Prince Charles Concerned About Diana Portrayal On 'The Crown'

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ET Canada

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During "ET Canada Live", Graeme O'Neil weighs in on the reports that Prince Charles and Camilla are concerned about their public image as their relationship, along with Princess Diana, are dramatized on "The Crown".
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Janie K Carney
Janie K Carney 46 seconden geleden
I think season four will damage All of them. It’s cruel to continue a monarchy when it makes these people miserable.
Lili_ Beth
Lili_ Beth Minuut geleden
I like Prince Charles and Camila's romance. Their love grew and last until now. 💖🤗🌷 May God bless their marriage. 🙏
We 4r1
We 4r1 3 minuten geleden
The reporting on this channel is shockingly bad!
Janie K Carney
Janie K Carney 4 minuten geleden
Charles should never be King. He is morally bankrupt.
Elsie Ziebart
Elsie Ziebart 12 minuten geleden
Wey Man
Wey Man 14 minuten geleden
If Charles loved Camilla more than the monarchy then he should have copied Uncle Eddie and run off with her and given up his right to succession. Diana could then have found happiness with someone who truly loved her- she was let down and deceived.
Isabel Martin
Isabel Martin 27 minuten geleden
it’s a shame he wasn’t that concerned when she was alive, an absolute shame
Peter Parkour
Peter Parkour 36 minuten geleden
I hope the Queen lives forever so prince badposture-receedinghairline-jerkface doesn't ascend to the throne ever.
Octavia 42 minuten geleden
Omid Scobie wouldn’t have an effing Clue what goes on in the royal palace! Or what they are thinking or feeling!!! Omid Scobie is Megain Markles sycophant and voice, THATS ALL. OMID SCOBIE IS NOT A ROYAL REPOETWR! HE HAS NO INSIDE SCOOPS OUTSIDE MEGAIN. And as for Diana, she was an attention seeker. She had her fair share of narcissism. She had a lot of good qualities too. But she was very emotionally messed up and had a lot of personal problems well before she dated Prince Charles. He had a real nightmare on his hands with Diana because the truth is she was very manipulative. And yes I’m old enough to know because my generation saw it first hand when she was alive. It was very obvious. Charles on the other hand I think tried very hard to stay married to her but Diana was a pretty impossible marriage partner. She was way too insecure, manipulative and needing of constant attention.
Chilled_Paradise 44 minuten geleden
Morning Noon & Niaahtah!
K S 45 minuten geleden
Selfish person didn't mind when Diana suffered agony because of his homewrecking love affair.
Victoria Roman
Victoria Roman 51 minuut geleden
I never liked him one bit ,he will always be a cheating self centered person am glad Harry took his wife away and his baby away from that mess
felicia otterbourg
felicia otterbourg 56 minuten geleden
TOO BAD if Charles & Camilla don’t like this being broadcast again! It’s a fact and nothing they can say or do now will change it! He continued an affair with her and they want to think we have forgotten that??
Nairobi 59 minuten geleden
We STAN Diana period
Pj Strong
Pj Strong Uur geleden
Difficult to listen to someone who doesn’t seem to be able to complete a sentence without using “like” , “I mean” or “ya know”
Teresa Oldman
Teresa Oldman Uur geleden
I think he's a jerk prince charles as for camilla I'd be ashamed of myself
K kitty Cat kat
K kitty Cat kat Uur geleden
Drawing a parallel between Diana and the narcissist MM is inappropriate. Diana was a Princess & actually worked for the people with true compassion. MM is not a princess but a dutchess and she basically spat all over Sussex by doing nothing there. She (along with her miserable self absorbed lap dog) did & still does the absolute minimum, she is gone when the photos are taken. Can we stop pretending MMs intention is not to be an American starlet please. Accusing the UK of racism was a gross accusation that is false. The UK has a huge mixture of all races and ethnicities. MM always filled out her resumes checking off the "white" box. Not "Mixed" and she certainly never ever checked off "black". The more you look into MM there are lies upon lies upon lies. She is incapable of telling the truth. How sad. I think we all wanted her to be that big breath of fresh air the monarchy needed but she is not a good or honorable person. Please stop acting like her and Diana had anything in common besides Harry. It insults Diana's character and the work she did.
jeff devlin
jeff devlin Uur geleden
The royal family are pretty sick really,when you look at their record,the duke of edinburgh had affairs in the early stages and is linked to a pedophile ring,Princess Anne had an affair,Prince charlse was a good friend of jimmy saville,and prince Andrew,well don't even go there.
Ana Paula Muller
Ana Paula Muller Uur geleden
Nojo da Camila
Rana Waqas
Rana Waqas Uur geleden
Hate camilla I love so much princess Diana I miss you so much I love you so much princess diana
Margaret Pitts
Margaret Pitts Uur geleden
I would never accept Camilla as our queen never
kimi r
kimi r Uur geleden
Imagine your husband loving another woman and then defending her in front of you. It's just sad
Jhosimar Peréz M
Jhosimar Peréz M Uur geleden
He will never be King, so someone sit him down .
heather charles
heather charles Uur geleden
Wow he is such a narcisstic man
cassnova brown
cassnova brown Uur geleden
They had that poor girl Murdered
secret squirrel
secret squirrel Uur geleden
Camilla is a very caring, funny and warm woman and William and Harry get on really well with her. I think if anyone would be bitter towards her it would be the boys.
super natural Amusing
super natural Amusing 2 uur geleden
He is z one a killer of dina !!!!!! I hate cameilla.
Roger S
Roger S 2 uur geleden
I'd pay $10k to punch Charles in the face just once.
Kayron Stevenson
Kayron Stevenson 2 uur geleden
The sad thing is that Charles needed a wife to have heirs and poor Diana was chosen because she qualified. I only wish she could have married someone that truly loved her.
Fatima Haidari
Fatima Haidari 2 uur geleden
The more I watch the more I become in love with Princess Diana
PompeyChris71 2 uur geleden
Camilla the dog as Diana called her was the reason she was so unhappy. Charles was terrible to Diana. If she had married someone else she would be alive today. I wonder if they will show the phone call Charles made to Camilla saying how he wanted to be her tampon? He only married her cos he was told to. Not because he loved her. He was unfaithful from the moment he met Diana and the public won't forget how he treated her. They won't ever forgive Camilla either. She was unfaithful to her husband from day one so it shows what kind of person she is. We will never accept her as queen. Or Charles as king either.
Laura Mayhew
Laura Mayhew 2 uur geleden
Charles has always been so spoiled and selfish, and it never occurred to him that he couldn’t have everything he wanted. Seriously, the man doesn’t even put toothpaste on his own toothbrush.
Ramadhan al Mubaraq
Ramadhan al Mubaraq 2 uur geleden
She is the princess that suffered behind all acted in Her public eyes, She make someone she love happy. Trying so hard to win Charles heart. Why is in 1st place Charles is marrying Diana.
Chelsea Sullivan
Chelsea Sullivan 2 uur geleden
I feel bad for both parties and if you watch the show I think it will make more sense.
SharonMarieMonAmi 2 uur geleden
Aawwwt instead of out sound weird
Leilababy89 3 uur geleden
I think the people give the Queen too much slack. O think most of the problem is Charles not her. And let's face it, he's a tit bag. And I hate how they portrayed Diana
A EA 3 uur geleden
He’s concerned that Netflix will expose his DREADFUL things he has done ESP to DIANA.
You're still in our hearts
You're still in our hearts 3 uur geleden
worried for his ego
Dennis Fuller
Dennis Fuller 3 uur geleden
We can't unlearn this fact. Camilla's maternal great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, was a mistress of King Edward VII from 1898 to 1910. Irony?
lamita lb
lamita lb 3 uur geleden
any one knows when season 5 coming?
Kelly Roebuck
Kelly Roebuck 3 uur geleden
He was just awful to Diana ........No good will come out of this and the ones suffering were the kids
flyingazorean 3 uur geleden
I can't imagine that Prince Charles would confide to anyone about Diana's portrayal on "The Crown". This is just my unsolicited opinion. I find this video interesting to watch but highly speculative.
Msriiko 3 uur geleden
Seems to me hes just worried about his own image and Camilla's worried about hers too.
Aura Arzadon
Aura Arzadon 3 uur geleden
LoL.... Well that's escalates quickly. I mean come on it was realistically done. And it was the fact they have an affair
Sam Liverpool
Sam Liverpool 4 uur geleden
Complete click bait. They have made no official comment on it so you should not be adding titles like that.
Certain Person
Certain Person 4 uur geleden
Charles couldn't marry the love of his life, had to marry Diana to carry out his duties. Both of them were trapped. Meghan, on the other hand, supposedly has married the love of her life but didn't like the responsibilities coming with the marriage. Completely different story.
Yoeleum PMP
Yoeleum PMP 4 uur geleden
I think he just married Camilla back the even with the risk of destroying the image of the Monarchy Diana wouldn't be dead, she would be someone who will be out there doing what she love and happy. If he stood up for himself and his love for Camilla if he really loves her, today they would've gained the respect they want from the public. And if that is something that isn't possible for him and he have to marry Diana, I think it's all up to Camila to turn him down. She knows he have a family already, if u really love someone so bad like a pure love u know how messed up it is for the whole family if u wreck it because it affects not only the couple, the poor kids too. But I think, she was also somewhat jealous of Diana. A young girl, chosen to be with him, loved my the people so she gripped onto Charles because she know that's the one thing Diana want to receive love from; her husband.
Yara Jamal
Yara Jamal 4 uur geleden
Charles is a cruel person!
Bubbleme 4 uur geleden
I can't forgive this sick man, married an angel, misled her to this disaster marriage, then destroyed her life and happiness, his two sons childhood and lives. The only person in the family with so called happy ending is him... Well, we'll see if it's really a happy ending...
Matteo Resca
Matteo Resca 4 uur geleden
I loved Diana so much ❤️❤️ she’s truly the princess of the people
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 5 uur geleden
The truth hurts doesn't it what what
Different Soul
Different Soul 5 uur geleden
They look like an evil couple
Vaverka 5 uur geleden
It‘s interesting that no one seems to notice, that Charles himself is a victim, who has been forced into a marriage with a woman he never loved. I do feel sorry for Charles, because he is being judged just because didn‘t feel the way people expected him too.
Kayla Dahl
Kayla Dahl 5 uur geleden
Watch the documentary on Netflix called “Diana In Her Words”.... It’s literally Diana telling her side of the story.. Camilla is an awful person. Charles is an awful person. And they deserve the bad press they get.
chaan L
chaan L 5 uur geleden
Omg I am so sick of the royal family. CAN WE JUST END THE MONARCHY?!
Zoya Malik
Zoya Malik 5 uur geleden
00:52 just at a time when they gained popularity in the UK???? What are you talking about. We hate ‘em! Who likes them? 🤢🤢🤢
Owen D
Owen D 5 uur geleden
Nobody cares what you think, Charles.
Yourfrenchstay 5 uur geleden
The Royal Family are to blame, if Charles and Camillia were allowed to be together in this beginning then none of this would have happened. Then we would not have our continuous obsession with Diana which is a constant source of interest hence top media sales even 20 years after her death!
Eddy Wells
Eddy Wells 5 uur geleden
Just to think it the French had done a grab and scoot Diana might be with us to day ??!!
Paul cusick
Paul cusick 5 uur geleden
The duke was a bully and Charles was a bully, Dianna was the best of them and now shes gone its the old Royal Family stuck in the past.....
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte 5 uur geleden
He is worried about how personally it portrays him i believe esp as he was friendly with Jimmy Saville. Uk has lots constitutional probs ahead which started with lack of brexit thus lack of democracy in the UK imo
Jean Beget
Jean Beget 5 uur geleden
The crown should not tell lies about royal family
Hazel Cornell
Hazel Cornell 6 uur geleden
When Camilla married someone else, if Charles had any self-respect at all, that would have been the end of it. When a Prince runs desperately after the unattractive married commoner who rejected him, while ignoring his duty to his beautiful, noble-born wife, all it shows is a stunning lack of discernment, dignity, and taste. I don't understand why Queen Elizabeth didn't step in and put a stop to the whole Camilla business, especially after the children were born. She should have told Charles to either end all contact with Camilla once and for all, or to divorce Diana, abdicate his position, and to go be Camilla's tampon while Diana carried on as Princess of Wales. Shameful excuse for a man, and for a Prince as well.
Mostly Mistitby1
Mostly Mistitby1 6 uur geleden
I felt sorry for both of them. Charles was denied the woman he loved, however he shouldn’t have taken it out on Diana.
jean myers
jean myers 6 uur geleden
If we think the Crown exaggerates royals cold relationship & Charle’s jealousy just read Diana in her own words or watch Martin Bashir interview.
S Giggle
S Giggle 6 uur geleden
I really hate the host of this show ET Canada. No professionalism at all, more like destroying all the celebrities through his words. Insecure, maybe?
Pamela Oliver
Pamela Oliver 6 uur geleden
Her life would have been so different if she had not married him. How tragic, a wasted beautiful soul, who was a humanist. The Crown sheds light on many areas of historical interest, I hope Diana, is looking down with that beautiful smile and watching them squirm.
Sara Bling
Sara Bling 7 uur geleden
what did Camilla and Charles expect? The world still views Camilla and Charles as two old spoiled and selfish children. They hurt the very people that they say matter to them but they didn't care. Was all about their happiness. Guess that backfired. We will never forget Princess Diana. She made The Royals popular again with the world, Charles not so much. I feel for the Queen to be stuck with a son like Charles and a daughter-in-law like Camilla.
Syo 7 uur geleden
Prince Charles shut the fuck up challenge
Jenny in CA
Jenny in CA 7 uur geleden
They ruined their images by themselves .
C C 7 uur geleden
Regardless of what they have done in the past, imo Charles has redeemed himself since Diana’s passing with his role as a father. I also don’t know too many people who watches The Crown. I’m a fan of The Royal Family but not tabloid style versions of their lives.
Cherrie Mae De Asis
Cherrie Mae De Asis 7 uur geleden
He's just jealous how diana loved by people and be famous rather than prince charles .. That's why the queen mother is still alive she still not satisfy on how charles react .. Such a weakling 😂
ReBecca O
ReBecca O 7 uur geleden
Screw Prince Charles. He wanted Camilla, but had to marry Diana. All he had to do was be discreet, but could not manage it. Screw him. I’m glad he’s disliked. He deserves it.
Jennifer Barnard
Jennifer Barnard 7 uur geleden
Have a word, we haven't forgot that woman, and what she did, some of us haven't for gotten ever. I haven't watched it. And Harry is unforgivable Meghan the doors open for her, and she didn't marry a man who loved someone else or did she??? Chelsey Davy??? He spoke to her the night before the wedding just like his father did to Camilla
Lidewij Croes
Lidewij Croes 7 uur geleden
This is the least karma could have done
Jennifer Barnard
Jennifer Barnard 7 uur geleden
Give over Meghan was treated far better than Diana, she wasnt supoorted at all wasn't even loved by her husband so who are you kidding. If Meghan is trying to say she's being treated like Diana it's a lie the family opened there arms to Meghan look at Christmas, I can't remember Diana going on a visit with the Queen, they've changed a lot since Diana, Meghan thinks she's important but she's never going to be Queen, and she's made up there things we all know the royal family went th at extra mile for her. So don't give us that trap crap about her being unsupported and helped
MTiger86 7 uur geleden
This family is prone to destroying people that don't comply. The list is long of their victims and no amount of PR will clean up their image.
M D 8 uur geleden
Hopefully the royal family will be defunded.
Gyulleta Avetisyan
Gyulleta Avetisyan 8 uur geleden
Good, Charles doesn’t deserve happiness for what him and his family did to Princess Diana.
Zarzar Tinwin
Zarzar Tinwin 8 uur geleden
I hate Charles and his ugly wrinkly horse 🤮🤮 seriously hate how Diana was mentally tortured in that relationship and she was just a Wife who was trying her best hoping that her husband might love her and come bck to her. 💔
Kathy Dethman
Kathy Dethman 8 uur geleden
He isn't concerned about anyone but himself, he's a narcissist.
Freespeech1 June
Freespeech1 June 9 uur geleden
Sorry but reflecting my thought- WTF has it got to do with Omid Scobie ??m
Rasa Galdikaitė
Rasa Galdikaitė 9 uur geleden
In my opinion Charles was a coward. He was 32 years but behaved like a little not mature boy. I think he allways was mummy boy. He is longing for crown so he must behave like a humble son. Diana was younger but more brave and mature. She did the first right step in they relationship... Divorsed.. Without fair what will people says.
Vickie Daniel
Vickie Daniel 9 uur geleden
Charles had Diana killed
Renier Lindeque
Renier Lindeque 9 uur geleden
Diana was the only one with compassion in that devil family her and Margaret. Look what they did with their other family!
Anoni Mouse
Anoni Mouse 9 uur geleden
It's well known Phillip had a woman in Brixham and prince Andrew isn't his
Anoni Mouse
Anoni Mouse 9 uur geleden
They tell you she's dead but the level of lying around the world is immense
Anoni Mouse
Anoni Mouse 9 uur geleden
Popularity in UK? This is one of the smoke screens currently being used to distract from the association's with paedophiles
MujerFil Valiente
MujerFil Valiente 9 uur geleden
THE British did not think that this is just the start. The next move is to KILL the image of KATE and WILLIAM in favor of bad Mehgain.
MujerFil Valiente
MujerFil Valiente 9 uur geleden
The eyes of the actress acting for Diana is like a killer ape. No grace and sweetness.
Fae Glimmer
Fae Glimmer 10 uur geleden
If he had been the husband he should have been and not had a mistress from day one, she would never have been in that car. He used her as a breeder
Deanna Delmar
Deanna Delmar 10 uur geleden
Diana is DEAD...and he hurt her!!! So Charles has his life, his boys, and he keeps hurting her. He killed her while she was alive and he is still not happy ... he has his 2 heirs and he has his life. For Charles, she will never be dead enough.
Peatree Peterson
Peatree Peterson 10 uur geleden
What's odd about it I belive must of it true why would Harry give a damn bout what they think Charles and Camilla why should they get a damn pass .Megan and Dianna didnt get 1 for Harry that has nothin to do with the crown.its been on for yrs how dare they Harry has to make a livin to fuck them they sad.fuck him and Megan and.Archie.
LSL 10 uur geleden
Camilla👎👎👎👎👎Shame of you...
Leonor Warren
Leonor Warren 10 uur geleden
It’s time to own your adulterous life, Charles and Camilla!
Leonor Warren
Leonor Warren 10 uur geleden
The royals are all egotistical, self-centered and live in a delusional reality!
Lindsey Brown
Lindsey Brown 10 uur geleden
Like.. cause it's like. Totally like. This guy sounds ridiculous
Aoede 67
Aoede 67 10 uur geleden
Boo hoo. Poor Charles who cheated on Lady Di for Camilla. Nobody likes Camilla and never will. Please pass the Crown to William and spare the world of your boorish rule.
Petit Garçon
Petit Garçon 10 uur geleden
Royals are so useless. A real king or Queen MUST serve their people; that's not what they do. They want to be served; they should learn with the exemple of Jesus Christ. He washed the apostles feet, and teched just that. The greater ones serves the tiny's.
ღ Mango ღ
ღ Mango ღ 10 uur geleden
Brb gonna stomp on prince Charles
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