The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats

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Simples rules of geometry meant that 5-fold symmetry was impossible as were crystals without a periodic structure. This turns out to be wrong. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass:
Huge thanks to Prof. Paul Steinhardt for the interview on this topic. Check out his book ‘The Second Kind of Impossible’
If you'd like to learn more about Penrose tilings, go check out "Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers" by Martin Gardener, which helped my research for this video.
Filmed by Gene Nagata (Potato Jet on NLposts)
Animations by Iván Tello and Jonny Hyman
Editing, Coloring, Music & Audio mastering by Jonny Hyman
Prague scenes filmed in 2012.
Special thanks to Raquel Nuno for helping with the tilings!
Additional Music from Epidemic Sound

Veritasium Maand geleden
Roger Penrose was just awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics! Not for this pattern but “for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity”
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou 19 uur geleden
Who else did stuff like this in 3rd grade with triangle tiles xD
GGhireal#1 3 dagen geleden
Captain Redbeard
Captain Redbeard 4 dagen geleden
if it never repeats, by definition it isnt a pattern. misusing a word, and then saying wow, this thing amazingly fits my incorrect definition is essentially just click baiting
jim west
jim west 5 dagen geleden
A nobel prize for pseudoscience.. 🥱
Rondo2ooo 10 dagen geleden
I have only a very basic and spotted understanding about general and special relativity, but it never stops astonishing me how Einstein was able to abstract its content theoretically, which over decades stepwise is confirmed.
Pat King
Pat King 39 minuten geleden
My jaw dropped when I saw the similarity between penrose's tiles and kepler's tiles
Adolfin Kitler
Adolfin Kitler Uur geleden
How to fk your eyes and brain at the same time
Aditya Damar Jati
Aditya Damar Jati 3 uur geleden
My brain... 😭
C 4 uur geleden
When Fibonacci sequence came up my brain stopped working. Great story.
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen 5 uur geleden
12:20 “ just by looking at them you could never tell them apart” Maybe if you converted them into sound then you could hear the difference. It would sound like a noise with the different timbre, maybe.
Manny Khosbin
Manny Khosbin 7 uur geleden
Feels like 8 grade class, right after skipping 3 previous lessons.
Alexagrigorieff 7 uur geleden
We have these tiles with angles derived from 72 degrees. I think it's possible to prove that a repeating pattern with parallelogram type translation cannot exist, when we only have tiles with 360/5 degree angles.
Wallace Roberts
Wallace Roberts 10 uur geleden
Builder: So what kind of tiles you want in your bathroom then? Veratasium: Well....
Devon Durst
Devon Durst 10 uur geleden
17:25 " mathematical jargon we say hexagons are the bestagons"
Mike Tarifa
Mike Tarifa 11 uur geleden
Thanks ! really nice Video!
Gustavo Vieira
Gustavo Vieira 13 uur geleden
Hexagons are better
Scru Donka
Scru Donka 15 uur geleden
I'm glad I already had solid-state physics lessons, wouldn't understand as much without this xD very interesting video!! The wonders scientists develop
ivan tchakoff
ivan tchakoff 16 uur geleden
So, the isoscel triangle has three sides, isn't it?
Vania Danilkin
Vania Danilkin 17 uur geleden
ok this is actually pretty fascinating, but what am i going to do with this info
Edward 17 uur geleden
Mind Blown
Lisa DeRuby
Lisa DeRuby 19 uur geleden
“Wang’s Conjecture was false.” Me, through a mouthful of chips, not understanding a word of this: “Haha, what a loser.”
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen 5 uur geleden
1:23 "These are the platonic solids" Me: "These are dice"
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou 19 uur geleden
My jaw dropped when I saw the similarity between penrose's tiles and kepler's tiles
Jame Andy
Jame Andy 19 uur geleden
“Wang’s Conjecture was false.” Me, through a mouthful of chips, not understanding a word of this: “Haha, what a loser.”
Đặng Minh Nhật
Đặng Minh Nhật 7 uur geleden
What a og comment
Joe Dougherty
Joe Dougherty 20 uur geleden
My mind hurts.
Dyslexocortext 20 uur geleden
Thanks for the insight.
Toby Wilkes
Toby Wilkes 20 uur geleden
why did the first bit remind me of the tesseract?
Voyvode 21 uur geleden
2:13 With subtitles on, I read "Hexagonal Close-Fucked" My brain is broken...
The Baking Gamer
The Baking Gamer Dag geleden
He seriously looks high at 15:45
A. DUBITANTE Dag geleden
I'd like to watch this again, but my (high) tolerance for adds got stretched so much, it tore.
B P Dag geleden
SCP 4701 Metal Snow.
Tiffany Oliver
Tiffany Oliver Dag geleden
"The most 'fiveish' constant of all" nice neologism.
Mr.J Dag geleden
Actually if you look closely they are repeating.
Watermelon Dag geleden
BTW why do extreme gamers get these kind of videos as a suggestion im not saying that this is bad thanks utube algorithm for this but it just does not Match up that i get these vids when i search for Ghostrunner speedrun
David Mcbrady
David Mcbrady Dag geleden
WoW what a great video
vuaeco Dag geleden
If you know how big infinity is, you might change your mind about using the word "never".
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers Dag geleden
Honeycomb cereal sales increase exponentially
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Dag geleden
Me: Gives this pattern to the guy tiling my kitchen Tile guy: Sweats profusely
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Dag geleden
17:25 " mathematical jargon we say hexagons are the bestagons"
Patrick Rodriguez
Patrick Rodriguez Dag geleden
Where can I find or make those transparent papers at 9:00 They look so satisfying to play with and to show off to friends.
Alexander Wilisow
Alexander Wilisow Dag geleden
8 minutes in, I'm done trying to understand their obsession.
Angel Castro
Angel Castro Dag geleden
I’m surprised with myself about how much I understood this even though it was barely anything
Kewbraminx Dag geleden
that's not a pattern
Michael Chen
Michael Chen Dag geleden
Anyone know where I can buy the printed penrose patterns at 8:59?
OKJJ Dag geleden
Me at 3am getting hypnotised: @_o_@
Kit Cat
Kit Cat Dag geleden
15:27 they look like cool explosions
\o/ Dag geleden
The concept mentioned of there being an infinite number of Penrose tilings, and no way to tell which one "is on", and that each contains the others, reminded me of the same "lost" feeling one gets exploring Borges' Library of Babel (though the arrangement of rooms in that is decidedly regular):
Paulo Trindade
Paulo Trindade Dag geleden
Where did you get your penrose tiles laser cut?
ThunderwoodJR Dag geleden
Who else did stuff like this in 3rd grade with triangle tiles xD
chun fai hung
chun fai hung Dag geleden
robert webb
robert webb Dag geleden
Thank you! I am 7 and you made this easy to understand. Athena~
Dino's Sanbox
Dino's Sanbox Dag geleden
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Dag geleden
Madison Beer was asked about being called a "Wannabe Ariana Grande" and she didn't hold back. "I think that it's a little sad and hurtful when I see so many people, like, really bullying and harassing me in a lot of ways and, like, taking away the legitness of anything I do." :
Jimmy Dag geleden
⚠️ Les recomiendo un vidio complemento, el mosaico fractuaureo, ver 👉
Ikhwan Haikal
Ikhwan Haikal 2 dagen geleden
My eyes hurt. Worth it tho
Alexander Wilisow
Alexander Wilisow 2 dagen geleden
One of the most interesting classes I ever had
Alexander Wilisow
Alexander Wilisow Dag geleden
Researchers at the University of Washington recently developed a way for 3D printed objects to connect to WiFi without electronics or batteries. Find out more on tomorrow's Elements.
Raymond Myers
Raymond Myers 2 dagen geleden
8 minutes in, I'm done trying to understand their obsession.
Ignacio D
Ignacio D 2 dagen geleden
Nice, love this pattern, made it in my garden!. There is a pair of weird facts more about them (at least, I read about them!); the four inks conjecture, it happens reduces to 3 in a Penrose pattern ( not easy, I tried, didn't make it). And drawing some lines,. You get "paths" that can be close or not, and repeat weirdly, showing a larger no periodically Patterns, with circles, stars but too something like "peanuts".
Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy 2 dagen geleden
Watching this guy covertly break his upholstered chair was pure joy.
Uan Gay
Uan Gay 2 dagen geleden
0:11 xx
Alan attack
Alan attack 2 dagen geleden
Mora what'a?
Dominic Tan
Dominic Tan 2 dagen geleden
Math makes my bones cold. :)
nikola plays
nikola plays 2 dagen geleden
If it never repeats it's not a pattern...
dave the pigeon
dave the pigeon 2 dagen geleden
*Robert Burger*
Dominic Tan
Dominic Tan 2 dagen geleden
One of the most interesting classes I ever had
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke 2 dagen geleden
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Octipus Plays
Octipus Plays 2 dagen geleden
21:11 are those DnD dices ?
ISHAN VYAS 2 dagen geleden
You have a gift of sharing the knowledge in the best way possible, not everyone puts the time or the effort to do so. There should be an award dedicated to people like you, and in my opinion, is as significant as the noble prize, if not more. I respect your work.
TRILLY 2 dagen geleden
i watched this 3 times
Esteban Galeano
Esteban Galeano 2 dagen geleden
You could talk about Benoit Mandelbrot's fractal theory, it looks a lot like this theory, Greetings from Paraguay
Jestem Babą 3775
Jestem Babą 3775 2 dagen geleden
TheWaterboy818 3 dagen geleden
Platonic solids? You mean my D&D dice?
MONTY 3 dagen geleden
0:31 "ahhh did he, *looks at the door* he did! He just left the camera there" haha
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman 3 dagen geleden
“Wang’s Conjecture was false.” Me, through a mouthful of chips, not understanding a word of this: “Haha, what a loser.”
ahmad abed
ahmad abed 3 dagen geleden
"Honey, I'll be ready for your sister's wedding when I finish this tiling."
Darshi Patel
Darshi Patel 3 dagen geleden
dude you copied this comment from @dav ep
Mojodojo 3 dagen geleden
9:44 just 9:44 can that be my life please
John Yang
John Yang 3 dagen geleden
“Wang’s Conjecture was false.” Me, through a mouthful of chips, not understanding a word of this: “Haha, what a loser.”
Kurtis Henken
Kurtis Henken 3 dagen geleden
This is why I love mathematics. Everything is so perfectly connected, ie the golden ratio, the fibonacci sequence, penrose tiles, etc. It's exciting to delve deeper and find out why these connections exist. Great video as always.
Nguyenbao Minhkhang
Nguyenbao Minhkhang 3 dagen geleden
Love you.
TJOEN FAI BENNY NGAI 3 dagen geleden
"There are only 5 platonic solids." Jan Misali: "Hold my tetrahedron."
phenrilwolf 3 dagen geleden
Any relation to this?
maca reyna
maca reyna 3 dagen geleden
"There are only 5 platonic solids." Jan Misali: "Hold my tetrahedron."
Vicent Sandov
Vicent Sandov 3 dagen geleden
la version en español es igual de buena que excelente canal
laksofff 3 dagen geleden
i'm shocked, that was wonderful
vicarioustube 3 dagen geleden
sooooooooooooo satifying BRILLIANT even for a layman like myself.
Maryelle Mac
Maryelle Mac 3 dagen geleden
this video got me high and i dont even get high
Maxime Le Donge
Maxime Le Donge 3 dagen geleden
Platonic solids. Well known by Dungeons & Dragons players! :D
chaz Tranchina
chaz Tranchina 3 dagen geleden
“Wang’s Conjecture was false.” Me, through a mouthful of chips, not understanding a word of this: “Haha, what a loser.”
laksofff 3 dagen geleden
already posted 1 month ago
x i o u n
x i o u n 3 dagen geleden
Okay, random question, but this video got me thinking; What formation is human skin in? Is human skin 5-fold, in a never ending pattern, or does it have a certain pattern? I might look into this on my own time, but what're yalls thoughts? (btw I love this video! This is honestly very interesting stuff.)
M Light
M Light 3 dagen geleden
This video sparked the love I have for science that has been with me since I was a lass. Thank you!
Garbis Tapacian
Garbis Tapacian 4 dagen geleden
This guy's dreams must be made of infinite psychedelic trips ...
Mange 2
Mange 2 4 dagen geleden
I think a capable computer scientist should look into using a Penrose Pattern system to send and receive internet data. Theoretically, data would have a destination but a internet hacker would never be able to know where that destination was in the pattern, thereby not able to decipher the data. Only the genuine recipient would know where the destination in the pattern is. I may be talking nonsense because I have very little computer science knowledge, or it may well be a system that already exists, i.e. encryption etc. However, because it popped into my head, I thought it was important to share. I may be a Genius and not know it. LOL.
Jakub Sklenář
Jakub Sklenář 4 dagen geleden
what did you like the most in my home city?
Revan Ismayilov
Revan Ismayilov 4 dagen geleden
Seeing different amazing stuff bring other different amazing stuff amazes me. Like this having the Fibonacci sequence *AND* the golden ratio. This is amazing!
Ron Barnett
Ron Barnett 4 dagen geleden
This NLposts intrigues me. I would like to have a further discussion with you on it. Does it stimulate an aberrated holographic Art piece for you, or a strange piece of ever changing music that sounds basically the same like some kind of weird cyclical chord progression that never quite repeats yet always sounds the same. I see a piece without an end, that is ever changing yet at the same time sounds the same. Such a piece of music would be captivating as the mind tries to resolve it ...yet can't. ...sort of like a cat chasing its tail.What are your thoughts here? ... I would like to discuss this further Contact me at
David 「Titanium」
David 「Titanium」 4 dagen geleden
i need time to process what's being said in the video, so i'll write my conclusions here after watching, pausing, and thinking mid-video: * so basically, the whole "pattern that never repeats" here is only talking about translations, and even the slightest rotation will cause it to be considered a different pattern, and that's why a finite number of shapes can fill an infinite plane without repeating: cause there are infinite ways to rotate a shape? * wait i think it's not that simple, this pattern is weirder than i thought, not just rotation, the order of putting pieces seems to matter * okay i give up, i can't comprehend this
chapii win
chapii win 4 dagen geleden
: )
Jeavons Andrew
Jeavons Andrew 4 dagen geleden
Pattern is something that repeats
Cestarian Inhabitant
Cestarian Inhabitant 4 dagen geleden
The golden ratio... Imperfection perfected...
David Cook
David Cook 4 dagen geleden
Do you have shares in penrose textiles?
Simon Williams
Simon Williams 4 dagen geleden
almost perfectly tiled with ads
Retro Steampunk
Retro Steampunk 4 dagen geleden
this is brain hurt
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 4 dagen geleden
By very definition, a pattern is a repeating/repeatable thing so if it never repeats, it's not a pattern, thus I call shenanigans on the click-bait title! (yes, I understand the concept, it's pretty simple, don't grill me...) Also, scientists... please stop saying things are impossible, you just make a fool out of yourself as new knowledge comes to light.
Da Obapfalzasepp
Da Obapfalzasepp 4 dagen geleden
this is absolutely breaking my head
Chris Sutherland
Chris Sutherland 4 dagen geleden
the most high quality videos on youtube damn
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