How rich countries are making the pandemic last longer

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A program called Covax wants to distribute Covid-19 vaccines fairly. Is it working?
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Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the world’s richest countries poured money into the race for a vaccine. Billions of dollars, from programs like the US’s Operation Warp Speed, funded development that brought us multiple Covid-19 vaccines in record time. But it also determined where those vaccines would go. Before vaccine doses had even hit the market, places like the US and the UK had bought up nearly the entire supply.
This turns out to be an old story. In nearly every modern global health crisis, from smallpox to malaria to H1N1, rich countries have bought up vital medical supplies, making poor countries wait sometimes decades for life-saving support. It’s effectively a system in which where you live determines whether you live or die of a preventable disease. Leaving a disease like Covid-19 to spread unchecked in some places also gives it a chance to mutate -- and variants of the virus are already raising alarms. So: how do we get vaccines to countries that can’t afford them?
One solution underway is called Covax. It’s a program co-led by the World Health Organization; Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; and the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). Its goal is to get vaccines to lower- and middle-income countries at the same time as rich countries. So how is it supposed to do that? And will it be enough?
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Vox 14 dagen geleden
Poorer countries might not get vaccinated until 2023, writes Julia Belluz. Read more on Vox:
Moses Mwangi
Moses Mwangi Uur geleden
Do people need a vaccines for a virus with 99% survival rate?
voko axecer
voko axecer Dag geleden
Yeah, Let's not talk about vaccine patent waivers and how that hurts the pharma companies' bottom line .
R Dag geleden
Read your bibles! Dont be ignorant to whats really going on now as prophecy is being fulfilled. Jesus is the way, truth and life!
xandercorp Dag geleden
And without richer countries' outsize investment, these poor countries would be vaccinated much, much later due to the vaccine taking longer to develop.
Simon M
Simon M 2 dagen geleden
@dawnnadir Hongkong bought the vaccine with tax payer's money. Why would you ask them to donate?
pishva-3 649
pishva-3 649 22 minuten geleden
You can understand how sad is this video When you are from a poor country:(
ciaran Uur geleden
More generalisation. Proberly is alot of poor countries have very corrupt governments
lmz Uur geleden
human rights at its best. the rich got it first.
Aria Motazedi
Aria Motazedi 2 uur geleden
Canada's 300 million doses are literally like non existing. Seriously we have a 3 to 4 month gap between doses. It's reached a point that North Dakota, Montana & Alaska are helping us get vaccinated due to being behind and having no vaccine manufacturing plant! The State of Michigan is trying to vaccinate people in Windsor due to Canada's poor vaccination efforts!
Sunil Marcus 2.0
Sunil Marcus 2.0 4 uur geleden
And they said we are equal All races/countries are equal Then why they are prioritising the health of their own people That means they believe in superiority
Rakha Yusuf Khansa Ghani
Rakha Yusuf Khansa Ghani 5 uur geleden
0:35 how could japan make a double 120m doses deal with just 126 million population in their country ?
Manish Pradhan
Manish Pradhan 7 uur geleden
Thank you for this.
John Spöner
John Spöner 7 uur geleden
Imagine living in China where you get free vaccination from the government and you don't need to care about bad and privatization of life...
quancc 8 uur geleden
Lady - bad, eyebrows moving, too soft, can't hear
Fat Cat Drama
Fat Cat Drama 9 uur geleden
blah blah blah. rich country funded and invested the development of vaccine, but without their investment there will be no vaccine at all or at least much later. The end.
Jessica Ventrillon
Jessica Ventrillon 10 uur geleden
just because your busting to go to the toilet, doesn't mean you can cut infront of everyone else who has already been waiting
Christian 10 uur geleden
Eric Wu
Eric Wu 11 uur geleden
Hexa Angel
Hexa Angel 11 uur geleden
To the people saying "Rich countries funded the vaccine so they should get it first", I can see why you'd think that, and it does make sense if you're looking at it in a very simplistic way, but if you look at it in a more empathetic way, it's not so simple. Rich countries are also better equipped to deal with the sickness and ensure higher rates of survival for patients. Rich countries don't have as many densely-populated slums causing high rates of infection. I think the right course of action here would have been to prioritize those most vulnerable across the whole world. So, the frontline healthcare workers, elderly people, and immunocompromised in rich countries AND poor countries get the vaccine first, because they are most at risk. And then we can move on to vaccinating young people who have lower risk of severe complications. A case could also be made for prioritizing based on population density, so if you live in a densely populated city like Hong Kong or New York, you get the vaccine first, and if you live in the suburbs where it's easier to socially distance, you get it later.
Jaiyliah Cochran
Jaiyliah Cochran 11 uur geleden
My country literally won’t move a muscle, not single finger, to help another country in need if there’s no incentive. American History has shown this time and time again.
Smile Guy
Smile Guy Uur geleden
Yeah that's how it works with nations
CLINT-THE-GREAT 12 uur geleden
The USA donating the most money SHOULD allow them to be at the front of the line. The USA keeps funding all these other countries, if you want that to continue, we need to keep the USA money machine going
Andrew Israel Kazibwe
Andrew Israel Kazibwe 12 uur geleden
It ain't a crisis for afew pulling the strings. It is an opportunity for hitting that jackpot 🤔
Lance Anthony
Lance Anthony 13 uur geleden
Meanwhile these well off 1st world country kids are privileged enough to get offended by people making jokes
Eleven twentyone
Eleven twentyone 13 uur geleden
You guys have nice clean short videos that even people can survive with them at Podcast
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson 13 uur geleden
Be grateful. If it wasn't for these rich countries you so disdain there would be no vaccine. And all your pitiful nations would dissolve.
Emerald Stix
Emerald Stix Uur geleden
@Chris Nelson Rich countries are buying enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone twice or even thrice, there are more than enough to share. plus if a new variant is created it could not only make tge vaccines obsolete it could have a higher death rate which would make things even worse
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson 9 uur geleden
@Emerald Stix only so many vaccines to go around. Might as well go to the ones that are paying for it's creation first. Otherwise why would most countries bother funding it when budgets everywhere are tight.
Emerald Stix
Emerald Stix 9 uur geleden
Giving it to poorer nations saves lives and potentially money as well so whats the point in not giving? 13 uur geleden
Health is a global concern - those who don't get that are not as smart as viruses.
Don Diplo
Don Diplo 14 uur geleden
"I need to go to the toilet." - Me
Kris Tigger
Kris Tigger 14 uur geleden
By design. Only the rich, the young and the healthy will survive. Vaccinated or not. The powers that be have decided who lives and who dies!
Robert Michaels
Robert Michaels 14 uur geleden
nationalise pharmacuticals
DickPays 14 uur geleden
I mean, it makes sense? Like everything costs money.
savalos 14 uur geleden
How trying this: buy two bottles of vaccines then get a third bottle free BUT instead getting the third bottle for free it goes to a low income/,poor country. If enough front of the liners do this then the back of the liners can benefit.
Vetar 33
Vetar 33 14 uur geleden
Don't just assume that if you live in a richer country you will get the vaccine earlier. The oldest people where i live are supposed to get the vaccine earlier, but good luck if you live in a rural area. Gotta get those votes!
muhammad dhenis kusuma adji
muhammad dhenis kusuma adji 14 uur geleden
well this is might going to bite us on the back, rich countries maybe able to vaccinate their people but if even the middle-income countries weren't able to vaccinate their people at the same time or close as those richer countries, the virus would mutate and resist the vaccine which could affect the rich and poor countries and the pandemic vaccination cycle would never end
Aquafresh 15 uur geleden
What about countries like India. They are poor and they have bad hygiene.
randomname 15 uur geleden
The US even donated the most to covax. the US is just expected to pay for everything in 21st century I guess. If you donate the most, you should get say in the distribution.
GOD 16 uur geleden
So I have to trust my government to not be corrupt, trust the drug companies to not be corrupt, and now also trust a third-party middleman to not be corrupt? And this is the best solution so far?
Marko 16 uur geleden
serbia is pretty good with vacines
valkoinen heteromies
valkoinen heteromies 16 uur geleden
If rich countries wouldn't get vaccines firstly, why would they fund it as aggressively as they did?
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 17 uur geleden
People who live in America or other rich countries are so lucky and rest of us are doomed
Simone Ghezzi
Simone Ghezzi 18 uur geleden
yeah lets mention Covax and not mention the fact that it was a EU initiative... by saying "rich countries" it seems like EVERY rich county has behaved in the same way - while it is just not true
Jade bylund
Jade bylund 18 uur geleden
Pretty sure the rich countries are the reason we have multiple vaccines. We gotta stop blaming people just on the basis of economic status
Douglas Duncan Pickard
Douglas Duncan Pickard 18 uur geleden
So to summarize: being Rich has advantages when you want to acquire scarce items. This is not a suprise.
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 18 uur geleden
Hasn’t the US pledged to donate their vaccines to other poorer countries though?
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 18 uur geleden
Did they?
Hand Son
Hand Son 18 uur geleden
we all saw this coming. We live in a world where money is above human lives. I am both blessed and vary cursed to live in the united states. If only covax was made before the pandemic by insight but its better then the system we do now
Venkat Ramana Koduri
Venkat Ramana Koduri 18 uur geleden
Blayas Blay
Blayas Blay 19 uur geleden
I live in Finland and our prime minister just stated that we have sovereignty. I believe it less if it has to be stated.
cake 20 uur geleden
Also my country is sending 150 thousand vaccination aid to Libya while it has not vaccinated its own citizens.
JJ Torres
JJ Torres 20 uur geleden
Yo ya estoy vacunado, aguante Uruguay y aguante el cuquito lpqmp
k1e1v1i1n 21 uur geleden
these are just some nice words saying slow everything down and add more people in the middle to bribe. if the rich dont get it first they have no incentive to invest. then no one gets it.
JetDoes 21 uur geleden
The title says "How rich countries are making the pandemic last longer" the actual outcome of the video "How rich countries have paid for the vaccine"
Rotem Ovadia
Rotem Ovadia 21 uur geleden
The premise is false. Vaccines wouldn't be here by now if rich countries didn't invest. Covax is just a glorified name for another middleman trying to make a quick buck from "fairness".
Handy Man
Handy Man 22 uur geleden
I love in a developing country and still hasn’t got my vaccine yet. I don’t even know if I will get one this year.
Kurosaki Ichigo
Kurosaki Ichigo 23 uur geleden
Do people not realise that without these investments there wouldn't even be this many vaccines in the first place?
VCR Thunder
VCR Thunder 23 uur geleden
The thing is. Every rich country wants to help developing countries, but the citizens of a wealthy country will always be prioritized over the people in developing countries. That goes for everything, even climate change. Yes, we share a world, but it's split into borders.
Kuntal Ghosh
Kuntal Ghosh 23 uur geleden
Guys i have a great idea. We should not vaccinate our population and send all the vaccines we bought to poor countries and vaccinate their whole population.
lukis pukish
lukis pukish 23 uur geleden
Good video ! Keep it up !
Eloísa A P
Eloísa A P 23 uur geleden
Viva o Butatã!!
Pentachu Dag geleden
But if you're gonna close bussinesses and slow down economy of rich countries, youre not gonna solve the problem with giving vaccines to poor countries and delay the return of bussinesses in the rich ones and generating more money you can distribute . So it's perfectly fair for rich countries to fund and then get vaccines and because we're not selfish we are then helping the poor countries, but we can't do that before we help ourselves first. It's almost literally the same thing like making sure you have working oxygen mask before your children, so you're sure you can easily help them and won't struggle.
Bb A
Bb A Dag geleden
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Dmytro Savchuk
Dmytro Savchuk Dag geleden
Ok, let's blame rich countries for helping their citizens instead of citizens of poor countries. I don't see any reason to do so. Btw, I live in a poor country.
CrOnOs Dag geleden
we may be rich but it because our ancestor did a better job
Felipe Petillo
Felipe Petillo Dag geleden
It's all true, but unfortunately, Brazil for instance had several proposes and resources to buy vaccine, the collapse in Brazil was a project of the negationist president Bolsonaro, who bought instead enough hydroxichloroquine to last for decades. 😤😤
eikeksimimeä Dag geleden
xdd always blaming the rich
Jack Henderson
Jack Henderson Dag geleden
This is by far the worst thought out vox video I have saw for a very long time.
RosegoldCrobat Dag geleden
Rich countries have the highest death rates by far. Of course they should get the vaccines first. Medical care should be given to the one who is most in need. This is fundamental in medicine.
HinFai Lau
HinFai Lau Dag geleden
Giving vacines to corrupted countries is wasting of vacines. Who should get vacines have to be determined by wealthy countries.
SikConVicTioN Dag geleden
Or maybe pollution in poor countries are causing it to last longer because they're respiratory systems aren't as good. Meaning their autoimmune systems are weaker.
Lorenzo Falorni
Lorenzo Falorni Dag geleden
Just because 'rich' countries are buying vaccines doesn't mean there is less total vaccines available, I really don't get the whole argument...
Vintage tears
Vintage tears Dag geleden
Yea we already know this would happen.
xandercorp Dag geleden
This video should be renamed "Vox finds a way to blame rich countries from funding multiple vaccines by paying not once, but twice, for multiple times over the doses they need for their countries".
Данило Комненић
Данило Комненић Dag geleden
India has a space program but does not have medical industry? Interesting...
tall guy
tall guy 16 uur geleden
It has bro, but it just collapsed
Jan Sobotka
Jan Sobotka Dag geleden
Vox has become really lazy in their journalism. Rich countries are economically incentivized to end their pandemics in domestic markets as fast as possible.
Ryan Mulloy
Ryan Mulloy Dag geleden
8:11 our system is working really well, over 200 MILLION doses given out in the US to its people by April 2021, that’s pretty well oiled...
Ryan Mulloy
Ryan Mulloy Dag geleden
this title is so wrong! without the wealthier countries’ funding, we wouldn’t have the vaccine, think about it for a minute...
Ryan Mulloy
Ryan Mulloy Dag geleden
4:49 200 countries don’t exist...
Chris LaBounty
Chris LaBounty Dag geleden
I love how people can say a country payed money to speed up research and then say they are causing the pandemic to last longer in the same sales pitch. They then give examples of bilateral deals which have a broad diversity between pharmacy companies to say they need to pool their funds so it's a greater diversity of pharmacy companies. Not to mention the pharmacy companies are pumping out vaccines as fast as they can but somehow will pump it out faster when they pool the money and give half to poor countries.
abluemug Dag geleden
TFiPW Dag geleden
Those poorer countries could buy Sputnik V
Ponk 80
Ponk 80 Dag geleden
so your country made some bad decisions in the past/present that has made your country into an underdeveloped country, and suddenly that is all the developed countries problem, seriously even developed countries has their share of problems to deal with, so let us do us and you do you, it's not our problem or responsibility to fix your problems, if you weren't smart enough to plan ahead, then doom on you.
Carlos Lee
Carlos Lee Dag geleden
Where is china man , you have forgot of china or what?
wade s
wade s Dag geleden
Oh look, more racist virtue signalling from Vox....... Imagine my surprise.
Akinbobola Dag geleden
Thats funny cause Canada is rich and we have no vaccines..... So this video didn't make it past the first 45 seconds.
Toon Holman
Toon Holman Dag geleden
It's like a fire: putting out your own house doesn't make any sense if your neighbour's house is still burning. Yours WILL catch fire again. The short sightedness is astounding.
Jessica Ventrillon
Jessica Ventrillon 5 minuten geleden
@Toon Holman but obviously your not going to put yourself in more danger before your safe. That's why healthcare workers typically get the vaccines first, because they have to protect themselves before helping those already ill
Toon Holman
Toon Holman 3 uur geleden
@Jessica Ventrillon yes, but that analogy doesn't hold since after you put your mask on, the fact that the person next to you hasn't yet won't change your air supply. It's not like an airplane that lost air pressure, it's like a neighbourhood on fire
Jessica Ventrillon
Jessica Ventrillon 10 uur geleden
airlines always say put on your own oxygen mask before you help others
Toon Holman
Toon Holman Dag geleden
Remember that time when rich countries realised eradicating smallpox from poorer countries was actually in their self interest? That was nice.
Aisha Marie
Aisha Marie 17 minuten geleden
And now they're going to have to realise it all over again smh! Let's see how long it takes them
John Lee
John Lee Dag geleden
Frankly if you foot the bill for the research then yeah your citizens should be prioritized first. I dont feel sorry
GMAG84 Dag geleden
Lol India and Brazil are poor countries? Well if their government actually allocated their country's money to the people, invest in education, and stop giving money and high paying positions to close family and friends, they can too become a 'rich country'.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Dag geleden
I dont have problem with that but please don't be like US where astrazenica collect dust in their storage only to be given away to other countries because it is nearing expiry date.
A bit of Everything
A bit of Everything Dag geleden
And why on earth we should feel sorry for these so called “poor” countries? Who is stopping them to fix and get their country wealthy and fair for everyone? Yes you right ,themselves!
A bit of Everything
A bit of Everything Dag geleden
@Toon Holman Bla bla bla . Fix your own country
Toon Holman
Toon Holman Dag geleden
'Have you tried not being poor?' - You, right now.
Cthulu Priestess
Cthulu Priestess Dag geleden
Are we going to be naïve and act like middle management or third party payers haven't been corrupt or caused the collapse of middle class in America?
Toon Holman
Toon Holman Dag geleden
Hahahahahahahahaha 'caused the collapse of the middle class' no honey it was billionaires who did that hahaha
Free Speech
Free Speech Dag geleden
Poor countries are over-populated anyway.
Tinna Gigja
Tinna Gigja Dag geleden
Off topic: Why is Iceland missing a chunk on the background map around @1:00?
Free Speech
Free Speech Dag geleden
Vox: Poor countries should get vaccinated first, by spending the money they haven't got on vaccination research that they don't have the resources for.
Toon Holman
Toon Holman Dag geleden
That... That isn't what they said. Maybe watch the actual video?
x chen
x chen Dag geleden
Without the rich countries, there will be plenty vaccine for everyone in the world, poor or rich.
alexander joachim
alexander joachim Dag geleden
Yo fam I'm in canada and we don't have enough to give everyone the first shot. So, please tell me where the vaccines to cover the pop "5 times over" are? I would love to get one.
Abdullah Mamun
Abdullah Mamun Dag geleden
Free Palestine🇵🇸
limonas Dag geleden
k big bad rich countries getting it first but with out them poor one would not even have a chance in getting it at all because people that are making it would not have money to make it
Off Brand Account
Off Brand Account Dag geleden
Why not just import citizens from other countries to work for like a week in the country they’re imported in to receive their does and return back
ok idc
ok idc Dag geleden
I went to Walmart last weekend and the speaker over the intercom said they were doing COVID vaccines at the pharmacy for anyone in the store. This is in Florida, vaccination sites all over the place.
Sean Vedell
Sean Vedell 15 uur geleden
@TZ What does that mean?
TZ 15 uur geleden
They that desperate?
Abhinav _410
Abhinav _410 Dag geleden
The Edge
The Edge Dag geleden
HHHHHMMMMMMM..... They can have mine.
N L Dag geleden
I'm not sure if Vox is trying to be thoughtful, or actually believes the world could ever be cooperative. :(
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Dag geleden
if your own people arent gettign vacinated themselves what are you supposed to do? go on to the next country and give them your whole supply? no, if you want to help other countries make sure your own people are doing well, the side that i dont quite agree with is hold vaccines so that other countries are still in a economy slowing pandemic.
Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh Dag geleden
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Kalpa Harshana
Kalpa Harshana Dag geleden
More rich you are, more chance for you to survive. Its the universal truth
ma pa
ma pa Dag geleden
We want stories about how Supreme Court Judge Roberts adopted stolen kids. The whole world knows the pandemic never existed.
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