My 50 Cal Exploded

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Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Ballistics

16 dagen geleden

“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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Kentucky Ballistics
Kentucky Ballistics 15 dagen geleden
Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!
Mason Hernandez
Mason Hernandez 19 uur geleden
@༆ How? He said it himself, there was no way of knowing that the round was at hot as it was.
Been Washedup
Been Washedup 2 dagen geleden
Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load
Paul Alejandro
Paul Alejandro 14 dagen geleden
I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.
theyetirulrs 15 dagen geleden
That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!
Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit 15 dagen geleden
Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery
BISHOP STODDARD 39 minuten geleden man, tears me up--i've stared at death a couple times myself--when confronted, you can only do what you can do, nothing more, and you either live---or you don't...good job.
Raven Fled
Raven Fled 45 minuten geleden
Fucking hero this dad
AshtonKI 45 minuten geleden
Holy crap I cannot sit through this video. So glad you’re good but I’m getting so squirmish from this.
sgt jaeger
sgt jaeger 50 minuten geleden
I dawn near don't want to finish the vid something similar happened to me
Super Man
Super Man 53 minuten geleden
The eight page comparatively discover because coast posteriorly change beside a new soy. callous, eatable cocktail
Mr Mini
Mr Mini 56 minuten geleden
Whenever life gets tough, I'm gonna shrug and say, 'just put a thumb in it'
JonathanRphoto Uur geleden
Glad you’re still here and have a sense of humor about it. I don’t think you realize how wrong that shirt sounds though 😂
straightforward person
straightforward person Uur geleden
I feel sorry for u man. He is bravely telling what happened to him
1zebula1 Uur geleden
Ricardo vazquez
Ricardo vazquez Uur geleden
Anarchy Uur geleden
4:21 is where you this happened
Almighty mimii
Almighty mimii Uur geleden
Wedinson G. Santos
Wedinson G. Santos Uur geleden
god bless brother. ✊ Wrist breakers club really mean it,
Benjamin Froussos
Benjamin Froussos Uur geleden
Never forget. The energy behind all this is deadly. I am from Germany. Our laws make even the posession of this baby let the SEK (Squad) run in your House. Thank GOD you live. Take care. I am more the knife guy. But a beautiful weapon. Thank you GOD for taking Care of this man. 🙏🙏
Russell Barnes
Russell Barnes Uur geleden
The jugular veins drain the deoxygenated blood from your brain. The carotid arteries (and the basilar artery) are the ones that supply the oxygenated blood to your brain.
dio rocks
dio rocks Uur geleden
wow i cant believe you survived that well-done your dad and you and the doctors
Peppa Pug
Peppa Pug Uur geleden
Not Dark Lord
Not Dark Lord Uur geleden
My body hurts watching this...
Diavolo94 Uur geleden
Thank god you’re alive man! Your thumb is a unit.
Alex O'roark
Alex O'roark Uur geleden
Stay safe brother
Irwan Lynx
Irwan Lynx Uur geleden
Glad to see you again bro God bless you
Nhyl Pascua
Nhyl Pascua Uur geleden
That's crazy you're very lucky
Silenced Rage
Silenced Rage Uur geleden
Did the bullet hit it's target 🎯
Silenced Rage
Silenced Rage Uur geleden
Keep buying ammo online.
Samuel Hilt
Samuel Hilt 2 uur geleden
Tough as nails, stay strong.
Drones&more 2 uur geleden
Unbelievable! Your a tough dude!
Jordan Shears
Jordan Shears 2 uur geleden
W brother, glad your safe.
Dylan Bret
Dylan Bret 2 uur geleden
the worst injury i had was a leg being almost cut off by a stray shard of tin and busting my lip and a concussion but that doesnt even compare to what you went through, you're a champ for staying in the living world, props to your dad and the hospital for saving your life
H i
H i 2 uur geleden
God is amazing.
Andrei Asarboaiei
Andrei Asarboaiei 2 uur geleden
Oh my God!!I am happy that you are alive!
National Dairy & Agro Solution
National Dairy & Agro Solution 2 uur geleden
Get well soon 👍👍👍👍
ABAREBUGYO 2 uur geleden
Amazing! Glad you are ok. I hope you wear armor whilst shooting in future, I mean it might seem silly but I would.
dizzychizzy 2 uur geleden
I love how gun guys say freak accident... no, it’s very dangerous using random ammo...
Richard Kaye
Richard Kaye 2 uur geleden
Jesus dude glad you survived this , is it bloody worth it to shoot a gun
Carlos Manu Luevano
Carlos Manu Luevano 2 uur geleden
Holy Sh*t all I got to say is that you're a brave walking man. I'm glad you were strong enough. Most people wouldn't even make it out of that type of scenario 👏🏻👏🏻
Tchof 2 uur geleden
T Ez
T Ez 2 uur geleden
Glad you are okay
STANDARD2PRCIERY 2 uur geleden
God is looking down at you bro you didn’t deserve anything that was coming glad your back!!
Fette Qualle
Fette Qualle 2 uur geleden
4:25 made is usa
Textural 2 uur geleden
so fuckin lucky
Len's McCracken
Len's McCracken 2 uur geleden
I'm really glad you're okay...
David Shepherd
David Shepherd 2 uur geleden
Glad you’re alive
M.Hakami 2 uur geleden
Oh my lord!😰
Antonio Bannister
Antonio Bannister 2 uur geleden
I just thanked God for helping you see another day 🙏🏾
Ryan 2 uur geleden
It’s a 4:30 youre welcome
H. tiler
H. tiler 2 uur geleden
Its like the one thing you didn't want to happen.... You're lucky to be alive. Great NLposts movie award.
Magneisuem Winterjuice
Magneisuem Winterjuice 3 uur geleden
Guns not safe... mmkay?
Elijah rideb
Elijah rideb 3 uur geleden
Never take your life for granted gentlemen. Grats on your recovery brother
Bejarano Family
Bejarano Family 3 uur geleden
Glad you're ok man, truly
DSiren Sirenite
DSiren Sirenite 3 uur geleden
Jesus christ. Let this be a learning experience to all those aspiring Gun designers: Just as important as designing your gun to not fail under reasonable conditions is designing it to fail safely under unreasonable conditions. Some inexpensive design tweaks might have been possible to prevent those fins from sheering off and becoming shrapnel, instead directing the failure laterally and protecting the shooter. I think owners of .50 BMG rifles should take care to weigh a few rounds from each batch of old WWII era ammo for safety's sake. Also acquaint yourselves with the manufacturer's stated failure point of your rifle.
caleb holdaway
caleb holdaway 3 uur geleden
Praise god
Libertarian Patriot
Libertarian Patriot 3 uur geleden
Glad you're still here man!
Tomas devine
Tomas devine 3 uur geleden
One lucky man.
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey 3 uur geleden
Thank god you had safety glasses your eye would be mush without it
440HP 3 uur geleden
I thought this was clip bated..
peter jones
peter jones 3 uur geleden
Still , looking on the bright side , it damaged your left hand and your nose ..... so you can still have a sex life !!!
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 3 uur geleden
weird thing at 4:30 frame by frame right when you pull the trigger theirs a flash of orange on the table and some shadows show up on the ground behind the table. idk what it means but i would like to know what Scott thinks of it. in the frame that you see his finger move back the flash on the table is instantly there and the shadows are there the gun hasn't gone off yet. hopefully Scott will say something as to it? even an idk so i know he knows about it.
aimanbari aimanmatsaad
aimanbari aimanmatsaad 3 uur geleden
Gws bro
chuckles barnett
chuckles barnett 3 uur geleden
Surely God was with you that day. Glory to His name... Jesus!
Thiago Alves
Thiago Alves 3 uur geleden
Napong Teinkarodjanakul
Napong Teinkarodjanakul 3 uur geleden
What if we weighing every bullets before loading into the gun? Can we avoid this?
MrMister1227 3 uur geleden
Man that descriptions of the thump Into the neck made damn near had me about to faint 😳
James Tyson
James Tyson 4 uur geleden
My God. That must've hurt like hell
Martin 4 uur geleden
Se le salió el tiro por la culata...
tmvng 4 uur geleden
Damn, get well.
Jack 4 uur geleden
so glad you’re still here with us brother
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 4 uur geleden
Hey do it again
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 4 uur geleden
Stupid is as stupid does 🤣 I don't know what you're getting from this but I'm cracking up.
scotit 4 uur geleden
Get well soon buddy.
Marck Banagan
Marck Banagan 4 uur geleden
I’m so happy you’re recovering well. God bless bro 🙏
Lord Event Horizon
Lord Event Horizon 4 uur geleden
pasha12343 4 uur geleden
That’s a horror story, your one tough SOB ,glad your still in one piece 👍
Link 4 uur geleden
I cared until he said he was a LEO...
TruthDefenders 4 uur geleden
Insane! Glad you made it.
Diamanté Lomax
Diamanté Lomax 4 uur geleden
Anyone wanna help me figure our what a hot round means? The barrel overheated but I'm guessing that's not it.
SAM B 4 uur geleden
Thank God for dad. Glad your ok brother.
Ahssan Khan
Ahssan Khan 4 uur geleden
Wow Allah truly created a miracle
Frankie 4 uur geleden
Wow dude! I had anxiety just hearing your story. Amazing miracle you're okay! Thank God, your dad and them doctors. Such a wild story. Get better soon!
Plooones 4 uur geleden
glad your ok man
Finland Journey
Finland Journey 4 uur geleden
Get him more clicks. So this video will pay his surgeries.
ettrick ellerbee
ettrick ellerbee 5 uur geleden
Vishal Gokhale
Vishal Gokhale 5 uur geleden
Ur a fighter 💪.. I thank youtube recommendations, that it brought me here ,, you gained a subscriber bro ,, stay blessed 🙌 Love from India ❤
Jackarriss 5 uur geleden
Jesus, this is crazy. Im glad you survived, damn
Lenny Tabtwoo
Lenny Tabtwoo 5 uur geleden
Somebody was looking over you that day! You are sure one lucky bastard! I'm so happy that everything worked out as good as it possibly could have. From Australia!
Nick AF
Nick AF 5 uur geleden
I m sorry to say but I know u want to see this 4:25
Austin Green
Austin Green 5 uur geleden
Malik Ajiz
Malik Ajiz 5 uur geleden
Please don't shoot snipers I don't want you to get heart
Nick AF
Nick AF 5 uur geleden
Bruh tell me that u have both eyes working
Korboy Gaming
Korboy Gaming 4 uur geleden
did you even watch the video. he said he only went blind in one eye when it exploded. but hes gaining vision back slowly now
Jgizzy -redacted-
Jgizzy -redacted- 5 uur geleden
All hail Nurse Cody! What a champ!
maqwa beiboo
maqwa beiboo 5 uur geleden
get well soon bro love the shirt
Ryan Mendoza
Ryan Mendoza 5 uur geleden
Take care man
ThatOneKid 5 uur geleden
what about only fans???
Polecatou1 5 uur geleden
The 50 cal ate him im up on his neck.( stay alive brother!?!) keep up the videos man
C B 5 uur geleden
Wow Scott what an incredible experience. I am so glad your okay.
TuRnUPDeFeNCE ! 5 uur geleden
I pray for your health and fast healing and god bless you
Desert Books
Desert Books 5 uur geleden
The man who got hit did he died
yung mayo
yung mayo 5 uur geleden
Vanderbilt a Goat good track sheet
Addison Bruce
Addison Bruce 5 uur geleden
I was shot the other day in the wrong place wrong time kind of thing and immediately thought of your video I got hit dead in the chest right above my heart and thank God I didn’t get shot in the heart but I was bleeding profusely and what do you know I put a finger in it I was shot seven times One in the head one in the chest one in my hip stomach back and side I’m still in the hospital recovering thanks for the good advice my man
Derek Greer
Derek Greer 5 uur geleden
I lost my eye from a freak accident I really fill bad for u ❤️
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