MISCOUNT & THEN A NINE-DARTER 🤣 Jose de Sousa v Nathan Aspinall | 2021 Unibet Premier League

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The Portuguese Magician Jose De Sousa lands a nine-dart finish against Nathan Aspinall!
The second in two nights after Jonny Clayton yesterday!
What a moment from The Special One 🔥

marcojojoba 4 dagen geleden
can something be more humiliating than aspinall laughing at you at some math issue?
Domi Nic
Domi Nic 7 dagen geleden
That's how it's done, first calculate wrong and then just 9 darters. The sport of darts needs such sympathetic guys like DeSousa. DeSousa will always be remembered for wrong calculations #DeSousaArmy #masterofmiscounts
Esteban Molina
Esteban Molina 17 dagen geleden
9 DART in pandemic without crowd is sad
U F C 19 dagen geleden
Verrückt 😄
Moxive Sparkz
Moxive Sparkz 20 dagen geleden
Commentary: The Fans Kinda Gasped Coronavirus: Ima End This Man’s Hole Career (because its just sound effects)
Ian Source_Official_
Ian Source_Official_ 21 dag geleden
Thats Darts, nice one ;)
Powore92 27 dagen geleden
never change Jose
Lenny Saß
Lenny Saß Maand geleden
That was crazy.
pete miller
pete miller Maand geleden
De Sosa even able to miscount on a 9-Darter?
ZoranSkopje Maand geleden
Jose is the man 💥💯👏
Terka Nosková
Terka Nosková Maand geleden
I loved this match!
Tony Northcott
Tony Northcott Maand geleden
Great sportsman is Nathan 👍
The scotland Fan
The scotland Fan Maand geleden
Love big jose
Bruno Andrade
Bruno Andrade Maand geleden
What a legend de Sousa, a character 😂
Rogue Lad
Rogue Lad Maand geleden
petition to get wayne mardle removed from commentary? absolute helmet
Woef Maand geleden
Beside the nine darter... 4 180's in consecutive legs is pretty amazing. And I like seeing his emotions. Not the fastest player, but very enjoyable to watch!
James Michael
James Michael Maand geleden
Jose will be the first player to hit an 8 darter.
jean deJ
jean deJ Maand geleden
What a guy😍😍 i hope we see a lot of entertaining from this priceless man...
Ž.G. Maand geleden
Such a nice sympathetic human. Not perfect. With mistakes. But a big Champ too.
Jarrett S
Jarrett S Maand geleden
I’ve always wondered why Jose needs a little table. That head and hair provides a perfect stable resting ground for his water and darts case 🤔
supertuber59 Maand geleden
the fake crowd is weird. It's basically a video game from the audio perspective.
Frozyre Maand geleden
I swear this guy bumbles about in his matches and manages to pull through now and then. How can you have so many counting issues when there are numerous platforms displaying numbers for you to do basic math off of? I'd imagine there's a scoreboard off to the right, another off to the left or so. How can you mess all of that up badly?
Maciej Waz
Maciej Waz Maand geleden
Cees-Jan Koopman
Cees-Jan Koopman Maand geleden
When mom tells you: no little jose, you are not different, you are special! My favorite player 👍
フィル田中 Maand geleden
Thomas Hargreave
Thomas Hargreave Maand geleden
How many different pronunciations of "De Sousa" have we heard?
pezzi edo
pezzi edo Maand geleden
Even watching the replay I get nervous thinking he’ll miss D12. Love it!
No Name Norman
No Name Norman Maand geleden
If ever a match summed up Jose De Sousa, it was this one. A record equaling number of 180s, 25% on doubles, a 9 darter, a miscount with a wrong double after 6 perfect darts in the first leg and managing to draw with all that.
J-roc69 29 dagen geleden
Lol bang on the money, that's why he's so likeable 😂 😂
danielvandam Maand geleden
Wayne Mardle is getting more unbearable on the commentary every week
Patrik Romanec
Patrik Romanec Maand geleden
Jose's strong mats 😄
Simon Moran
Simon Moran Maand geleden
Epic 👌💨☘️serious sportsmanship 💨💨
TNT _ ARCTIC Maand geleden
Miscounted again
Denni Prrr
Denni Prrr Maand geleden
Ohh my... Nine darter, and still 9th on table!
Denni Prrr
Denni Prrr Maand geleden
Ohh my... Nine darter, and still 9th on table!
Ryza Big sky
Ryza Big sky Maand geleden
You Get a burrito and tequila for that jose
Bleon Halimi
Bleon Halimi Maand geleden
What a start of a game!!
Sahta99 Maand geleden
He is a treasure of the darting world. His smile is contagious
nick clark
nick clark Maand geleden
Wow awesome
Vic Sophios
Vic Sophios Maand geleden
We need characters like Jose. Very entertaining!
Daeightynine D89
Daeightynine D89 Maand geleden
It's just unbelievable! :O First Clayton, now Sousa! Respect! 🎯
Paul Doherty
Paul Doherty Maand geleden
Great entertainment and also some great darts. If he sorts his counting out he’ll be up there, then again you selfishly almost don’t want him to 😂
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala Maand geleden
not to tell that this was the start of the match
theleithalweapon Maand geleden
Jose de Sousa is so much god damn fun to watch. The fact that he is such a genuine and friendly person is just the icing on the cake
niall Flynn
niall Flynn Maand geleden
Darts needs these characters..legend!! The "bad professor" de Sousa!!
Francesco Nucera
Francesco Nucera Maand geleden
We can say that he is a special one!🤣🤣
Stubchain Maand geleden
He was taught how to count by Dianne Abbott.
PINAR ERDOĞAN Maand geleden
The chief timpani usually lock because disease promisingly invite aboard a false familiar famous celeste. trite, thick raincoat
Maria Maand geleden
Preciso de merch do José de Sousa imediatamente. Se alguém me quiser vender uma camisola do 'special one', agradeço.
Djalo Maand geleden
Vamos jose!!!!
FelipeTennis Maand geleden
What a premier league! Jose super talented and funny. Clayton on fire. Dimitri is amazing, one of the best player of the present and of the future. Aspinall always provide something special. Van Gerwen is van Gerwen. Cross is finally coming back at his best level. Wright is a great player, he's so accurate and what a character as well. Wade is perfect for the level of the competition. Durrant is awful, would be much better Dirk Van Duijvenbode. Anyway what a premier league!!! Darts League is PREMIER LEAGUE, football first division is premier league and... Come on Dimitri!!!
Aidan Leahy
Aidan Leahy Maand geleden
Are you not entertained 😂
Mark Daniels
Mark Daniels Maand geleden
Thanks for the sheets ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
QuaffleNL Maand geleden
Typical José
Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett Maand geleden
Hahaha that's crazy
Ben Simpson
Ben Simpson Maand geleden
Like Mardle said last night. He needs to concentrate, and pay attention to his scoring. Otherwise he will be an even better player than he is. On the other hand. Gutted Asp only got a draw out of the game. But he is still top 4, so thats all good
Mister Borussia
Mister Borussia Maand geleden
Eugene Mullan
Eugene Mullan Maand geleden
30 years ago an 88 Average you would be world champion today a 105 average you mlght not win a leg brillant😀😀😀😀
J-roc69 Maand geleden
Surely 88 wasn't that good then??
Daniël Veldman
Daniël Veldman Maand geleden
I tuned in on this match in the 3rd leg lmao
Mods Skins & Soulies
Mods Skins & Soulies Maand geleden
Makes me laugh so much, yet I always want him to do well!
Evan Nierenberg
Evan Nierenberg Maand geleden
Believe Jose believe! I do!!?
Evan Nierenberg
Evan Nierenberg Maand geleden
When he gets it all together look out!!!
Evan Nierenberg
Evan Nierenberg Maand geleden
Nice to hear the support for the talent DeSouza is. Horrible at math GREAT dart thrower.
Iemand Anders
Iemand Anders Maand geleden
Well done José 👍🏻👊🏻
Justcallmemarci Maand geleden
What a character!👑 You can't hate this man.
Matthew Macaraeg
Matthew Macaraeg Maand geleden
In a perfect world he hit 18 perfect legs
tranzLift416 Maand geleden
Incredible treble hitting from De Sousa but his doubles were abysmal, he should have won in a canter.
Andrew Touchette
Andrew Touchette Maand geleden
TheSirFinlay Maand geleden
Next round Jose will probably throw another 9-darter, then trip over the oche, smash his head into the board, shit his pants and then throw three more 9-darters.
Paul Doherty
Paul Doherty Maand geleden
Voodoo Magic
Voodoo Magic Maand geleden
Wow! Another 9 darter tomorrow night please.
Will Martin
Will Martin Maand geleden
Be interesting to see Jose in front of a crowd 🤣
Der Triathlet
Der Triathlet Maand geleden
Please Jose share some of your power with Duzza he needs it so much😔🔥
Garcia Maand geleden
The Asp tremendous pro! Always showing respect
Phil Maand geleden
Jose really is the special 1
Kieran96cfc Maand geleden
The voice call I was in went crazy from these 2 legs, it was amazing
Paul Welborn
Paul Welborn Maand geleden
Must See T.V.
James C
James C Maand geleden
The special one!
Phil Plunkett
Phil Plunkett Maand geleden
De Sousa is one off these people to misread (Danger Gas Leak No Smoking) then lights up a cigarette blows up the building and walks out without a scratch on him
Bluehopi Bridge
Bluehopi Bridge Maand geleden
the ended up with 6-6 , the second draw of the evening .
Mike Verschuur
Mike Verschuur Maand geleden
Second ever time 4x180 in 4 scoring visits! Absolutely amazing!
Bartłomiej Piotrowski
Bartłomiej Piotrowski Maand geleden
Sousa 👋
Bluehopi Bridge
Bluehopi Bridge Maand geleden
even Aspinal was laughing at the 9 darter - stunning darts
Bluehopi Bridge
Bluehopi Bridge Maand geleden
@christophe 888 try again with those ridiculous arguments ; 😂
christophe 888
christophe 888 Maand geleden
@Bluehopi Bridge Hey buddy that was directors cut !!! I saw rhis game live and UNCUT so i should know, educate urself before u make Statement
Bluehopi Bridge
Bluehopi Bridge Maand geleden
@christophe 888 he did laugh twice , open your eyes dude . 😂
christophe 888
christophe 888 Maand geleden
He was laughing at the Miscount from the 1st leg
Simon 'Waxon' M
Simon 'Waxon' M Maand geleden
That's got to be the first ever televised 9 darter from a Portuguese player... Well done Jose.
2004flippy Maand geleden
Not his first.. he hit one at the European championship aswell
Anthony m
Anthony m Maand geleden
Jose : If I hit 180 180 141 it saves me counting
Conner Jake
Conner Jake 21 dag geleden
Not sure if anyone cares but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!
Gabriel Ranieri
Gabriel Ranieri 27 dagen geleden
I bet he has a self counting board
Kilian Stakemeier
Kilian Stakemeier Maand geleden
keep it simple
Jonas Brack
Jonas Brack Maand geleden
WTF did just happenend?!
Brandon K
Brandon K Maand geleden
Haha I love Jose
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien Maand geleden
Jose is a worse counter than Phil Taylor ffs. How can you be that good a player but go for 32 when you got 40 left?
Doraemon Maand geleden
3:48 Aspinall's face LOL
David Groß
David Groß Maand geleden
Thanks lol hahaha
Manuel Gabrielli
Manuel Gabrielli Maand geleden
I didn't notice that😂😂😂
Christos Stavrou
Christos Stavrou Maand geleden
No crowd....No pressure...please continue for record breaking
Rúben Sousa
Rúben Sousa Maand geleden
Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹 ❤
Roy Polloi
Roy Polloi Maand geleden
There's a fine line between madness and genius and Jose walks it.
Chris 1103
Chris 1103 Maand geleden
That is so hilarious 😂😂
Toby McLeod
Toby McLeod Maand geleden
'The Calculator' strikes again
Skullturtle Maand geleden
Probably One if the Not the most unexpected Nine Darter of all time.
Risotto Zero
Risotto Zero Maand geleden
The one from Wade against Bunting at the Worlds this Year was pretty unexpected too.. played complete shit the whole match with a 9 Darter in between :D
Skullturtle Maand geleden
@Ashley Hammond Yeah i know. But i mean under the circumstances in the last leg
Ashley Hammond
Ashley Hammond Maand geleden
Dean Winstanley was a tad unexpected too lol
Joseph Nordenbrock
Joseph Nordenbrock Maand geleden
That was fun to watch.
Nikola Ancić
Nikola Ancić Maand geleden
Jose "ABACUS" de Sousa
Ricardo Gonçalves
Ricardo Gonçalves Maand geleden
Amazing player. Yes, José has several times miscounts but he's a very strong player. When he improve that point, he would be even strong.
Riblet Roblet
Riblet Roblet Maand geleden
James Wade will never lose a leg to a 9 darter ever again
Albert Németh
Albert Németh Maand geleden
Nice job Sousa! ✌️
Madix Vergara
Madix Vergara Maand geleden
Im glad he didn’t miss count 141
Brian Kane
Brian Kane Maand geleden
De sousa summed up in a 4 min video 😂
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