Making Lego Car CLIMB Slopes

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How to climb steep ramps using Lego? Tested on a plastic glass sheet.
The angle of inclination is gradually increased and the car improved to the limit (and beyond). Enjoy!
Slope material is SAN (styrene acrylonitrile)
The yellow Lego wheel part id is 32020c01

Jason Nathan Mason
Jason Nathan Mason 2 uur geleden
1000 years later:today I will be making a portal to the backrooms so we can save all of the dads left to get some milk
簡文廸 7 uur geleden
friction:Am i a joke to you?
F0x1ffy 23 uur geleden
2:58 when he is the smart
CuddlyBubbles 69
CuddlyBubbles 69 Dag geleden
Why doesnt he just add s p e e d
MLG_ MASTER_2.0 Dag geleden
spider car spider car does whatever a spider car can
samo sato8
samo sato8 Dag geleden
Spider car
Jasseri Tag
Jasseri Tag 4 dagen geleden
He like cheating
Jason 4 dagen geleden
I expected to see 360 degrees.
GPxツ 5 dagen geleden
Sniper_No. _45
Sniper_No. _45 5 dagen geleden
There are two brick experiment channels
ŞapkalıOyuncu 5 dagen geleden
The ways you cheat are not cheat they are just improvments sowwy mah english is bad :3
LeonSpikeJoeSandyAmber ElPrimoPocoBarleyRosa
LeonSpikeJoeSandyAmber ElPrimoPocoBarleyRosa 5 dagen geleden
I'm pretty interested in seeing a 180 degree slope
Akif'in oyun diyarı#saveralp
Akif'in oyun diyarı#saveralp 5 dagen geleden
Good my legos and my watc the video
Heena Dedai
Heena Dedai 6 dagen geleden
Hypercube1729 6 dagen geleden
After 60 degrees te 'experiment' just went stupid. Stop it already you idiot!
Yagunitto 6 dagen geleden
very cool
Alex Pron
Alex Pron 6 dagen geleden
Hello blue please video on the crawler!!!! We have a dispute involving a lot of people!
Yagunitto 6 dagen geleden
purple chicken
purple chicken 7 dagen geleden
You know that thing called "cheat" its not actually cheating
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar 8 dagen geleden
c h e a t
Adventures on Tour
Adventures on Tour 8 dagen geleden
This video is being shared by fake accounts on Facebook..
CactusGuy 43
CactusGuy 43 8 dagen geleden
This is the very definition of moving the goalpost.
عادل عوض
عادل عوض 9 dagen geleden
Luca Capanna
Luca Capanna 9 dagen geleden
You missed "360° noscope cheat" xD
Reece Duncan
Reece Duncan 10 dagen geleden
when he was about to gear down *me* “POOWWAAA”
Vincent Gunawan
Vincent Gunawan 10 dagen geleden
The best climbers car is flat surdace like the glass is the car with a wheel on up and down and with tape
utkarsh tanwar
utkarsh tanwar 11 dagen geleden
90 °
Aryan Xalxo
Aryan Xalxo 11 dagen geleden
What is the name of moter
RM YT or Rich MAH5K YT
RM YT or Rich MAH5K YT 11 dagen geleden
And also there has a problem the camera will zoom in
RM YT or Rich MAH5K YT
RM YT or Rich MAH5K YT 11 dagen geleden
I was so funny when he fails
RM YT or Rich MAH5K YT
RM YT or Rich MAH5K YT 11 dagen geleden
He literally cheated at 63 degrees and he also cheated at 135 degrees
80 dreams
80 dreams 11 dagen geleden
Or you just could use a winch...
TheAdvertisement 11 dagen geleden
Dang even before cheating that thing was 30 degrees away from climbing up walls!
Orest Drister
Orest Drister 11 dagen geleden
WOW, thank you!
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 13 dagen geleden
2:19 cheat activated
Fatma Şahin
Fatma Şahin 13 dagen geleden
Ddşo Oall💃😑😑😅😑😅
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Sridhar Nag
Sridhar Nag 13 dagen geleden
awesome broo.. !!! awesome!!
mundalbill's industris rus
mundalbill's industris rus 14 dagen geleden
135% *coffin dance*
Smith Lo
Smith Lo 14 dagen geleden
found a gif animation and make me wonder who create that. Wow!!! this is so amazing.
whitty 15 dagen geleden
1. Why? 2. Damn this is cool
JoeAceJR 15 dagen geleden
Why did the gear down help it climb better?
Kale Anger
Kale Anger 15 dagen geleden
im drems son
Kai Merry
Kai Merry 15 dagen geleden
gotcha, 63 is the feasible limit
shareece shareeceT
shareece shareeceT 15 dagen geleden
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Kyh7na 15 dagen geleden
So the conveyor system is the final destination of the car
Marlon 13
Marlon 13 15 dagen geleden
Mid um desi
Indu Dhillon
Indu Dhillon 16 dagen geleden
Cheat was.not cheat at.all.
Gold The Crusader
Gold The Crusader 16 dagen geleden
Ok now do 270 degrees
Taikamuna 16 dagen geleden
Jokes on you my car can go a 360º slope
Quantum Slime
Quantum Slime 15 dagen geleden
mine can do 720
Parth Mahimkarr
Parth Mahimkarr 16 dagen geleden
Hey, I’m a big fan. I seen this video on Instagram uploaded by the account: “ learnclip “. Did u give them permission? If not then please report them. Here’s the link to the post: I respect your experiments and I don’t want your content to be taken advantage off.
Philip Rabaey
Philip Rabaey 16 dagen geleden
A nice 9gag member brought us here. Well done sir, I have learned a lot in 3 minutes by only visuals.
Michael Rivers
Michael Rivers 16 dagen geleden
Thoroughly enjoyed. 10/10. Would watch again.
J2 digital
J2 digital 16 dagen geleden
Reminded me of the sandlot at first
asd 16 dagen geleden
@Strixin from 9gag sent me here to support you.
Palwinder Singh
Palwinder Singh 16 dagen geleden
Instead of directly adding 4WD, you should've first demonstrated 2WD, but power being delivered to the back tires. Otherwise a great video.👍
Shahina khatoon Khatoon
Shahina khatoon Khatoon 16 dagen geleden
Bhai Tum engineer Ban jao
T. G. K
T. G. K 17 dagen geleden
you came here are from 9gag?
Ole Hornsby
Ole Hornsby 17 dagen geleden
Technically you are not only improving tyre grip but also torque, by changing the size of the wheels. So technically, this is a really cool video!
Jayant Sudhakar
Jayant Sudhakar 17 dagen geleden
Nice bro saw this on 9gag
Taylor Schmidt
Taylor Schmidt 17 dagen geleden
I love the unceremonious drop at the end
Prashanth Kumar
Prashanth Kumar 17 dagen geleden
Psst, any 9gag fam?
Yanimo 17 dagen geleden
UwU 17 dagen geleden
TheInevitableHulk 17 dagen geleden
Kinda ironic Legos are even cooler as an adult
Smail Corhasanovic
Smail Corhasanovic 17 dagen geleden
He,hes a mad men
death4brunch epic
death4brunch epic 17 dagen geleden
Where do you get those things were there are see through
worrx 17 dagen geleden
WoW lOoK aT ThAT foouel pomp-ross
Pan Parówa
Pan Parówa 17 dagen geleden
Bad piggies players in adult life be like:
Steven Christopher
Steven Christopher 18 dagen geleden
Cheat 😂😂
iGhost 18 dagen geleden
Basically, cheat.
Proudy 18 dagen geleden
I aprrove this kind of cheat nice video
お酒鮭 18 dagen geleden
Love that cheat XD
Christopher Greeley
Christopher Greeley 18 dagen geleden
Ibrahem Ahmed
Ibrahem Ahmed 18 dagen geleden
that is the best video i have ever seen in the last 5 min
Luqman 1221
Luqman 1221 18 dagen geleden
We invented spider truck! This truck can climb 360!
Adamqo Martisse
Adamqo Martisse 18 dagen geleden
Youu must be an engineer.
Penguiniznogoud 18 dagen geleden
Релакс для души перед сном
Шалхар Мустаев
Шалхар Мустаев 18 dagen geleden
Cumunist 18 dagen geleden
this is what optimization looks like
Eyquem •
Eyquem • 18 dagen geleden
you didn’t tried bigger wheels in the back and smaller ones in the front, for a more horizontal vehicle and more traction
1990 M3
1990 M3 18 dagen geleden
Can you make a lego car drift
DALTONISTA 19 dagen geleden
Lego spider car
hermanni1989 19 dagen geleden
I wonder if little bit of suspension would improve grip with multi wheel setup.
aakash kumar
aakash kumar 19 dagen geleden
How to get
Ender326 19 dagen geleden
went from lego car to lego monorail
Mark Benjamen S. Mariñas
Mark Benjamen S. Mariñas 19 dagen geleden
HAHAHA brilliant
Aeternaliter 19 dagen geleden
This must be a fun hobby to have.
Fawwaz is Gaming
Fawwaz is Gaming 19 dagen geleden
Nice Cheat Engineer
Dawid 19 dagen geleden
GTA characters should learn this
AB BRICKZ 19 dagen geleden
Do all these cars work on a floor
James Padre Juan
James Padre Juan 19 dagen geleden
Can I get a name for the wheels of the 20 degrees one pls
Alenda Roldan
Alenda Roldan 19 dagen geleden
Next years video be like: making LEGO car Climb The Ceiling
Harun Mohammed
Harun Mohammed 19 dagen geleden
can make a tutoriul plz
Ryan Astudillo
Ryan Astudillo 20 dagen geleden
improve grip and size
Payden Pittman
Payden Pittman 20 dagen geleden
It would be cool if you could make the arms during the cheat session come out and in so that the car can go upside down and on top
ky0ju 20 dagen geleden
That is not slope.
Mebuyyou 20 dagen geleden
The truth is "if first you don't succeed cheat, cheat again"
Ivan Rasevic
Ivan Rasevic 20 dagen geleden
Lego palochnik 😂
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