Revving our Honda K24 to 10,000rpm, it Sounds INSANE

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Holy crap. Suppy pretty much just built an F1 motor, except for Honda heads. Do we really have to give this thing away?? Yes. Yes we do. Because there’s already a lucky SOB of a winner named Morgan who’s taking this thing home. But that’s not stopping us from building another…
Thanks to JDM of California:
Instagram: jdmcalifornia
Facebook: jdmofcalifornia

Thanks to GEARWRENCH for the tools:
IG: gearwrenchtools

Thanks to K Series Parts:
Instagram: @kseriesparts

Thanks to Skunk 2:
Instagram: @skunk2racing
Hoonigan K24 Engine Build List:
Skunk 2 Racing Pro Intake Manifold:
Skunk 2 Racing Pro 70MM K Series Throttle Body:
Skunk 2 Racing Ultra Fuel Rail:
Skunk2 Racing Timing Chain Cover:
Used Honda K24 Engine from JDM of California:
Pro 156v2 CNC Cylinder Head From 4Piston Racing:
Ferrea 6000 Valves:
Ferrea Valve Spring Kit:
Ferrea Valve Locks:
RR3 Kseries Camshafts:
Viton Valve Seals
Bronze Valve Guides
Wiseco 87.5mm 11.0:1 Pistons:
Manley K24 H-Beam Rods:
King rod and main Bearings:
ATI Street Damper:
ARP Head Studs:
Hondata Intake manifold gasket:
K-Tuned Oil Pan with Hardware:
K-Tuned Swivel Thermostat Housing:
K-Tuned Tensioner:

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CRASH111 6 uur geleden
God id love that. My dream build is a awd single cab 1st gen s10 with a k24 76/75 ball bearing turbo on 25lbs, tr6060/t56 6 speed trans and billet tcase
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas 22 uur geleden
I need one of these engines how much charge to build one $$$ I like the way ya do engines I need a K24 fully built like in the video
Cris n Mary Fam
Cris n Mary Fam Dag geleden
Lol not to disrespect anyone for this massive effort, but spoon and mugen were doing this back in what ...2000... on BMI/Hot Version lol? Mad Respect though for real. Takes super deep pockets and a lot of time to tune an engine that well. (best motoring international battles at 10,000rpm for those wondering what im referring to)
Jae Rhd
Jae Rhd 3 dagen geleden
Damnnnn I need that engine for my mr2 😢 wish it was Christmas 😩
Lyan Villacorta
Lyan Villacorta 4 dagen geleden
Can you buy a bunch of Qoros 3 (or just the engines) from china just to get the Koenigsegg Freevalve modules and make the ultimate cylinder head? :) im pretty sure the youtube community can help in decoding the software to control it hehe
Jesus Valentin
Jesus Valentin 4 dagen geleden
Hi !! Can I fit that k24 engine on my 2005 Honda Civic LX special edition let me know so I can shipped you guys my car
ALY 007
ALY 007 4 dagen geleden
Ya My vtec Kicks in at 9k
Brock Taylor
Brock Taylor 10 dagen geleden
WTF where is the dyno graph from the 10k run????
hector velazquez
hector velazquez 12 dagen geleden
woooooo how much for that engine?
i 13 dagen geleden
I need one for my Honda 2003 Element, how much do you charge for this particular engine?
i 13 dagen geleden
I am surprised the engine did not blow up.
Justin S
Justin S 14 dagen geleden
i want that in my crx . . . . that I don't have
Darryl Brooks
Darryl Brooks 14 dagen geleden
Wow!!!! My rebuilt, b16a3, is turbo charged, redline is 9200rpm, i love it.
Kr0n3kLe 16 dagen geleden
Total cost to build that?
MotoNut 19 dagen geleden
Just imagine Honda in 1966 raced the RC116 to over 22000rpm! It was a twin 50cc DOHC 8 valve naturally aspirated motorcycle engine that redlined at 22500rpm. It made 16hp at 21500rpm. That’s 320bhp per liter, a record still held for a naturally aspirated engine. Then there was the RC166, a 250cc straight 6 DOHC 24 valve with a 20000+ redline. It made 65bhp at 19000rpm. This was in the mid 1960’s!!!
mdb4879 19 dagen geleden
Little does everyone know, it cost more in lumber to build the box than it cost to build the engine.
Nathan Wendland
Nathan Wendland 19 dagen geleden
what do you guys do with these bad ass builds?
Reuben Stern
Reuben Stern 21 dag geleden
It's a buzzy boi... I wish my engine could stay in VTEC that long.... wich reminds me! It needs rebuilding! I gotta get off youtube and make a shit tonne of doe!!
Eric Connors
Eric Connors 21 dag geleden
If I had a 10k rpm k24 I'd be soooo happy.
Brayden Hedenstrom
Brayden Hedenstrom 22 dagen geleden
So glad they put these in the CRV.
Phillip Lackey
Phillip Lackey 23 dagen geleden
duuuude how do you wincthe motor😩😩 like you dont understand how much id dream to own a motor like this!!!
PK 23 dagen geleden
- Dałbym Wam łapkę w górę, gdyby nie te propagandowe maseczki :/ ..
Ivo Nevistic
Ivo Nevistic 24 dagen geleden
Somethin turbo bullshit engines will never do... Soundin n revvin Gloriously!!!
Chad Hollingsworth
Chad Hollingsworth 24 dagen geleden
I have a k20/k24 that makes that at the wheels NA. Been a 4.5 year process. Started by increasing the bore of the block, e85, those were the larger it's really a k25.5.
mkusanagi 24 dagen geleden
These episodes with Suppy and Micah are great
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola 24 dagen geleden
Blueprinted stock B16A will rev to 9500 rpm easy.
umair Mughal
umair Mughal 26 dagen geleden
Bro price plz
Jehuty Foo
Jehuty Foo 27 dagen geleden
i need something like this to throw into our 2.0 beetle
jason poihegatama
jason poihegatama 27 dagen geleden
5 second 1/4 mile Rotary !!! Rotary's are not junk son!!! You must be of those Honda owners Lol.
beboystyle 28 dagen geleden
All that for about 260 horses?
street fighter
street fighter 28 dagen geleden
Did you solve oil cavitation?
Spam Musubi
Spam Musubi 29 dagen geleden
Are you doing a follow up video on the car that engine went into?
SergioMechanix 29 dagen geleden
Where are your knee pads bro?
Kartez Drake
Kartez Drake Maand geleden
I need that for my 1990 Acura Integra LS.
Alan Walker
Alan Walker Maand geleden
10krpm just for 250 hp to the crank
Bryan L olds97_lss
Bryan L olds97_lss 3 dagen geleden
Yeah, I expected to see more... used to seeing 1K+ on videos like these and monster v8's with turbo's... Guess they need a turbo on it to crank that up a lot.
DREPR0787 Maand geleden
Does anyone know what set up they have on this motor? Pistons, rods, cams, etc.?
Hai Luong
Hai Luong Maand geleden
Suppy you got the best video award.
Omar Perez
Omar Perez Maand geleden
Skunk 2 don't f around beautiful swap
john jones
john jones Maand geleden
Nice build but far from an F1 engine, more like the old Ford BDA series Formula Atlantic spec engine.
Steve Maand geleden
Lol😆 250 HP @ 10k RPM
Sean Mahon
Sean Mahon Maand geleden
8:30 AKA Honda Respect... Nobody outside of Italy can make an engine sing at 10,000rpm like Honda. NOBODY
Yezziy 26 dagen geleden
@Sean Mahon that’s probably our speciality tbh . If u see a rx7 fb or a rotary swapped Toyota starlet u already know they fast 😂😂... much love and respect bro 🙏🏼❤️
Sean Mahon
Sean Mahon 26 dagen geleden
@Yezziy Respect, I've seen some manic high-boost OG rotary Mazdas at WCF. And they *ALWAYS* Send It!! Props!
Yezziy Maand geleden
Mazda x Puerto Rican
Gary Bell
Gary Bell Maand geleden
7:40 is all u need to see
DaveGoesKarting Maand geleden
Headphones on, volume 11, just like allmotorphong dyno rips
reon barrett
reon barrett Maand geleden
force air blow air into it
review master
review master Maand geleden
Did anybody win this already? Pls. Pick me..
Mr.President sir
Mr.President sir Maand geleden
It would of did 11.
turbyturbo1 Maand geleden
change cam + header + 10k rpm to gain 3hp. 🤡
littlejohn2010 Maand geleden
That sound was glorious
Mr. Vtec
Mr. Vtec Maand geleden
Tone Vasquez
Tone Vasquez Maand geleden
If Honda’s were mostly rwd they wouldn’t be in denial
Chris Honda
Chris Honda Maand geleden
I would love this motor on my ep3 !!! Insane!!! Nice vid guys !!! True artists !!!
DJ Lathrop
DJ Lathrop Maand geleden
Does anyone know what gas they using?
Colin Maddock
Colin Maddock Maand geleden
Suppy and Micah are my guilty favorites for the group. It’s hard to pass up on the OG squad but what can I say.
DataC0llect0r Maand geleden
Meanwhile MCM puts a B16 in a Civic and doesnt care what anyone thinks.
CasterTown Maand geleden
Honda guys: Our power is dropping off at 9200 RPM and that's pretty early....
Grantavious Maand geleden
Hale yaaaa!
Eric Barrientos
Eric Barrientos Maand geleden
Can I build my own? Lol I’m not joking though lol
THE SILVER GOAT Maand geleden
Canada does it better, without even going 10k rpm lol
C HS Maand geleden
go baby motor go -madebymattel
ItsJussJ Maand geleden
I want that valve cover!!!
luis villarreal
luis villarreal Maand geleden
Bro the valve cover alone..
Chanyang Park
Chanyang Park Maand geleden
I wonder how much these engines are
bash555 Maand geleden
So, why is the engine exhausting into the same room the intake is pulling air into? lmao no bueno....
joseph barany
joseph barany Maand geleden
why are you wearing a mask lol???
zachery leatherwood
zachery leatherwood Maand geleden
man I want that for my FA5!
ApolloNitro Maand geleden
whats the compression ratio ?
Manuel Foster
Manuel Foster Maand geleden
Can i get one?
JustanotherEJ6 Maand geleden
Honda's K-Series reving to 10K = Music for your ears!
Peter Wootton
Peter Wootton Maand geleden
Thank you for the Music..
Ken Adams
Ken Adams Maand geleden
he got aboner?
Justin Gambacurta
Justin Gambacurta Maand geleden
I'm trying like hell to save up for a k series to do a build in memory of my best friend Paul that passed away a couple weeks ago we were supposed to do the build together 😪 maybe make a appearance on this vs that 😳
Geo Gmz
Geo Gmz Maand geleden
I watch the whole thing with my headphones... I'm probably deaf now I can hear me breathing but nothing else.. But was totally worth it.
Hardesty Hardesty
Hardesty Hardesty Maand geleden
300+ horse for half a motor is pretty dang good!
Blake Maand geleden
I need this in my 92 Mighty Max :)
George Zuniga
George Zuniga Maand geleden
Is kind of add, car makers are flooding us with insane technology..... wha was stopping them before?
Robert Steffan
Robert Steffan Maand geleden
I have no reason to own that engine but my God do I want to and find something to drop it into
Luqman Hakim Z
Luqman Hakim Z Maand geleden
When it reaches 10k rpm. My heart melt. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Litch Maand geleden
Wut? 4cyl K series making 300bhp NA. **suprised pikachu face**
C.J rosario
C.J rosario Maand geleden
How can I get a motor like that from you guys?...I had a k24/k20 making 312whp revving at 9500 in my 2009 civic SI back in 2013
killersushi99 Maand geleden
*RPMs are over rated.*
RUSSELL BOLES Maand geleden
if that was mine i wish wood by a 1991 Toyota mr2
Bey Tek
Bey Tek Maand geleden
rotaries are junk. i whiped out my 13b and went k20 turbo a few years back. never looked back
Preston George
Preston George Maand geleden
Hell yeah
kingd3001 Maand geleden
So were the numbers on this little beauty of a motor
stevealaska73 Maand geleden
Here: @8:34 ....You're welcome.
Jesse James Hurtado III
Jesse James Hurtado III Maand geleden
I need Performance cams for my 06 Azera Limited 3.8l help!!
Bryan Mayes
Bryan Mayes Maand geleden
Lol blue cheese
M.R. Stephens
M.R. Stephens Maand geleden
timmensch Maand geleden
so how much does this cost to make 400 hp i bet it is a hell of alot more than a lq9 with a intake and heads
SternLX Maand geleden
... sigh ... Ya'll just made the Delivery drivers job hell. No room for a Pallet jack under that shit. I speak as a Frieght delivery driver. Don't come crying when that shit bounces all over the back of the truck because it wasn't secured to a Pallet base.
YourAverageFishKeeper Maand geleden
I’d slap that on my 2nd gen CRV for shits and giggles
LikquidDutch Maand geleden
i feel like that shit is about to blow up when it;s past 9k how long will it last at those revs ?
Adan Medina
Adan Medina Maand geleden
How about building hondas new turbo 2.0?
BRAT PACK Maand geleden
I really dislike Morgan!
AltoAnimal109 Ball
AltoAnimal109 Ball Maand geleden
Lol, the 1st pull was more power than the 1979 Chevrolet Camaro with the small block 350 v-8 😂
Morgan Danford
Morgan Danford Maand geleden
My name's Morgan, where's my motor! Jk
Bigbot Hoee
Bigbot Hoee Maand geleden
I heard knock
Denny Ardiansyah
Denny Ardiansyah Maand geleden
3:53 are you Indonesian?
Phil's Wild World
Phil's Wild World Maand geleden
Is this motor using the skunk2 chain tensioner? I tried using one on my stock k20, but never got it to work without jumping time
jack black
jack black Maand geleden
it revved to 10K but notice no graph at the end lol. it obv lost power fucking dyno queen bullshit .
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