagen geleden
Dipshit TikTok garbage
Chance George
Chance George 4 dagen geleden
This is pretty common on most cars with the area keys
Sujal Rajput
Sujal Rajput 4 dagen geleden
So he is the car guy everyone talks about.
Luca Brasi
Luca Brasi 4 dagen geleden
So that with that key he can lock the doors. Amazing.
Dat Boii
Dat Boii 4 dagen geleden
why cant cars just have a normal key 😭
Howling Duck
Howling Duck 4 dagen geleden
Random kid: slams the door shut and naruto runs away
Stratokast 4 dagen geleden
Wow a feature that most cars of this category have AmAzInG
Adrian M
Adrian M 4 dagen geleden
Put more stupid shit in cars
Sarah Maria Kompauer
Sarah Maria Kompauer 5 dagen geleden
Campbell Von Jordan
Campbell Von Jordan 5 dagen geleden
Stop talking so fast.
Jabez Varghese
Jabez Varghese 5 dagen geleden
That feature with the key would come in handy when you wanna abandon your car and do not want anyone to open it ever! "If I dont get to use the car, then nobody will" - special feature by Volvo
Lil' Timmy Jerven
Lil' Timmy Jerven 5 dagen geleden
I only like Volvo cars bc of the Volvo semis
Greg Gable
Greg Gable 5 dagen geleden
Yeah we were all really worried that you locked yourself out! 👎🏻
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