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29 dagen geleden

In today's video we work on the rented ground and we do everything to it!! Fertilizer spreading, Harrowing, slitting, over seeding and rolling! We are trying our best to make grass grow!
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J B 7 dagen geleden
Why don't you use harrows that you tow behind the side by side?...Causing less compaction and quicker. Love your videos
Scottish Farmer
Scottish Farmer 15 dagen geleden
Where did the Deere come from?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 17 dagen geleden
I saw an add where you was having a new shed and looking at alternatives like Robots. Why not try different parlor yours is a swing over Alfa DeLaval Blue diamond 90-degree rapid-exit 24-cluster parlour. We all know money don't grow on tree's but very good parlor once 1 cow finishes next one is in and easily expand herd to 500 and more on that parlour. You guys are brilliant by the way very family oriented cant get any better.
Steve Chambers
Steve Chambers 17 dagen geleden
tom what fertilizer is it, please?
djkurt 20 dagen geleden
Pirates of the Caribbean
detrexninja 21 dag geleden
Pirates of the caribbean 1
markrandall1969 24 dagen geleden
Great video; time for a new set of harrows or new chains?? Love a bit of field work, and I am liking that Case more and more
matthew paul wark
matthew paul wark 25 dagen geleden
it's very sunny today i wear nice blue t shirt and jeans i will take off my blue t shirt and show my tummy and hairy armpits and my lovely tounge out i walk without my t shirt i put my hands in my pockets in my jeans i love walking in the sunshine with no t shirt i see my lovely tummy and my hairy nipples i stick out my tounge is soft
Donna Kelly
Donna Kelly 25 dagen geleden
Can't wait to see the results
evelyn vega
evelyn vega 25 dagen geleden
I'm wondering if you Tom were a talking baby? You are a non stop talker! Love your videos.
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson 25 dagen geleden
Pirates of the Caribbean by the way
TheCRUSTYSmurf 25 dagen geleden
Covid is a slightly more lethal version of the flu! Everything that's happened in the name of Covid. Wasn't for the pls health and safety. It's about government asserting their control over the ppl.! Usher in Communism.
Philip Kimber
Philip Kimber 26 dagen geleden
hi Tom. What is the beautiful big house we glimpsed on your drown video
Steve's Work & Family VLOG
Steve's Work & Family VLOG 26 dagen geleden
I am interested in the business side of farming and how the contractors are paid, i.e choppers by the acre and whatnot. I am a bit of a business nerd so please don't hold back on that. Cheers on the great vids!
Trish Hartland
Trish Hartland 26 dagen geleden
You could see a difference already on the field once you’d finished it can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few weeks. We recently extended our drive and discovered one of those brick built man holes about 3 feet down under tons of dirt and covered with plywood needless to say we got a new proper cover for it
hrv stuff
hrv stuff 26 dagen geleden
Your dad is 100% correct, if you stop, put the hand/park brake on every time. and I think it would be safer dropping the boom/jib on the manitou to ground level as well. 'Danger never takes a day off'
char ****
char **** 26 dagen geleden
I need rain harrowed rolled and reseeded and all drilling done n nothing growing
Jayden 26 dagen geleden
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Skymouth 27 dagen geleden
LOL... the film that quote is from is The Ref!
demon 15
demon 15 27 dagen geleden
Ok now i rly want to see what happened
Buffy H
Buffy H 27 dagen geleden
Sounds like your problem with taking time out for milking would be readily solved with ROBOTS! 👍🏻☺️
MrMagnat007 27 dagen geleden
Hmm I wonder if Valtra would let Tom demo a tractor ?
Pamela noirot
Pamela noirot 27 dagen geleden
I wanted to tell you to look at. Sask Dutch kid his family just built a new barn a year ago. They went with no robots and no auto clean floors. Can't remember reason's why but you can look it up or get in touch with Jon (yon). Could be very helpful, also what are you doing for beds? Keeping the ones you have now they seem to be working. Also could you draw a pic of the farm with your previous land and rented land and blogs you have now and then show your new land and rented land with the house the new barn, and bldg leggy so we can really see where everything is compared to the house and store. So happy for you
vincent19064 27 dagen geleden
Hey Tom, could you tell me the name of the last song in the video if you wouldn't mind?
Fred Davidson
Fred Davidson 27 dagen geleden
‘We are not going to steal it we are going to commandeer it’ is pirates of the Caribbean
Wayne Pugsley
Wayne Pugsley 27 dagen geleden
I wonder if your dad knew my dad from back in the day when working at home farm in Lytham. His name was Michael Pugsley. Also does he know the Beasleys that also used ro work at home farm?
Medium Buttery
Medium Buttery 27 dagen geleden
the ginger guy with the mustache does love a drain
shkibeta 27 dagen geleden
You’re sorting these new fields out very quickly. Keep it up Tom!!
Flemming's Farm
Flemming's Farm 27 dagen geleden
Missing dinge linge ling🤪😁👍
Kimberly Krupke
Kimberly Krupke 27 dagen geleden
I've watched you open fertilizer and other bagged substances. I'm concerned for you and your Dad. Please step back when the substances are filling the bins. As a nurse all I can think about is the dust from the fertilizer plus other substances heading right into your lungs. I would hate to have your life shortened from an inhalation related cancer. Sorry just had to put it out there. I lost my brother at a very early age. He was exposed to asbestos in the Navy. It's a very terrible cancer.
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 27 dagen geleden
You should slurry them new fields
Fern 27 dagen geleden
Loved this! I got here cos Cammy name dropped you in R2K's podcast. Subscribed now
Mental Sid
Mental Sid 27 dagen geleden
YEP, loved the video, it was mental!!! LOL
Brent Sutherland
Brent Sutherland 27 dagen geleden
Hello from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Great show’s thanks for sharing with us.
ANDY ANDERSON 27 dagen geleden
How about more footage of what you are doing instead of looking at you while you talk about thing you are doing. I want to see work being done. We already know what you look like
ian powell
ian powell 27 dagen geleden
Surprise, another day, there's a surprise can't say now but will....mega excited, a great surprise- gets boring a bit tom, tone it down lol
Murdo Matheson
Murdo Matheson 27 dagen geleden
Pirates of the Caribbean
Murdo Matheson
Murdo Matheson 27 dagen geleden
Serious H14
Serious H14 27 dagen geleden
Definitely some little legs hanging out of a highland there!
Seth Downing
Seth Downing 27 dagen geleden
We need rain tom, over here we just fertilised, and Re-seeded and still nothing is growing we need rain, soo e are getting pretty sort on grass
Eric Davids
Eric Davids 27 dagen geleden
We'd LOVE to see a drain video with you & your Dad 👍
R MacK
R MacK 27 dagen geleden
If it were warmer there rice might be a feasible crop LOL.
Kevin Manley
Kevin Manley 27 dagen geleden
@Tom Pemberton Farm Life have you checked the ph on the ground you have overseeded? If not you may well be throwing the money spent away or maybes your soil isn’t as acid as mine. A full soil test on any fresh ground will be money well spent.
Steven McCarthy
Steven McCarthy 27 dagen geleden
You can see th John Deere has his GPS running with the super straight lines, Tom do you use auto steer for any jobs in the tractors?
Leo Bailey
Leo Bailey 27 dagen geleden
Was it from pirates of the Caribbean
ClayReynolds 27 dagen geleden
The quote was from the first Pirates of the Caribbean.
jamesmay7 27 dagen geleden
i have a gps APP on my phone for putting out fertilizer and spraying its great for putting out right amounts and keeping track where you go
murray johnston
murray johnston 27 dagen geleden
Is that a stately home in the background?
Tommy’s farming life
Tommy’s farming life 27 dagen geleden
Hi Tom I started my own NLposts channel this is it Tommy’s farming life
lilac moo
lilac moo 28 dagen geleden
Why tom what time is the live again for the cow release did I miss it x
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 28 dagen geleden
I love watching the field work! 💙❤💙❤
Julian 7160
Julian 7160 28 dagen geleden
More land is always fun
Ralf's Gaming
Ralf's Gaming 28 dagen geleden
Bethan Thomas
Bethan Thomas 28 dagen geleden
Tom if you had a massey u wouldn't need to to all that messing about while turning round
Kt Bee
Kt Bee 28 dagen geleden
Dad found the massive manhole, dug it out and has jetted it but how is he going to make it safe again? As I didnt see a lid/screen?
Richard Knott
Richard Knott 28 dagen geleden
Great work Tom, I'm currently harrowing slitting and fertilizing our grasses, just need a little rain now in York it's very dry! Love to see people putting in the effort sorting drains etc, keep up the good work 👍
Davey Mcculloch
Davey Mcculloch 28 dagen geleden
You need to do a video on the drains. Would love that.
Ironicalballs 28 dagen geleden
Jay Landymore
Jay Landymore 28 dagen geleden
Pirates of the Caribbean......the first one........5 points to me please 🙂
Adam Holmes
Adam Holmes 28 dagen geleden
It will come good that field when ya definitely see the drains working doing a good job lads keep it up 💪💪💪👌👌🤙🤙👍👍🤙🤙👍👍
Cindy Brodie
Cindy Brodie 28 dagen geleden
Beautiful footage with the drone!
William Clevenger
William Clevenger 28 dagen geleden
Tom instead of a tractor try it with horse but it is nice to use new equipment. Only thing I think about when I'm using my new tractor is how much is it going to cost when that little switch breaks.
Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson 28 dagen geleden
Busy day for you all just needs a bit of rain not too much. Were the lambs doing the great escape ??
Dave Brown
Dave Brown 28 dagen geleden
Tom you need a dewalt electric grease gun one of the best investments I made on my farm operation.
kairoshin 28 dagen geleden
You're not grassland losers, you're grassland nerds. No shame in that!
Filigranowa Mleczareczka
Filigranowa Mleczareczka 28 dagen geleden
nie da się podnieść nieco gruntu w tych miejscach gdzie stoi woda?
Jakob Knudsen
Jakob Knudsen 28 dagen geleden
Its clear to hear you havent tried a fendt. Newer Fendts only have 2 gears. Backwards and forwards. and its just a little nob beside the wheel you flick. Its amazing
ippaku 28 dagen geleden
Pirates of Caribbean
icer255 28 dagen geleden
Hey Tom, awesome job. I have got a very uneven field with grass from last year and overgrown molehills. How would you take care of it? All the best from Germany
max doherty
max doherty 28 dagen geleden
Just a tip I don't know if you'll find it useful but if you do headland turns with the harrows down I find it breaks the links a lot easier and messes up the harrows. At least it did on ours last year but that couldve been because the ground was like concrete its not been so bad this year but when I do headland turns I lift em up just to avoid a bollocking from the boss 😂
virusuploadin 28 dagen geleden
Tom please clean the Telehandler!! At least the windows and some new wiper blades haha
John Wood
John Wood 28 dagen geleden
Your father needs a camera with magnet mount and tripod.
Margaret Strong
Margaret Strong 28 dagen geleden
What is the beautiful building in the background we see
Charles Lynch
Charles Lynch 28 dagen geleden
Already got so much done to the new field no slacking with u Tom u guys were right on it I got a good feeling that field will be doing well
Alice Gamble
Alice Gamble 28 dagen geleden
Great video. Those Jacobs lambs are so cute. Never thought anyone would need to check dad's manhole in a farm field but here we are. Definitely got me laughing. Glad to hesr that the Ginger guy found the drains & got them flushed out. Heres hoping the field drains really well now. Have a great weekend.
Thomas Philyaw
Thomas Philyaw 28 dagen geleden
Don't worry about turning into your father. It's what sons do... just thank God every day you had a good example to turn into. Too many kids these days have terrible examples to turn into or non at all around to teach them how to be a GOOD father. Cheers my friend to you and the Ging
Dana Bruce
Dana Bruce 28 dagen geleden
Hey Tom! When its time to harvest cattle and sheep (i.e. butcher) for the Farm Shop, please do a video of it.
stormriderstudios 28 dagen geleden
Okay, I'm going to HAVE to know where the movie quote came from, it's bugging the hell out of me (best guess is Pirates of the Caribbean?)
Dutchgram 28 dagen geleden
The bad thing about having drone shots is I expect drone shots in everything I see or do in life.
Denis Loughman
Denis Loughman 28 dagen geleden
Congratulations!!! 350,000 subscribers!!!
TREE Frog 28 dagen geleden
I thought a hammer always fixed things..
Brian O'Regan
Brian O'Regan 28 dagen geleden
Is that like a big country house on 5he land ye rented or what's the story there Tom?? Lovely looking countryside!
Rachael H
Rachael H 27 dagen geleden
It’s Lytham Hall if your interested in checking it out. I think eventually there might be a video but he seems awefully busy currently.
Francis Frain
Francis Frain 28 dagen geleden
Should have brought the hurlie with the power shuttle, handier🙂
Sunshine Catcher
Sunshine Catcher 28 dagen geleden
Living the dream
Dennyofthepines 28 dagen geleden
Do you think the big clunking while slitting could have been old clay drainage tile shallow in the soil?
jeff pearson
jeff pearson 28 dagen geleden
Hi Tom, at the 20:10 point in your video it shows a beautiful home in the back ground. I don't believe that's part of your families property but could you tell me if that is indeed a someone's home or maybe a nursing or retirement home? Looks absolutely gorgeous.
David Bone
David Bone 28 dagen geleden
Good Saturday morning to you all from wellington Somerset
Shawting_ 28 dagen geleden
See you sunday
Anthony Morgan
Anthony Morgan 28 dagen geleden
,you are learning from the Best knowledge is a great thing to have and pas on.🚜🇮🇪☘️
Michael Collins
Michael Collins 28 dagen geleden
Hey Tom I feel like your mom but do you think you might need a mask when your face is so close to those bags of fertilizer sorry just want you to stay healthy
Taurus 420
Taurus 420 28 dagen geleden
You and Cole Sonne have the best tunes. Thanks!!!
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto 28 dagen geleden
We need a Ginger cam for Dad for drainage work! Nice find.
esparka 28 dagen geleden
6:15 - 1st Heidi mention. Woah 4 more in a row..
JJ Murphy
JJ Murphy 28 dagen geleden
Great Video tom did ye do a soil test on the field it probably need lime and the p and k are probably low soil test will tell ye whats its lacking in in soil deficienties.
esparka 28 dagen geleden
You earned my *Like* at “manhole”... funny
Dene B.
Dene B. 28 dagen geleden
How do you find the aerator , that has always interested me in its use. our Dad has such a wealth of knowledge..
Andrew Asche
Andrew Asche 28 dagen geleden
Would be cool to see a deep dive on drainage in your area. I'm from quite close to where Minnesota Millennial Farmer works from and I can see where the goal and principles are the same but there's clear differences in execution that are pretty mind blowing from what I can see. Such as a masonry manhole inside a field lol. For me at least I would really like an up close look at your field drainage.
Linda Storey
Linda Storey 28 dagen geleden
Only tool you need is my friend and next door neighbour .Hes got every tool for any job,and theres nothing he cannot fix.
John Townley
John Townley 28 dagen geleden
I’ve mown that field haha
Holly Jensen
Holly Jensen 28 dagen geleden
"its cold out today" its cold out here today too! we have a nor'easter that dropped us 4 inches of heavy snow. On the upside, its going to be 70 F here on wednesday. lol weather is fickle everywhere
Alex Ogilvie
Alex Ogilvie 28 dagen geleden
Why do you roll the grass? Just curious.
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