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RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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MusaPlayz- ROBLOX
MusaPlayz- ROBLOX 51 minuut geleden
My dad bought me a rc car when i was a baby i didnt know what it was and heat to do with it so i decided to breake it
mordiconi annie
mordiconi annie 59 minuten geleden
Student loans
Dang Math Smith Is The Best Youtuber Ayyy
Dang Math Smith Is The Best Youtuber Ayyy Uur geleden
New Year New Me
Bella20 Uur geleden
Very cool but could you change the background music a bit please? It’s kind of overwhelming
Hr Bcnc
Hr Bcnc Uur geleden
صلو علا محمد صلا الله عليه وسلم
Hr Bcnc
Hr Bcnc Uur geleden
McKenna Parks
McKenna Parks Uur geleden
Dude perfect vs mrbeast race to 75m.
Odis Driftwood
Odis Driftwood Uur geleden
Well guys, you made me break out my RCs after a few years. My "Traxxas" 4x4 Slash is all titanium,steel and carbon fiber and has reached a top speed of 119mph at 75% throttle (4s). Too bad it's cost as much as an actual car to build... All Tekno shafts, Revo shocks, Mamba Monster drive... There isnt an original piece of the car after so many catastrophic wrecks... Lets try and break it again!
Odis Driftwood
Odis Driftwood Uur geleden
My other vehicle is an Hpi Sprint 2 with a Castle Sidewinder on 3s that does 90+mph. Haven't broke it yet. Just drag racing the noisy and smelly nitro vehicles. The key is a gyroscope for straight shots.
OPJuiceBox Uur geleden
What RC cars did they use?
Dario Tizianel
Dario Tizianel Uur geleden
You are Perfect
polskigamer91 Uur geleden
Dude its Perfect!
Nelson Vega
Nelson Vega Uur geleden
The c's finale xd
Akshay Sarkar
Akshay Sarkar Uur geleden
One of the best think is the camera team are parfect !!!
Wild CaT
Wild CaT Uur geleden
I love their Energy . Dude perfect Energy
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson Uur geleden
is anyone else annoyed that this year is called "2020 won"?
Emanuel Silva
Emanuel Silva Uur geleden
babypj Uur geleden
This was one of the best battles in a long time. Really felt like everyone had an equal chance cause Ty and Garrett weren’t in the finals
DEFLECT BOI Uur geleden
this just looks like rocket league with extra steps
Right Down the Street
Right Down the Street Uur geleden
rk sahoo
rk sahoo Uur geleden
Mr beasts coming
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
I am your first suber
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
Sarah Wertz
Sarah Wertz Uur geleden
When are you making a new Over time
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
Llinelca Vargas
Llinelca Vargas Uur geleden
You guy so cool
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
ritik kumar
ritik kumar 2 uur geleden
who else want to see dp's 50million custom playbutton
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
ritik kumar
ritik kumar 2 uur geleden
me: what is fullform of dp friend: display picture me :duh
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
SKYLAR BALLIN 2 uur geleden
Have you ever heard of dude decent from vat19
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
Deniz Erem
Deniz Erem 2 uur geleden
It hurts your soul to see these cars getting thrown, rammed and crushed
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
Emanuel Silva
Emanuel Silva 2 uur geleden
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
Mineismineokay_TPS 2 uur geleden
Why don’t you just buy a rc plane with wheels...
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles
Top 100 Moments of Celeb
Top 100 Moments of Celeb 2 uur geleden
Our channel always praises your great ideas and amazing execution skills. I hope you are always happy.
xtceeee1 2 uur geleden
What a waste of RC cars, some kids dream of having one and never will.
Umscheid Charles
Umscheid Charles Uur geleden
sub to umscheid charles and I agree
lucas.portaa 2 uur geleden
go pokemon
go pokemon 2 uur geleden
there is a reviving car
Eagle warrior
Eagle warrior 2 uur geleden
Master happy pongal dude perfect
CGE Plays
CGE Plays 2 uur geleden
Jennifer Kerschbaum
Jennifer Kerschbaum 2 uur geleden
Do online school stereotypes
German shepherd Panther
German shepherd Panther 2 uur geleden
Disclaimer: *more than 54.8 million subscribers were harmed during destroying cars in this video*
Ricardo Cruz Rojano
Ricardo Cruz Rojano 3 uur geleden
roket legue
Mtech 3 uur geleden
mr beast is gonna have more subs than u
Blitzers 3 uur geleden
Rocket league
ajay kaushik
ajay kaushik 3 uur geleden
No cars were harmed in the making of this video
Lumi Inegbedion
Lumi Inegbedion 3 uur geleden
Harvey Khechane
Harvey Khechane 3 uur geleden
That was the best and so funny
I Like Pizza
I Like Pizza 3 uur geleden
those rocets should have been mounted right smack dab in the middle of the cover
Laurie West
Laurie West 3 uur geleden
Ya'll should have 100M subs by now
ricardo milos
ricardo milos 3 uur geleden
H ello
peter quinlivan
peter quinlivan 3 uur geleden
Go garret
Nena Nawche
Nena Nawche 3 uur geleden
Muhammad Hesham
Muhammad Hesham 4 uur geleden
Combine Plane with the Rocket
PhongGaming 4 uur geleden
This game is really fun guys !
Sip 4 uur geleden
Rocket league in real life
Serial Gang
Serial Gang 4 uur geleden
Eley nee சாமியார்
Jony Xu
Jony Xu 4 uur geleden
Sorry it’s a hoax that I said liar sorry
Muhammad Syahri
Muhammad Syahri 4 uur geleden
Let's do part 2 with real cars
Perex iOS
Perex iOS 4 uur geleden
Who play Critical Ops so go SUBCRIBE ME ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Manuel Cascione
Manuel Cascione 4 uur geleden
Who is watching it in 2015
Shreyam Singh
Shreyam Singh 4 uur geleden
Seeing those crushed cars made me a little sad
Jayasankar Chanti
Jayasankar Chanti 4 uur geleden
Harsh Bavishi
Harsh Bavishi 4 uur geleden
No one can beat you all
Harsh Bavishi
Harsh Bavishi 4 uur geleden
You all are the one and only dude perfect
Harsh Bavishi
Harsh Bavishi 4 uur geleden
Next video ultimate need maze battle pls
Hanno Bruwer
Hanno Bruwer 4 uur geleden
Those cars are awesome
Abdullahi Shuaibu
Abdullahi Shuaibu 4 uur geleden
Best video ever.purple hoser for ever
Speedster 252
Speedster 252 4 uur geleden
Happy 3 year and 6 days overtime Fun Fact: the first Overtime came out on 9th jan 2018, so its been more than 3 years since the first OT
Chicken Leg
Chicken Leg 4 uur geleden
finally, something that is not over time
Yamen Zabadi
Yamen Zabadi 4 uur geleden
I fell like it is rocket league in a weird way.
Latest Leaks
Latest Leaks 4 uur geleden
Awesome video
Anubhav srivastava
Anubhav srivastava 5 uur geleden
Why don't they upload trick shorts.....🤔
zam richardo
zam richardo 5 uur geleden
How does Cody survive a car crash
Lila Łukaszek
Lila Łukaszek 5 uur geleden
Ŕąş Måý
Ŕąş Måý 5 uur geleden
Is anyone noticed that only 1 rocket of cody's car blown??
Mansif Ahsan
Mansif Ahsan 5 uur geleden
Wow Cody finally made it out from the corn maze.
Tài Phạm Trí Nguyễn
Tài Phạm Trí Nguyễn 5 uur geleden
It’s such a long time that I not watch u
Life is not Short
Life is not Short 5 uur geleden
No I want to see a fire work showw
You Tube WinneR
You Tube WinneR 5 uur geleden
Power fly 🙂
Waaltizzlr 5 uur geleden
Why are they yelling for 9 minutes? Are they stuck in how you did youtube videos in 2017??
Kristy Doss Arnold
Kristy Doss Arnold 5 uur geleden
Make another Fortnite video with the PS five
Randomnick123 5 uur geleden
Someone likes to wear shorts even its too cold for them.. xD
deepa shankar
deepa shankar 5 uur geleden
Coby I don’t know who to talk to his twin brother in the finale
Ghassan Dawish
Ghassan Dawish 6 uur geleden
انا اتابعكم من ١مليون متابع الا نستحق ترجمه باللغة العربية
waqar Ali Khan
waqar Ali Khan 6 uur geleden
You break your promise No ot
Jony Xu
Jony Xu 6 uur geleden
Dude perfect you liar
EDDIE salazar
EDDIE salazar 6 uur geleden
Alguien que hable españoll
DonMarco Hermano
DonMarco Hermano 6 uur geleden
WolveZ 6 uur geleden
Vallabh Aravind
Vallabh Aravind 6 uur geleden
not πax btw.
not πax btw. 6 uur geleden
RC Bandito
Vallabh Aravind
Vallabh Aravind 6 uur geleden
FEEL HARD AS A CORY FAN...................... BRUH WHEN WILL U STOP LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG??? I THINK U MUST LEARN FROM TYLER FOR DEPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES............................ HOPE U DONT DISSAPOINT US AND GIVE US AN EPIC COMEBACK LIKE MS DHONI............................................................ A HUBLE REQUEST COR................................................... A HUMBLE REQUEST............................................................... PLZ WIN...........................................................................
Anuva Gunri
Anuva Gunri 6 uur geleden
model rocket battle 3 please
Hans Moleman
Hans Moleman 6 uur geleden
Dude perfectly didn't ignite both rocket motors.
Magician‘s RC
Magician‘s RC 6 uur geleden
Come on,you can’t just keep smashing more and more trucks! TRAXXAS trucks are not cheap!
Enyam yao Abiwu
Enyam yao Abiwu 6 uur geleden
U made me laugh a lot😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Talib Hussain Hussain
Talib Hussain Hussain 6 uur geleden
Wow that was amazing
rob86trott 6 uur geleden
Wish a rc car company would send me ten grands plus worth of toys to destroy
Kurt reyes
Kurt reyes 7 uur geleden
i miss watching theser
QBALZ 7 uur geleden
Brian: Cars don't fly Dude Perfect:
Noah Quast
Noah Quast 7 uur geleden
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Honza Standa
Honza Standa 7 uur geleden
Uij A čokoláda hjjrzoouhty na mp
Raphi228 8
Raphi228 8 7 uur geleden
je m'amuse
punjabi song status
punjabi song status 7 uur geleden
dude perfact just a kid
Prabhakar Reddy
Prabhakar Reddy 7 uur geleden
The perfect dudes
Legend Hunter
Legend Hunter 7 uur geleden
Trickshots kinda dying man
Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins
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