Logan Paul: YouTube's (and Jake Paul's) awful older brother

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Basically, Logan Paul bad *insert applause*
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Logan Paul VS Jake Paul 2-part series
Other episode: nlposts.info/past/dnS2z5Onmq1wzIU/video
0:00 - Intro
2:45 - A clean start
5:32 - The world's worst Japan vlog
10:06 - NLpostsr apology: World tour
18:13 - Brief Boxers
22:12 - R-Rated Dobrik
28:59 - Impaulsive
37:59 - A good influence(r)
41:01 - My brother's keeper
44:02 Nowhere to go but up
Logan Paul: NLposts's (and Jake Paul's) awful older brother

dangelowallace Maand geleden
I _would_ apologize for posting this video so late and making y'all watch 50 minutes of Logan Paul but then again... y'all are also getting to watch 50 minutes of ME plus I had to watch *50 hours* of Logan Paul for you... in other words you may apologize to me in the comments below ⬇️
The WET TEE!!!!
The WET TEE!!!! 3 dagen geleden
Express vpn fuct up my iPhone built in internet it’s a iPhone 10 from sprint in case anybody has something similar heads up
Court 13 dagen geleden
Can you apologize for not DMing me back
CaroDame 14 dagen geleden
We are so sorry please love us again
Océane Le Ny
Océane Le Ny 21 dag geleden
We’re all so sorry...
Kare Bear
Kare Bear 21 dag geleden
I'm Sorry
Abby Green
Abby Green 34 minuten geleden
D'Angelo I did NOT come into this video expecting to want to listen to/watch Logan Paul's podcast afterward
Adam Bailey
Adam Bailey 45 minuten geleden
Damn bro you should work for CUT
1XC 2 uur geleden
I'm glad reviewed the podcast I've watched almost all of them and noticed a different vibe in Logan too
why betrayer is poison
why betrayer is poison 4 uur geleden
Only ogs know when he had aayla and he wasn't mr suicide forest he was just some annoying Ohio boy
NXVi 5 uur geleden
It's called psychopathy.
NXVi 5 uur geleden
EVERYONE is "controversial" until they're TOO famous to get away with their bs, no really... think about it. 💭
Slappap 6 uur geleden
i thought it was just one guy not 2
Greissy Williams
Greissy Williams 6 uur geleden
Loved this video, great content!
Riley Fitzpatrick
Riley Fitzpatrick 11 uur geleden
I find it really hard to believe that this video managed to make me respect Logan Paul as a dude but like, damn. plus that clip off his podcast re: Harry Styles in a dress defending him, like, man has grown up n I respect that actually I don't think this absolves him tho, I don't really think I would ever like, forgive I suppose, the suicide forest video, that's just such a horrifying thing to do in my eyes, but he's making amends. I think he realises that he's done a lot of bad things and he's trying to make it right n I respect that
Amelie Gieseking
Amelie Gieseking 16 uur geleden
today I learned, that logan Paul and I share the same birthday and honestly, I feel like a real fool now
a spider
a spider 18 uur geleden
Good content but jesus even at 2x speed you talk slow
MAX XIV 19 uur geleden
STFU! hahahah
Jordan Sanchez
Jordan Sanchez 22 uur geleden
Wallace is the type of dude where you always have to be on your toes, making sure you don't say something stupid.
Hue Janus
Hue Janus 23 uur geleden
Ok off topic but did anyone else actually really like stitchers? I loved that show sm and I’ve never met anyone else that watched it/liked it too
McSaucyBossy Dag geleden
Kinda crazy how much bias this guy has while making this video. "Buff college guy is how I would describe his brand" if you wanna ignore the entire brand and just blanket him as a way to easily dismiss him thata fine but atleast admit this is just a smear peace on his character.
McSaucyBossy Dag geleden
Crazy seeing how many people like to pile on a character that is obviously not the same person anymore? If you want to weld the image of an immature young man onto the person that is logan paul forever, then he has no chance of retribution. Everyone grow up a little and appreciate that someone who was considered the "bad guy of the internet" can actually turn a new leaf
Katelyn Abeare
Katelyn Abeare Dag geleden
who else is here post "logan shutting down toxic masculinity" also I never realized how vividly I remember this video... like I watched this video when I was 11
Sierra Hultgren
Sierra Hultgren Dag geleden
As much as Logan deserves the backlash for what he's done, I recognize that I and everyone else have also done horrible things, just not broadcasted it to the world. More important than shaming him for his past is acknowledging he's growing and changing, as we all can when we take ownership for failures and willfully choose truth and morality.
Emil Ace
Emil Ace Dag geleden
Imagine making a living talking about others peoples live. Really big contribution to a better life. Lmao. I think channels like these are even worse in every way possible.
Cheng Huang
Cheng Huang Dag geleden
what happened to the podcast?
superblysituated Dag geleden
This is interesting because it seems like a big reason he made and posted the suicide forest video, and the only reason his vlogs still exist, is capitalism. He wants to keep getting views to make money, and the way society is set up rewards that exploitative behavior. It's interesting too because, as you point out, it's unclear whether he has "changed" and "developed empathy" to maintain access to internet fame and keep making money, or has honestly evolved. I think maybe both? But we'll never know.
Savage the 13th
Savage the 13th Dag geleden
You make me question my sexuality
Melyn Dag geleden
I have always hated the Paul brothers, but after my boyfriend I watched Jarvis Johnson's video on that whole Pokemon deal, we decided to watch Logan's podcast on the Pokemon cards. I was honestly completely shocked, my boyfriend and I were both so confused that Logan was normal and very entertaining (for adults), and might I say that I actually enjoyed it! I guess he must put on some kind of act for the vlogs, or maybe he has just evolved/grown over time
cole barreto
cole barreto Dag geleden
Low key can we bring back vine
Zora Duquette-Hoffman
Zora Duquette-Hoffman Dag geleden
The Paul brothers are the weak human equivalent of Zeus. Somewhat immortal, gross, and possessing a huge god complex.
Pasado Leche
Pasado Leche Dag geleden
Ugh another pretentious commentary NLpostsr yawn 🥱
vic aldea
vic aldea Dag geleden
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker Dag geleden
And he defended Harry Styles from Candace Owens. I feel like Logan's really turning a corner and I hope he sticks with it
capie Dag geleden
Unpopular opinion: I think Logan has really matured and he is alot different than 2017 Logan
Amelia Phelps
Amelia Phelps Dag geleden
I'm watching this video after Logan defended harry, and I respect him so much more as a person now, knowing that he speaks out when he believes in something.
fish eggs
fish eggs Dag geleden
Sometimes I wonder if these two will grow up into mature and likeable people, which I know sounds fucking crazy considering.. literally everything. However age changes people, if nothing else, and I wonder if the same will apply to them. It's easy to not acknowledge it since a lot of people who watches stuff like this are on the younger side, but the Paul Brothers are young as well and they still have years and years to go. I guess only time will tell.
mike jones
mike jones Dag geleden
You said Logan speaking up against police violence is "showing he's willing to speak up about things even if he may face backlash from it" (paraphrased). No one is going to face backlash for voicing that opinion, especially right now.
Zakhary Rashid
Zakhary Rashid Dag geleden
Amazing video
Sam Dag geleden
lol you forgot to mention all the annoying "logan paul is so mature now" comments
Beery Kids
Beery Kids Dag geleden
Ok but his voice is... Idk how to describe it, the only word I can think of is dreamy lol I just really like his voice lol
entertain7us14 Dag geleden
i'm genuinely glad to hear that logan kinda grew up and was able to self-reflect. that's all we can hope for for these toxic vlogger types.
E F 2 dagen geleden
The Paul Brothers documentary we need but not the one we deserve. Shane Dawson eat your heart out
cherrigun 2 dagen geleden
can we talk about how he had to watch 50 hours of Logan Paul for this video.. :0
Nora Thomp son
Nora Thomp son 2 dagen geleden
When I die hire this man to narrate my life at my funeral
Pete HrapStick
Pete HrapStick 2 dagen geleden
I hear Ethan's klines voice is he a person of interest or boogie2988 for these stye of videos
heartless hamster
heartless hamster 2 dagen geleden
damn i have the same birthday as logan
Usagi Is Lost
Usagi Is Lost 2 dagen geleden
Look at where you are.. Look at where you started.. The fact that you're alive is a miracle (We won't finish the rest of the song cause-)
jananni123456789 2 dagen geleden
that's sick, it makes me physically sick
CRP Smt 2 dagen geleden
I really like him now tho tbh
Titiluvs Kpop
Titiluvs Kpop 2 dagen geleden
Im sorry but D'Angelo ALWAYS snaps. AND he does it with receipts as well as a godly voice. Now if that's not an A1 commentary youtuber idk what is.........
Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster 2 dagen geleden
Is all you do hate on people?
Phillip Love
Phillip Love 2 dagen geleden
They created an echo chamber for themselves and 1-7 million people liking it. Why would you stop being an annoying asshat if it keeps working?
oh benji
oh benji 2 dagen geleden
My little brothers friends is a fan of Logan Paul and I asked him what he thinks about him doing that video and he says it was just a mistake like bruh
Hanin Abdullah
Hanin Abdullah 2 dagen geleden
Great video! Very interesting. Also, I love the background music, it's so relaxing. If anyone knows what it is called, please let me know!
Rachel 2 dagen geleden
The way you said "the logang" made you sound so much like a boomer
Anthony C
Anthony C 2 dagen geleden
Logan paul is definitely not the most hated out of the two. Jake Paul is way worse then logan.
Rachel Azul
Rachel Azul 3 dagen geleden
I cracked up when you said “he’s sitting down” about his podcast😂
Captain TimeBomb
Captain TimeBomb 3 dagen geleden
This is possibly the worst assessment of Logan Paul I’ve ever seen
Roscoe P. Coltrane
Roscoe P. Coltrane 3 dagen geleden
I don't think the suicide forest incident is morally reprehensible, but for not filtering it from children. If somebody has no problem committing suicide in a public place, then they aren't going to care if the public finds them. In fact, that's probably their last dying wish. The outrage was a huge overreaction. It showed poor judgement, but not that big of a deal in my opinion. Sorry. That's just my opinion.
vee rov
vee rov 3 dagen geleden
dude u remember watching the video and freaking the fuck out
CaraRowen 3 dagen geleden
I honestly believe because before suicide forest it is all Click bait, folks didn't think it would be real. It was just snuck up on them and that is so much worse.
Kaiser de Emperana
Kaiser de Emperana 3 dagen geleden
What? Jake is clearly the more hated one of the two lol
bbqsauceonmytitties 3 dagen geleden
I used to want to watch "The Thinning" so bad 💀
CherryTide 2 dagen geleden
Ur username is perfect
BALENCIAGA 3 dagen geleden
He just hired better writers for his still scripted content to make himself seem more compassionate and "grown"
Hugh Mangold
Hugh Mangold 3 dagen geleden
Bruh tbh I hate Jake WAYYYYY more but idk about everyone else
Megan Moreno
Megan Moreno 3 dagen geleden
just cuz logan says hes ex controversial doesn't mean he actually is ex controversial
glennsf84 3 dagen geleden
Tbh when someone does a mistake in life (even if it's one mistake), society will NEVER forgive u. Ever. This video proved my statement right. Although I'm not condoning the Paul brothers, they are still "trying" to make amends. Whether it be of no sense or the timing, they are "trying." I guess it's not enough. Henceforth, society expects more......even though society has blemish themselves.
Alex thiccboi
Alex thiccboi 3 dagen geleden
He ain’t even that bad anymore
TJ Blackmore
TJ Blackmore 3 dagen geleden
So the most redeeming thing about Logan is that he "used his platform for good" when he virtue signalled about BLM for 3 days? He didn't do that because he cares, he did it out of fear, just like all of the other influencers. It doesn't take any courage or bravery to regurgitate corporate approved talking points from the media.
WinningSidekick 3 dagen geleden
Logan and his co-host loudly condemning police brutality and calling for everyone to hold the racists they know accountable 😳 did NOT see that coming
Elizabeth Hamill
Elizabeth Hamill 3 dagen geleden
This was a nuanced and balanced look at someone people really have a hard time viewing objectively. You don’t let him off the hook for any of his abhorrent behavior, but you also analyze his current projects and choices without letting the instinct to hate him override any objective analysis. It’s a hard balance to strike, but you do it very well.
Tiny person
Tiny person 3 dagen geleden
Logan went from not poggers to sort of poggers Good job Mr Paul :D
brotherford 3 dagen geleden
Very good video, interesting insights ❤️. Could you please do a video on KSI ?
AtherViBritannia 3 dagen geleden
I'm disappointed you didn't mention THE FLAT EARTH DOCUMENTARY It's fucking hilarious
Renee Carlson
Renee Carlson 3 dagen geleden
Logan Paul is the opposite of the Douche from Parks and Rec apparently
ItsYusufTv 5
ItsYusufTv 5 3 dagen geleden
This kept being shown on my recommended so I decided to give it a watch and its banging 👌 love the content
Mask 3 dagen geleden
I really dislike how he's started pandering really hard to "woke" social media as well. He gets his buddies to say something stupid on his podcast so that he can swoop in as the hero and get people tweeting "omg im actually agreeing with logan paul>!>!??"
tobias wood
tobias wood 4 dagen geleden
Even if logan Paul hasn't matured very much at least he learned to be low key and not go over the line which is something I guess.
K J 4 dagen geleden
Great video! This was my first time watching you and I’m so glad I clicked. Btw-how much do you like those black glasses? I think they’re the same ones I’ve been trying to decide to buy! I was so surprised to see them haha!
Kr Br
Kr Br 4 dagen geleden
Dealing with Addictions/Depression.. (Read Description)‼️ nlposts.info/past/bIrVvrq8fqdwy6c/video
PorkysRAGE 4 dagen geleden
Danm that intro is just... polished AF fuckin poured a bucket of polish on that shit
Vile CreamPuffs
Vile CreamPuffs 4 dagen geleden
Not me being uncomfortable due to my age group failing me plenty amount of times.
Tiny Thang
Tiny Thang 4 dagen geleden
And no one gonna talk about how attractive dangelo is?! Honestly bouta make me act up
Puff Guff
Puff Guff 4 dagen geleden
I refuse to believe Logan Paul gets head. I don’t care if this man has a girlfriend, that man does not get laid. Edit: Got towards the end of the video. Maybe I was wrong.
STUKJE 4 dagen geleden
I really dont mind him filming a dead body.
hambor12 4 dagen geleden
27:15 (worryingly looks at the Bungie Rewards emails in my promotions folder describing that exact thing)
Nicollas Val
Nicollas Val 4 dagen geleden
I came here ready to see someone get dragged for almost an hour, and it was a pleasant surprise and slap to my face that you chose to stick to the facts instead of jumping into the logan paul bad wave, which would have been really easy. We need more creators like you
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 4 dagen geleden
nlposts.info/past/k3fRxbCXgXCms5c/video Please inform yourself a bit.
SuperGoBlaziken 4 dagen geleden
I thought jake was the older on this whole time..
Charlie 4 dagen geleden
great video but I'm pretty sure KSI was the underdog for the fight as everyone thought LP would win
Legendary SHayes
Legendary SHayes 4 dagen geleden
9:58 I didn’t realize that saying edited it out would sound so off
TKS 4 dagen geleden
Although I do think this is a very good and well put together video, I have to say that the whole situation is a bit dated, and I know he said hes changed and he definitely has, I don’t think that he is targeting your type of audienc, but that’s ok
TKS 4 dagen geleden
The fact of the matter is obviously he doesn’t really enjoy his content which is fine, but realise that he’s probably not going for the very informed, very mature audience like people who watch this video
CONJUNCTION 4 dagen geleden
I don’t wanna be “that girl” but ExpressVPN isn’t working for me, very slow. I’m Canadian tryna watch American shows but alas, I wasted a 100 dollars.
hello world
hello world 4 dagen geleden
in my mind jake paul is a lot worse than logan paul if you look at logan paul now hes a changed man (in a better way) hes moved on from past drama hes more mature most of these "contreversies" are over a year old unlike his brother jake who still makes clickbait still a douche throws party during pandemic and gets his house rated by the FBI I know this comment will most likely not be seen and just be burried under the 13k comments
BRUH_FISHY 4 dagen geleden
logan is slowly improving jake is the most hated now, and logan is slightly entertaining
Sean Tintle
Sean Tintle 4 dagen geleden
Who is this kid and y is he so mad at Logan 😂😂
Noelle 4 dagen geleden
no ones mad, wtf are you talking about.
Ritansh Kulshreshtha
Ritansh Kulshreshtha 4 dagen geleden
Good way to collect free views by talking something u don't know about. You are still a kid 🤣
Cesar Zavala
Cesar Zavala 4 dagen geleden
AllanFookinLadd 5 dagen geleden
Jake is WAY worse / more hated nowadays
Deadly Panda
Deadly Panda 5 dagen geleden
lol I used to be a shane dawson fan bc of the consperisy therorys so when I watched his video on Jack Paul i though well maybe he has some dissorder or something but like I still think theres no excuse for that because he thoguht it would be ok to post that video of a dead body instead of cutting that part out then simply saying why it was im surprised he wasnt sued I cant imagin the pain that family is going though also as someone who sometimes does have strange and unusual reactions like things like this is probaply why at first I thought it mightve been just a coping mechasim uhm- for example my mom told me someone I saw (i didnt know them) died on the way home and I laughed and its like I planned to do that or im proud that I did im rather ashamamed there are other events as well that this happened but this is just one of them im excusing myself or him because thankfully that was a couple years ago and it seems its gotten a lot better im just trying to say there is a possibility that he has a psychology dissorder thats like the antisocial personality dissorder but thats impossiable to say behind a youtube screen so unfortunately theres probally no way to even get him help if he does need it to have human empathy also if someone does read this sorry for the misspellings and for how long it is im on my laptop doing some casual history stuff and listening to my fav youtuber (insert emoji with sweat thingy and smiling???)
chris wheeler
chris wheeler 5 dagen geleden
Do a video on Deji Olatunji! JJs Brother.
Godfather The Unknown gamer
Godfather The Unknown gamer 5 dagen geleden
Someone has to make a video criticizing D'Angelo also.
Brianna Hess
Brianna Hess 5 dagen geleden
He goin places
Sebastian Cooper
Sebastian Cooper 5 dagen geleden
I'm not going to start watching Logan but this video has made me do double-takes at his evolution. It's still really dumb that there was virtually no real external accountability. It's kind of serendipitous that he's sort of transitioned like this on his own.
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