Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

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The Grand Tour

15 dagen geleden

Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)
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niagra898 Uur geleden
Samundra K C
Samundra K C Uur geleden
I hate automatic cars
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GNP1 Cardano Stakepool
GNP1 Cardano Stakepool 2 uur geleden
This video is old
Kwesi Hammah
Kwesi Hammah 3 uur geleden
Did anyone else take note of that sketch ✍️? 1:04 😄😄
Debkumar Halder
Debkumar Halder 3 uur geleden
1:05 Wait... is it a dick?! 🙄
Tim 4 uur geleden
sketchpad 'continues to draw a dik'
Tolly Gig
Tolly Gig 4 uur geleden
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Soi2 Studio
Soi2 Studio 4 uur geleden
Women have been driving as though cars change lanes like this for years before they actually did
vwscottvw 5 uur geleden
Keep it up!
Garion 5 uur geleden
Shame you can't use the remote to send the lawyers to mars
Randy Lawson
Randy Lawson 5 uur geleden
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Bella Gavin 5 uur geleden
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ZenRoyal 5 uur geleden
And I can turn it into a sketch pad and draw pretty patterns *draws a penis*
Stephen Price
Stephen Price 6 uur geleden
Tesla is a computer more than a car. Car wise it sucks
C-S D 6 uur geleden
Yeah,Mr.Clarkson is the first man on Mars in Tesla model,i bet E.Musk is so proud but when we gonna see cars driven by man & a.i.🤣👍
Giotto Vongola
Giotto Vongola 6 uur geleden
4:00 anyone knows what song that is from
Yoad Broog
Yoad Broog 6 uur geleden
Isn't this the guy that dedicated an entire episode to bash on Tesla and Elon just a few years ago? Why's he back peddling?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 6 uur geleden
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Justin Malone
Justin Malone 8 uur geleden
He is useing an older version of the firmware. The tesla logo in the top center portion of the display has been gone for a while.
ryu ryu
ryu ryu 8 uur geleden
I cant really tell you why but i just dont like it its just not a real car, i know it beat the r8 but it just seems wrong, anyone else feel this way?
Lawrence Rhodes
Lawrence Rhodes 9 uur geleden
Liar, Liar pants on fire, Jeremy Clarkson is a dolt. Set up Tesla 10 years ago and trying it again. Boo Clarkson. Just the facts sir. Yes you need lawyers to keep you out of court. If Musk has sued you in American courts you would have had to pay a pretty penny. Clarkson is simply mad that an American car is more capable than anything from Europe. Wonder what he thinks of the C8. That is a lot of car for the money...oops..American too.
American Gaming
American Gaming 9 uur geleden
“It’s 156,000 pounds!” Goddamn how did it take off so fast? (I know he means British money)
I See Tenzins Everywhere
I See Tenzins Everywhere 10 uur geleden
Idk about the lawyers sitting in the front but I’m pretty the ones in the back can get out. Didn’t they demonstrate the door opening in a very tight opening space during the debut? Pretty sure the x wing doors need very little clearance. He should have kept the car going lol
Mental Capital
Mental Capital 11 uur geleden
1:00 LMFAO!
Mental Capital
Mental Capital 11 uur geleden
Hahahaha, he drew a diiiick busting!
voltare2amstereo 11 uur geleden
Tonight on top plug
asspaddler 12 uur geleden
Loved the Lawyers! lol!
Kramer 12 uur geleden
The audi driver was told to drive slower then the tesla cus musk paid em millions to do so for tesla pr.
carlosfer2201 12 uur geleden
The lawyer girl with the glasses... a man needs a name
Drew Patterson
Drew Patterson 12 uur geleden
156,000 pounds? Jeez that’s a heavy car. I could’ve sworn he said it was lighter earlier in the video😂
Steve McLaughlin
Steve McLaughlin 13 uur geleden
I must be in Bizzaro world. Clarkson praising an American car with overweight British passengers. Honestly, there are no words....
Gentle Wind
Gentle Wind 13 uur geleden
I do like Tesla, but let’s be realistic. If you live where the seasons change and winter is one of them, batteries lose their charge to some degree, than proceed to turn on the heater and your average range loss is 60 - 70 miles. That’s not a laughing matter, than if you park at work where there is no charging station.( which is almost everywhere). Than your really stressing if you happen to have a long commute.
Noah Lorenzo
Noah Lorenzo 14 uur geleden
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Abigail louish
Abigail louish 14 uur geleden
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Mohi Uddin
Mohi Uddin 14 uur geleden
did he draw a dick? ...
Simplified Tech Tips & Suggestions
Simplified Tech Tips & Suggestions 14 uur geleden
1:04 Clarkson Self portrait... a dick. Nice review though... I'd love one of those!
aromatic 1
aromatic 1 15 uur geleden
did he just draw a dick 01:04
Joker KAS
Joker KAS 16 uur geleden
Dude the first thing he drew was a dick
sergio ronaldo
sergio ronaldo 16 uur geleden
ready for hacking
J. B.
J. B. 16 uur geleden
They became pussies !
Scot Arris
Scot Arris 16 uur geleden
The sketch pad, LOL🤣🤣🤣
Shaheer 16 uur geleden
just give it a like if you loved any sec of this video! marvellous!!
Emily An
Emily An 17 uur geleden
The cinematography, narration and overall atmosphere of this reminds me so much of the good old days. I'm so glad they're still going, it's the kind of thing I like to watch.
Privé Privé
Privé Privé 17 uur geleden
Tesla x ugly Car 🤢
Raja Babu
Raja Babu 18 uur geleden
The best one👍❤️
Kevin Tanner
Kevin Tanner 18 uur geleden
Cannot afford such car.
Limmeh 18 uur geleden
Casually draws a dick while mentioning pretty patterns 😂 how have I not seen much of this guy before
Emily An
Emily An 17 uur geleden
stop recycling clips and make new shows damn it
MrPoupard 18 uur geleden
As much as you'd wish the opposite to be true that drag race with the Audi was astonishing.
Member Berry
Member Berry 19 uur geleden
I’ll take the R8 lol
cg ym
cg ym 19 uur geleden
Damian 20 uur geleden
**Stig crosses arms angrily
Realização Empreendedora
Realização Empreendedora 20 uur geleden
What a change from that Top Gear Tesla Roadster review with no interest in speaking something good then. Now, even with that "battery will flood with water, electrocute you and catch fire" B.S., he actually said some good things. I'm impressed.
G morreale
G morreale 20 uur geleden
Good to see him bk
Alex Walker
Alex Walker 20 uur geleden
It is the fact you now have advance summon that will extricate itself from a parking space and pull up to you at other side of car park
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 21 uur geleden
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bob often
bob often 21 uur geleden
Driver Less Car , Horse And Carriage . Everything New Has It Roots In Everything Preceeding It .
bob often
bob often 21 uur geleden
" Clarkson Is Astonished By Missing Steak "
Stockholm Dashcam
Stockholm Dashcam 22 uur geleden
Does it actually say "ID3" in the background @ 0:45? Ironic.
Iresh Rana
Iresh Rana 22 uur geleden
What did he draw ??
Gabby Tech
Gabby Tech 23 uur geleden
thats alot of people lol
The New Legend
The New Legend 23 uur geleden
stop recycling clips and make new shows damn it
Words, words, words
Words, words, words Dag geleden
Does it have cup holders?
RighteousVengeance Dag geleden
It's all fun and games. Until i hack your Tesla.
ManilaChillRide Dag geleden
2jz is better
Jaysingh Kakas
Jaysingh Kakas Dag geleden
His geniuses didn't frighten Tesla
Glinda Mccorkle
Glinda Mccorkle Dag geleden
The crabby baby holoprosencephaly wreck because offence ectrodactyly drain above a grubby gruesome crawdad. innocent, shaggy wallaby
Unsqeakable8989 Dag geleden
Celebration mode. Driving has become Fortnite, but better.
daniel kebede
daniel kebede Dag geleden
One of the most iconic voices in human history.
Alf Ching
Alf Ching Dag geleden
Yer he loves it himself also does mr pomposity
NDRS G Dag geleden
2015 he hated it. Now "it feels good" " it's fabulous "
Ero Dag geleden
He hates Tesla enough to sabotage the tesla on his old show, and now he changed his tune a bit. What a hypocrite.
Gentleman Gamer
Gentleman Gamer Dag geleden
He got into trouble for breaking libel/deformation laws
hunati31 Dag geleden
How is the screen placement working out for the right handed people in GB?
Ahmad Shah Kakar
Ahmad Shah Kakar Dag geleden
His drawing 😜
Michael Harder
Michael Harder Dag geleden
The Tesla is still cheaper than the Audi.
chris getz
chris getz Dag geleden
One day we are going to miss the internal combustion engine cars. There bullshits are going to take over and fun will die..
are nuzzle
are nuzzle Dag geleden
Harry potter " accio , tesla !"
Hard Ball
Hard Ball Dag geleden
The gullwing doors can still open even in that tide space; he should have try to do so to prove his point.
krashdown102 Dag geleden
$156k ? But I don’t have that much
new tube
new tube Dag geleden
73cuda340hil Dag geleden
It's ELECTRIC Man!.....Remember your words?
Tracker Wolff
Tracker Wolff Dag geleden
People need to understand that you're not going to do a 300 mile road trip every week...... If you're just going back and forth to your job even if it's a 50-mile trip each way you're still only using 100 miles of that things supposed range per day in which case you charge it each night when you get back from your job.... You should never run out of battery because you're always letting it charge up. Honestly for the majority of humans they should all have electric cars as daily drivers just to go to work and back. All the construction equipment that's being used to mine the lithium should be switched over to electric so it's not putting out pollutants as it's minding the lithium. This s*** really is the way to go and I hope we get there
George Juarez
George Juarez Dag geleden
The car is ugly, they need to design better looking cars
Jon Sanderson
Jon Sanderson Dag geleden
Did buddy draw a dick on the sketchpad?
Calum Stewart
Calum Stewart Dag geleden
Clarkson sitting in the central lane - you're meant to go back into the left hand lane, not sit in the central lane Jeremy... this from the nations most famous motoring tv presenter. No wonder people can't drive on motorways.
dj Erik Fox
dj Erik Fox Dag geleden
Glen A Larson had KITT 2000 30 years ago....hahahahaha
Riff Raff
Riff Raff Dag geleden
They are having too much fun at TESLA!
Riff Raff
Riff Raff Dag geleden
1:05 off all the things he could of drawn Draws a dick Me: Lmao!
J O Dag geleden
I will only buy an electric car that has large batteries, not one with a 1000 laptop batteries...
Arnav Kumar
Arnav Kumar Dag geleden
6:54 What the actual f-
Otto Perez
Otto Perez Dag geleden
Ok did anyone else see the penis picture spraying at 1:04 or was that just me LOL. WOW
Martin Dag geleden
Oh, I though he was actually going to show off what the doors are made for at the end, smh.
Shubham Pawar
Shubham Pawar Dag geleden
1.06 draw pretty patterns
Mando Studios
Mando Studios Dag geleden
Celebration mode is the best!!! 🤣
Catherine Dag geleden
The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can. -my Brain.
Baby Nathan
Baby Nathan Dag geleden
You are right✔️
Andy Marvic
Andy Marvic Dag geleden
Fred Willy
Fred Willy Dag geleden
@Rita Handerson Thank you all for this insight, this will definitely help a lot of people willing to live debt free.
Kelvin Edge
Kelvin Edge Dag geleden
@Rita Handerson am so surprised to know that a lot of people are aware of the good works of Mr Mark Ramsey, I met him earlier last month and I have already received my first paycheck.
Rita Handerson
Rita Handerson Dag geleden
@Annabelle Sally He is also available on FB. MARK RAMSEY.
GaryH Dag geleden
Give me the Audi any day. Can’t beat the sound of that V10
Frank Huff
Frank Huff Dag geleden
The striped smile aditionally race because patient inferiorly suggest amid a ritzy breakfast. tearful, perpetual blade
e Dag geleden
He is just a grouchy old man and hates Tesla.
Ankush Sharma
Ankush Sharma Dag geleden
1:06, why did you choose to draw a dick though?
Δημητρης Χανιωτης
Δημητρης Χανιωτης Dag geleden
"teslas are the coolest cars in the world, can't change my mind"
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